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“Lord, I Cannot, But You Can!”
Philippians 2:13 For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. Have you ever tried to break a bad habit on your own? You probably found that when you tried to stop it by sheer willpower, you saw improvement for a while, and then bounced back to square one. Worse, you found yourself doing the very thing that you were trying not to do. And your condition is worse than before you started your “I’m going to quit” program! The changes were temporary because it was you doing it.
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A church member who had been a chain-smoker used to believe that with willpower, he could quit smoking. He would tell himself, “If there is a will, there is a way!” But he discovered that with willpower, he could stop smoking for a week or two, and then he would succumb to the pull of nicotine again. When he turned his life over to God and learnt about God’s grace, he told God, “I realize that I cannot stop smoking. I cannot, but You can break my habit, Lord.” And every time he lit up, he would say, “Lord, I am trying to stop smoking, but I cannot. I am trusting You.” He would even say, “I am still righteous because of Jesus’ blood.” Well, in the very same year, all his cravings to smoke vanished! When asked how he succeeded, he would say, “It is entirely God and none of me! It is all by His grace.” This man lost all the desire to smoke. That is true transformation! When you receive the grace of God to do for you what you cannot do, you will experience effortless and permanent change on the inside, which in turn changes your actions on the outside. The Bible tells us that God works in us to give us both the will and ability to perform what He desires. It is God who removes the old want to’s and gives us new ones. And He even gives us the power to carry them out! Beloved, look to His grace to do what you cannot do. Say, “Lord, I cannot, but You can!” Then, what you experience will not merely be behavior modification, but true and lasting inward transformation!



His Word


precious couple in their late forties from New Jersey wrote to me recently, sharing their testimony of how against all odds, God caused them to conceive the child that they had wanted for more than 11 years. They had tried all means—including IVF (in vitro fertilization)—to conceive, but were finally told that it was medically impossible for them to ever have a child on their own. One day, they came across my television broadcast and heard for the first time the message of God’s grace and how Jesus had already paid the full price for them to have whatever they needed. It was a message that this couple hungrily grabbed hold of and kept feeding on. Not long after this, they received amazing news that the wife happily shared with me: “Pastor Prince, I am now six weeks pregnant. Praise the Lord!” Let me share with you another awesome breakthrough experienced by another brother who has also been following my broadcasts. This man described how he had tried—and failed—many times to overcome alcohol abuse and sexual addictions. “Nothing worked until I discovered and had a revelation of the gospel of grace through your preaching and through reading your daily devotionals,” he shared. “And when I left my struggle in God’s care, I became free and whole. By the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s grace through His Son, today, I am a free man. I say this to the glory of God—I could not on my own stop any of these bad habits.” What gave these precious souls their breakthroughs? It wasn’t their willpower, hard work or self-effort. It wasn’t their beating themselves up over the weaknesses they saw in themselves. It was simply the superabounding grace of God! Beloved, whatever the challenge you are struggling with today, victory can be yours too. As the above testimonies show, it’s God’s amazing, superabounding grace that will give you victory over your weakness and transform your life for His glory!


Your weakness or demerit may be an area of struggle right now, but according to my Bible, it is also the perfect target and right-now residence of God’s superabounding grace. Romans 5:20 tells us clearly, “where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.” What this verse is saying is that where there’s been “a failing to hit the mark” (definition of “sin” by Thayer’s Greek Lexicon), that’s right where God’s grace—His unmerited favor for our empowerment and victory—is in superabounding measure. Isn’t that amazing? Contrary to traditional thinking, God’s grace does not abandon you when you miss the mark. What a comfort and source of strength it is to know that His grace doesn’t leave us, but is right in the midst of our painful weaknesses, failings and less-than-perfect situations!

Understanding Romans 5:20 is key to allowing the grace of God to transform your area of struggle into a testimony of His goodness and power. So allow me now to bring out the richness of this verse by going into its original Greek meaning. The word “abounded” here is the Greek word pleonazo. Pleonazo simply means abundant or to increase. Comparatively, the words “abounded much more” are a single Greek word huperperisseuo. Unlike pleonazo, huperperisseuo means to abound beyond measure, to abound exceedingly or to superabound. Perisseuo already means overflowing, but with the prefix huper, from which you get the English word “hyper,” it becomes huperperisseuo­—SUPERABOUNDING. Greek scholar Kenneth Wuest captures all this well in his translation of the verse: “where sin increased, grace superabounded, and then some on top of that.” How cool is that! What does all this mean for you? My friend, it means that God doesn’t just give you an equal amount of grace to match the severity of your weakness. No, He gives you a superabundant measure of it! In other words, in your area of challenge, God has already released a disproportionate or far greater measure of His grace so that it will totally swallow up your sin or weakness and gloriously transform your life!

My friend, instead of allowing the enemy to drag you around and down with his devices, realize that in the very area of your challenge or weakness, God has already poured out His abundant grace on you, and has already begun something wonderful in your life. Even now, His grace is present in superabounding measure in your situation to enable you to overcome your challenge and experience your blood-bought victory in Christ. It’s time to see with the eyes of faith that God in His grace is doing something exciting, something extraordinary, something beyond your wildest dreams!

My challenge to you today is to see your situation through the eyes of faith. Don’t fall for the enemy’s tricks or threats and become discouraged. Know that whatever the devil provokes or starts is simply an attempt to stop or disrupt what God has already started. We see this repeatedly in biblical accounts of God’s heroes of faith. Take Joseph in the Old Testament for example. The enemy incited jealousy in Joseph’s brothers and triggered a plan to have Joseph sold off by his own brothers to Egypt when God had already destined him to save his family and all of the then known world from terrible famine. God used everything that the devil threw at Joseph to become stepping stones till he walked out every detail of his God-ordained destiny. Similarly, when we’re first introduced to Apostle Paul in the book of Acts, we don’t see the extraordinary apostle, missionary and pillar of the Christian faith. No, we see Saul, “Pharisee of Pharisees” and “chief of sinners” doing his best to persecute the early church. Yet, God had already called him from his mother’s womb to preach and reveal the gospel in many places with much revelation and power, and to pen a considerable portion of the New Testament. When did the trajectory of his life change? When he discovered the person of grace Himself, Jesus, as he was on his way to Damascus to arrest even more Christians! What I want you to see is that the enemy’s strategy is to attack you in the area that he knows God has a great plan for you. For example, if you’ve been dealing with a chronic condition in your body, I encourage you to see God’s plan for you to walk in a degree of health beyond

What is your area of weakness today? Perhaps it’s a problem with your temper, or you’re struggling with an addiction that’s causing you to feel much guilt and shame. Maybe you’re looking for a job and are acutely aware that you don’t have the qualities your dream job requires. Maybe you have a tendency to make bad choices in key decisions, and that has brought about unwanted consequences in your life. What the enemy would love is for you to feel condemned, get discouraged and give up. He would love for you to get into strife by blaming others for your problem and taking it out on them. He would love for you to live in fear, isolate yourself from your community of believers, and become more and more reclusive each day.

In your area of challenge, God has already released a disproportionate measure of His grace...



anything you’ve ever experienced before. If you or your children have been succumbing to the flu every few weeks, see that God has not only already injected a dose of His divine healing and health into your bodies, but is also right now releasing an anointing on you and your household to walk as champions and instruments of encouragement to many others. Begin to thank Him for it every day, knowing that what He has started, He Himself is able to finish (Philippians 1:6)! Beloved, in the midst of your weakness, instead of being discouraged by what the enemy is doing in your life, learn to see what the Lord is doing in your life through His grace. This isn’t too difficult. As you have seen, the devil is always playing catch up, trying to stop or disrupt what God has already begun by opposing or doing the opposite of what God is doing. So if you want to see what God is doing in your life, just take what the enemy is doing and reverse it.

major challenges with your rebellious teenager now. Well, don’t just expect him or her to merely be more obedient. Expect this child to also be on fire for Jesus. Expect this child to also grow up into a successful person, a loving spouse and a responsible parent, full of the wisdom of the Lord! So believe that the Lord’s superabounding grace or favor is already in your situation to do for you exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or dream of (Ephesians 3:20). Be conscious of this favor every day. Keep confessing it. Keep expecting the best to come out of your seemingly hopeless situation. It may not happen overnight, but God is already working in your life. He’s piecing it all together into a beautiful masterpiece. So take your eyes off the negatives and see with eyes of faith the good that the Lord is already doing in your life!

Many of you know that I was a stutterer in high school. One teacher would always make me stand up and read in class for the sheer pleasure of hearing me stutter—“Th th the…a a annual…nual…ra ra rain…fall fall…in in Brazil…” Everyone would laugh at me and my ears would burn red with embarrassment. And the more I tried to speak normally, the worse it got. Little did I know then that God had already released a superabundant measure of His grace in my area of weakness. I mean, His grace didn’t just bring an end to my stuttering. No, it was so bountiful that it transformed me into a preacher who can’t stop talking about Jesus! My stuttering was just the enemy’s attempt to stop what God had already begun in my life. If only I could have seen what God had already started in the very area of my weakness, I wouldn’t have been so discouraged and embarrassed. You’ve probably heard me say that I was born to preach on the rest and grace of God. I now know that His grace was given to me in abundant measure even when I was in my mother’s womb. I was called to preach even before I was born! My friend, in your area of weakness, the Lord has already lavished you with an overwhelming measure of His grace. The greater your challenge, the greater is His grace in that area to transform it for His glory. Maybe you’re having

If someone had told me during my teenage years that I would one day preach to thousands and have a successful television ministry, I would have thought that he was out of his mind. How could God use a stutterer? Wouldn’t He be better off choosing someone who was eloquent and not shy? Many people think that God cannot use them because they have certain faults or are struggling with certain weaknesses. You may have thought, I have a temper problem so I don’t think that God would ever want me to serve Him. My friend, always remember that where sin (or missing the mark) abounds, God’s grace superabounds. His grace is His unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor. So it’s in the very area of your weakness that God’s superabounding unmerited favor can flow and transform your life for His glory! Now, please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here and think that this gives you the green light to deliberately indulge in sin or the area of your weakness so that you can enjoy God’s superabundant grace. That’s like saying, “Let’s all deliberately contract a disease so that we can enjoy the pleasures of God’s healing.” That’s certainly not what I’m advocating. What I’m advocating is really for those who have been told that because they have failed somewhere, they are

to them. like a bird with a broken wing—they’ll never be able to fly again. That’s the world’s belief, folks. But God says, “I’ll not just heal your wing. I’ll make you an eagle. You’ll fly again and you’ll fly higher than you ever did before! Simply depend on My superabounding grace!” My friend, don’t let the demerits you see in yourself today talk you into believing that God has no use for you. Someone may have told you that you’re a “hopeless case,” or that you’ll never amount to anything. Listen to me. Forget the naysayers. God has a wonderful plan for your life. He has called you from your mother’s womb for a divine purpose. Whatever your weakness or fault, put it into His hands. He can take it and use it to take you higher and make you stronger than you’ve ever been before for His glory. When you depend solely on His abundant grace, you don’t have to stay stuck at where you’re at in life. His superabounding grace has already been supplied to you through the sacrifice of His Son to help you fulfil your God-given dreams! So be encouraged, my friend. Your weaknesses and disqualifications, demerits and minuses, actually qualify you for God’s superabounding grace. If you’re facing challenges as a single parent, know that His grace is upon you in double portion to be both an excellent mother and an excellent father to your children. He’s also giving you the anointing, strength and wisdom to meet the demands of both family and work. If you’re addicted to nicotine or alcohol, His grace is already there for you to kick the habit for good. His grace is even there to repair any damage done to your body. If you’re always last in class now, know that His grace is there to change those Fs into As! Not only will you do well academically, but you will also have wisdom beyond your years! It’s His bountiful grace alone—not your human efforts— that will transform you and bring out His best in you. God just loves to turn whom the world calls “losers” into movers and shakers in His kingdom. He chooses “the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise,” and selects “the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty” (1 Corinthians 1:27). He’s an expert at picking out the last, the lost, the least, and transforming them into shining examples of what only His grace can accomplish! Beloved, you may have made some bad decisions in life and may be reaping the natural consequences. Whatever the situation you may be in, while the world may tell you that it’s your fault and treat you unkindly, the truth is that God still loves you and has good plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV). He doesn’t condemn you. He wants to help you. No mistake is ever too great

“My grace is attracted to the demerits of man,” the Lord told me once. How true! God’s grace is attracted to our minuses. Have you noticed? Jesus didn’t have a problem showing grace to lepers, the sickly and demonized, tax collectors and prostitutes. But He had a problem with the self-righteous Pharisees, or those who believed that they had it all together and didn’t need the Savior. During His earthly ministry, Jesus moved among people full of minuses and demerits. They welcomed Him because they saw their need for Him, and they found His grace of much effect

Believing and receiving God’s grace will produce a lifestyle of holiness that all your willpower, self-condemnation and self-effort cannot accomplish.

for His oversupplying grace. He alone can take the mess of your past mistakes and transform it to give you a beautiful future. Where sin abounds, His grace abounds much more. And if you say, “I can’t do it, Lord,” He says, “I can. Watch Me!”

see His grace sufficient for you, and His strength made perfect in your weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). Let me share with you a powerful testimony that bears out this truth. A precious brother from New Zealand wrote to me to share how God in His grace had delivered him from several longterm addictions. Even after he was saved, this man still battled with pornography, masturbation and nicotine addiction. He knew that as a Christian, he shouldn’t be doing these things, so he felt extremely guilty, condemned and far from God. He hated living this double-life and tried everything he could to break free of these addictions. But despite his best efforts, he failed time and again whenever his willpower ran out. For more than 10 years, he struggled with this frustrating, lonely battle.

When you are honest with the Lord about your weaknesses and inabilities, and you turn to Him for help, He will lead you out of your valley into a place of freedom, provision and victory. He will rest, restore and bless you beyond all you can ask of Him. Jesus’ superabundant grace and miracle-working power will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. You will

Then, everything began to change for him when he was introduced to and kept receiving God’s superabounding grace. He wrote: Pastor Prince, God has worked miracles in my life since I finished reading your book, Destined To Reign. I used to smoke a packet of cigarettes a day and tried many times to stop but with no success. But within two months of reading Destined To Reign, I just lost all desire for cigarettes. I don’t even crave them like other times when I tried stopping out of my own efforts. All glory to God! Through God’s grace, I’ve also been set free from my sexual addictions. Although it’s only been a short time of eight or so weeks, it really is massive to me because this has been something that I tried so hard to break. It has been so effortless too. I just decided to rest in Jesus’ finished work, His forgiveness, His victory, His grace and His love, and pornography and masturbation now have no power or dominion over me. It truly is awesome especially because I had tried for more than 10 years to get victory, and all it took was for me to know the truth and rest in Jesus’ finished work at the cross. That’s not all. After being out of a job for about four months, this brother also found a new sales job that he excels in, and he credits this blessing as well as his excellent sales performance to the Lord’s unmerited favor. Today, this brother is enjoying a life of freedom, peace and rest: I now understand what it means to be under grace and how to rest in Jesus’ finished work. Now, instead of being sin-conscious, I am constantly conscious of my forgiveness and I always declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I had always treated righteousness like a reward and tried to earn it through my works, but now I know that I have received the gift of righteousness through the work of Jesus at the cross. Knowing that God’s grace is greater than my sin, and knowing that I no longer have to fight for victory but that I can rest in HIS victory and reign in life, have been so empowering and awesome…Today, I have a peace inside of me that I have never had before. I feel so free and have a confident expectation of only good things to come my way!

Beloved, that’s the power of right believing. When this brother heard and believed the truth about God’s grace, it produced a lifestyle of holiness that all his willpower, selfcondemnation and self-effort could not accomplish. That’s the power of the gospel! If, like this brother, you want to see God’s strength made perfect in your weakness, then I encourage you to keep hearing and growing in your revelation of God’s abundant grace. And as you do, see yourself walking in victory over your weakness. See yourself walking in Jesus’ liberty, free from the yoke of that bondage and not even having any desire for it anymore, just like this precious brother. See yourself transformed and walking as a new person with new godly desires to glorify God in your body and in your life!

Whether you’re going through a tough time or dealing with a weakness in yourself, God wants you to understand that it’s when you are weak that you are strong through His grace and the miracle-working power of Christ (2 Corinthians 12:10). The more there is weakness, attack or sin, the more there is His superabounding grace to provide for, deliver and transform you until that area of weakness becomes an undeniable example of His goodness, favor and awesome plans for you. Our part is simply to keep looking to Jesus, to keep meditating on His finished work, and to keep seeing by faith the transformation we desire to experience. The more we receive His grace and thank Him for it, the more we will experience His grace superabounding in our areas of weakness. Beloved, let’s cease from all self-efforts and not be hesitant in turning our weaknesses over to God and His transforming grace. As we choose to believe that His grace has already been released in overwhelming measure in our trials and areas of weaknesses, this huperperisseuo grace will deliver and radically transform us for His greatest glory!

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I’m 50 years old and have been going to church ever since I can remember. I ran the sound at my old church for nine years, painted, cleaned, donated time and everything I was able to. I gave my 10 percent and more. I also sang praises, read books and spoke in tongues. I did all this and yet was miserable. I lived in lack, had no confidence, and had no relationship with Jesus. I always wondered what was wrong with me. My friends in church were like me and we all acted as if life was wonderful and God was so good. What a joke. In the end, I couldn’t take it any longer—every time I went to church, I felt like I was getting beaten up. I would come home and want to throw my Bible through my kitchen window. My wife and I left our church and tried others. But I was mentally and physically drained with all things concerning God. I read numerous books on how to fix ME. I prayed and had people pray for me, but nothing changed! I thought that I had a problem and even wondered if I had a mental issue. I felt like the worst husband and father even though I love my wife and have the two greatest kids in the world. Two weeks ago when I was going to bed, I flipped through the TV channels. I saw only three minutes of preaching before your broadcast ended. I picked up my Kindle Fire and typed in “Joseph Prince”. I found your book, Destined To Reign. I downloaded the free preview, read one chapter and bought the book. I read three chapters that night. I was SET FREE before I went to bed! I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. Oh man, glory to God! What a blessing this book has been. My life is forever changed. I am back to reading the Word, worshipping with CDs and praying in the Spirit. I am watching Joseph on television. I am ON FIRE and not a fake “trying to impress others”. I have an intimate relationship with Jesus that I didn’t know was possible. What a blessing! Joseph, thank you! John Watson | Nebraska, US

I cry tears of joy as I write to you! I left my church over a year ago because I had fallen into sin and had to step down from my position as a worship leader. When I got married, I attempted to come back to the ministry, but was turned away and publicly shamed. There was no forgiveness. My body began to experience symptoms of constant pain and I became very ill. I went to doctors, was diagnosed with two viruses, but none of the doctors could help me. Soon, I stopped having my monthly cycles and my pains persisted. I was told that I was going through an early menopause. Two months ago, I was introduced to your teachings by a blessed sister in Christ. Your teachings on grace have set me free and my pains are gone! I have energy again and I am running three miles a day. The truth I know has set me free and my love for God has increased! I realized that I was under guilt and condemnation because of my past sin. Yet, God blessed me and brought me to your ministry! Now that my health has been restored and I have a true revelation of the work that was done at the cross for me, I have a newfound life! I have been sharing the good news of Christ with others around me who have fallen ill and they are receiving their healing as I write this letter. Even friends who are not yet believers are interested to hear how I have become well and it has opened the door for me to share the message of grace, which is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I love you, Pastor Prince, and I am eternally grateful to Jesus for giving you the gift of preaching the true gospel! Belina Henley | California, US

I just want to thank you for your book, Destined To Reign. It has changed my life. I was a recovering addict. In fact, I was ready to go back to being an addict because I was told that “once an addict, always an addict,” and that I would be a “recovering addict” for the rest of my life. I felt that there was no sense in recovering if I was going to be an addict forever, but then someone gave me your book, Destined To Reign. I read that book and thought about some of the things you said about Jesus’ finished work on the cross for me, and how that has freed me from my addiction. Man, when I read about how all I had to do was to accept the finished work of Jesus and His grace, I could have jumped through the roof of my house! So after reading your book, I started confessing that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and not a recovering addict. After 30 years of drug addiction, I thought that there was no hope for me, but praise Jesus, I’ve been drug-free for three months and I’m in a good grace-preaching church with my wife, who is also drugfree and now serving as an usher in church. Thank you so much for your book. Just keep preaching the gospel of grace for we need to hear more of that. Thank you so much! Eric Jones | Maryland, US

One night, I fell asleep while sermon number four* was playing and it played all night over and over again. The Lord then woke me from a deep sleep between 3 and 4am, and spoke to my heart saying, “Speak into existence those things that are not as though they were.” I got out of bed, stood up, laid hands on myself and spoke the Word over my body, and went back to bed. Later, I took the Holy Communion and thanked Jesus for His finished work—that included my healing—at the cross. Healing manifested in my body and I had no more pain in my torn rotator cuff. It was as though my torn rotator was made new! I now have complete function of my arm, and I’m able to put it behind my back easily. Praise Jesus! I shared my testimony with my pastor and he told me that he wanted me to share it at our Wednesday service. After the Wednesday service, he asked me to share it at our Sunday service. Glory to God! Thank you for your teachings. They stirred my heart, caused my faith to increase and transformed my thinking. I am being changed for eternity. Judith Rodgers | Arizona, US *Sermon message mentioned in the above praise report: Sermon number #0076 Supernatural Health Through The Roasted Lamb.

I had been praying for a baby for four years. But it wasn’t until I heard a message on meditating on God’s Word by Pastor Prince that my situation changed. Glory be to God! I acted on Pastor Prince’s teaching on meditation—to actually speak the words over and over again and not just think about them. In about a month after hearing that message and meditating on God’s Word, I became pregnant! Today, I am four months into my pregnancy and I feel great! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being obedient to God’s calling on your life. You’re a big blessing to all of us! Sandra Hernandez | Arizona, US

I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and given two shots in the shoulder area by a specialist. Subsequently, I was sent for physical therapy but was dismissed six treatments later because I had reached my Medicare limit. After this, I began to experience severe pain in the rotator cuff and surrounding muscle area. I cried myself to sleep every night because I could find no relief and the mobility of my arm was very restricted. This went on for 10 months until I began listening to Joseph Prince’s DVD, Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion, that a friend had given me.

This past weekend, I experienced oppression, resulting in an inability to sleep and general cognitive impairment. On Wednesday at work, my back became very painful and I was nauseous. I went home thinking of watching a DVD but Abba told me to sleep. I slept the rest of the afternoon and through the night until late the next morning. I awoke and my back was still painful so I watched your DVD on the Holy Communion. My faith was built up to believe that the oppression and pain were borne in the body of Jesus. As I took the Communion, I saw Jesus giving me the bread, telling me, “This is My body.” I ate and I visualized the transformation in my body as I received the benefit of healing. I reflected that if a roasted lamb could strengthen and energize Israel, how much more would the Lamb of God heal a daughter of God! My back was immediately healed, the oppression lifted and I was restored. Glory to God! The radical grace message has transformed my life in virtually every area. The best way I can describe it is using the analogy of a science fiction movie, where all the pixels rapidly fall into place completing a perfect, tangible substance. Thank you so much for preaching His message. Diane Freed | Pennsylvania, US

done so much for me and my family since we started listening to the grace message. First, He made a way for my sisters and me to watch Pastor Prince preach at Lakewood Church in Houston. Then, the IRS forgave a debt of several thousand dollars they said I owed. I was struggling financially and worrying about my bills, but now I’m resting in what Jesus did and the bills are getting paid every month. My business also picked up two new accounts this summer, and I was blessed with an unexpected amount of money from my business and overage in my Escrow account. God also blessed me with a practically new stainless steel stove costing more than $2,000 that I only had to pay $750 for. He even blessed me with a small vacation this summer when I haven’t had a vacation for more than 20 years since my divorce. Above all, He restored my relationship with my daughter. Today, I have the shalom-peace of God! I used to worry about a life partner, but now, I’m not anxious anymore because I believe that God has the right person for me at the appointed time because of what Jesus has done! I’m learning how to rest in what Jesus has done, knowing that He is so mindful of me, His beloved daughter! He has given me HOPE! Beatrice Gramblin | South Carolina, US

I was saved when I was 23 years old and I’m now 52. I was introduced to Pastor Prince’s sermons when my sister passed me one of his CDs. I listened to that CD over and over again until I lost count. Before that, I felt condemned and had no hope. But the more I listened to that CD, the more hope began to fill my heart. Since then, my family and I have just continued to feed on the gospel by tuning in to your sermons on television, the Web, DVDs and CDs. One of my favorite DVDs is The Benjamin Generation. When I heard that message, I cried and praised God for several hours that night. I serve an awesome God, who has

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From left: Hosts Matt and Laurie Crouch of TBN with Joseph Prince at the Haas Promenade in Jerusalem.

“Ever since I was a young believer, my heart has been for Israel. To be preaching in Israel is a dream come true for me…more than once I’ve felt like pinching myself. To think that the Lord would choose a former stammerer and stutterer, from the tiny island nation of Singapore, to proclaim the gospel that Paul preached, in the very place where he defended the gospel, is an incredible honor, and extremely humbling for me. “The Lord must really love hearing His Son magnified and glorified for Him to put me on a platform where, literally, the whole world gets to hear the gospel of grace because TBN is the world’s largest Christian broadcasting network.”—Joseph Prince

And on this worldwide platform hosted by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Joseph preached thrice to an exuberant audience of over 1,800 participants from all over the world who had gathered to experience the land where Jesus Himself walked and taught.

Against breathtaking backdrops offered by this ancient biblical land, Joseph had the unique opportunity of sharing from God’s Word and helping the audience see and experience the Word for themselves. From the Haas Promenade, where Abraham and Isaac had likely stopped to survey Mount Moriah in the Genesis 22 account, to the Southern Steps before the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where Peter likely preached on Pentecost and 3,000 were born again, Joseph unveiled the Father’s love in the Old Testament, and revealed the finished work of His Son in the New. The crowning finale was at Caesarea Maritima, where Paul launched his missionary journeys to preach the gospel to the world, defended the gospel and almost converted King Agrippa. There, Joseph once again gave Jesus the center stage through the preaching of the gospel and the beauty of the Lord’s grace. Joseph also encouraged the audience by reminding them that they have already been made righteous through Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

“You won’t go back the same way you came!” Joseph exhorting the audience at the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Joseph unveiling Jesus in the Old Testament at the ancient amphitheater in Caesarea Maritima.

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Jesus Magnified!
What some TBN Israel tour participants said...
“I was so excited to come on this tour to Israel and to hear Joseph Prince. When he preached on the Southern Steps about the Ark of the Covenant and how it represents what Jesus did at the cross, I just started crying because it was so powerful. I want to thank Joseph. He has no idea how God is using him and how he is being God’s voice to the people.” Lori Salozar | New Mexico, US “Joseph Prince has shown me Christianity is not about the way I act, but all about what God thinks of me. I’ve learnt through Joseph’s ministry that God gave me the ultimate sacrifice, reached out to me and bought me back. And because of grace, I know whose I am, and who I am.” Robert Galloway | Texas, US “I’ve always tried to receive appreciation through doing things. I figured if I prayed enough, read enough, I would get God’s love. So when Joseph Prince preached about grace and the fact that we are free through grace, that we’ve received everything that Christ died for us to have already, that we don’t have to work to attain it—that was such a release for me.” Sharon Moore | Michigan, US

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