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gre english word list



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

introspection philanthropist antidote strive ambidextrous retrospective precursors introvert gerontocracy

examining one's own thoughts and feelings one who loves mankind medicine used against a poison or a disease to make great efforts, to struggle able to use the left hand or the right equally well Looking back on past a person or thing that precedes, as in a process or job. one who turns towards himself government ruled by old people doubtful; uncertain boastful make worse; irritate attract, lure make (pain) easier to bear add beauty; decorate state of being balanced to hate; to detest Suggest or imply in addition to the precise, literal meaning to make an effort, to try very hard active; quick-moving restore something to better condition course of study malicious; evil; having or showing ill will mix; combine; unite societies a person who is attracted to foreign peoples cultures

10. ambiguous 11. braggart 12. aggravate 13. entice 14. alleviate 15. adorn 16. equilibrium 17. abhor 18. connote 19. endeavor 20. agile 21. renovate 22. curriculum 23. malevolent 24. amalgamate 25. xenophile (zen-uhfahyl) 26. drowsiness 27. stray 28. disrobe 29. acumen 30. suffocate 31. sporadic 32. scent

feeling sleepy half asleep wander lose one's way undress Keen, quick, accurate insight or judgment cause or have difficulty in breathing happening from time to time smell (especially pleasant)

33. sequence 34. audacious 35. affinity 36. animosity 37. heterogeneous 38. fragile 39. legacy 40. massacre 41. appease 42. submerge 43. adulteration 44. combustion 45. premature 46. shunned 47. anguish 48. apt 49. conceal 50. grumble 51. indigenous 52. offhand 53. loll 54. correlate 55. somersault 56. abscond 57. edible 58. extinguish 59. inquest

succession connected line of Bold close connection; relationship strong dislike made up of different kinds easily injured broken or destroyed Bequest or inheritance cruel killing of a large number of people make quiet or calm put under water liquid sink out of sight making unpure; poorer in quality process of burning doing or happening something before the right time avoided, kept away from severe suffering well-suited; quick-witted hide keep secret to complain native Without preparation or forethought rest to sit or stand in a lazy way hang (dog's tongue) have a mutual relation rolling backward or forward (not sideways) movement to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest) fit to be eaten/not poisonous end the existence of/wipe or put out Legal or judicial inquiry, especially before a jury and especially made by a coroner into the cause of someone.s death

60. surcharge 61. accolade 62. conjoin 63. timid 64. opaqueness

additional load/charge praise; approval to join together shy easily frightened dullness/not allowing light to pass through

65. disallow 66. abide 67. impermeable 68. console 69. warrant 70. acclaimed 71. extinct 72. reminiscent 73. catalyst 74. embezzle 75. shallow 76. clientele 77. brittle 78. negligent 79. affable 80. salvage 81. moribund 82. relapse 83. dangle 84. ascend 85. asterisk 86. yarn 87. arrogance 88. divergence 89. allegiance 90. vigorous 91. dwarf 92. livid 93. rejuvenation 94. fragrant 95. judicious 96. hospitable 97. odor

refuse to allow or accept as a correct be faithful; to endure that cannot be permeated give comfort or sympathy to authority written order guarantee welcomed with shouts and approval no longer active suggest something in the past substance that causes speeding up use in a wrong way for one's own benefit little depth; not earnest customers easily broken taking too little care polite and friendly the saving of property from loss in a dying state; near death fall back again hand or swing loosely go or come up the mark * (e.g.. omitted letters) tale story fibers for knitting proud; superior manner of behaviour getting farther apart from a point duty support loyalty strong energetic person much smaller the usual size Furiously angry, enraged becoming young in nature or appearance sweet-smelling sound in judgment; wise liking to give hospitality smell

98. scribble 99. ameliorate 100. poseur 101. sawdust 102. narcissism 103. dullard 104. succumb 105. sluggard 106. flop 107. ingest 108. reiterate 109. derivative 110. defer 111. eloquence 112. clot 113. commuter 114. weigh 115. steeply 116. torque 117. benefactor 118. moderation 119. plea 120. invincible 121. enduring 122. flimsy 123. tadpole 124. turmoil 125. sanity 126. cryptic 127. gallant 128. endorse 129. sponge 130. volatile

write hastily improve; make better a person who attempts to impress by acting unlike himself tiny bits of wood Self-love a stupid, insensitive person yield, die lazy slow-moving person fail/move/fall clumsily take in by swallowing say or do again several times unoriginal; obtained from another source postpone fluent speaking skillful use of language half-solid lump formed from liquid person who travels regularly measure hoe heavy something is rising or falling sharply twisting force causing rotation person who has given help quality of being limited; not extreme request too strong to be defeated lasting lacking solidarity, strength form of a frog when it leaves the egg trouble disturbance health of mind soundness of judgment secret with a hidden meaning brave,behaves well with women write one's name on the back of porous rubber for washing live at once expense changeable inconstant fickle unstable explosive

131. alloy 132. reconcile 133. fission 134. commemorate 135. gait 136. dormant 137. shard 138. chisel 139. encapsulate 140. complaisant 141. grievous 142. hypocrisy 143. enzyme 144. eradicate 145. infuriate 146. Lambaste 147. sanction 148. engulf 149. euphoria 150. renowned 151. colloquial 152. evoke 153. mischievous 154. implicit 155. abysmal 156. dote 157. riddle 158. misogynist 159. disproof 160. sadastic 161. impromptu 162. inclined 163. erratic

to debase by mixing with something inferior settle a quarrel restore peace splitting or division (esp. of cells) keep the memory of a manner of walking, stepping, or running in a state of inactivity but awaiting development A piece of broken pottery steel tool for shaping materials enclose in capsule trying to please; obliging causing grief or pain; serious dire grave falsely making oneself appear to be good catalyst get rid of pull up by the roots fill with fury or rage attack verbally approval (by authority) penalty swallow up elation state of pleasant excitement celebrated; famous involving or using conversation. call up bring out harmful; causing mischief implied though; not plainly expressed extreme bad show much fondness center one's attention puzzling person or thing one who hates women/females proof to the contrary Cruel without preparation directing the mind in a certain direction irregular in behaviour or opinion

164. meticulous 165. ambivalent 166. pertain 167. auxiliary 168. constrict 169. luminary 170. ossified 171. tonic 172. perish 173. presentiment 174. indistinct 175. dupe 176. abstruse 177. turbulence 178. connoisseur 179. aberration 180. extralegal 181. pest 182. parenthesis 183. sophisticated 184. ail 185. limp 186. arcane 187. mite 188. edify 189. recuperate 190. satiate 191. yeoman 192. fidelity 193. pluck 194. perjury 195. paradigm 196. gullible

giving great attention to details having both of two contrary meanings belong as a part have reference helping; supporting make tight or smaller star; light-giving body turned to bone; hardened like bone; Inflexible something giving strength or energy be destroyed decay anticipatory fear; premonition not easily heard; seen clearly marked cheat make a fool of difficult to comprehend; obscure being uncontrollably violent a person with good judgement (e.g.. in art) straying away from what is normal outside the law destructive thing or a person who is nuisance sentence within another one something separated complex; subtle; refined to cause pain, uneasiness, or trouble to. lacking strength; walking unevenly known or understood by very few A very small amount, portion, or particle instruct; correct morally become strong after illness loss exhaustion satisfy fully man owning small estate; middle-class farmer loyalty accuracy pull the feathers off pick (e.g.. flowers) willful FALSE statement unlawful act a model example or pattern easily gulled

197. sobriety 198. tractable 199. writ 200. mesmerize 201. predominate 202. articulate 203. fleet 204. solvent 205. dislodge 206. partisan 207. spear 208. vivacious 209. beguile 210. coagulation 211. foolproof 212. liberality 213. elaborate 214. brass 215. permeate 216. malleable 217. suffice 218. lampoon 219. immutable 220. forgery 221. patron 222. cordial 223. retrograde 224. cumbersome 225. sheath 226. repel 227. unscathed 228. superimpose 229. boisterous

quality or condition of being sober easily controlled or guided written order hypnotize have more power than others speak distinctly; connect by joints number of ships; quick-moving of the power of forming a solution move force from the place occupied one-sided committed to a party biased or prejudiced weapon with a metal point on a long shaft lively high-spirited mislead or delude; cheat; pass time change to a thick and solid state incapable of failure or error free giving; generosity worked out with much care in great detail yellow metal (mixing copper and zinc) spread into every part of yielding easily shaped; moldable; adapting be enough publicly mock or ridicule that cannot be changed counterfeit regular customer person who gives support warm and sincere receding burdensome; heavy and awkward to carry cover for the blade of a weapon or a tool refuse to accept/cause dislike unharmed unhurt put something on the top noisy; restraint

230. implosion 231. centurion 232. knit 233. pivotal 234. enigma 235. buoyant 236. jabber 237. treacherous 238. bewilder 239. stride 240. garrulous 241. redeem 242. calipers 243. impede 244. resuscitation 245. apartheid 246. concur 247. indulgent 248. recitals 249. woo 250. misanthrope 251. evasive 252. eulogy 253. foster 254. pilferer 255. refine 256. dexterity 257. bogus 258. incongruous 259. multifarious 260. skit 261. repulsive 262. hapless

collapse; bursting inward leader of a unit of 100 soldiers draw together; unite firmly of great importance (others depend on it) something that is puzzling able to float; light-hearted talk excitedly; utter rapidly not to be trusted, perfidious puzzle; confuse walk with long steps too talkative get back by payment compensate metal supports attached to the legs measuring instrument hinder; get in the way of coming back to consciousness brutal racial discrimination agree in opinion happen together inclined to indulge a number of performance of music try to win person who hates mankind tending to evade formal praise panegyric nurture; care for to steal, especially in small quantities make or become pure cultural skill (esp. in handling) sham; counterfeit; not genuine out of place; not in harmony or agreement varied; motley; greatly diversified short piece of humorous writing causing a feeling of disgust unlucky

263. convoluted 264. indefatigability 265. fawn 266. wince 267. feud 268. cognizant 269. substantiation 270. euthanasia 271. irate 272. underbid 273. alcove 274. frantic 275. peccadillo 276. pervade 277. decree 278. concoct 279. turquoise 280. miser 281. valiant 282. derogatory 283. tarnished 284. reverent 285. imminent 286. voluptuous 287. suppress 288. irrevocable 289. soggy 290. vindictive 291. wanton 292. pinch 293. earthenware 294. unearth 295. savor

complicated;coiled; twisted not easily exhaustible; tirelessness To seek favor or attention by flattery and obsequious show bodily or mental pain bitter quarrel over a long period of time being fully aware of giving facts to support (statement) easy and painless death angry make a lower bid then somebody else recess/partially enclosed place wildly excited with joy; pain; anxiety small sin small weakness in one's character spread through every part of order given by authority invent, prepare by mixing together greenish-blue precious stone person who loves wealth and spends little brave insulting; tending to damage lost brightness feeling or showing deep respect likely to come or happen soon arousing sensual pleasures prevent from being known put an end to final and unalterable heavy with water having a desire to revenge unrestrained; willfully malicious; unchaste be too tight take between the thumb and finger dishes made of baked clay discover and bring to light taste flavor something

296. hoax 297. vitriolic 298. loquacious 299. defiance 300. candid 301. warmonger 302. gust 303. coalescing 304. precursory 305. counterfeit 306. gush 307. quandary 308. chortle 309. compunction 310. plunge 311. revere 312. swerve 313. abraded 314. punitive 315. dawdler 316. noxious 317. torment 318. squander 319. exculpate 320. stifled 321. antithetical 322. deplete 323. apropos 324. recompense 325. coerce 326. aseptic 327. implacable 328. holster

mischievous trick played to deceive corrosive; sarcastic talkative; garrulous open disobedience or resistance frank; straight-forward person who stirs up war outburst of feeling; sudden rain wind fire etc. coming together and uniting into one substance preliminary; anticipating forgery burst out suddenly/talk ardently state of doubt or perplexity loud chuckle of pleasure or amusement feeling of regret for one's action move quickly suddenly and with force have deep respect for change direction suddenly rubbed off; worn away by friction Punishing person who is slow waste of time harmful severe pain or suffering spend wastefully to clear from a charge of guilt suppressed, kept back direct opposing use until none remains by the way make payment to reward punish compel to force to make obedient surgically clean incapable of being placated; unpleasable leather case for a pistol

329. proliferate 330. propagation 331. personable 332. reciprocity 333. vigilance 334. distraught 335. ineptitude 336. lustrous 337. condense 338. extol 339. forestall 340. stipulate 341. lament 342. provoke 343. plummet 344. subpoena 345. accrue 346. idolatry 347. apprehensive 348. nihilism 349. soot 350. valorous 351. complaisance 352. illicit 353. viscous 354. aversion 355. haughty 356. concord 357. latent 358. topple 359. supersede 360. entangle 361. variegate

grow reproduce by rapid multification increasing the number; spreading; extending pleasing in appearance attractive granting of privileges in return for similar watchfulness self-appointed group who maintain order distracted violently upset in mind quality of being unskillful being bright; polished increase in density strength make laconic to praise highly prevent by taking action in advance; preempt state or put forward as a necessary condition show feeling of great sorrow make angry vax fall plunge steeply written order requiring a person to appear in a low court accumulate excessive admiration of grasping understanding fear unhappy feeling about future total rejection of all religious and moral beliefs black powder in smoke brave tending to comply obliging willingness to please unlawful; forbidden sticky/semi-fluid strong dislike arrogant; conceited agreement or harmony present but not yet active; developed or visible be unsteady and overturn take the place of put into difficulties To mark with different shade or colors

362. inept 363. deviance 364. enunciate 365. polemic 366. pristine 367. impediment 368. floe 369. malevolence 370. prevalent 371. undermine 372. arduous 373. slack 374. calisthenics 375. placate 376. palate 377. regicide 378. iconoclast 379. pungency 380. aloof 381. indomitable 382. finesse 383. whimsical 384. tamper 385. recluse 386. hush 387. felon 388. frugal 389. shun 390. mendacious 391. apprise 392. muffler 393. bigot 394. imperative

unskillful; said or done at the wrong time being different in moral standards (from normal) pronounce (words)/express a theory a controversial argument / a person engaged in such an argument primitive unspoiled pure as in earlier times unadulterated something that hinders (e.g. stammer) a sheet of floating ice wishing to do evil common weaken gradually at the base make something under steep difficult ascent; laborious sluggish; dull; not tight exercises to develop strong bodies soothe pacify calm roof of the mouth; sense of taste crime of killing a king person who attacks popular beliefs sharpness stinging quality reserved; indifferent not easily discouraged or subdued delicate way of dealing with a situation full of odd and fanciful ideas interfere with person who lives alone and avoids people make or become silent person guilty of murder careful; economical keep away from avoid lying; habitually dishonest give notice to inform cloth worn round the neck; silencer stubborn; narrow-minded person urgent; essential

395. enthral 396. smolder 397. dismal 398. perilous 399. lavish 400. trickle 401. diabolical 402. vehemence 403. disencumber 404. impending 405. stickler 406. stigma 407. avow 408. castigation 409. benevolence 410. incessant 411. squat 412. indulge 413. deter 414. incredulous 415. tenacity 416. exuberance 417. apostate 418. gist 419. transient 420. connotation 421. engrave 422. berate 423. conciliatory 424. subdue 425. soar 426. empirical 427. procrastination

take the whole attention, enslave burn slowly without flame sad; gloomy; miserable dangerous giving or producing freely liberally or generously flow in drops having the qualities of a devil forcefulness free from encumbrance imminent; about to happen; expected person who insists on importance of something mark of shame or disgrace admit; declare openly severe punishment wish or activity in doing good Constant crouch/settle without permission gratify; give way to satisfy allow oneself discourage hinder skeptical; unwilling to believe firmness persistency adhesiveness tending to hang on state of growing vigorously being full of life one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions the point general sense temporary fleeting suggestion in addition to impress deeply scold sharply reconciling; soothing; comforting; mollifying overcome bring under control rise fly high relying on experiment keeping on putting off

428. tassel 429. immaculate 430. astute 431. flaunting 432. impair 433. prone 434. coy 435. pillage 436. incorrigibility 437. extrovert 438. approbation 439. efface 440. taciturn 441. mollify 442. exorbitant 443. sober 444. truce 445. conviction 446. bolster 447. precepts 448. castigate 449. curtail 450. fallacious 451. espouse 452. nonchalant 453. flamboyant 454. gorge 455. vex 456. grandiloquent 457. poncho 458. impassive 459. pitfall 460. coddle

bunch of threads pure; faultless clever quick at seeing to get an advantage show off complacently worsen; diminish in value prostrate; inclined to (undesirable things) shy/modest (especially of a girl) plunder (especially in war) cannot be cured or corrected cheerful person approval rub or wipe out, obliterate unspoken, silent make calmer or quieter much too high or great self-controlled (agreement) stop of fighting for a time convincing firm belief give greatly needed support rules establishing standards of conduct to chastise; correct by punishing make shorter then was planned based on error To take in marriage not having interest brightly colored; florid eat greedily/narrow opening with a stream annoy distress trouble using pompous words large piece of cloth unmoved; feeling no sign of passion covered hole as a trap unsuspected danger treat with care and tenderness

461. inscrutable 462. shrill 463. arboreal 464. boorish 465. lull 466. timorous 467. imperturbable 468. perch 469. prudence 470. cohort 471. sagacious 472. ignoble 473. intersperse 474. oblivious 475. rescind 476. nebulous 477. disseminate 478. heed 479. laudatory 480. bask 481. fluke 482. ebullient 483. pliant 484. endearing 485. precarious 486. inferno 487. palpitate 488. embellish 489. ominous 490. fluster 491. matriculation 492. susceptibility 493. graze

incapable of being discovered or understood sharp; piercing of connected with trees crude; rude become quiet or less active fearful timid afraid calm not capable of being excited take up a high position careful forethought a group or band of people having sound judgment; perceptive; wise like a sage not noble; inferior place here and there unaware; having no memory repeal/annul/cancel cloud-like; hazy; vague; indistinct distribute (esp. ideas) attention/give notice to expressing or giving praise in enjoy warmth and light lucky; stroke overflowing with enthusiasm showing excitement easily bent making dear or liked uncertain risky dangerous hell tremble beat rapidly and irregularly make beautiful threatening make nervous or confused be admitted enter a university as a student sensitiveness touch or scrape lightly in passing

494. quell 495. divulge 496. dubious 497. malapropism 498. maverick 499. irascible 500. incise 501. ostracism 502. ambrosial 503. sidestep 504. extort 505. cling 506. epitome 507. arabesque 508. ferocity 509. cantankerous 510. chaste 511. corroboration 512. expurgate 513. insensible 514. garner 515. fidget 516. impervious 517. rift 518. efficacy 519. Conduce 520. attune 521. convoke 522. enmity 523. credulous 524. palpability 525. plead 526. feral

suppress subdue make known something secret feeling doubt misuse of a word (for one that resembles it) rebel; nonconformist irritable; easily angered engrave; make a cut in shut out from society refuse to meet talk extremely pleasing to taste step to one side obtain by threats violence to resist separation brief summary representative example a typical model a complex ornate design savage cruelty bad-tempered/quarrelsome pure additional strengthening evidence to remove obscenity purify censor unconscious; unresponsive; unaffected to gather and save to store up move restlessly make nervous not allowing to pass through (of materials) split crack dissension production of a desired result To bring about bring into harmony call together summon hatred being an enemy ready to believe things can be felt or touched address a court of law as an advocate Existing in a wild or untamed state

527. gourmand 528. morbid 529. superfluous 530. equipoise 531. veer 532. benign 533. lackluster 534. chastisement 535. breach 536. rarefy 537. dissent 538. neophyte 539. reticence 540. pious 541. trudge 542. thrift 543. daunt 544. veneration 545. grave 546. frenetic 547. disheveled 548. temperate 549. impiety 550. blas´┐Ż 551. scalding 552. irresolute 553. rave 554. heresy 555. guile 556. fret 557. chicanery 558. telltale 559. feckless

a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess diseased; unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas) more then is needed or wanted equal distribution of weight equilibrium change direction kind and gentle (of eyes) dull punishment opening; broken place; breaking to make thin to make less dense to purify or refine have a different opinion refuse to assent person who has been converted to a belief uncommunicativeness dutiful to parents; devoted to religion walk heavily care economy thriving prosperous intimidate make fearful regard with deep respect serious requiring; consideration frantic; frenzied untidy showing self-control lack of reverence or dutifulness bored with pleasure or dissipation hot enough to boil hesitating; undecided act with excessive enthusiasm belief contrary to what is generally accepted deceit; cunning worry; irritation; wear away legal trickery/false argument That gives warning or information lacking purpose or vitality ineffective careless

560. ardor 561. debacle 562. tawdry 563. striated 564. jocular 565. exoneration 566. contentious 567. cajole 568. resilience 569. disdain 570. taunt 571. alacrity 572. abeyance 573. apotheosis 574. hoodwink 575. glimmer 576. terse 577. ulterior 578. jagged 579. myriad 580. inimitable 581. conundrum 582. incite 583. falter 584. drawl 585. clamor 586. nexus 587. render 588. clinch 589. abet 590. decorum 591. quiescence 592. discreet

enthusiasm a breakup overthrow sudden disaster cheap gaudy showy tacky striped grooved or banded meant as a joke set someone clear (e.g.. from blame) argumentative pugnacious combative quarrelsome use flattery or deceit to persuade quality of quickly recovering the original shape look on with contempt contemptuous reproach hurtful remark eager and cheerful; readiness suspended action deification glorification to godliness trick; mislead weak/unsteady light brief and to the point situated beyond notched very great number defying; imitation; unmatchable a riddle dilemma enigma stir up; rouse waver/move in an uncertain manner slow way of speaking shout complain with a lot of noise a connection or link deliver provide represent come to grips/settle conclusively help/encourage somebody (in doing wrong) propriety properness state of being passive/motionless careful/prudent

593. ale 594. sash 595. ruffian 596. tepid 597. itinerate 598. doleful 599. innocuous 600. exhaustive 601. abrogate 602. recant 603. crush 604. talon 605. quack 606. emaciate 607. sever 608. sodden 609. mephitic 610. sketchy 611. intrepid 612. preternatural 613. pariah 614. unfeigned 615. servile 616. ossify 617. prim 618. churlish 619. fixate 620. commodious 621. flinch 622. insurrection 623. recast 624. thwart 625. transgress

fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer long strip worn round the waist violent cruel man lukewarm to travel from place to place to peregrinate dismal; mourful causing no harm complete; thorough repeal or annul by authority take back as being FALSE give up press lose shape subdue overwhelm claw of a bird of prey person dishonestly claiming to something make thin and weak break off soaked; saturated Poisonous; noxious shortly, roughly, quickly fearless; brave; undaunted not normal or usual an outcast a rejected and despised person not pretended sincere like a slave lacking independence to turn to bone to settle rigidly into an idea neat; formal (adj) boorish stare at having plenty of space for what is needed draw; move back; wince rising of people to open resistance to cast or fashion anew obstruct/frustrate break go beyond (a limit)

626. engrossing 627. vilify 628. intransigence 629. covert 630. heinous 631. infuse 632. ubiquitous 633. quixotic 634. fracas 635. putrefaction 636. torpid 637. assuage 638. insinuate 639. sycophant 640. urbane 641. ebullience 642. austere 643. inadvertent 644. assail 645. stingy 646. equivocal 647. proclivity 648. cower 649. colander 650. maul 651. provisional 652. burnish 653. penury 654. dirge 655. ire 656. vain 657. ruddy 658. forfeit

taken up all the time or attention writing in large or formal slander say evil things unwillingness to compromise stubbornness intractability disguised odious (of crime) put; pour; fill present everywhere fanciful, fantastic, imaginary noisy; quarrel becoming rotten dull and slow make something (pain desire) less suggest unpleasantly; make a way for something gently person who flatter to the rich and powerful elegant refined in manners exuberance outburst of feeling severely moral and strict simple and plain not paying proper attention attack violently spending using unwillingly having a double or doubtful meaning; suspicious inclination crouch shrink back bowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water hurt by rough handling of the present time only to polish; rub to a shine extreme poverty a song of grief or lamentation anger without use result conceited reddish, healthy-looking suffer the loss of something

659. engender 660. occluded 661. rotund 662. puerile 663. savant 664. profuse 665. enervate 666. adamant 667. dynamo 668. equivocate 669. gnaw 670. wean 671. pry 672. beatify 673. discrete 674. hegemony 675. glut 676. crease 677. ascertain 678. foray 679. guileless 680. sting 681. splice 682. penitent 683. elegy 684. reticent 685. pusillanimous 686. obtuse 687. paucity 688. retinue 689. diatribe 690. cogitate 691. consummate

cause produce give rise to blocked up rich and deep; plump and round childish person of great learning abundant/lavish weaken deprive of strength attenuate kind of stone; inflexible a generator something that produces electric current try to deceive by equivocal language waste away; bite steadily to turn away (from a habit) get something inquire too curiously to bless; make happy or ascribe a virtue to distinct predominance supply to much fill to excess line made by crushing white line on the ground in cricket get to know to venture honest; straightforward something sharp join (two ends) feeling or showing regret a lament a melancholy composition reserved; untalkative; silent; taciturn cowardly; craven blunt/stupid scarcity a lacking of following; attendants bitter and violent attack in words think deeply mediate perfect/make; perfect/complete

692. stolid 693. effrontery 694. dissolution 695. derision 696. indolence 697. pyre 698. erudite 699. mercurial 700. corporeal 701. pedestrian 702. equable 703. admonitory 704. luculent 705. coeval 706. insularity 707. auspicious 708. secular 709. streak 710. nascent 711. decry 712. penchant 713. pulchritude 714. onus 715. vanquish 716. extirpate 717. assiduous 718. privation 719. accretion 720. covetous 721. defalcate 722. baneful 723. indelible 724. palliate

showing no emotion impassive boldness impudence arrogance disintegration looseness in morals ridicule mockery deriding laziness large pile of wood for burning learned; scholarly quick changeable in character fleeting physical of or for the body commonplace trite unremarkable steady; regular containing warning easily understood; lucid; clear of the same period; coexisting narrow-mindedness; isolated favorable successful prosperous material (not spiritual) living outside monasteries long thin move very fast coming into existence; emerging disapprove of strong inclination a liking Physical beauty responsilibilty,burden conquer to destroy exterminate cut out exscind diligent hard-working; sedulous hardship the growing of separate things into one eagerly desirous (v) to embezzle or misappropriate causing harm or ruin; pernicious; destructive that cannot be rubbed out lessen the severity of

725. cogent 726. dearth 727. pellucid 728. condone 729. lumber 730. discredit 731. recidivism 732. lurk 733. coda 734. cornucopia 735. veneer 736. petrify 737. censure 738. elicit 739. serration 740. dainty 741. caustic 742. highbrow 743. odious 744. abjure 745. chauvinist 746. tyro 747. inane 748. dilate 749. deprave 750. denigrate 751. duplicity 752. protracted 753. taut 754. turbid 755. fledgling 756. punctilious 757. bellicose

strong; convincing shortage transparent easy to understand forgive move in a clumsy/noisy way refuse to believe relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior be out of view ready to attack passage that completes a piece of music abundant supply surface appearance covering the TRUE nature to make hard rocklike expression of blame or disapproval a rebuke draw out having a toothed edge pretty/delicate(food)/difficult to please biting sarcastic (person) with superior tastes repulsive; hateful promise or swear to give up a blindly devoted patriot a beginner silly; senseless speak comprehensively become wider large make morally bad;corrupt blacken; belittle; sully; defame deliberate deception prolonged tightly stretched muddy having the sediment stirred up an inexperienced person. Meticulous inclined to fighting

758. ignominious 759. interim 760. avid 761. florid 762. malign 763. inundate 764. attenuate 765. consume 766. phlegmatic 767. sanctimony 768. inimical 769. prevaricate 770. ingenuous 771. veracity 772. barren 773. plaque 774. lien 775. exigency 776. chagrin 777. aver 778. credulity 779. snub 780. libel 781. forbearance 782. volubility 783. conceit 784. idiosyncrasy 785. obdurate 786. dud 787. facile 788. contiguous 789. jejune 790. waft

shameful; dishonorable; undignified; disgraceful as an installment eager; greedy very much ornamented naturally red (e.g.. of face) to speak harmful untruths about someone flood cover by overflowing make thin; weaken; enervate get to the end of calm; sluggish; temperament; unemotional self-righteousness hypocritical with FALSE piety harmful or unfriendly to equivocate to stray from the truth naive; young; artless; frank; honest; sincere truth not good enough; unable to have young ones without value flat metal on a wall as a memorial legal claim until a debt on it is repaid emergency an urgent situation vexation affirm; assert; prove; justify too great a readiness to believe things treat with contempt statement that damages reputation patience; willingness to wait fluency verbosity easy use of spoken language over-high opinion of too much pride personal mannerism hardened and unrepenting; stubborn; inflexible no use person something that fails easily done touching neighboring near insubstantial/dull/immature scent waving movement carry lightly through

791. resigned 792. abut 793. finagle 794. repudiate 795. tocsin 796. verisimilitude 797. fringe 798. chastened 799. somatic 800. pernicious 801. husk 802. insipid 803. coax 804. dolt 805. penurious 806. parley 807. effluvia 808. incursion 809. obfuscate 810. preclude 811. disingenuous 812. encumbrance 813. obtain 814. morose 815. gloat 816. quirk 817. extempore 818. disparate 819. regale 820. scorch 821. perpetrate 822. foil 823. salubrious

unresistant; submissive border on to practice deception or fraud; scheme. disown refuse to accept or pay a signal, especially of alarm appearing TRUE or real edge ornamental border part of hair over the forehead corrected punished of the body harmful; injurious worthless; outside part of anything without taste or flavor get somebody to do something by kindness stupid fellow poor/stingy negotiation outflow in a stream of particles a noxious odor or vapor a raid; a sudden attack to darken; make obscure; muddle prevent make impossible sophisticated artful trying to deceive cunning burden things that get on the way of to be established accepted or customary ill-tempered; unsocial over look at with selfish delight habit or action peculiar to something without previous thought or preparation essentially different to delight or entertain to feast become discolored/dry up/go at high speed be guilty commit (a crime) prevent from carrying out healthful

824. malinger 825. grouse 826. Palpable 827. discern 828. waffle 829. transitory 830. perfunctory 831. pundit 832. extant 833. mundane 834. deluge 835. visceral 836. lachrymose 837. ascribe 838. sullied 839. exscind 840. temerity 841. extenuate 842. grovel 843. collusion 844. squalid 845. undulate 846. fagged 847. shrewd 848. hollow 849. harbinger 850. august 851. conspicuous 852. epiphany

to fake illness or injury in order to shirk a duty Complain or grumble (verb) Obvious see with an effort but clearly talk vaguely and without much result brief done as a duty without care pedant authority on a subject still in existence worldly as opposed to spiritual commonplace everyday great flood heavy rush of water of the internal organs of the body causing tears; tearful consider to be the origin of or belonging to to be stained or discredited to cut out cut away boldness brashness intrepidness reduce the strength of lessen seriousness partially excuse crawl; humble oneself secret agreement for a deceitful purpose foul filthy to move in wavelike fashion fluctuate too tired astute; showing sound judgement not soled with hole One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner. majestic; venerable easily seen remarkable A Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.

853. rife 854. evince 855. Pastiche

widespread to show clearly to indicate work (usually artistic) which imitates

856. gaucherie 857. snare 858. rancorous 859. finical 860. mellifluous 861. macabre 862. uncouth 863. amortize 864. obviate 865. levity 866. ascetic 867. delineate 868. paean 869. nadir 870. emote 871. fervor 872. congeal 873. verve 874. gauche 875. lope 876. expostulate 877. discourse 878. lionize 879. dilettante 880. noisome 881. bandy 882. dogmatic 883. epicurean 884. sumptuous 885. craven 886. lassitude 887. ostentation 888. sanguine

socially awkward; tactless behavior trap feeling bitterness; spitefulness too fussy about food clothing etc. sweetly flowing gruesome; suggesting death rough awkward end (a debt) by setting aside money to make unnecessary get rid of lack of seriousness practicing self-denial; austere; stark to portray depict sketch out song of praise or triumph lowest; weakest point stir up excite warmth of feelings earnestness make or become stiff and solid spirit vigor enthusiasm hence; awkward move along with long strides argue earnestly to dissuade correct or protest speech lecture treat as a famous person a lover of an art or science offensive; disgusting (smell) discuss lightly or glibly; exchange (words) heatedly positive certain arbitrary without room for discussion devoted to pleasure (sensuous enjoyment) magnificent cowardly weariness; tiredness display to obtain admiration or envy cheerful; confident; optimistic

889. irksome 890. prodigal 891. brash 892. requite 893. imperious 894. didactic 895. presage 896. sophomoric 897. trifling 898. drone 899. verdant 900. ensconce 901. intransigent 902. prodigious 903. palatial 904. agog 905. desiccant 906. philistine 907. broach 908. wile 909. heretic 910. supine 911. reactionary 912. raconteur 913. ferment 914. qualm 915. hauteur 916. perfidious 917. festoon 918. rumple 919. propitious 920. remonstrate 921. roll

tiresome wasteful; reckless with money hasty rush; cheeky; saucy repay give in return commanding; haughty; arrogant intended to instruct warning sign being immature unimportant male bee person who isn't self-employed fresh and green To settle (oneself) securely or comfortably uncompromising enormous; wonderful magnificent eager/excited substance used to absorb moisture a smug ignorant person one who lacks knowledge bring up; announce; begin to talk about a trick recreant, protestant,skeptic lying on the back slow to act passive opposing progress person who tells anecdotes substance become excited feeling of doubt temporary feeling of sickness haughtiness treacherous; faithless a decorative chain or strip hanging between two points make rough auspicious; presenting favorable circumstances to protest object call calling of names

922. curmudgeon 923. bequest 924. inchoate 925. facetious 926. fatuous 927. reproach 928. wan 929. rapacious 930. stymie 931. baleful 932. obtrusive 933. preen 934. jibe 935. extricable 936. figurehead 937. benison 938. provident 939. rivet 940. barrage 941. fetid 942. burgeon 943. overweening 944. discountenance 945. vacillation 946. eschew 947. pedantic 948. impetuous 949. rueful 950. equanimity 951. hubris 952. kibosh 953. mendicant 954. soporific

bad-tempered person arrangement to give something at death not yet fully formed; rudimentary; elementary humorous; funny; jocular without sense foolish; self-satisfaction scold upbraid looking ill, not bright greedy (esp for money) to hinder obstruct or block harmful; ominous causing evil projecting; prominent; undesirably noticeable tidy/show self-satisfaction gibe; make fun of that can be freed carved image on the prow of a ship blessing frugal; looking to the future fix take up secure metal pin artificial obstacle built across a river stinking grow forth send out buds presumptuously; arrogant; overbearing refuse to approve of being uncertain hesitating avoid bookish showing off learning having sudden energy; impulsive dejected calmness of temperament arrogant; pride block, halt, stop a beggar producing sleep

955. atonement 956. ford 957. forswear 958. excoriation 959. macerate 960. supplicate 961. saturnine 962. skiff 963. boggle 964. profundity 965. blithe 966. slur 967. contemn 968. blandness 969. cloture 970. hallow 971. tortuous 972. egress 973. scabbard 974. rant 975. vacuity 976. dereliction 977. seminal 978. petrous 979. prudish 980. mendacity 981. machination 982. restive 983. perspicacity 984. labyrinthine 985. esoteric 986. perfidy 987. entreat

repayment death of Jesus shallow place in a river (to cross) renounce; disallow; repudiate severe criticism make or become soft by soaking in water make a humble petition to gloomy; dark; sullen; morose small boat To hesitate as if in fear or doubt depth cheerful; casual; carefree join sounds/words (indistinct) to scorn or despise polite manner; comforting; uninteresting closing device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting to make holy; consecrate devious/not straightforward way out exit sheath for the blade use extravagant language idleness deserting and leaving to fall into ruins like a seed constituting a source; originative like a rock hard stony easily shocked; excessively modest dishonesty plot; scheme (esp. evil) refusing to move reluctant to be controlled quick judging and understanding to entangle the state of affairs abstruse intended only for a small circle of treachery breaking of faith ask earnestly

988. prune 989. incumbents 990. contrite 991. maladroit 992. probity 993. manacle 994. indigence 995. fervid 996. imbroglio 997. stigmatize 998. molt 999. overhaul 1000. 1001. 1002. 1003. 1004. 1005. 1006. 1007. 1008. 1009. 1010. 1011. 1012. 1013. 1014. 1015. 1016. 1017. 1018. 1019. 1020. germane specious goad vestige cravat eddy cordon forage poignant depredation flax parsimonious exploit subsume aleck petulant rubicund severance ineluctable platitude lugubrious

dried plum silly person official duties filled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing tactless; clumsy uprightness incorruptibility principle chains for the hands or feet poverty showing earnest feeling complicated and embarrassing situation describe somebody scornfully lose hair/feathers before new growing examine thoroughly to learn about the condition relevant; pertinent to illogical of questionable truth or merit something urging a person to action trace or sign piece of linen worn as a necktie circular or spiral movement (e.g.. of wind) line (of police acting as a guard) food for horses and cattle deeply moving keen plundering pale yellow (hair) a plant too economical; miserly brilliant achievement develop use selfishly include under a rule one who considers himself smarter than others unreasonably; impatient red and healthy severing certain; inevitable a trite or banal statement unoriginality mournful; excessively sad

1021. 1022. 1023. 1024. 1025. 1026. 1027. 1028. 1029. 1030. 1031. 1032. 1033. 1034. 1035. 1036. 1037. 1038. 1039. 1040. 1041. 1042. 1043. 1044. 1045. 1046. 1047. 1048. 1049. 1050. 1051. 1052. 1053.

insouciant halcyon officious gouge interdict onerous predilection flout demagogue belligerent chary feint profligate impute upbraid cabal deprecate obsequious inveterate retard spurious propitiatory maudlin shunt aplomb dulcet tautology inured nemesis gregarious denouement hone cursory

unconcerned; carefree calm and peaceful too eager or ready to help offer advice tool for cutting grooves in wood prohibit forbid needing effortl burdensome special liking mental preference reject mock to go against (as in going against tradition) person appealing not to reasons (person nation) waging war cautious; wary pretend wasteful prodigal licentious extravagant to attribute to a cause or source ascribe scold reproach a scheme or plot a group of plotters protest against; express disapproval of too eager to obey or serve deep-rooted. long-established check hinder false; counterfeit conciliatory; appeasing; mitigating sentimental in a silly or tearful way send from one track to another lay aside evade discussion self-confidence melodious; harmonious a repetition a redundancy accustomed to adapted deserved and unavoidable punishment for wrong doing living in societies liking the company an outcome or solution; the unraveling of a plot stone used for sharpening tools quick; hurried

1054. 1055. 1056. 1057. 1058. 1059. 1060. 1061. 1062. 1063. 1064. 1065. 1066. 1067. 1068. 1069. 1070. 1071. 1072. 1073. 1074. 1075. 1076. 1077. 1078. 1079. 1080. 1081. 1082. 1083. 1084. 1085. 1086. 1087. 1088.

forge impecunious sordid argot plethora sinuous vigilant libertine desultory propinquity salacious augury harangue odium turgid recalcitrant harrow mulct homiletics eclat foible epistle deposition inculcate tangential gainsay middling

workshop for the shaping of metal to shape metal lead having little or no money wretched; comfortless; contemptible jargon; slang glut winding; undulating serpentine member of a vigilance committee immoral person aimless;haphazard; digressing at random nearness in time or place affinity of nature obscene omenl sign a long passionate speech intense hatred or dislike excessively ornate swollen or bloated disobedient to distress; create stress or torment to deprive (someone) of something, as by fraud, extortion, etc. act of preaching Great brilliance, as of performance or achievement defect of character (a person is wrongly proud) letter dethronement; depositing fix firmly by repetition suddenly changeable to deny; to oppose fairly good but not very good

countervail counterbalance moot open to discussion or debate; doubtful repertoire A stock of plays, dances, or pieces that a company or a performer knows or is prepared to perform narynot any; no; pinchbeck An alloy of zinc and copper used as imitation gold; A cheap imitation stentorian extremely loud and powerful finicky finical resort to frequently visit

1089. 1090. 1091. 1092. 1093. 1094. 1095. 1096. 1097. 1098. 1099. 1100. 1101. 1102. 1103. 1104. 1105. 1106. 1107. 1108. 1109. 1110. 1111. 1112. 1113. 1114. 1115. 1116. 1117. 1118. 1119. 1120. 1121. 1122. 1123. 1124. 1125. 1126. 1127. 1128. 1129. 1130. 1131. 1132. 1133. 1134. 1135. 1136.

profaneworldly having contempt for God divestiture taking off getting rid of giving up gossamer soft light; delicate material churl bad-tempered person temperance abstinence from alcohol self-control moderation truculence aggressiveness ferocity inveigh to attack verbally; denounce; deprecate diffidence shyness atavistic something reverting to an earlier type levee formal reception/embankment astringent substance that shrinks pucker wrinkle trepidation alarm excited state of mind opprobrious showing scorn or reproach diaphanous transparent; gauzy nugatory trifling/worthless rebuff snub distrait distracted tenuous insubstantial flimsy weak detumescence diminishing or lessening of swelling glean gather facts in small quantities disinter dig up from the earth vitiate lower the quality weaken the strength foppish like a man who pays too much attention to his clothes panegyric formal praise eulogy flak criticism; anti-aircraft guns ramify to be divided or subdivided to branch out plod continue doing something without resting refractory stubborn; unmanageable; intractable fecund fertile encomiumwarm or glowing praise eulogy panegyric expedient likely to be useful for a purpose pugnacious fond of in the habit of fighting vituperate curse abuse in words trenchant forceful effective vigorous extremely perceptive incisive disconcert upset the self-possession of quaillose courage turn frightened obloquy abusively; detractive language; sharp criticism; vituperation discomfit confuse embarrass impudent rash; indiscreet quaff drink deeply untoward unfortunate inconvenient sermon reproving a person for his faults voluble fluent sublime extreme; astounding rabble mob crowd the lower classes of populace calumny slander; aspersion peremptory urgent; imperative; unchallenged; ending debate

1137. 1138. 1139. 1140. 1141. 1142. 1143. 1144. 1145. 1146. 1147. 1148. 1149. 1150. 1151. 1152. 1153. 1154. 1155. 1156. 1157. 1158. 1159. 1160. 1161. 1162. 1163. 1164. 1165. 1166. 1167. 1168. 1169. 1170. 1171. 1172. 1173. 1174. 1175. 1176. 1177. 1178. 1179. 1180. 1181. 1182. 1183. 1184.

strut a supporting bar blandishment flattery; coaxing cant insincere talk/jargon bereft rob or dispossess of something (material) fetter to shackle put in chains prosaic straightforward.; lacking in imagination and spirit turpitude wickedness shamefulness glib ready and smooth but not sincere raffish showing vulgar in nature or appearance; tawdry ensign flag/badge contumacious insubordinate rebellious asperity roughness; harshness; ill temper; irritability meretricious attractive on the surface but of little valu simper (give a) silly/self-conscious smile idyll a carefree episode or experience teetotal oppose to alcohol incense make angry veritable real rightly named invective abusive language; curses mien demeanor implicate to be involved endemic epidemic hirsute hairy; shaggy unencumbered easy-going trifle sophistryfallacious; reasoning faulty logic impugned challenged to be doubted surfeit satiate feed to fulness or to excess quotidian banal; everyday umbrage offense resentment miseenscene the stage setting or scenery of a play felicitous suitably expressed; well chosen; apropos hack cut roughly; hired horse toady obsequious flatterer peregrination traveling about wandering mettle quality of endurance or courage ineffable to great to be described in words ecumenical representing the whole Christian world incipient beginning canvass discuss thoroughly sort of touting plaintive mournful; melancholy; sorrowful pine waste away through sorrow or illness ostensible seeming appearing as such professed tout To solicit customers, votes, or patronage piquant agreeably pungent; stimulating tamp tap or drive down by repeated light blows forbear refrain from; be patient; ancestor slate king of blue-grey stone propose criticize minatory menacing; threatening

1185. 1186. 1187. 1188. 1189. 1190. 1191. 1192. 1193. 1194. 1195. 1196. 1197. 1198. 1199. 1200. 1201. 1202. 1203. 1204. 1205. 1206. 1207. 1208. 1209. 1210. 1211. 1212. 1213. 1214. 1215. 1216. 1217. 1218. 1219. 1220. 1221. 1222. 1223. 1224. 1225. 1226. 1227. 1228. 1229. 1230. 1231. 1232.

stanch to stop the flow of a fluid fledgedable to fly trained experienced plumb get to the root of deferential showing respect sundry various miscellaneous; separate stipple paint with dots blatant noisy and rough aspersion slander demur to hesitate; raise objections consternation surprise and fear; dismay spurn have nothing to do reject or refuse cadge to beg; to get by begging bedizen to adorn especially in a cheap showy manner purvey provide supply desuetude cessation of use disuse suppliant asking humbly beseeching presumption arrogance brummagem Cheap and showy countenance to favor or approve of belabor beat hard obstreperous noisy; loud redoubtable formidable causing fear balk obstacle purposely to get on the way of supercilious disdainful characterized by haughty scorn trite not new virago a loud domineering woman a scold or nag stygian hence; dark; gloomy rebus puzzle in which pictures stand for words orison prayer preponderance greatness in number strength weight reprobate person hardened in sin; one devoid of decency hermetic sealed by fusion expiation ending; expiring vagary strange act or idea sententious short and pithy full of maxims/proverbs trencherman person who eats a lot hew make by hard work cut (by striking) proscribe denounce as dangerous dissemble speak or behave so as to hide something (in mind) portent omen marvelous threatening imperviousness haughty; arrogant; commanding picaresque involving clever rogues or adventurers pileous Covered with hair venal ready to do something dishonest doggerel trivial poorly constructed verse splenetic bad-tempered;irritable peripatetic wandering imprecationan invocation of evil a curse

1233. 1234. 1235. 1236. 1237. 1238. 1239. 1240. 1241. 1242. 1243. 1244. 1245. 1246. 1247. 1248. 1249. 1250. 1251. 1252. 1253. 1254. 1255. 1256. 1257. 1258. 1259. 1260. 1261. 1262. 1263. 1264. 1265. 1266. 1267. 1268. 1269. 1270. 1271. 1272. 1273. 1274. 1275. 1276. 1277. 1278. 1279. 1280.

froward intractable not willing to yield or comply stubborn profligacy shameless immorality lithe bending; twisting mettlesome courageous; high-spirited petrified taken away power (to think feel act) succor assistance relief in time of distress fulsome disgusting offensive due to excessiveness ferret discover by searching search travesty parody/imitation duress threats to compel somebody puissance strength acarpous effete no longer fertile; worn out pied of mixed colors effete infertile; worn out; weak edacious voracious; devouring constrain compel sobriquet nickname wend to go proceed fulmination bitter protest nibble show some inclination to accept (an offer) ponderous heavy; bulky; dul l brook to tolerate; endure palaver To flatter; to cajole pique hurt the pride or self-respect stir (curiosity) slake to assuage to satisfy allay salutary remedial wholesome causing improvement detraction slandering verbal attack aspersion welter turmoil a bewildering jumble repast meal abraid to awaken or rouse nostrum a quack remedy; an untested cure stintto be thrifty to set limits pith essential part force soft liquid substance suborn induce by bribery or something to commit perjury nonplused greatly surprised refulgent shining; brilliant expatiate to roam wander freely fustian bombastic garble make unfair selection from facts recondite little known; abstruse scurvy mean; contemptible mince pronounce or speak affectedly euphemize epithet adjective sedulous persevering prolix tiring because too long importune beg urgently solicit (of a prostitute) involute complex bilge bulge; the protuberance of a cask

1281. 1282. 1283. 1284. 1285. 1286. 1287. 1288. 1289. 1290. 1291. 1292. 1293. 1294. 1295. 1296. 1297.

cavalcade a possession sere make hard and without feeling drolljesting descry catch sight of see something in the distance brazen made of brass repine at be discontented with limn paint portray wag merry person lucubrate write in scholarly fashion coruscate sparkle crass without refinement or sensitivity; gross. consequential pompous self important foment put something warm (to lessen the pain) testiness witness/evidence recreancy cowardice a cowardly giving up arrant in the highest degree quibble try to avoid by sophistication

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