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Grace Times
Vol. XVI/12 Grace Bible Church, C 930, Sector B Mahanagar, Lucknow, India July 2013

Pulpit Calendar July 2013
Morning Worship Services at 9.30
Check-in at 9.15 because God is present from the very beginning 7 14 21 28 HOLY COMMUNION/ Rev John Thomas Raja James Pearce James Pearce Pastor Kuru Whenever you miss attending morning worship, be sure to attend evening worship

from the pastor
My dear People, Roshini and I have had a terrific time here in Sheffield. One thrill was getting a surprise visit from Ishaaq, on his way back from a work conference in Oslo, Norway. While Elishba engaged Roshini with some manicuring, I was sent to answer the door. Looking through the thick glass, I saw an Indian sort of face, and when I opened the door, they say that I said in a high-pitched voice, “Ishaaq! What are you doing here?” After ushering him in, I called for Roshini, and with a very grave face I pointed her to the drawing room. She went in thinking that Joe had had an accident while outside, and on seeing Ishaaq, she became very emotional, and Joe had a great time capturing it all on video. Ishaaq was with us for one week. That was a fantastic bonus—especially, being able to go to church with both our children, and Joe and Sophie. Wish Jess, Priya and Alisha could have also been there. Though we have enjoyed our family time, our thoughts have turned toward all of you, again and again, and have been feeling “bad” about not being there whenever we heard of any crisis among the members (Bunny’s accident, Usha’s operation, Arman’s injury). I am grateful that Rev J T Raja and the ministry team have been consistently stepping into the gap and providing the needed pastoral care. Elishba’s convocation is on the 19th, we leave on 23rd and will be back on the 24th. See you soon. Pastor Kuru

Evening Hindi Services at 5.30
Check-in at 5.15
Sunday School meets during the morning services. Prayer Tuesdays, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th at 6.30 p.m at 12 Shanti Niketan, New Hyderabad, the home of Vibha and Manish Joshi. Fasting & Prayer: Fasting and prayer on Saturday 27th. Skip lunch and come fasting to the sanctuary for prayer from 6 to 7. Fasting and prayer will be held every Fourth Saturday of every month. The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays. ― Søren Kierkegaard

Income Jan-June 2012 General Offerings Donations Pledged Giving 2nd Mile Pledges Lent/Christmas offer. Hindi Services Designated collections Sunday School Grace Church in Village Building Fund Equipment Fund GRAND TOTAL 3,57,131 56,500 6,308 3,000 500 500 84,305 7,101 1,84,850 50,300 9,420 11,847 1,620 June 2013 10,180 1,000 34,500 8,200

June 30, Jan-June 2013 82,062 3,100 2,23,640 47,400 16,975 16,199

2013 Budget 2012 1,75,000 25,000 4,00,000 86,000 19,000 25,000 Projection 1,64,000 erratic 4,47,000 94,000 erratic 32,000

5,512 50,500 1,60,000 erratic



Usha Antin recovering after surgery. Manohar Antin bereaved by death of elder brother. Arman injured his head and needed stitches. Supriya’s finger gave her trouble because stitches were not removed properly after her operation. Riya Jacob back in college (Bangalore) after recovering from typhoid. Anshuman Singh recovered from viral fever Nalin Phillips’ medical tests have come out alright and he is back at work. Shobha Prakash had Geetu came to attend to some property matters and got back to Beijing safely Vicky Singh has joined New Theological College, Dehra Dun. Greg has finally got his PIO status. Pooja Modwwell has a new job in Bangalore Jeba & Rev J T Raja had a holiday with their family in the South Tabitha, Manohar Lugun and Srishti back from Austria after holiday with friends. Vibha & Manish Joshi had a holiday with family in Dehra Dun. Allipur Grace Bible Church Sanctuary-cum-St Paul’s School Hall needs to be completed.
For pastoral care contact

Birthday in July
24 Bunny Phillips

Rev J T Raja 995 639 9835 Raj Upadhyay 933 673 1141 James Pearce 896 064 2105 Pastor Kuru 4049392
[email protected]

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