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A Study on Grace
Written by T.O.D. Johnston
A concise study on the subject of Grace, based on the book
“Grace” by Leis S!erry "hafer in #$%%. The book is tota&&y based on
Scri!ture. 'y !ur!ose as to di(est and concise&y co)er the *ost
i*!ortant !oints of this &en(thy study of the subject of Grace. A&&
the a!!ro!riate Scri!ture is inc&uded.
+ead the book “Grace” by Leis S!erry "hafer here ,
The author of this study on Grace, T.O.D. Johnston, has been a
student of Scri!ture since #$0%, and as &icensed to !reach the
Gos!e& by 1aran 2a!tist "hurch on 'ay %3, #$0$. 4e as an art teacher
for o)er 56 years in 7&orence Schoo& District 5. 4e no enjoys
s!endin( his ti*e ith his ife, and at his studio on ##8 Sau&s St,
Lake "ity, S".
1ub&ished by Oen Johnston 9 htt!*
This docu*ent is a ork in !ro(ress , )ersion 6.:.;
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <
The (race of God !ro)ides sa&)ation throu(h the sacrifice of
"hrist, free&y, by faith. God has (i)en instruction to these
be&ie)ers as to ho to &i)e in res!onse to their ne standin( and
hea)en&y ca&&in( in "hrist. They are to be obedient chi&dren to the
4ea)en&y 7ather, to be (uided by 4is S!irit.
To the or&d =and a&& other re&i(ions>, "hristians are obser)ed
and jud(ed accordin( to outard orks. They see just another syste*
of orks to earn sa&)ation and a ticket to hea)en. This is s!iritua&
b&indness. <t cannot be hea&ed by obser)ation or kno&ed(e. A&& other
re&i(ions ha)e &ists or ru&es, a&so.
S!iritua& si(ht and understandin( co*es on&y throu(h the
*inistry of the Word of God and the 4o&y S!irit. The be&ie)er
recei)es the S!irit that they i&& kno the thin(s of God, (i)en us
free&y in "hrist-
< "orinthians %-$,#6,#: ,
$ 2ut as it is ritten,
?ye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
neither ha)e entered into the heart of *an,
the thin(s hich God hath !re!ared for the* that &o)e hi*.
#6 2ut God hath re)ea&ed the* unto us by his S!irit- for the S!irit
searcheth a&& thin(s, yea, the dee! thin(s of God.
#: @ 2ut the natura& *an recei)eth not the thin(s of the S!irit of
God- for they are foo&ishness unto hi*- neither can he kno the*,
because they are s!iritua&&y discerned.
John 5-5 ,
5 Jesus ansered and said unto hi*, Aeri&y, )eri&y, < say unto
thee, ?Bce!t a *an be born a(ain, he cannot see the kin(do* of God.
<t is on&y the 4o&y S!irit that is !ro*ised to us into a&&
truth. 4e is ca&&ed the S!irit of Truth. 4e i&& s!eak of the (&ories
of God and the b&essin(s of 4is sa&)ation in "hrist Jesus, and i&&
sho us thin(s to co*e =see John #3-#5,#;>.
So be it, A*en.
The Word is the seed that is s!read by hearin( or readin( to the
hu*an *ind =as different as each !erson, as described by the
different soi&s in the !arab&e of the Soer>. The S!irit aters and
e*!oers the seed to s!rout. <n ferti&e soi&, it (ros into the heart
and beco*es a &i)in(, *aturin( !&ant to !roduce fruit. Aarious other
conditions and distractions are described as !re)entin( the s!rout
and a ne &ife. The 4o&y S!irit continues to (uide and e*!oer the
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson < continued
ne &ife, and God (rants the increase.
< John %-%0 ,
%0 2ut the anointin( hich ye ha)e recei)ed of hi* abideth in you,
and ye need not that any *an teach you- but as the sa*e anointin(
teacheth you of a&& thin(s, and is truth, and is no &ie, and e)en as
it hath tau(ht you, ye sha&& abide in hi*.
Sa&)ation is not the resu&t of the ork of *an for God. <t is
the (ift of God- by (race, throu(h faith.
'odernis* dec&ares that anyone that has !ursued the !ro!er
education are then Cua&ified to be an authority in that subject. This
has &ed *any inte&&i(ent and educated *en =*ost&y> to teach and rite
about "hristianity and the 2ib&e ithout knoin(, understandin(, or
e)en reco(niDin( thin(s of a s!iritua&, *iracu&ous, or di)ine nature.
They can be ca&&ed unre(enerate and s!iritua&&y b&ind. They are &eft
ith a syste* of ethics as the (reatest benefit of "hristianity to
*odern society. This is the &i*it of their ritin(, teachin(, and
!reachin(. Their "hurches beco*e a se&f,i*!ro)e*ent society. The (oa&
is to (ro and *ake the ho&e cu&ture and beha)ior better and better
9 a !aradise on earth. The 4u*an <*!ro)e*ent Society. They a&so
reco(niDe the (ood ad)ise and ru&es of other re&i(ions, as different
=but not bad or fa&se> ays to God.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <<
Grace , "ha!ter #.
Grace- the su!re*e *oti)e of God in the creation, !reser)ation,
and consu**ation of the uni)erse. <t is the &o)e of God shoin(
itse&f ithout &i*it or *easure. <t is infinite and eterna&.
<n the Ee Testa*ent, the thou(ht of (race is a&*ost eBc&usi)e&y
eB!ressed by the ord F(raceF. <n the O&d Testa*ent, the thou(ht is
a&*ost eBc&usi)e&y eB!ressed by the ord Ffa)orF. The often (i)en
definition of (race is un*erited fa)or.
0 7unda*enta& 7acts about Grace.
#. Grace is not ithhe&d because of sin. GodFs (race !ro)ided
the ay of sa&)ation throu(h "hristFs sacrifice, to !ay for *anFs
sin. God is ri(hteous, and free to besto (race in e)ery case.
Sa&)ation is by (race a&so. ?)ery hu*an bein( has the choice to
acce!t or reject this.
%. Grace cannot be &essened by sin. <t ne)er fa&&s short, bein(
ithout *easure, the eB!ression of GodFs infinite &o)e, 4is
tenderhearted &o)in(,kindness.
5. Grace cannot incur a debt. <t is (i)en free&y and therefore
cannot be !aid for before, at the ti*e, or after. Eothin( can be
added or taken aay.
The &i)in( ser)ice of *an is the faithfu& eB!ression of &o)e and
(ratitude to God, for 4is (&ory. Good orks cannot be defined as a
job, earnin( !ay, or any other reco*!ense. Good orks are done
ithout thou(ht of co*!ensation.
:. Grace is eCua&&y (i)en to a&&. This is because a&& !eo!&e
=startin( ith Ada* and ?)e> ha)e sinned, and are under conde*nation.
The sentence is death. A&& fa&& short. Thus, any c&ai* that hu*an
*erit has )a&ue is irre&e)ant. On the other hand, reards are a&ays
and on&y that hich is *erited by faithfu& ser)ice, based on orks.
;. Grace cannot be connected ith barter or trade. Grace treats
a !erson accordin( to neither hat they deser)e, or better than they
deser)e. Grace sa)es in e)ery and any case. The b&essin(s are
inc&uded eCua&&y to e)ery indi)idua& ithout *easure a&& that God can
do in 4is eB!ressin( 4is infinite &o)e.
3. Grace is not connected ith God direct&y for(i)in( sins of
the unsa)ed. 4is (race is a&ays and on&y throu(h the cross of
"hrist. 4e took u!on 4i*se&f ="hrist> the undi*inished ri(hteous
jud(*ents of God a(ainst sin. The debt of sin as !aid by "hrist.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson << continued
This judicia& for(i)eness is fina&. The indi)idua& has
unchan(eab&e standin( and !osition in GodFs fa*i&y as 4is chi&d.
7or(i)eness toard 4is sinnin( chi&d is and re*ains ithin the fa*i&y
re&ationshi!, hen the chi&d confesses to 4i*, fe&&oshi! and joy is
restored to 4is chi&d. The chi&d i&& ne)er be conde*ned. A&& sins,
!ast, !resent, and future, are !ardoned fore)er in "hrist. GodFs
i*!artin( and bestoin( 4is b&essin(s are i**ediate acts of (race.
0. Grace is not !art of GodFs dea&in( ith the sins of the
sa)ed. Grace as bestoed by God u!on the sin(&e condition of faith
in "hrist. The sa)ed chi&d of God i&& be for(i)en and c&eansed on
the so&e condition of confession. Grace and sa&)ation brin( the
indi)idua& into union ith God throu(h reconci&iation ith "hrist.
The restoration of the sa)ed is unto co**union ith God.
< John #-# 9 %-%. +ead the )erses on&ine ,
The centra& )erse , < John #-$.
“<f e confess our sins, he is faithfu& and just to for(i)e us
our sins, and to c&eanse us fro* a&& unri(hteousness.”
The re&ationshi! beteen 7ather and chi&d i&& ne)er be set
aside. The 7ather *ay correct and chasten 4is errin( chi&d. This as
a&so *ade !ossib&e throu(h the sheddin( of b&ood of GodFs on Son.
The Di)ine *inistry in three !arts-
#. God sa)es sinners by (race.
%. God kee!s those ho are sa)ed by (race.
5. God teaches the sa)ed and the ke!t ho they are to &i)e unto
(ood orks to 4is eterna& (&ory by (race.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson << continued
Grace 9 "ha!ter %. Sa&)ation by Grace.
God as taBed &ess in the !oer and resources of the creation of
the *ateria& uni)erse, than in the !ro)ision of sa&)ation of hu*an
bein(s. <n sa&)ation, 4e s!ared not 4is on Son.
7our as!ects of 4is sa)in( (race-
#. Three Di)ine *oti)es fro* &east to (reatest.
7irst. We are sa)ed unto (ood orks =?!hesians %-#6>. Our
sa&)ation be(ins throu(h the Fne birthF, by the S!irit of God. This
ne creation is or(anica&&y and s!iritua&&y connected to "hrist as a
branch in the )ine, a *e*ber of the hu*an body is FinF the body, as a
be&ie)er is in "hrist, joined to(ether, no and fore)er. 2ein( joined
to 4i* has redee*ed and freed us fro* the bonda(e of sin to be
Dea&ous of (ood orks. This is not to earn anythin(, but in
reco(nition, (ratitude and &o)e for hat God has done for us in
"hrist Jesus, our Lord and Sa)ior, throu(h 4is (race, fore)er. This
is an ob&i(ation, to a&k orthi&y.
True sa&)ation shou&d be shon by a chan(e in the beha)ior and
con)ersation of that !erson. These are rooted in the conscience as a
reconci&ed re&ationshi! ith God throu(h 4is (race. This can be
defined as the obedience of faith. To &i)e otherise is the o!!osite-
the disobedience of unbe&ief. Obedience *ust ne)er be considered
first or a&one as GodFs *oti)e to sa)e *en.
Second. John 5-#3 , “#3 @ 7or God so &o)ed the or&d, that he
(a)e his on&y be(otten Son, that hosoe)er be&ie)eth in hi* shou&d
not !erish, but ha)e e)er&astin( &ife.”
This *oti)e shou&d ne)er be taken a&one or first. This *oti)e
centers on on&y the as!ect of the hu*an ad)anta(e and benefit in
Third. The fina&, su!re*e *oti)e of God in the sa&)ation of *en
is for the shoin( forth of 4is Grace in 4is kindness toard us
throu(h "hrist Jesus =see ?!hesians %-0>. This sa&)ation is described
as those dead in tres!asses and sins are raised, *ade a&i)e, to sit
to(ether in hea)en&y !&aces in "hrist Jesus. The unsa)ed ha)e no ho!e
and are ithout God in the or&d.
A&& other bein(s of inte&&i(ence i&& kno the de!th of sin and
ho!e&ess situation of the &ost. The sa)ed i&& be obser)ed as no
a!!earin( in the hi(hest (&ory 9 &ike "hrist. This transfor*ation
de*onstrates “the eBceedin( riches of 4is (race.”
7ro* the death of "hrist to 4is return, there ha)e been
centuries of hu*an stru((&e. Eothin( that !eo!&e ha)e co*e u! ith
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson << continued
can, ha)e, or i&& so&)e the !rob&e*s of hu*an nature and the
resu&tin( sins. On&y GodFs !ro)ision in "hrist is sufficient. 2ut the
or&d&y are b&ind, and in darkness, be&ie)in( that the inte&&i(ence
and !oer of !eo!&e can so*eho i*!ro)e and !ro)ide a better society.
This history that *an kee!s recordin( inc&udes the *u&titudes of
!eo!&e that had the anser and tried to !ut it into !ractice. The
stru((&e continues. The hu*an nature of *an continues to ru&e.
GodFs !ur!ose is to (ather a&& the redee*ed of this a(e. The
"hurch bein( the *anifo&d isdo* of God, the eterna& !ur!ose in
"hrist Jesus our Lord =see ?!hesians 5-$,##>. The !ur!ose of e)ery
indi)idua& !art of "hristFs body =the "hurch> is to *ake increase of
the body =see ?!hesians :-#3>. Gnti& the ti*es of the Genti&es is
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <<<
Grace cha!ter %, continued.
The !ur!ose of God shos forth the eBceedin( riches of 4is
(race. <t (oes far beyond the boundaries of this a(e and inc&udes the
ho&e of creation, the !reser)ation, and consu**ation of the
uni)erse. "hrist is the center, cause, !ur!ose and benefactor of a&&
"o&ossians #-#3,#0.
#3 for by hi* ere a&& thin(s created, that are in hea)en, and that
are in earth, )isib&e and in)isib&e, hether they be thrones, or
do*inions, or !rinci!a&ities, or !oers- a&& thin(s ere created by
hi*, and for hi*-
#0 and he is before a&& thin(s, and by hi* a&& thin(s consist-
Throu(h the b&ood of 4is cross, 4e is to reconci&e a&& thin(s
unto 4i*se&f. 4e as the La*b s&ain fro* the foundation of the or&d.
The (ood orks of the redee*ed !roc&ai* the Gos!e& of GodFs
sa)in( (race. G&ory i&& be (i)en to the Lord for 4is a&&,sur!assin(
&o)e. This fro* 4is incarnation as a hu*an, a ser)ant, hu*b&e,
obedient unto e)en death on the cross. God then hi(h&y eBa&ted 4i*,
4is Ea*e abo)e e)ery na*e in a&& of creation.
1hi&i!!ians %-3,##.
3 ho, bein( in the for* of God, thou(ht it not robbery to be
eCua& ith God-
0 but *ade hi*se&f of no re!utation, and took u!on hi* the for* of
a ser)ant, and as *ade in the &ikeness of *en-
8 and bein( found in fashion as a *an, he hu*b&ed hi*se&f, and
beca*e obedient unto death, e)en the death of the cross.
$ Wherefore God a&so hath hi(h&y eBa&ted hi*, and (i)en hi* a na*e
hich is abo)e e)ery na*e-
#6 that at the na*e of Jesus e)ery knee shou&d bo, of thin(s in
hea)en, and thin(s in earth, and thin(s under the earthH
## and that e)ery ton(ue shou&d confess that Jesus "hrist is Lord,
to the (&ory of God the 7ather.
4ebres #-%,5.
% hath in these &ast days s!oken unto us by his Son, ho* he hath
a!!ointed heir of a&& thin(s, by ho* a&so he *ade the or&dsH
5 ho bein( the bri(htness of his (&ory, and the eB!ress i*a(e of
his !erson, and u!ho&din( a&& thin(s by the ord of his !oer, hen
he had by hi*se&f !ur(ed our sins, sat don on the ri(ht hand of the
'ajesty on hi(hH
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <<< continued
The co*!&ete shoin( forth =*anifestation> of di)ine (race i&&
be re)ea&ed hen "hrist is to(ether ith 4is transfor*ed body =the
"hurch> in 4ea)en. The res!onse- 4is eBceedin( joy =see Jude #-%:>.
A&& in the !resent a(e are under sin and unbe&ief, eCua&&y
disobedient and (ui&ty before God. A&& are therefore under di)ine
conde*nation. 2ut since "hrist !aid the !rice by 4is substitutionary
death for a&& *enFs sins, conde*nation re*ains on&y for those that
reject the Sa)ior. John 5-#8 ,
#8 4e that be&ie)eth on hi* is not conde*ned- but he that be&ie)eth
not is conde*ned a&ready, because he hath not be&ie)ed in the na*e of
the on&y be(otten Son of God.
On&y hen any and a&& hu*an *erit is re*o)ed fro* consideration,
does di)ine (race o!erate unto sa&)ation. <t inc&udes a&& that God
can do for a hu*an bein( in ti*e, into eternity.
Jesus !rayed =John #0-%:>- “7ather, < i&& that they a&so, ho*
thou hast (i)en *e, be ith *e here < a*H that they *ay beho&d *y
(&ory, hich thou hast (i)en *e- for thou &o)edst *e before the
foundation of the or&d.”
The eBtre*e o!!osite of the sa)ed are the &ost- conde*ned,
doo*ed to death, and he&&, (ui&ty sinners, rejectors of "hrist and
4is Gos!e&.
GodFs (race cannot be added to any hu*an effort or ork. “7or by
(race are ye sa)ed throu(h faithH and that not of yourse&)es- it is
the (ift of God- not of orks, &est any *an shou&d boast.” =?!hesians
%-8,$.> 4u*an &an(ua(e is too &i*ited to describe or !icture the
&i*it&ess *easure of this (race.
John #-#3 9 (race added to or hea!ed u!on (race.
+o*ans ;-#0 9 (race did F*uch *ore aboundF =su!er,abound>.
<< "orinthians $-#: 9 the eBceedin( =unab&e to *easure> (race of
God in you.
<< "orinthians :-#; 9 the abundant =o)erf&oin(> (race.
The source is GodFs &o)e as eB!ressed is un&i*ited f&oin( forth
infinite and eterna& in 4is (race.
0 'ajor As!ects of GodFs 1ro)ision for 'an.
#.> The finished ork of "hrist, the Gos!e& of sa)in( (race
offered to the ho&e or&d &ost in sin. =See < Ti*othy %-3H <<
"orinthians ;-#$,%6H < John %-#,%.>
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <<< continued
%.> The con)ictin( ork of the 4o&y S!irit. The Gos!e& is
i&&u*inated in the *ind and heart of the unsa)ed. 4e con)inces of
sin, ri(hteousness, and jud(*ent. =John #3-0,##.> On&y in this *anner
can the b&ind and dark sou& be &ed into the (&orious &i(ht of "hrist
=<< "orinthians :-5,:>.
5.> The *o*ent of be&ief is the !oint of the Sa)in( Work of God
bein( acco*!&ished in that instant. 2ein( born a(ain, the S!irit
inde&&in( fu&& of &o)e and &i(ht, !eace and joy ithout *easure.
:.> The Iee!in( Work of God. ?ndurance and !erse)erance are
!ro)ided by GodFs !resence, (uidance, and !oer. ='atthe %:-#5H John
;.> De&i)erance fro* the !oer of sin is GodFs !ro)ision for the
sa)ed by the inde&&in( 4o&y S!irit. “This < say then, Wa&k in the
S!irit, and ye sha&& not fu&fi& the &ust of the f&esh.” =Ga&atians
3.> "hristian Groth- the ork of God. On&y s!iritua& "hristians
(ro. To re*ain carna& is to c&in( to FbabyhoodF in s!iritua&ity. 4o
to (ro- “2ut (ro in (race, and in the kno&ed(e of our Lord and
Sa)iour Jesus "hrist...” =<< 1eter 5-#8.> This is a !ath and !rocess
of readin( and study of the Word of God, !rayer and co**union ith
God and Jesus, asse*b&in( ith other be&ie)ers for (roth, and
!raise, reachin( out to others ith faith, &o)e, and so forth.
0.> The ork of God in the fina& !resentation. The be&ie)ers
i&& be confor*ed to the i*a(e of the Son of God before the !resence
of 4is (&ory to 4is eBceedin( joy.
The so)erei(nty of God in Sa&)ation. God enab&es the hu*an heart
to be dran to the Gos!e&. John 3-:: , “Eo *an can co*e to *e, eBce!t
the 7ather hich hath sent *e dra hi*- and < i&& raise hi* u! at
the &ast day.” A&so God *o)es the heart of the sa)ed. 1hi&e*on %-#5 ,
“for it is God hich orketh in you both to i&& and to do of his
(ood !&easure.”
God cannot be sur!rised, disa!!ointed, or in any detai& be
defeated because of an unantici!ated action of hu*an “free i&&”. The
offer of sa&)ation is to a&& !eo!&e as a (ift of &o)e. At the sa*e
ti*e, God has !er*itted hu*an &ife that 4e knos i&& reject 4is
!ro)isions of (race. GodFs &o)e is bound&ess, but Whose ri(hteousness
de*ands justice, and it can ne)er be di*inished.
The Gos!e& of (race *ust be !reached !ure&y. There *ust be no
&i*itations because of anythin( a !erson can do to di*inish it, nor
conditions of a hu*an ob&i(ation or earned *erit. To !er)ert the
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <<< continued
Gos!e& in any ay, unre)okab&e anathe*a is !ronounced u!on that
!erson =see Ga&atians #-8,$>.
The Word of God is the bread of &ife to those ho be&ie)e- it is
the Truth. <t shos the True Way. <t i*!arts the True Way of Life in
"hrist Jesus our Lord, both no and fore)er*ore.
Thus the &o)e of God shon forth by 4is (race in !ro)idin(
for(i)eness and eterna& &ife ith 4i* in the Gos!e& of 4is Son.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <A
Grace, cha!ter 5. Safekee!in( in Grace.
+o*ans ;-% , “by ho* a&so e ha)e access by faith into this
(race herein e stand, and rejoice in ho!e of the (&ory of God.”
=See a&so < 1eter ;-#%.> This ord a&so eB!resses the condition of
continuin( and endurin(. To stay, ithout chan(in(, as standin(. This
is the ork of God, throu(h the !oer of the inde&&in( 4o&y S!irit.
4u*an effort or abi&ity has no !oer to attain the standin( of
sa&)ation than it has the abi&ity to *aintain it =a ri(ht standin(>
before God. GodFs sa)in( *inistry of (race inc&udes and (uarantees
4is kee!in( *inistry of (race.
So*e theo&o(ica& syste*s. They describe the kee!in( of sa&)ation
as bein( conditioned on hu*an effort or orks. On&y hi&e and if you
are F(oodF enou(h do you stay sa)ed. This be&ief *akes it i*!ossib&e
to (ro in understandin( and *aturity concernin( the certainty of
GodFs kee!in( !oer fro* the *o*ent of sa&)ation into the eterna&
state. To utter&y refute the ron( syste*, *ore detai& i&& sho
c&ear&y the kee!in( !oer of God. A&& !rinci!&es of (race inc&ude
GodFs kee!in( !oer, and that continues into the ti*e of its
consu**ation, yet to co*e. God has !ro)ided *any safe(uards to that
Eohere in Scri!ture is there a se!aration of GodFs kee!in(
!oer fro* (race, nor a &ack of its inc&usion in a&& considerations
of GodFs (race. There is no sin of a "hristian that is not co)ered by
"hristFs death on the cross. God does safe(uard "hristians fro*
!racticin( sin. 4e chastens hen needed as a ri(hteous 7ather does.
Does sin Funsa)eF the be&ie)erJ Scri!ture =es!ecia&&y the ?!ist&es>
dea& ith "hristians, a&& of ho* do sin. "hristians are not
conde*ned for these sins.
4u*an eB!erience testifies that "hristians do re*ain sa)ed in
s!ite of i*!erfections and sin. The fact is that "hristians are not
&ost hen they sin, nor sin&ess hen they re*ain sa)ed. They are ke!t
by the !oer of God. Eo "hristian re*ains standin( based u!on their
(ood orks outei(hin( their eaknesses or sins. God is !&eased to
kee! 4is chi&d throu(h 4is continua& &o)e and (race. <t is GodFs
su!re*e !ur!ose to !reser)e 4is chi&dren fore)er. This i&& not be
rea&iDed unto the sa)ed sinner is transfor*ed into the i*a(e of
"hrist and u!&ifted. Sa&)ation throu(h "hrist inc&udes e)ery *o*ent
fro* the first of faith, e)ery ste! of the ay to the *o*ent of
1hi&e*on #-3- “bein( confident of this )ery thin(, that he hich
hath be(un a (ood ork in you i&& !erfor* it unti& the day of Jesus
"hrist-”. The be&ie)er sha&& “ha)e e)er&astin( &ife” =John 5-#3 end>.
There is on&y one condition- be&ief. Eo condition re&ated to ti*e or
*erit to recei)e hat is (i)en hich a&so does not inc&ude any &i*it
of ti*e or because of *erit or &ack of it.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <A continued
GodFs !ro)isions- 4is su!re*e !oer kee!s 4is on unto 4is
eterna& !ur!oses. <n +o*ans 8-58,5$ 1au& eB!resses the obser)ation
that nothin( in the natura& or&d, s!iritua& or&d, neither death nor
&ife, or any other creature can “se!arate us fro* the &o)e of God,
hich is in "hrist Jesus our Lord.” This ob)ious&y inc&udes a&& !ast
sins, !resent sins, or future sins as not e)en considered. God is
ab&e =has the !oer> to do “eBceedin( abundant&y abo)e a&& that e
ask or think” =?!hesians 5-%6>. We cannot e)en i*a(ine the eBtent or
di*ension of hat is !ossib&e to God. 4ebres 0-%; , “4e is ab&e to
sa)e the* to the utter*ost.” 1au& rote in +o*ans :-%# , “and bein(
fu&&y !ersuaded, that hat he had !ro*ised, he as ab&e a&so to
GodFs eterna& !ur!ose, 4is &o)e as the su!re*e *oti)e, is a&so
eterna&. God shoed 4is &o)e for us, that hi&e e ere yet sinners,
4e sent 4is Son to die for us. Throu(h the Li)in( "hrist e are sa)ed
for eternity. This is an unchan(eab&e !osition and re&ationshi!,
therefore eterna&.
Jesus s!oke of those God has (i)en 4i*, none of the* as &ost.
4e !rays for the* to re*ain united ith 4i* and the father, to kee!
the* fro* the e)i&. 4e a&so !rays for those that sha&& be&ie)e on 4i*
throu(h their itness, !reachin(, teachin(, bearin( itness, by their
&i)es and ritin(s- they sha&& be&ie)e on *e throu(h their ord.
Let us read so*e re&ated )erses fro* the Gos!e& accordin( to
John, cha!ter #0.
$ < !ray for the*- < !ray not for the or&d, but for the* hich
thou hast (i)en *eH for they are thine.
#6 And a&& *ine are thine, and thine are *ineH and < a* (&orified
in the*.
## And no < a* no *ore in the or&d, but these are in the or&d,
and < co*e to thee. 4o&y 7ather, kee! throu(h thine on na*e those
ho* thou hast (i)en *e, that they *ay be one, as e are.
#% Whi&e < as ith the* in the or&d, < ke!t the* in thy na*e-
those that thou (a)est *e < ha)e ke!t, and none of the* is &ost, but
the son of !erditionH that the Scri!ture *i(ht be fu&fi&&ed.
#; < !ray not that thou shou&dest take the* out of the or&d, but
that thou shou&dest kee! the* fro* the e)i&.
%6 @ Eeither !ray < for these a&one, but for the* a&so hich sha&&
be&ie)e on *e throu(h their ordH
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <A continued
Eone of those e)er sa)ed i&& be &ost for so has "hrist
continued to !ray for us in hea)en. 4ebres 0-%; , “Wherefore he is
ab&e a&so to sa)e the* to the utter*ost that co*e unto God by hi*,
seein( he e)er &i)eth to *ake intercession for the*.” "hristFs !rayer
is effectua&, a&ays, and continua&, a&ays, This fact contains our
eterna& security as chi&dren of God in "hrist.
The Substitutionary Death of "hrist. +o*ans 8-# , “There is
therefore no no conde*nation to the* hich are in "hrist Jesus, ho
a&k not after the f&esh, but after the S!irit.”
The +esurrection of the Son of God. ?)ery be&ie)er !artakes of
the resurrection &ife of the Son of God. <t is the (ift of God, the
ho!e of the (&ory. John #6-%8 records Jesus as sayin(, “and < (i)e
unto the* eterna& &ifeH and they sha&& ne)er !erish, neither sha&&
any *an !&uck the* out of *y hand.” This is abso&ute security.
The 1resent Ad)ocacy of "hrist. This is for a&& those sa)ed by
(race. 4ebres $-%: , “7or "hrist is not entered into the ho&y !&aces
*ade ith hands, hich are the fi(ures of the trueH but into hea)en
itse&f, no to a!!ear in the !resence of God for us...”
"hrist intercedes for us as the Great She!herd of 4is f&ock. 4e
(uards their !ath a(ainst the snares of the e)i& one, in the !&easant
ays of 4is (race and b&essin( and !eace.
"hrist as 4i(h 1riest continues fore)er. 4ebres 0-%5,%; ,
%5 @ And they tru&y ere *any !riests, because they ere not
suffered to continue by reason of death-
%: but this *an, because he continueth e)er, hath an unchan(eab&e
%; Wherefore he is ab&e a&so to sa)e the* to the utter*ost that
co*e unto God by hi*, seein( he e)er &i)eth to *ake intercession for
7ro* the %5
1sa&*- “The LO+D is *y she!herdH < sha&& not ant.”
The +e(eneration by the 4o&y S!irit. 2orn of God, no a chi&d of
God, joint,heir ith "hrist.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <A continued
Let us read re&ated )erses ,
John #-#5
#5 hich ere born, not of b&ood, nor of the i&& of the f&esh, nor
of the i&& of *an, but of God.
John 5-5,3
55 4e that hath recei)ed his testi*ony hath set to his sea& that
God is true.
5: 7or he ho* God hath sent s!eaketh the ords of God- for God
(i)eth not the S!irit by *easure unto hi*.
5; The 7ather &o)eth the Son, and hath (i)en a&& thin(s into his
53 4e that be&ie)eth on the Son hath e)er&astin( &ife- and he that
be&ie)eth not the Son sha&& not see &ifeH but the rath of God
abideth on hi*.
Titus 5-:,3
: 2ut after that the kindness and &o)e of God our Sa)iour toard
*an a!!eared,
; not by orks of ri(hteousness hich e ha)e done, but accordin(
to his *ercy he sa)ed us, by the ashin( of re(eneration, and
renein( of the 4o&y GhostH
3 hich he shed on us abundant&y throu(h Jesus "hrist our Sa)iourH
The <nde&&in( S!irit 9 see John 0-50,5$H +o*ans ;-;, 8-$H <
"orinthians %-#%, 3-#$H < John 5-%:. The stayin( =abidin(> is
eterna&. =John #:-#3.> The be&ie)er *ay (rie)e and resist =Cuench>
the S!irit but no Scri!ture says it is e)en !ossib&e for the S!irit
to be !ushed out or aay.
The ba!tis* ith the S!irit 9 see < "orinthians #%-#5. This *ay
be understood as or(anic union ith "hrist as a branch, (rafted into
the &ife union ith the )ine. <n "hrist, the be&ie)er shares in the
i*!uted ri(hteousness before the 7ather. This has been described as
the hite robe re!resentin( faith in "hrist hich *akes us ri(hteous
before God =+o*ans 5-%%>. Thus the ba!tis* ith the S!irit is once
and for a&& a union ith "hrist.
The Sea&in( ith the S!irit. 'entioned on&y 5 ti*es in the Ee
Testa*ent =<< "orinthians #-%%> ith the 4o&y S!irit of !ro*ise
=?!hesians #-#5H ?!hesians :-56> unto the day of rede*!tion. This
ends the !ossibi&ity of any chan(e.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson <A continued
The Ee "o)enant in "hristFs 2&ood. There are to ty!es of
"o)enants. One is conditiona&, of hich any !oint i&& de!end on the
faithfu&ness of *an. The other is unconditiona&, hich consists
entire&y of GodFs dec&aration of hat 4e !ur!oses to do.
The La of 'oses as a conditiona& co)enant. <f the !eo!&e
fo&&oed the La, God ou&d b&ess the*. The "o)enant ith Abraha* is
an unconditiona& one. God dec&ared to Abraha* hat 4e !ur!osed to do.
The Ee "o)enant is GodFs dec&aration of hat 4e !ur!osed to do
for e)eryone that !&aces their faith in the finished ork of "hrist
on the "ross. So a&so the (reat !ro*ises of the kee!in( of God
throu(h (race are unconditiona&. They are in no ise de!endent on any
!oint u!on the (oodness or faithfu&ness of the be&ie)er. The &ife of
the be&ie)er is to be unto (ood orks to the (&ory of God. This is
described as bearin( (ood fruit. These orks (o under jud(*ent on&y
for reards.
God sa)es !erfect&y, for a&& ti*e and eternity. As God has
s!oken, so sha&& 4e brin( it to !ass.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson A
Grace, cha!ter :. Life Gnder Grace and La.
GodFs sa&)ation in (race !&aces the be&ie)er as a son of God, a
*e*ber of the fa*i&y and househo&d of God, a citiDen of hea)en. A ne
*anner of &ife, ru&es of conduct, *ust corres!ond to this ne
standin(. This ru&e of &ife for the be&ie)er is co*!&ete in itse&f
and has no re&ation to any other !ast co)enants and conditions of
conduct. To atte*!t to !&ease God ithout kno&ed(e of the re)ea&ed
i&& of God concernin( dai&y &ife ou&d be !oint&ess.
<(norance has shon itse&f in the ro&e of &e(a&iDers and their
teachin(s. They in effect are discreditin( GodFs (race. Whether
Dea&ous or sincere, their efforts are ron(, *is(uided and
Section <. +u&e of Life under Grace.
Titus %-##,#:.
## @ 7or the (race of God that brin(eth sa&)ation hath a!!eared to
a&& *en,
#% teachin( us that, denyin( un(od&iness and or&d&y &usts, e
shou&d &i)e sober&y, ri(hteous&y, and (od&y, in this !resent or&dH
#5 &ookin( for that b&essed ho!e, and the (&orious a!!earin( of the
(reat God and our Sa)iour Jesus "hristH
#: ho (a)e hi*se&f for us, that he *i(ht redee* us fro* a&&
iniCuity, and !urify unto hi*se&f a !ecu&iar !eo!&e, Dea&ous of (ood
See a&so 1sa&*s #56-8H ?Bodus #$-;H Deuterono*y :-%6, 0-3, #:-%,
%3-#8H < 1eter %-$.
GodFs (race has been shon unto a&& *en in the Gos!e&. <t is to
be continua&&y !roc&ai*ed to a&&. The in)itation is “hosoe)er i&&”.
The teachin(s about conduct on&y a!!&y to be&ie)ers. God in no ise
seeks to Frefor*F or ca&& the* to be *ora& that are not sa)ed.
To eBtre*es are to be a)oided.
#.> To be irres!onsib&e and care&ess, hich is sin.
%.> To address the burden of &a, earnin( !iety and se&f,
The &ife and *inistry of 1au& i&&ustrates a &ife &i)ed under
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson A continued
Dai&y &ife is to be directed by the teachin(s of (race. They
ca&& for honesty, fairness, !urity, beauty, !ositi)ity, and
u!bui&din(. Think on these thin(s and then act accordin(&y. This is
hat 1au& ca&&s u!on be&ie)ers to do, kee!in( his teachin(s and his
&ife as an eBa*!&e, ith the !ro*ise , “and the God of !eace sha&& be
ith you.” =See 1hi&i!!ians :-8,$.>
The (uide- “faith hich orketh by &o)e.” =See Ga&atians ;-3.>
"hristFs &ife and teachin( had to *ajor as!ects, as a Je, the 4o!e
of <srae&. 4e ke!t, tau(ht, enforced, and fu&fi&&ed the &a. As
sa)ior of the or&d, 4e estab&ished the ne *anner of re&ationshi!
and dai&y &i)in( for the be&ie)er under (race.
'any !assa(es in the Ee Testa*ent *ention the co**and*ents of
"hrist. =John #:-#;,%#H #;-#6H < John %-5, 5-%%,%:, ;-%H 'atthe
%8-%6H +e)e&ation %%-#:>. These ere not s!oken to the Jes in 4is
!ub&ic *inistry 9 on&y the 'osaic La. 4is co**and*ents a&ays and
on&y re&ate to those sa)ed by (race in a ne &ife,re&ationshi! to
God. “'y co**and*ents” a&ays refers to the teachin(s of (race.
?Ba*!&e- “A ne co**and*ent < (i)e unto you, that ye &o)e one
anotherH as < ha)e &o)ed you.” 1au& tau(ht, “2ear ye one anotherFs
burdens and so fu&fi&& the &a of "hrist.” =John #5-5:H < John 5-%5H
<< John :-;H < "orinthians #:-50H < Thessa&onians :-%H Ga&atians
Any ho ou&d fo&&o the 'osaic La are !&acin( the*se&)es as
&e(a&ists, to try to earn their on sa&)ation and be !roud of it. <n
this they are in effect denyin( that "hrist a&ready fu&fi&&ed that
La and !aid the !rice for their sa&)ation by (race.
The !ersona& eB!erience of 1au& is an i&&ustration of GodFs
(race and its teachin(s.
The Teachin(s of the La. A&& di)ine &a is the eB!ression of
hat God is- ho&y, just, and (ood. To conte*!&ate the or&d of hu*an
sin shos the )ast (u&f beteen the to. <t a&so brin(s out the )ast
co*!assion of God in brid(in( that (u&f.
La is (enera&&y a ru&e of conduct. <t i*!&ies authority and
!oer of the &a,(i)er for enforce*ent and !ena&ty reCuired.
The Word of God uses the ord F&aF in 0 ays. The #6
co**and*ents are uniCue, ritten in stone by the fin(er of God. They
e!ito*iDe the entire &a (i)en to 'oses. "hrist su**ariDed it
further- &o)e the Lord thy God, &o)e they nei(hbor as thyse&f.
When "hrist fu&fi&&ed the &a, the #6 "o**and*ents ceased bein(
the ru&e of conduct. Their !rinci!&es are stated in the ru&es of
conduct under (race.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson A continued
The La as the ?ntire Syste* of Go)ern*ent for <srae& in the
Land. The #6 "o**and*ents ere the center. The Jud(*ents ere to
re(u&ate the socia& &ife of <srae& =?Bodus %#-#,%:-##>. The
Ordinances ere to re(u&ate the re&i(ious &ife of <srae& =?Bodus
%:-#%,5#-#8>. They ere interre&ated and interde!endent. <nstruction
on the (ood, !rohibition a(ainst hat is e)i&. 1rescribed sacrifices
re*edied the ron( co**itted. The fina& and fu&fi&&in( sacrifice of
the cross *et e)ery de*and of the &a, fore)er.
The 'i&&ennia& +ei(n of "hrist i&& fu&fi&& the co)enants ith
<srae&. 4e i&& ru&e ith an iron rod of !ure &a.
The "o)enant of Works to be rou(ht in the ?ner(y of the 7&esh
for indi)idua& or nature. Di)ine b&essin( as conditioned on the
!erfor*ance of the entire &a of God. <n the ne co)enant of (race,
the di)ine b&essin( is bestoed first, creatin( an ob&i(ation for a
&ife corres!ondin( to that di)ine b&essin(. To ork to (et di)ine
fa)or is as under !ure &a. Shoin( (ratitude for b&essin( a&ready
recei)ed is in har*ony ith !ure (race. The hi(h ca&&in( of the
be&ie)er antici!ates the inde&&in( !oer of the 4o&y S!irit for
The ri(hteousness of the &a is to be fi&&ed FinF us, not FbyF
us. <t takes !&ace in those “ho a&k not after the f&esh but after
the S!irit.” To ork, as if a "hristian, to !&ease God in the !oer
of the f&esh is to take on a yoke of bonda(e.
Any ru&e of conduct !rescribed by *an. 'anFs &as are *ade for
the un(od&y and sinners. +e&i(ious !eo!&e &i)in( in a society *ay
choose the fo&&o the *an,*ade &as as a socia& ob&i(ation.
La as describin( F&a of natureF is ta&kin( about reco(niDed
!oer at ork- (ra)ity, sin, and death, and the S!irit of &ife in
"hrist Jesus , hich frees the be&ie)er fro* the &a =or !oer> of
sin and death.
"ause and ?ffect- +o*ans 0-%# 9 hen 1au& ou&d do (ood, e)i& is
!resent in hi*.
Since the ord F&aF is used in this )ariety of situations in
ide&y different a!!&ications, its use *ust be understood in each
<n the be(innin( =beteen Ada* and 'oses>. 2y Ada*, sin entered
the or&d, and death by sin. A&& ha)e sinned and a&& i&& die as
a(es of their indi)idua& sin. =See +o*ans 5-%#,;-##.> "hrist a&so
died Funto sinF, the basis u!on hich the rei(nin( !oer of the sin,
nature is di)ine&y o)erco*e. =+o*ans 3-#,8-:.>
The !oint of the La. Sin as a&ays e)i& in and of itse&f, and
in the si(ht of God. <t on&y beca*e disobedience after the 4o&y
"o**and*ents ere (i)en to *an. The character of !ersona& ron(doin(
beco*es rebe&&ion and disobedience a(ainst GodFs !rescribed "o**ands.
The !unish*ent of the &a bein( broken *ust be carried out.
A Study on Grace 9 Lesson A continued
<srae& as (i)en these Di)ine "o**and*ents to set it a!art as a
chosen and *ost res!onsib&e !eo!&e before God. Ob)ious&y, they ere
unab&e to kee! the &a. The &a, in this *anner, !ro)ed their
he&!&essness and sinfu&ness. The &a then !ronounced conde*nation
u!on a&& trans(ressors, hich ere a&& the !eo!&e.
+ather than *akin( !eo!&e better or *ore ri(hteous, the &a as
taken as a re*inder of sins 9 and they had so far ne(&ected !ractice
of the &a. =+o*ans 0-8.> The &a, in this sense, !ro)ided the
*easure of a&& that is ho&y, just, and (ood. "ontrasted to that are
the sins and sinfu& nature of *an- *ade irrefutab&e and c&ear. A&&
!eo!&e are forced to face that truth- a&& are sinners, a&& ha)e
sinned. A&& therefore need a sa)ior fro* its !ena&ty of death.
A&& !eo!&e shou&d be ab&e to see and understand that they had no
chance to fu&fi&& the &a. So hy ou&d they then ant to try to
fo&&o the &a ith their ob)ious and utter inabi&ity to do so Fin
the f&eshFJ The &a as not (i)en as a ay of sa&)ation, but as the
c&ear state*ent of sin. =+o*ans 5-%6H Ga&atians 5-##,%:.>
As the ru&e of conduct for <srae& in the &and, the !eo!&e fai&ed
and ou&d suffer the conseCuences of curse, conde*nation, and death.
<t as a *eans of turnin( the !eo!&e to God for *ercy. This 4e
!ro)ided in "hrist. The &a is a Fschoo&*asterF, a trainer to brin(
the sinner to "hrist. A&& the sin offerin(s ere to !oint to the
co*in( effectua& offerin( of "hrist. The La as fu&fi&&ed and
co*!&eted in its function by "hristFs sacrificia& death.
The rei(n of the La as fro* 't. Sinai and 'oses to "hrist,
about #;66 years.
G! unti& the ti*e of the !eo!&eFs takin( the &a u!on
the*se&)es, they had been under GodFs (race, 4is b&essin(s,
!rotection, and de&i)erance fro* their o!!ressors in ?(y!t. 4ere God
as (i)in( the* a choice- to re*ain under (race or takin( u!on
the*se&)es the La as a syste* of orks, that by their on efforts
they ou&d earn GodFs b&essin(s, !rotection, and de&i)erance. <n
thinkin( they cou&d !erfor* !erfect obedience, they de&uded
the*se&)es as a&& others in e)ery ti*e !eriod, e)en in the !resent
day, that they ha)e the !erce!tion of the truth, and understand hat
orks they need to !&ease God, and earn their ay into hea)en.

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