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Grey School of Wizardry

Whispering Grey Matters
Volume 1, Issue 4

“A Magickal Whisper Spoken in Every Word”

September 22, 2005

Courtesy of James C. Christensen © 2005

The Autumn Equinox takes place at 9:55 PM on
Thursday, September 22 (Pacific Time, USA).

Once upon a time, in September of 1961,
two students had a “chance” meeting in a
college in rural Missouri. Their names were
Lance Christie and Tim Zell. Each of them
grew up in the 50’s feeling like they just
didn’t belong in this world. Their hearts
seem to have been different than that of their
parents and the people around them. Today,
we could call them “changelings,” from an
old word meaning a Faerie child who has
been somehow slipped into a family of
“mortals.” Each had left home on a quest to
seek out others that had been placed in a
world of the unknown.

A Little Wizardly
From Our Headmaster
“Once Upon A Time…”
By: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster

My favorite painting is an original piece of
artwork that is hanging on the wall of my
dear friends Chaz and Debi LeFaye,
Headmistress of the Academy of Ancient
Arts near Lake Tahoe. The artist, James
Christiansen, titled the painting, “Once
Upon A Time.” It is a painting that
depicts the central character as a storytelling
Wizard with many people gathered around
him as he tells yet another story. As a Grey
Wizard and storyteller, I identify very much
with the central figure, the Wizened Wizard.

Both loved science-fiction novels and comic
books, and had a particular interest in the
evolution of the human or “New Man”, as it
was called in the tales. Lance and Tim
thought of themselves as mutant forerunners
of a new kind of future humanity, which
would have full use of all the powers of
mind described in the stories.
One of their favorite such myths were Zenna
Henderson’s stories of “The People”—
orphans of a destroyed and beloved home
world whose refugee ancestors had crashed
on Earth long ago in lifeboats when their
mother ship exploded in orbit. Scattered and
out of touch with others of their kind, they
became feared and persecuted for their


“unearthly” powers and abilities. Those who
survived learned to hide their differences,
becoming secretive and paranoid. The
moving stories tell of how various
individuals find each other, generations

To bring about growth in the community of
awakened souls, the story character, Michael
established the Church of All Worlds,
bringing them under the protection of the
First Amendment of freedom of religion.
As Mars is a cold, dry world, water is
considered the most precious substance in
the universe; and in the story, drinking
(grokking) and sharing water becomes a
metaphor for the deepest understandings and
commitments. To share water and become a
“water brother” with someone is to form a
lifelong bond deeper than blood or marriage.
And on April 7, 1962, Lance and Tim did
just that, pledging to begin living a new
dream, and bringing others into it. They
gave the name Atl to the water-brotherhood
they founded, as that was the Aztec word
meaning both “water,” and “ancient home of
our ancestors.”

From their first meeting, Lance and Tim
recognized each other as having a kindred
spirit. Over the following months, they came
together to discuss and plan how they might
find and contact others like themselves, and
what they might do when they found them.
They considered forming a club, a
community, a foundation, a school, an
institute—even a movement, if there were
enough of them.
Then in October of 1961, a novel called
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A.
Heinlein arrived in Lance’s mailbox as the
Science Fiction Book Club selection of the
month. He finally got around to reading it
the following March, and, as he said, “was
seized with an ecstatic sense of recognition.”
Lance turned the book over to Tim on April
4, saying that this one book dealt with much
of what they had been thinking and talking
about, and had brilliantly articulated many
of their own connected and combined

Around the same time, Marvel Comics
introduced “The X-Men.” This is a group of
young mutants with assorted uncanny
powers and abilities who are located and
brought together by a wise mentor,
Professor Charles Xavier, to become
students in his “School for Gifted
Youngsters.” This idea also became an
inspiration to those of us young waterbrothers of the ‘60s. Indeed, Tim went on to
earn a teaching certificate and work for
many years in public and private schools—
as a teacher and a counselor. But it took over
forty years for that Vision to be realized, in
an online School of Wizardry.

The novel tells the tale of Valentine Michael
Smith, a human born on the planet Mars as
the sole survivor of a crashed first
expedition, and raised by the ancient and
wise race of Martians. Upon being brought
back to Earth twenty years later by the next
expedition, Michael (and with him, the
reader) is able to view all of humanity’s
ingrained culture and cherished institutions
from the unique perspective of an outsider.
And, gathering others around him, he begins
to create alternatives.

In the interim, a real-life Church of All
Worlds was created, flourished for four
decades, and was eventually torn apart
through internal conflicts, dissension, and
power struggles. Its demise freed up the
energies of those involved for other projects.
Tim had long ago taken on other identities—
for a long time as Otter; and much later, as


Oberon. Yes, that’s me! And, during this
long journey, I had become a Wizard.
And now I am also the Headmaster of the
Grey school of Wizardry…the wheel has
turned full cycle.

When I get an idea for something I really
think should exist, but doesn’t yet, I often
take it as a “Mission Impossible” assignment
to make it come into existence. This became
my number one assignment. So I recruited a
brilliant Web Wizard, Steven Day and
assembled a faculty of qualified and
dedicated teachers, and together we created
a special “Grey School of Wizardry” Web
site at

The Grey School Of Wizardry
So, I can hear you ask what is the Grey
School of Wizardry? Well, like everything
else in my life as a Wizard, this too has a

The earliest age of admission is 11, and the
classes are designed for junior high and high
school levels. (Though in point of fact, we
have students of all ages—clear up into their
70s!) I took on the responsibility of being
Headmaster, and the Grimoire became the
basic foundational textbook, with many of
its lessons being incorporated into classes.
Like the Grimoire, the Grey School is
graduated in seven “year-levels,”
culminating in a Certificate of Journeyman

When I began writing the Grimoire, I had no
intention of starting an actual school of
Wizardry. I figured that I’d design the
Grimoire itself as a course of study, and then
simply refer readers to various Web sites
and online schools of Wizardry where they
could go for further teachings. Since I’d
taken particular pains to design a book that
would be accessible to teenagers
(particularly Harry Potter fans), I also
wanted to make sure that the sites I would
be referring my readers to would be teenfriendly as well.

Just as writing the Grimoire had taken all of
2003, creating the Grey School of Wizardry
occupied the entirety of 2004.

But at the time of that writing, as I soon
discovered, there didn’t seem to be any
online Web sites or chat groups dedicated to
serious Wizardry or Magick that were
suitable for teens, and that weren’t
specifically Pagan or Wiccan oriented.
Paganism and Wicca are religious
orientations, whereas Magick and Wizardry
are studies and practices that are
independent of any particular religion. I felt
that this was an important distinction that I
wanted to keep. I also found that all of the
serious Web sites and on-line schools that
did offer magickal studies, were for adults
only—operating at a college level, and not
admitting anyone under 18. Along with
those stipulations, they were very expensive

As soon as we got all the systems in place,
my publisher commissioned another book.
The title is “Companion for the Journeyman
Wizard”, due out in February of 2006.
It is clear now that we have begun
something that just won’t quit. After this
Companion book, there’ll have to be a
“Grimoire for the Journeyman Wizard.”
This too will have to have a Companion, and
then a Grimoire. Then we will have to have
a Companion for the Master Wizard, and the
The Grey School will have to evolve to
develop a college-level program for
Journeyman Wizards to become Masters,


and a graduate-school program for Masters
to become Adepts.

anniversary, (which I am so excited about) I
am equally thrilled about this outstanding
newsletter. As you have already discovered,
it has a whole new layout with graphics,
enhancing the beauty of its contents. I hope
that you will find this newsletter magickal,
warm and inviting.
Generally speaking, every newsletter,
newspaper and/or publication has goals to
strive for. Although I have never been a
journalist, reporter or writer, I do know that
it is important to have a goal (or goals) to
use as “mile markers” to gauge where we
are at. Small goals help us to reach the
bigger goal. For me, that bigger goal is to
produce the finest newsletter of this nature
anywhere that conveys Wizardry/Magickal
content in such a way as to educate, instruct,
inform and enlighten the young Wizard as
well as the seasoned Wizard.

Here’s what one of our Grey School
students has to say about this Vision:
Just Imagine! - Ten years from now. Over a
thousand have graduated to Journeymen
Wizard, and another thousand Apprentices
continue in training. The pendants we wear
are no longer merely logos of the school we
attend, but the symbol of our Order. And our
symbol is not just recognizable to those
whom we call brother and sister, but to the
greater world, both Magickal and Mundane.
We are respected as honored and reliable
sources of wisdom, guidance and hope to the
communities we live in. We are recognized
in congress, the military, in covens and
conclaves, and through our deeds we are
recognized as an organization devoted to
helping influence the evolution of the world.
-Stacy, Prefect, Society of the Four Winds
I think I am going to be very busy for quite
awhile. The good thing is that I am enjoying
wonderful company on this magickal
adventure! So, to paraphrase Bilbo Baggins:
“May we all live happily ever after, to the
end of our days!”

We are staffed with a fine group of
Advisors, Editors and Writers whom are all
quite competent in achieving my main goal
for this newsletter. I must say, it is a
privilege to work with this fine group. I am
also thankful to you, the reader; without
you, there would be no need to publish this

This article was adapted from early drafts for "Companion for the
Apprentice Wizard," by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (New Page
Books, 2006).
Happy 1 st Anniversary to the Grey School Of

Finest Blessings to You,
Crowhawk - EIC


Managing Editor's

Chief Editor's



When Crowhawk and I first boarded the
train called Whispering Grey Matters, I do
not think that either of us realized that this
train could go warp speed. Along the way,
we managed to pick up a fine staff to work
with, and the tracks that our advisors have
laid down for us have gotten our crew to this

Warm Greetings from the Desk of the Chief
What an awesome time this is for the "Grey
School of Wizardry" and for our new
"Whispering Grey Matters" newsletter. As
we celebrate the school's 1st year

I am proud to say that this crew and I have
worked hard to bring the students, faculty,
and staff of Grey School of Wizardry this
edition of the WGM. We have five
departments – GSW News, Magick Around
the World, Wizardly Opinion, Magickal
Arts and Entertainment, and Mystic Foods.
Each department is jammed packed with
articles that inspire and inform GSW
students, faculty, and staff.

As is it is one of the most comprehensive
and easily accessible resources for learning
wizardry and magick of our times, and
perhaps ever. The lesson material is
presented in a consistent, ethical manner that
is unlikely to be used by the power-hungry
or the sensationalist.
From this broad base, instructors, resources,
and classes continue to grow. Students seek
their way here to this burgeoning global
community. Can you image in person study
groups? Can you image a true college of
magick, the first in the US, with recognized
degrees? I can. With magick, energy, and
love and will all things are possible.

We have had much to happen here. August
1, 2005, GSW celebrated its first
anniversary! Congratulations and happy
anniversary! We have had new people to
join our wonderful faculty and staff. New
classes have become available, and the
House Hat and Lodge Cup have been
awarded. Harry Potter mania has swept
through our halls, and much more.

Grey School of Wizardry Hires
Three NEW Staff Members
By: Lorewise, News Editor

The Autumn Equinox is here, and it is a time
for celebration and reflection, which brings
me to our theme. ‘Reaping the Harvest’ is
not just about gathering the crops, but it is
also gathering ideas for articles and designs
of our paper. Working hard to mold those
ideas into an excellent piece of literature.
When everything is said and done, we can
sit back, relax, and reflect on our progress,
teamwork, and experience of our finished
edition of the WGM. It is a pleasure to
introduce the WGM to our readers. Enjoy!

The Grey School of Wizardry has hired
three new staff members to continue the
long and arduous process of enriching young
wards and curious adults on the path of true
harmony and happiness. Their names are
Amber Jasperheart, Peter Marucci and
Solaris. These three individuals each have a
special wisdom that is now being taught
through their being hired to work here at the
Grey School of Wizardry.
Amber Jasperheart for example has
followed the Yellow path and is now the
Professor of Divination and Mathemagicks
and is also an Instructor in Wicca and
Witchcraft. Professor Jasperheart has also
received her B.S in Elementary Education.
She also believes that education and learning
is one of Life’s true gifts. We should be
honored to have such a dedicated educator
amidst our staff!

May the Dragons guide you on your path,
Solaris - ME

GSW News
GSW - First Anniversary!
Celebrate a New Era
By: Merana

Peter Marucci has followed the Orange path
and also hails from the wonderful country of
Canada! He has now taken up a position as

Last month marked the first anniversary of
our academy, The Grey School of Wizardry.

Professor of Wizardry, Performance and
Dark Arts. He is also a very prominent
writer who has received numerous awards
for his work and his column in the Linking
Ring magazine. He has also captured the
hearts of millions with his original brand of
magic and “really, really bad gags”.

You are the 500th student to enroll in the
Grey School of Wizardry! We welcome you
with virtual kazoos, tin horns, whizzes, and
confetti! (Just imagine the racket!) We roll
out the red carpet, and we raise to you a
drinking horn full of sparkling bubbly in a
toast of tribute: “Hail and be welcome!”

Solaris has gone down the Aqua path and
has been assigned the positions of Professor
of Metaphysics and is the Instructor of
Nature Studies, Healing, Beast Mastery,
Divination, Lifeways, and Wizardry. She is
also a practitioner of Dragon Magick and
besides being the School Newsletter’s
Managing editor has also studied several
Martial Arts and lives by a strict moral code!

New Dean of Students!
Moonwriter has accepted the position of
Dean of Students. Congratulations!

New Magickal Classes
Year 1:
Discovering Earth: A Survey of Earth
Science (available to Gnomes and Stones
Introduction to Magickal Practices (Gold)
Natural Mysteries (complete revision)
Introduction to the Healing Arts (Blue)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Blue)
Credit for Prior Reiki Certification (Blue)
Introduction to Faerie (Grey)
Introduction to Cosmology (Violet)
Technomagick 100: Internet Safety (Red)
The Wizards of History 101: Archaic
The Others (Brown)

Well it is in this news writer’s opinion that
the Grey School of Wizardry has made some
extremely great choices in the New staff
members they have added to make this great
school even more wonderful! So stay tune
for the next exciting article!
We are pleased to report that Prof. Amber
Jasperheart (yellow) is now our new Dean of
the Department of Mathemagicks, releasing
Prof. Opsopaus (Apollonius) to concentrate
fully on his primary Department of
Ceremonial Magick.
”I am so excited to be among the faculty at
GSW. I just finished my first class called
Pythagorean Numerology 401. I am
currently working on additional classes for
the Department of Mathemagicks. I am also
working on a class for the Department of
Cosmology and Metaphysics. I really enjoy
teaching and I like developing new
classes that will interest and engage the
--Amber Jasperheart

Year 2:
Unobtrusive Magick for Public Places
Meditation 201: Zen Techniques (Aqua)
Moon 201: The Science (Violet)
Seven Wonders of the World 201 (Grey)
The Dragon’s Hoard (Gold)
The Magickal Bestiary (Brown)
Wheel of the Year: Mabon and Samhain

Grey School has its 500th Student!
By: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster


Leadership 201: The Commendable Captain

of Wortcunning main page (you may have to
logout to view it).

Year 3:
Leechcraft and Wise Women: Herbalism's
History (Green)
Theurgy 301: Gods and Daemons (White)
Magickal Times (White)
Stone Magic (Gold)
Seven Wonders of the World 301 - Cave
Art, Murals (Grey)
Lost Worlds, Lost Civilizations:
Archaeology 301 (Grey)

Blessings to all and many congratulations to

Moonwriter Wins the Golden Sickle
By Ima Noozriter, WGM

IN: We’re here today talking with
Moonwriter, the latest winner of the
“Golden Sickle” award, sponsored by the
Department of Wortcunning in the Grey
School of Wizardry.

Year 4:
Planetary Correspondences (Gold)
Pythagorean Numerology 401 (Clear)
Folklore 401: Introduction to Narrative
Forms (Grey)
Magickal Elements of the Periodic Table

MW: Thanks, Ima. It’s really nice of you to
do a story on this.
IN: So, where were you when you got the
MW: About the award? Actually, I was
bathing my poodle. Could’ve knocked me
over with a feather. Or a wet poodle.

Year 5:
Wizardly Tales of Ancient Wales I: Pwyll
and Branwen (Grey)

IN: Is this something you’d been working on
for a long time?

Year 6
Wizardly Tales of Ancient Wales II:
Manawyddan and Math (Grey)

MW: Yes, kind of. Professor Dragontree—
IN: And he is….?

Golden Sickle Award

It gives me great pleasure to announce the
latest winner of the Golden Sickle Award
for Excellence in Wortcunning!

MW: He’s Dean of the Department of
Wortcunning. He had posted the
requirements for the award a couple of
months ago. I’m a wortcunning major, so I
knew I wanted to try for it, but it took me
awhile to get everything done.

Susan "Moonwriter" Pesznecker

IN: Was it hard to earn?

This award is not limited to any particular
number of students. That is, this is awarded
to as many students that merit it. The details
regarding the requirements of this award and
how to apply are provided in the Department

MW: Not hard so much as just taking some
time. You have to finish a number of
classes, and then write up a list of herbal
experiments that you’ve done yourself.

By: Crow Dragontree, Ph.D., Dean, Department
of Wortcunning


IN: Interesting. So, if I may ask, what was
your favorite experiment?

1- "Student of the Year" (for scholastic
2- "Teacher of the Year" (for faculty
excellence); and
3- "Mentor of the Year" (for the teacher or
student who has worked to advance the
"Presence" of the Grey School of Wizardry
in the worldwide magickal community)

MW: Hmmm. For this time of year,
probably my Summer Flower Salad. It’s a
salad of young greens with all sorts of edible
flowers, dressed with garlic and rice vinegar
IN: I didn’t know that flowers counted as

And the winners are:
Student of the Year- Crowhawk
Teacher of the Year- Moonwriter
Mentor of the Year- Helega

MW: Oh, sure. For instance, my salad has
calendula petals and chive blossoms.
Together, they have different health-giving
properties, and they’re full of vitamins.
They’re delicious, too!

Congratulations! You have each done a
phenomenal job here over the past year, and
we are proud to honor you today!

IN: If a student was interested in earning this
award, what should they do?

New Students on the Dean’s List!
Aaran (Stones)
Aguila (Waters)
Beth (Winds)
Brother Sagus (Stones)
Cashew (Stones)
Chandni (Waters)
Coldrayne (Flames)
Crowhawk (Flames)
Kalla (Stones)
LeopardDancer (Flames)
Merana (Winds)
Moonwriter (Stones)
Oakmyst (Waters)
Phoenos tricorn (Flames)
Quiet Bear (Waters)
Rainmaker (Waters)
ShadaKyte (Gnomes)
Solaris (Waters)
Stacy (Winds)
Xander (Stones)
Wizardling (Gnomes)

MW: They should check out the Department
of Wortcunning main page. Prof. Dragontree
has listed the Golden Sickle requirements
IN; Thank you for talking with us,
Moonwriter. And good luck on the
Wortcunning major!
MW: Thank you, Ima.

Annual Honors
By: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster

Now that we have passed our first
anniversary, we have decided to offer
special annual recognitions to a few
individuals for truly outstanding work on
behalf of the Grey School and all of our
students. These fine people were nominated
and voted upon by the Faculty, but only I
have known the final results until now.

New Grey School Clubs!

The three categories for these Annual
Honors are as follows:

Defense Against the Dark Arts Club

Advisor: Professor Estara T’shirai

left is a kitchen with great ovens and long
tables. To the right is what might be a parlor
or den. And straight ahead is the main hall, a
vast room with vaulted ceiling. Overhead
you glimpse slender poles, as for hanging
something, but as yet there are no tapestries
or banners or coat-of-arms.

Article By: Violeta Aguirre

Our first Grey School Club, The Defense
against the Dark Arts (DADA) has officially
voted for its first officers:
Defensor Amplus (President) Gero
Defensor Secundus (Vice Pres) Lylith

We are all excited by our roles, and
enthusiastically take on the learning
experience of defense against the dark arts.
We all feel a certain way about the DADA,
and I could never have written more
poignant words than those written by
Elizabeth Barrette of Our Ccastle Cair

There is only a large round table made of
black wood, surrounded by chairs. Several
objects lie on the table. In front of the north
chair lies a shillelagh, a stout cudgel used
for defense. In front of the west chair lies a
stack of books and scrolls. In front of the
south chair lies a slender wand bound with
two black ribbons. In front of the east chair
lies a journal, with a raven quill standing in
a bottle of ink. The backs of these four
chairs are engraved: Defensor Amplus,
Tabularius, Defensor Secundus, and

“In the distance, a horn sounds, and you
know that the Choosing has ended.

The journal lies open to the first page, a
short passage written therein:

Follow the sound, and you find yourself
standing on a mist-swept moor, up to your
ankles in heather. Before you, rises a mighty
castle of black stone. The drawbridge lowers
as you approach. Inside the walls is a
courtyard paved in slate. Off to the left lies a
patch of earth, as if for a garden, bare but for
a single blackthorn bush. Off to the right is a
building that might be an armory. In front of
you stands the castle itself. The great
wooden door is decorated with ornate
ironwork, including a knocker shaped like a
griffin clutching a ring in its claws. As you
lift a hand to the door, the griffin suddenly

Welcome to Cair Draighionn! The name of
this place comes from Scots Gaelic: cair
meaning “castle” or “fort,” and draighionn
meaning “blackthorn.” A castle stands guard
over its territory, keeping the land and
people safe, and providing refuge in times of
trouble. The blackthorn is a tree long
associated with the Dark Arts, with binding
and protection. Though often
misunderstood, it is stern but not evil. Cair
Draighionn stands here, in the realm of
magic, to provide a gathering place for those
who wield Wizardry in the defense of self
and others. It awaits your presence to fulfill
its purpose. Make of it what you will.”

Tabularius (Archivist) Huntress
Scriptor (Scribe) Vi.

“Welcome, Defensor!” it says in a voice like
the creak of hinges – and the door swings

Healing Club
Advisor: Professor Bramble
President: Lilyth

Inside, the castle is quiet and almost
unfurnished. You see various stairways and
doors leading deeper into the keep. To the

Vice President: StormHealer & Vi

Archivist: ShadaKyte

how to appreciate their wilder cousins, along
with strengthening your bond with your
totems and familiars. Who knows, we may
also venture into the shadowy realm of
mythical & legendary beasties. So drop by
the SSCB for a visit or a long stay, located
in the Great Hall forums.

Tower of Babel Language Club
Advisor: Professor Morgan Felidae &

Grimoire of Magickal

True, we don't have a Languages or
Linguistics department here, but that's why
we need a club! If you speak more than one
language, want to learn another language, or
you just enjoy the study of them, come
check out the Tower of Babel Language
Club, located in the Great Hall forums. ToB
also has a section for bilingual students who
have a touch of trouble with English (the
predominant language used in GSW). If you
are having difficulty with English technical
conventions or trying to find the right words
in English, you can post a request in the
proper topic telling what language you are
fluent in and need help translating from, and
any students who can help will jump to the

Pentagram, a History

By: Lorewise & Solaris
Courtesy of Witches Vox © 2005

Being on of the most widely used magickal
symbols, the pentagram has been around for
some time.

Where's a wizard to go when s/he has a
misbehaving familiar and needs some
behavioral tips? Or when Fluffy just doesn't
want to eat her food? Or when you feel your
familiar drifting away from you, what do
you do?

The terms pentagram and pentacle are
sometimes used interchangeably. A
pentagram is a five-pointed star drawn with
five straight strokes. In fact, the word
pentagram comes from the Greek word
πεντάγραµµον (pentagrammon), a noun
form of πεντάγραµµος (pentagrammos) or
πεντέγραµµος (pentegrammos), a word
meaning roughly "five-lined" or "five lines".
It is most often used to refer to a
symmetrical five pointed star. Their overall
shape is like the decoration on the top of
many Christmas trees, and the stars on the
American flag.

You head over to the Society of the Study &
Care of Beasts, that's what! Moderated by
Department Dean Morgan Felidae and Beast
Mastery Instructor Solaris Kirby, we will
discuss how to take care of your babies and

An upright pentagram is a 5 pointed star
with one point aligned upwards. An inverted
pentagram is a 5 pointed star with one point
aligned downwards. An upright pentacle is
generally defined as an upright pentagram
surrounded by a circle.

In a week or so, I will begin discussions of
club officers and the like, so head over now!
Society for the Study and Care of Beasts


“The first uses of the pentagram we know of
are found in Mesopotamian writings dating
to about 3000 B.C.” Amongst the Hebrews,
the symbol was used for Truth and linked to
the five books of the Pentateuch. It is
sometimes, incorrectly, called the Seal of
Solomon. In Ancient Greece, it was called
the Pentalpha, being geometrically
composed of five A's. Unlike earlier
civilizations, The Greeks did not generally
attribute other symbolic meanings to the
letters of their alphabet, but certain symbols
became connected with Greek letter shapes
or positions.

The House of Gnomes

Lodge Cup Winner!

The Circle of Standing Stones

“There is no single consensus on the
significance of these symbols. Various
groups use and define them quite
differently…” To this Lorewise agrees, as
Lorewise has witnessed various religious
and scientific groups use the symbol to there
liking. In Christianity, the pentagram means
the five points of God; while Pagan groups
belief it to be a representation of the 5
elements. This is similar to the use of the
Yin Yang symbol in Asian religions.

House Hat and Lodge Cup
By: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster

Congratulations to the House of xxx and the
Lodge of the xxx xxx for winning the House
Hat and the Lodge Cup for this term! These
prestigious awards are earned by averaging
each House's and Lodge's total academic
credits plus merit points by the number of
students in the House or Lodge. It was very
close this term, showing that our students
were really working hard! I am very proud
of all of our students here and also your
Heads and Prefects, for such excellent work!

As you can see, the Pentagram has been
used in every part of the world from the
beginning of time. It will continue to be
used now and in the future. We should all
strive to teach the world the real history
behind such a profound symbol in the
history of the human race.

House Heads!
Undines: Rainmaker
Salamanders: Amber Jasperheart
Sylphs: Stacy
Gnomes: Morgan Felidae


Lodge Heads!

House and Lodges

Waters: Solaris Kirby
Flames: Ash “LeopardDancer” DeKirk
Winds: Crow Dragontree
Stones: Estara T’shirai

House Hat Winner!


Our New House & Lodge Captains!

The Undine House

By: Oberon, Zell-Ravenheart

By: Lady Moonwriter, Official Friend of the

House Captain: Delano (Gnomes)
Lodge Captain: Aaran (Stones)

The last six months have been quiet ones for
the 35 members of the Undines House. The
House is in the process of changing
Headmistresses; after a year of service, Lady
Ravenweed has stepped down and Prof.
Rainmaker has taken on the role of House
Head. The position of Prefect has changed,
too. The departing Prefect, Mickia, has gone
onto college and has moved on to the Waters
Lodge. Dark Eagle has become our next

We have established a new position in the
Grey School for two retiring Prefects (one
each from a House and a Lodge) each term
to become House and Lodge Captains. They
are carefully chosen by the Faculty as model
students who have earned our admiration
and our trust. These Captains are to serve as
ambassadors for both the student body AND
the Administration. While they may
represent the student body to the
Administration, they are also empowered to
speak for the Administration in the forums.
Part of the job of our Captains is to remind
everyone of Grey School rules and
standards, as outlined in the Handbook; and
warn folks when they step out of bounds,
encouraging them to "be excellent to each
other." We request all students to cooperate
with our Captains and show them the same
respect you would give the Administration,
since many times they will be speaking on
our behalf.

In the last six months, the Undines chose the
Dolphin as their House totem. Four
members--Dark Eagle, Mickia, Morgan
Starwater, and PheonixSkywalker-fielded a
team for the first annual Earth Day
Challenge and made a splendid showing.
Morgan Starwater also participated in last
April's all-school Poetry Challenge. And
Odin Drakengard joined the staff of the
Grey School newspaper-Whispering Grey
Matters-as a news writer.
The Undines look forward to the coming six
months-with a new Prefect, a new
Housemistress, and a growing membership,
anything is possible!

New Prefects!
Houses Prefects

Salamander’s House
By: Rainmaker, Lodgemistress

Undines: Dark Eagle
Salamanders: Rain
Sylphs: cdub567
Gnomes: ShadaKyte

Things in the Salamander House have been
quiet over the summer, but changes are
under way. Amber Jasperheart will be the
new house mistress (Rainmaker bids
farewell to all those little amphibians!!!).
The selection of the prefect is Rain! Some of
the students are making very nice progress
in their studies and are also participating in

Lodge Prefects

Quiet Bear
Lilyth Rose

By: ShadaKyte

challenges. We even had some international
communications when we translated the
word "salamander" into foreign languages.

“The Gnomes house is so great, everyone
here is so nice! Our house head isn’t too
shabby either! The Grey School has been
such a big influence in my life. I hope to be
here for many more years to come!”

The Sylphs House
By: Delano the Grey, House Captain, Prefect of
the Sylphs

“The Head of House is very nice to talk
with, and has offered more than enough
chances to prove herself.”

The Sylphs seem to be earning those merits
quickly! Since June 1st, we have earned a
total of sixty-three merits total. Most of
them were earned by the house challenges
and the public challenges. A lot of the
Sylphs had been busy this summer but we
still got through with a fair few merits.
We are planning to adopt an air
corresponding House Pet to be our mascot,
but we haven't gotten to planning where and
when. Most likely it will be a bird of some
sort, but we have to take a vote on what type
of animal it will be. It's a work in progress
and we still need to work out the kinks such
as the money.

-Celestial Wildfire

Soon we plan to choose a House Motto and
Magickal Totem; we plan to do it during the
school year when more students will be
active. This will allow a fair choosing which
includes all students. I, Delano, was
appointed House Captain and will be
receiving these responsibilities when the
Fall Equinox comes. Cdub567 has recently
been appointed our new Prefect. We
recently got a new Housemistress, Professor
Frank, who soon thereafter left the school.
Our new Housemistress is Professor

A little ways down the rocky hall we come
to a spacious cavern filled with the glow
from a flickering fire. This is the Common
Room, where the Gnomes gather to talk over
the day’s events. Many achievements are
posted on the spacious message board here.
The first scroll tacked on proclaims
members of the Dean’s List:

That sounds like some mighty fine praises of
a mighty fine house to me! Well, now that
you know the opinions of some of our
residents, its now time for a personal tour of
the Cavern of the Gnomes. When you’re
ready, follow me!
Today, our tour will begin at the gate into
the Cave of Wonders. Through these gates
many trustworthy Gnomes come and go,
hurrying to get to class on time. This is the
gate where newcomers are warmly accepted
and graduates tearfully pass through one last

ShadaKyte: formally added 7/20/05
Wizardling: formally added 8/3/05
Many other scrolls are tacked haphazardly
over the spacious board. You catch a
glimpse of such names as Risika, who won
Grey School of Wizardry’s “Whispering
Grey Matter’s” first anniversary challenge

Caves of Wonder: The Gnomes

by answering both parts of the Nature
Studies challenge. ShadaKyte, who was the
first youth apprentice on the Dean’s List and
winner of a Bi-Weekly lore challenge, is
also posted. Hidden among the other scrolls
are personal House challenge winners and
various other minor awards.

Myrddin, Oakmyst, and Solaris are now on
the WGM staff.
Solaris is now our Lodge Mistress and is
now on the faculty. Onyx Ravenclaw is also
a T.A.
We've had a lot of members active with the
Lore and Wortcunning challenges as well as
doing a lot of great thing academically. This
has earned a lot of merits for our Lodge (565
to date). Keep up the good work!

Our next stop is the office of the Head of
House. The small office smells of herbs and
spices; a cauldron stands in the corner,
holding some potion or another. Morgan
Felidae is the current Head, and she governs
her students with a firm but friendly hand.
She works hard to help with all the students’
problems, and loves setting up small
challenges to entertain them. Her office is
cozy, and there’s always a pot of tea on the
boil. Grand portraits are mounted
majestically on the wall. These are the past
Head of Houses, among whom you will find
portraits you recognize faces such as Valor

Laughter In The Order of the
Dancing Flames Lodge
"Vitality, Courage and Passion"
By Whiskerwind (Flames)

This summer has been a busy one for the
Flames. We have been working hard in our
classes, earning tons of credits and merits,
and keeping our eye on that Lodge Cup. We
also had a couple of fun activities recently to
lighten our serious tone. There was Laughter
Caster and Things That Make You Go
Hmmm. Our members posted jokes relating
to wizards and such and it got me rolling on
the floor a few times. If you want or need a
good laugh, the submissions will be posted
in the library. No need to keep it down to a
snicker either, the Flames Lodge librarian
always encourages loud hearty laughter. Be
sure and check out the one called "If Bill
Gates wrote a book on Wicca" or the one
about a Witch, a Druid and a Wiccan.
Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Taking a peek into the Library, many dusty
old tomes catch your eye. A group of
students are clustered around a table, each
one reading a textbook intently. They all
wave as you pass by. A commemorative
monument stands in the center of the shelves
with the names of the past Head of Houses
chiseled upon them.
Well, this concludes our tour of the Cavern
of the Gnomes. We hope that you learned a
lot from this tour, and now know exactly
why the Gnomes have so much House pride.
Here’s a mug of cocoa to take back with
you…and blessed be!

Society of the Four Winds Update
By: Stacy and Lilyth Rose, Prefects, Society of
the Four Winds

Growing Rapids of the Waters
By: Quiet Bear, Prefect of the Flowing Waters

The Society of the Four Winds has been
very busy in the past few months. We
rounded up everyone for our first Lodge
spell cast for global peace through space
exploration. It was cast on August 26,
2005. It's at this time that the Moon was

There's been a lot going on with us. To
begin, Oakmyst, Rainmaker, Chandni, and I
made the Dean's List!


waning and Taurus and the Sun were in
Leo. The contributors to the spell
ingredients were Vi, Kindbear, Merana,
Lilyth, and our Prefect, Stacy. Together
they came up with the candles, stones, herbs,
the symbol and the incantation. Our Lodge
master, Crow Dragontree brought
all the elements together and distributed it
for all the Winds to participate. The spell
has been cast and now we await the results
to see if more cooperation and peace can
reign in global space programs.

Kalla, and Moonwriter have made the Deans
List and our own Prefect Aaran has been
appointed to the new office of Lodge
Capitan. Luna has even proven our poetic
skills, winning the adult division of the Grey
School Poetry Challenge. Not to be left out
of the fun, our Lodgemistress, Moonwriter,
got into the spirit of things, winning the
school's first Golden Bough Award for
excellence in Lore. We are all so proud of
what we've achieved so far and we just seem
to get better every day.

The Winds also put up a new forum board
for our lodge through This
does not replace the current one we have but
provides a supplemental board for Winds to
hang out and discuss various topics and
projects. We held an open house the week
of August 21 for the entire faculty and are
hoping to get some feedback soon. One
addition I really like to the forum is a new
spot for collecting Lodge spells including
original ones from the members. As this
takes off, who knows? We might even be
able to make a Winds Spell Book for
everyone to see?!

Inside the lodge we get together in the
Stones home to sit, chat, snack on gummy
slugs and just enjoy the ambiance. Our
prefect, Aaran, has gifted us with a
wonderful lodge crest (you can see it when
you visit the Houses page) and we've
recently selected the wolf as our totem
animal. One of our favorite lodge activities
is answering the daily riddles given in our
Prefect Puzzles forum. We've even started
enrolling in the Discovering Earth class
made by our fellow Stones and just for
Stones/Gnomes, as a way to get to know our
element better. DracoGrey and Luna shared
with us all the details of their recent
camping trip to Colorado and the stoney
spots they visited. Their story made it really
feel like we were all traveling with them.

Another project that has just started cooking
is coming up with an Anthem for The
Society of the Four Winds. This would help
provide unity and a sense of Lodge pride for
the coming years. So far, we're off to a bit
of a rocky start in the ideas department, but
that could be because we've all been
working hard on our classes as the end of
summer approaches...finishing up the old
before beginning the new!

It's been a lot of fun so far and we're looking
forward to all the fun and challenges that the
future will bring.

Magick Around The

The Standing Stones Happenings
By: Kalla, Prefect Circle of Standing Stones


The past six months have been very kind to
the Circle of Standing Stones. We are the
current holders of the Lodge Cup and the
adult half of Earth Day award. Of our
number Aaran, Brother Sagus, Cashew,

By Helega, International Editor


Spirit of the Earth Festival – will not only be
the most amazing magickal festival South
Africa has ever seen. Earth Water Fire Air
will be presenting this festival for the next
four years as a project, aiming to be
acknowledged as a major event on the Cape
Festival and Exhibition calendar.

and Gaia is one of them. During the years to
follow, the focus will be on Water, Fire and
Air. This Festival is partnering with – in
association with Spirit Week and African
Soul Tours – individuals, communities,
organizations and government bodies. All
of these said individuals and/or companies
agreed to practically address what is
believed the most pressing and relevant
issues we as South Africans are facing. We
are at a crucial point in the history of our

On September 23, 2005, the spirit of the
Earth Festival 2005 will be lighting up a
City Bowl with an opening ceremony of
spectacular sound and laser lights. The
unprecedented laser light show - designed
by renowned Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata
– will be a massive treat to visitors attending
the opening. Over one hundred master
drummers will be positioned upon the five
bastions of The Castle drumming the night
away. This amazing mass drum gathering is
facilitated by Team Spirit being cocoordinated and overseen by Patrick
‘Kwesi’ Dilley. The ceremony will begin
with a blessing on the Festival as well as the
community by an official Sangoma;
thereafter, the mass gathering will drum in
the weekend long celebration of our spiritual
heritage and Mother Earth – Our Heritage

Bryan Hansen, author of Exploring
Manhood from a New Perspective, wrote
that he wishes to empower men during this
Festival. His aim is for men to be called
back, being more present in this world. He
mentions that if men participate more within
their families and communities, huge
changes can be achieved. He will bring
forth his message of men awakening to a
new dawn in this 21st century through his
workshops at the Spirit of the Earth Festival.
Men are starting to change their views with
regards to their roles within this Universe.
Since the liberation of woman they started
evaluating and questioning their identity.

The Art of Living Festival has carried the
torch of spirituality and conscious awareness
for the past eight years. The Earth Water
Fire Air team is mindful – being the new
custodians of the flame – that the new vision
and mission for the festival continues to
expand on work already done, inviting the
entire community of Cape Town and beyond
to participate.

South Africa has never embraced such a
Festival before and I believe this will be the
beginning of changing the views of South
Africans. Healthy living has changed a lot
of people’s views; therefore, opening their
minds to new ways of living. With festivals
like the Spirit of the Earth Festival, magickal
folk will have the opportunity in bringing
through there messages to the people. More
and more people are opening their minds to
new possibilities with regards to magick,
healing, and herbal medicines. They are
embracing new information in order to
empower their lives.

Spirit of the Earth Festival 2005 is aiming to
educate, inspire and empower every
individual realizing to live a life that has
meaning and is sustainable. The four-year
plan is starting with a focus on Earth
matters, recognizing what we have as human
beings. We take so many things for granted


South Africa, having so many religions and
laws, are at a new beginning. We can use
festivals like these to bring forth the
message to our nation seeing their true souls.
Looking at the stars, we see the past and the
future. We see us - now, within changing
The time has come for South
Africans to embrace the tools available to
them and use them to enrich their souls. This
festival has already inspired so many, which
is the ticket to a new way of living! We
have the wisdom of the Ancients to guide us
to true individuality.

”No one necessarily deserves death who dies
in a disaster- although the universe
sometimes dishes out amazingly apt
comebacks at unexpected times. Its that if
you ask yourself why you deserve life,
there's always a good answer for that,
whether or not you've already started it. If
you haven't yet, you can start right then.
Some people do. That's one reason for
having disasters in the world; they are
reminders to the rest of us that life is fleeting
and important, and if you haven't already
made good progress on your goals, you
should start.”

For more details on the full program of
Spirit of the Earth Festival 2005 visit

-Elizabeth Barette
”Clearly, these bombings--as all acts of
terrorism--are deliberately intended as
magickal acts. Their purpose is to increase
the levels of fear, suspicion, chaos,
depression, and despair in the general
populace. This is the condition which is
most amendable to the rise of despotism, as
people come to demand a restoration of
order and stability, and will turn to anyone
who offers to give it to them--no matter
what the cost.”

The London Bombing: Controversy
in the Wizarding World
By: ShadaKyte

”This bombing is senseless! It has killed a
lot of people. I think that we should ask the
gods and the goddesses of any religious
group for good luck and protection.”
-Celestial Wildfire
”It is quite clear to me that acts of violence
such as this have a terrifying habit of
reproducing themselves; one act invariably
leads to more. Whether they be retaliatory,
imitation or otherwise, the end result is the
same; a shameful loss of life, the most
precious resource our world has. I can only
hope, perhaps foolishly, that the events in
London do not represent yet another
destructive chain reaction. Indeed, I call for
Wizards everywhere to direct their energies
toward a peaceful and just end to such
senseless disaster so that we may focus
toward the joy of life.”

-Headmaster Oberon-Zell Ravenheart
Many of the students and teachers have
expressed their heartfelt opinions on the
London Bombing for you to read and agreeor disagree- with. But some are still in the
dark about the affair. Well, I came to bring
you into the light with in-depth information
on the tragedy.
On Thursday, July 7, 2005 four explosions
ripped across London, killing 56 people
including the four suicide bombers, and
wounding at least 700. Here are the times of
the bombings in the correct order.

-Crow Dragontree
The First Blast: 8:51 a.m. - At least 10


people perish.
The Second Blast: 8:56 a.m. - At least 21
people die traveling on a train between
Russell Square and King's Cross Station.
The Third Blast: 9:17 a.m. - At least 5
people have died in this explosion.
The Fourth Blast: 9:47 a.m. - An unknown
number die in a bus explosion on Tavistock

The thing I am most sad about was the
looting; in most cases, what they took is of
no use to them as they will leave it behind
because of the flooding.
Are we as civilized human so close to being
terribly savage?
I fear I know the answer to that, but I am
heartened by the fact that at the same time,
thousands of volunteers from around the
country are traveling there, to do what they
can, and I am sure that in time more will go,
and others will give what they can, be it
money, or time at a fund raiser, or what be it
to help those less fortunate then themselves.
I also know that the looting was from a tiny
minority of people, who where just silly, but
it still leaves me wondering, how terrible
can I be, and what keeps me from being

This incident was the deadliest act of
terrorism in the United Kingdom since the
1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which
killed 270, and the deadliest bombing in
London since the Second World War.
The police investigators have identified four
suicide bombers, and they are thought to
have been trained by Islamic paramilitary
organizations based in the U.K, possibly
affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Wizardly Opinion

The bombings happened the day after the
2012 Olympics to be hosted in London.
On July 21, 2005 a second series of four
explosions took place in the London
Underground and a London bus. However,
this time, only the detonators of the bombs
exploded, and all four bombs failed. There
were no fatalities, and the single injury
reported was later revealed to be a
hospitalized asthma sufferer. All suspected
bombers have been arrested.

Opinion Section Editorial
By: Paxx, Opinion Editor

I have to say this has been one of the hardest
three months in my life, a dear friend of the
family and in some ways my intellectual
mother passed away. Things like that put
things in an odd perspective.
I have endeavored on a few too many
projects and my Grey School Education has
suffered greatly because of it. I have
reviewed the philosophies I have followed
up till now, and realize that even the ones I
have discarded have fundamental truths that
ring loud and clear in my life, and
discarding them completely is foolish.

Thoughts of a Stormy Day
By: Paxx

Today is the day we really begin to
understand the devastation left by Hurricane
Katrina, in the New Orleans sector. Today
we begin to imagine the numbers of dead,
and those whose lives will be forever
transformed by the awesome showing of
force that Mother Nature does from time to

As for our first edition of the paper, I think it
is a step forward and we will see the results
of our labors and be proud.


During this time, the fact that I am not a
morning person has become even more
apparent, but I also notices that it is simply
because of my thoughts in the morning, one
glorious morning, August 25th to be exact, I
woke up, took my shower, moped around
and decided to check my e-mail, and one of
my writers wrote in a slew of pieces, I read
two and went off to work, wanting to read
the others as soon as I had time. I had traffic
the entire way, my commute that morning
was nearly an hour and three quarters, my
boss was in a foul mood, my coworkers as
well, I was mulling over my loss, and for all
that I was in one of the best moods I have
been in during any morning of my life.

same time fixed mine. So, at worst, I can say
I helped save a life in the past three months.

Simple Magick
By: Merana

What is magick? Magick is like science. It
has rules, and follows certain patterns. Some
practitioners can intuit the laws of Magick
so well they don’t realize they exist. Some
practitioners rely solely on the science.
These rules and patterns are often ones
science is just discovering. Magick is also a
transcendent experience: a bridge over gap
between humans and divinity.
Working Magick can show you your place
in divine plan. Divine beings (Elements,
Angels, Gods, and Goddesses) are
frequently invoked and called upon to aid
with magickal workings. It is important to
remember a fundamental rule here: Energy
in = Energy out. The best gods/ goddess to
invoke are the ones you work with
frequently. Like your tools and the bonds of
a coven, the relationships between gods and
humans gain energy over time.

A lot happens on this little blue planet in a
day…we need to do our best to make a
positive influence each and every day, and
not get caught up in the stories we create
about things and people. By chance,
yesterday, while getting parts for my car I
made a blood donation…well, not my whole
blood. I donated red blood cells through
aphaeresis. In essence, they pulled my
blood, took out the red blood cells and put
all the rest back into me.

Magick is also the simple joys of life: The
air we breathe the energies of creatures
around us, the feel of the wind in our hair
and grass under our toes. It is the fulfillment
of dream; the happy surprise at the end of
the day. It is the feel of your loved ones in
your arms; it is the rumbling purr of a cat or
wagging tale of a dog. Having a safe home,
a haven with good food and clothes and
friends is Magick. Magick is everywhere. In
the end, all descriptions fail. Magick simply

The advantage of this and other aphaeresis is
that you donate only a set component; most
people needing blood require one or two
things, not everything. As such, if they
needed red blood cells, I gave about four
times the red blood cells I would have if I
had given whole blood. And being that it is
one donor, when my red cells are used, there
is less of a probability of dealing with
rejection from the patient as it is only from
one donor.

The Mirror in the Dark, Part I
Odd Bunch

Also they give you saline back, and in
general it helps you feel better. After I was
done, I felt fine and went to a friend’s house
to help them with their car, while at the

By: Paxx, Opinion Editor


We humans are an odd bunch. We put value
in odd places and then are astounded,
confounded or even have breakdowns when
those things don't happen the way we
expected them to go. Or worse even, we
have hopes, wants, and desires that we give
up simply because we figure they are not
going to go right, so we never do anything
about them.

Why do we get hung up on our failures as
we do?
My answer is simple, we are silly, and we
are vain. We are addicted to being right, or
safe, and we will do whatever we can to not
make fools out of ourselves, even if it means
making a fool out of ourselves.
Isn't it time we grew up a little bit and
admitted we are all idiots, and got on with
our lives, we should probably admit every
idiotic thing we do every day, but we would
then find a place there for being cool. We
are a sad species, and yet so capable of
wonder and miracles.

In essence we humans fear failure and
humiliation almost more then anything.
Humiliation is easy to understand, we all
strive and want admiration, and if you are
humiliated, how can you be admired? The
hard one to understand is fear of failure and
or loss of all self worth because of it.

The Lines that Blur
By: Merana

Sports are easiest to see it in, but it holds
true for anything, everyone and everything
failed until it succeeded. In sports it is easy
because we keep track, but most of the
greats lost, missed, or struck out more times
then they succeeded. Babe Ruth had more
strike outs then any one in a few of the
seasons he played.

Science and magick study nature. As a
curious child endeavoring to understand the
natural world, I turned to science. This
study soon led to the realization that science
does not have all the answers; magick
became a source of fascination for me as
well. I soon discovered that Magick is
simply Science (rules of Nature) that has yet
to be understood.

Another example, Gandhi was a mediocre
lawyer from a well to do but not rich family.
He had a dream, and that dream he held onto
with an incredible strength; yet, he changed
the lives of millions for the better. His
dream was for an independent and united
India through peaceful means. He did get the
independent and mostly peaceful, and for
that man’s life should be cherished in my

The world around us is a work of art. Simply
look at the wonders of this world, and the
simple pleasures. Looking at the sheer
complexity of nature, I believe that art
cannot be an accident. It is by design. Who
else could have designed the world, but the
Magick, science, divinity and nature go hand
in hand. The more I study one aspect, the
more I know about the others. These are the
lines that blur.

Nelson Mandela was a man who was
tortured and beaten at almost every week for
more then a decade. The government had to
change his guards to new terrible men every
two weeks because he would persuade them
to the rightness of his cause.

Magickal Arts and

We humans are capable of the most
miraculous things, and we are not perfect.


light sailing toward the Earth, setting off the
thoughts of Armageddon. Rather than the
end of the world, this "meteorite" stops and
the abductees are returned with no memory
of their experiences. Each abductee has
been "gone" anywhere from a few months to
several decades, but hasn't aged a single day.

A Word from our A&E Editor
Welcome to the Magickal Arts and
Entertainment Department! Let me
introduce the staff and me. I am Solaris the
Editor. My writers are Lorewise, Oakmyst,

Each new episode builds on the past
episodes and eventually, I assume, will all
come together to fulfill the over all plot of
saving mankind in the future. The episodes
appear weekly for one hour on Sundays at 9
p.m. EST on the USA Network. This is the
second season for the 4400 and it has
maintained its popularity with the science
fiction and drama fans. The 4400 was
nominated for three Emmy Awards in 2005.

and StormHealer. Our wands have been
busy covering and reviewing all forms of art
and entertainment of our magickal
community. We have a real treat for you.
In this edition, we have reviews of
the 4400, Bewitched, and Harry Potter. We
also have developed a new critic scale. We
have lots of articles for your reading
pleasure. So take a seat and sit for a spell or
two. Enjoy!

Disappointment of Bewitched

Whispering Grey Matters
Critic Scale

By: Oakmyst
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures © 2005

The Phenomenon of the 4400

Bewitched -2005-

By: Adam "StormHealer" Labonoski

Directed by: Nora Ephron

The 4400 television series on the USA
Network is a show that tells a story of 4400
people who were abducted and afterwards
returned to Earth. The twist is that they
were abducted by peoples of the future. The
future people abducted the 4400 to help save
mankind. The abductees have been affected
in mysterious ways ands some have certain
abilities, good and bad. Some of the drama
of the show is watching them adjust to the
changes, as they are unaware of them.

Writing credits: Delia Ephron and Nora
Ephron (screenplay)
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Romance
Bewitched in my opinion was a wonderful
TV series, but the movie has got to be one of
the worst I have ever seen.
It probably does not help that I do not care
for Will Ferrell who was one of the lead

The original series kicked off with a ball of


Bewitched was mostly true to the series,
though it was a story about making a movie
based on the original series, which I felt was

Outer Planet Retrograde
By: Majashia

This brief astrological forecast focuses on
the upcoming alignment and retrogrades of
many outer planets. The strongest influence
of a planet on the earth is when it is
stationary, going into, or coming out of
retrograde. Planets associated with
retrograde this Fall are Mercury, Mars,
Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Regarding Magick, the movie contained
many of the same attitudes and lessons as
did the series, with a few added, like having
a relationship in a modern setting with a non
magickal person, and how they may or may
not take kindly to the idea.

Charmed Shows Its Musical

Mercury is in retrograde November 14 December 3. Archiving hard drives during
the week of Samhain, and keeping hardcopy
backups of important information, may be
useful. Electromagnetic and communication
glitches are common during Mercury
Venus, goddess of love and emotion,
reaches retrograde December 24. Efforts to
de-stress, show appreciation and love, calm
emotions, and reconnect will be important.

By: Lorewise
Courtesy of Treadstone Records © 2005

Charmed: The Book of Shadows mixes
together a light, easy collection of songs. Liz
Phair's song is a confessional about her
rocky relationships. I was surprised to here
this, as it’s not a song I would expect to here
in an album such as this. This album
comprised exclusively of work by female
artists, includes cutting-edge remixes
previously heard only in clubs! “When we
selected the songs for the new ‘Charmed’
soundtrack we were adamant that each one
reflect the core message of the show: the
power of three strong, independent women,”
says Jonathan Platt, President of Treadstone
Records, “It’s a really engaging display of
girl power, which is one of the ideals that
has earned ‘Charmed’ so many devoted
fans, both male and female.” This about
sums it up, it’s an album all about girl

Mars, ruler of anger and war, goes
retrograde in Taurus on October 1. This is
an ideal opportunity to develop tools to
express ourselves, perhaps in private, to aid
us in releasing old and negative emotions.
Jupiter, in Libra at the equinox, and in
Scorpio at the solstice, rules joy, celebration,
and laughter. Cultivating listening to inner
wisdom and intuition is a worthy effort, and
interactions with others are an opportunity to
grow and learn about ourselves. If we dig
below superficiality to research psychology
of situations, we need to organize our
findings before communicating them.
Expensive purchases that will not generate
passive income are best placed on a “wishlist” this Fall.

power! A good overall buy.

Saturn, in Leo, goes retrograde on
November 22nd. “Hero in the world” means


we demand high standards of ourselves. We
may withdraw rather than associate with
others who behave in conflict with our
morals. If we question our morals,
journaling and centering are powerful tools.

silver white hair and deep blue eyes would
tell you otherwise. A long pipe made of
some light colored stone sleeps as a lazy
stream of thin smoke rises into the air. The
wizard, feeling most comfortable in his long
dark robe, headed off into the land of nod.
The fire in the hearth gasped as its embers
glowed dying out into the night.

Neptune, in Aquarius, returns from
retrograde October 26. The king of the
oceans rules imagination and dreams. We
may idealize our ability to remain detached
and objectively analyze situations. Before
making far-reaching changes in efforts to
cure societal ills, remember the importance
of individual rights.

Just about that time, when the wizard was
falling fast asleep, four eyes could be seen
peering over the open windows’ seal. The
older child, not yet ten, was much intrigued
at the oddities contained within the strange
house on the hill. Quietly giggling, the
younger sister tried to climb up to get a
better look. As she made her way into the
house, she tumbled onto the floor, not so
quietly! Her brother, fearing the old man
quickly reached for his sister. Loosing his
balance, he too fell to the floor with a loud

Pluto, in Sagittarius, returned from
retrograde September 2nd. Pluto brings to
light hidden, secret activities and thoughts.
Energies include questioning and altering
societal beliefs, concepts, and totems, while
asserting the right of individuals to pursue
their own course.
Pluto has been square Neptune much of last
year and this year. We can alleviate this
strife by centering on our compassion for
others while remaining dedicated to our

“W-W-What was that?” the wizard gasped,
still clenching the pipe between his teeth.
Placing a firm hand on the candle nearby, he
raised it in the air. The children gasped and
stood still, the brother not even breathing
prepared to defend his sister. Looking
around the room, pretending he didn’t see
the children, the old sage continued his
search for whatever awoke him. High and
low, the wizard flew the candle around one
of the two rooms in the house. Turning,
taking both children by surprise, the wizard
smiling wide and stated:

My recommendation this Fall is to withdraw
from society periodically, if you are
unaccustomed to observing. Those who had
a rough spring can take the upcoming
months to center and strengthen intuition. If
you have neglected your journal, now is an
opportune time to resume journaling. Our
intuition will deepen and expand strongly if
we keep in touch with ourselves.

“Young children ought not spy on wizards
deep in thought at night. For wizards always
keep clean beds for children just your
height! How now, brown cow, come
children in, a story true and just; please tell
me now, where are you from for wizards
you can trust!”

Chapter 1: A New Adventure
By: Lorewise

On a warm summer night, high in his hill
top house, a lone wizard sat reading an old
tome. Age had been kind to him, though his

Spinning a rhyme of words so kind the
children dare not move. The young girl
however, had a curious look on her face.
“My name is Lilith, and I’m six years old,
and we got lost in the forres…” quickly
speaking, she was interrupted by a hand
rushing upon her mouth. The boy yelped in
pain as his sister bits him sharply! “Lilly,
don’t!” he whelped! “And what’s your
name, young scholar?” asked the sage.
Returning to his chair, the wizard motioned
for the siblings to come in. “Let me get the
fire going again” the wizard said as he
waved his hand. Fire springs up from the
logs, as if they contained it from birth.
“That’s better… I always love a good fire!”
the wizard said to himself.

sits right down having no problem eating all
the bread and carrots. Trey, watching his
sister devour the food, was somewhat
reluctant to eat, but he soon gave into
“Now, what to do with you…” the wizard
asks. Yawning very widely, little Lilly
signals the time for bed. “I’m sure you two
have had a great day of adventure. And
you’re just in luck! I happen to know a very
good story, full of adventure. It’s exciting,
and true too!” The mage sat back in his
chair, taking his long pipe and placing it
between the well-worn groves in his teeth.
“You see, long ago, this land was over run
by monsters. All Manor of Imps and demons
walked this very forest. In a town not far
from here, eight adventurers set forth. These
poor adventurers had with them a religious
man and a headstrong lad that always
seemed to get into trouble.

“M-M-My name is Trey…” spoke the boy,
still keeping his sister behind. “We saw a
light from the wood. We didn’t mean to
bother you, but my sister—“
“Come now… you’re no bother. Its been a
long time since I have company! Especially
well mannered company, such as yourself.”
states the wizard. Reaching over the table,
the old man grabs a small leather bag.
Opening it, he withdraws some reading
glasses. Placing them on his face, the old
sage lets out a sigh of relief.

The group made it to a small town called
Narwell. Strangely enough, a man had come
to the town and too over as constable. This
was strange, because Narwell had never sent
out a note saying that the Mayer and
constable were dead (or at least missing).
For three days, this man had barred himself
in the mayor’s house. No one had been seen
coming or going. Rom, the friendly barkeep
told the group everything he knew. This was
apparently a dead end…”

“Now… what shall we do with you?” the
wizard asks. Looking sad, Lilly comes
forward and asks: “Mister, I’m hungry…”
Breathing deeply, the wizard smiles and
says “I know I have some food here
somewhere… just for this sort of occasion.”

Just then, before the wizard could finish his
sentence, a loud knock on the door startled
everyone inside. “Open up, Wizard!” the
voice shouted. “I’ll let my self in!” The two
children stood quickly as the wizard reached
for his staff. “Now children, hide over
there,” he whispered and pointed to the bed.
“WARMAGE, you heard me! I’ve come for
ye!” the voice shouted louder. “I’ll warn ye
once, don’t break my door down!” the
wizard commanded. As the old sage

Outside, a gentle rain starts to fall. The
water can be heard dripping off each leaf in
the forest below. “Come sit here, by the fire”
Asks the wizard, setting down two plates of
food. Some good bread and a few carrots are
on each plate. “I do apologize for the food,
its all I have here.” states the wizard. Lilly,


reached for the door, a great clap of
lightning resounded overhead. Sliding the
bolt back, the wizard was surprised to see
the man standing at the door.

Stuffed Grape leaves in Beef Broth
1 jar of grape leaves washed and rinsed
1 1/2 pounds Ground Hamburg
1 Onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 egg
1/4 cup of fresh or dried parsley
1 pinch of fresh or dried dill
1 pinch of fresh or dried mint
1 1/2 cup of instant rice
2 1/4 cups of beef broth
1/2 cup water
Salt and pepper to taste
Wine (splash of)

Who was it? What will happen to the
children? Find out next time in chapter 2:
Old Friends

Mystic Foods
Kitchen Cauldron

Combine meat, onion, garlic, egg, herbs, salt
and pepper, and rice in a large bowl. Mix
with hand thoroughly. Place small amount
of mixture in the middle of the leaf. Fold
both ends in and roll. Place in large pan
stacking neatly. When mixture and leaves
are gone, add broth and water until it just
covers the leaves. Add wine and cook on
medium high until leaves are tender, about
45 minutes to 1 hour.

By: Mystic Food Staff

I think most of us agree that September
brings in an unmistakable air and smell of
autumn. Apples & cinnamon, wood burning
stoves, and pine are a few scents that pop
into my head. If you live in New England as
I do, you might even be able to smell the
leaves changing into different colors. It is
truly my favorite time of the year. If you are
not used to any of these changes, or if you
even blink, you might just miss these sites
and delicious scents of harvest. In the
kitchen, however, we might be able to bring
these feelings or tastes to you.

Calendula Rice
4 cups of water
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 cup of onion
2 chicken bouillon cubes
2 cups long grain rice

That is why we at Kitchen Cauldron have
decided to share in the harvest and help you
plan for your harvest. It also has been too
hard for us to pick just one favorite recipe,
so we have decided to let you in on our
Harvest celebration and see what is on our
menu. From the main meal to the desserts to
the beverages, it is all here, and even a few
decoration ideas. We have even given you a
few recipes for oil burning to put you and
your guests in the Mabon/Harvest mood.

Boil water, add rice, onion, cubes, salt and
cook for 18 minutes. About 1/2 way
through, add calendula petals and cover.
Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Butter
Split spaghetti squash, scoop out seeds. You
then need to place some salt and pepper
along with butter. Place in a pan, with skin
side facing up and curved side face down.

Sky's Table

Fill pan with water and cook any where
between 45 minutes to 1 hour on 325

Make sure you are of age and do not drink
and drive. Have a Safe and Great Harvest!

Tea Time

Rich Esbat Biscuits

By: Mystic Food Staff

We have put together some teas to help your
mind, body, and spirit. Please reread the
class information Safety and Safe Herb Use
before trying or mixing any herbs. All these
herbs can be used with a tea ball or cheese

2 ounces butter
1 tsp. honey
1 egg yolk
3 oz plain flour
1oz of hazelnuts of almonds
A pinch of cinnamon
A pinch of nutmeg
A few drops of vanilla

Healing Tea
1 tsp Rosemary
1 tsp Rosehips or Rosehip syrup
1/2 tsp Sage
1/2 tsp Thyme

Grease cookie sheet and preheat oven to
325. Blend butter, honey, vanilla, and egg
yolk to form a thick paste. Then mix all dry
ingredients together in another bowl. Slowly
add the dry to the mix and mix until doughlike. Chill for a few hours, then pull out and
slice. Cook for 15 minutes or golden
brown. If you have cookie cutters you can
use those.

Insomnia Tea
2 tsp Peppermint
1 tsp Rosemary
1 tsp Sage

Pumpkin or Squash Seeds with Spices

Digestion Tea

Use the seeds from a pumpkin or squash;
add spices you are used to. Spread out seeds
on a pan, and put salt and pepper and spices
you want. Cook for 15 minutes on 400

2 tsp Chamomile tea
1 tsp Peppermint Leaves
1 tsp Fennel seeds
Body cleansing tea
Helps remove toxins in the body

Apple Cider, Spiced or Spiked

3 tsp Chopped Nettle leaves
1 tsp Parsley
1/2 tsp Lavender Flowers
Juice of 1/2 Lemon

You can use cider bought at the store or in a
For nonalcoholic drinks you can heat in pan
on stove until warm and place either ground
cinnamon or a stick of one.

Nature's Apothecary
By: Mystic Foods Staff

For the alcoholic drink, you can also heat on
stove along with either ground or whole
cinnamon and a few shots of vodka or rum.

This is a corner for all the simple cures and
recipes for home remedies. Again, please
look over the class Safe Use and Safety of
Herbs before trying these. These are not a


guarantee to fix illnesses or sickness, and
may not work for some people.

Straight papaya juice is great for cleaning
mild cuts and scrapes. Sure beats alcohol or

Did you know that a few drops of lavender
oil mixed into water for plants can help
strengthen your house plants?

Need Diarrhea remedy? Slice and peel one
apple and then simmer in a cup of milk for
30 minutes. Pulverize softened apple and
place in blender, then serve warm and
sweeten with honey.

Relieve arthritis pain by swimming! You
can also add sea salts or lavender oil to a
warm bath.

Restaurant Review-Elway’s

Treat your burns with red currant jelly.
Simply rub the jelly over the burn to soothe

By: Luna

2500 East First Avenue, Unit 101
Denver, CO 80206
[email protected]
I am pleased to report that the restaurant and
dining experience was top notch. It was not
a sports bar by any means, although they did
have a nice lounge with a few TV screens.
There was also a covered patio area for
outdoor dining, but we ate inside in the main
dining room. The outside of the building
was unpretentious-just smooth, dark glass
with a small neon sign that said Elway’s.
When you walk inside, there is a wonderful
water feature. There were several marble
columns about 10’ tall with water cascading
over the tops and down the front. Any Stone
or Waters students would really appreciate
this aspect of the décor. The booths were
grouped in islands of four with banquettes
separating them. The banquettes had
planters with Mother-in-Law tongue
growing in them. There were fresh cut
flowers on each table and a candle.

Some forms of Asthma can be treated in
some cases with a good strong cup of
Cold and cough season is almost upon
us. Treat it with 4 parts vinegar, 1 part
honey, 1 part raisins, and 1 part water.
Simmer 30 minutes, strain and cool. Drink
1/2 cup at each time, several times a day.
To break up Phlegm, Try drinking Straight
Pineapple juice. It breaks up the phlegm
Sore throat? Mix 1-cup brandy, 1-cup
brown sugar, 1 tbs. ground cloves. Simmer
on low 15 minutes, strain and serve warm.
You can also eliminate the alcohol by
simmering longer.
Cold sores? Try dabbing buttermilk on the
sores to speed up healing.
Bug bites? Dab toothpaste to soothe itching.

The menu we ordered from was printed July
6th of this year, and we were there July
17th. The menu is modified frequently to
feature foods that come into season. Our
server, Kelly, knew the menu thoroughly
and was very helpful in guiding us through
the selection process. The wine list was
extensive, reasonably priced and featured

Can you believe confectionary sugar helps
treat cuts and scrapes? It helps healing


some unusual selections. We ordered a
bottle of sparkling white wine, which was
opened professionally and served in
beautiful large wine glasses.
Next we picked out the Rhode Island Style
Calamari for an appetizer. It was deep-fried
but not overdone or chewy. It was also
served with deep-fried green olives, Chinese
corn and jalapeno peppers. Everyone
enjoyed it! Other options included ceviche
with chips, steak tacos, duck tacos, grilled
artichoke, lamb fondue, Japanese tuna stack,
coconut and vanilla shrimp and a cured meat

beans as alternate side dishes. Creamed corn
came with one of the kid’s dinners, and it
was out of this world.
Freshly baked sourdough bread was served
with butter, and it was good.
The kid’s menu was probably the most
impressive aspect of the dining experience.
The boys ordered popcorn shrimp, and the
presentation was great. They took a soup
cup and twisted parchment paper to sit
inside it like a funnel. The shrimp and
French fries were placed into the funnel. A
set of chopsticks were also set in the funnel.
The soup cup was then placed on a
partitioned plate so the cream corn would
not merge into anything else. The kids
thought this was really cool. Our daughter
ordered the meatloaf with mashed potatoes
and cream corn, which was also quite tasty.
Alternate options on the children’s menu
were peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
Nutella chocolate sandwich or chicken

Although we did not order a soup or salad,
there was a nice array available including
vegetable soup, roasted sweet corn and
chicken chowder, onion/celery/carrot
bisque, Caesar salad, Cobb salad, Asian
chicken salad, Cherokee heirloom tomato
and onion salad, shrimp salad and a summer
As the restaurant is considered to be a steak
house and I eat red meat, I ordered the 8
ounce filet with Oscar Elway’s style sauce.
It had the hollandaise base with real lump
crabmeat and mushrooms. Umm, umm,
good. Other steaks such as New York strip,
porterhouse, rib eye as well as prime rib and
rack of lamb were also featured. Draco is
not a big steak fan, so he ordered the salmon
Elway, which he thoroughly enjoyed.
Additional seafood selections included
swordfish, sun fish, sea bass, tuna, Alaskan
King Crab legs and lobster. For chicken
lovers, there was a half rotisserie chicken on
the menu.

We ordered dessert. Draco got a coffee
drink. I ordered cheesecake with fresh
raspberries, which was yummy, of course,
but the kids, once again, scored big. They
ordered smores. Kelly brought a mini grill,
chocolate fondue, graham crackers and
fondue forks. They got to toast their own
marshmallows, dip them in the fondue and
put the smores together. It was the most fun
they ever had in a restaurant. In fact, they
wanted to go back to Elway’s for lunch the
next day.
The service was great. Our waiter,
Ellsworth, was very helpful and personable.
Kelly gave us some background about the
restaurant and dining in Denver. The
restaurant will be celebrating their first
anniversary in October.

The entrees were ala carte, so we ordered
some crab fried rice and sautéed spinach
with bacon and onions to share.
Scrumptious. There were six different types
of potatoes, creamed corn, sautéed
asparagus, creamed spinach and sugar snap


No restaurant experience is complete
without a visit to the restroom. The ladies’
room was immaculate, upscale, and they
even had mouthwash available. I can’t
report on the men’s room, however.

fields from sunrise to sunset since August 1
(Lammas), many of us still do work hard at
what we do. However, very like our
ancestors, this becomes a time of giving
thanks for the success we have worked at.
At this time of year, we should stop and
survey the harvest each of us has brought in
over the season. Years ago, they may not
have had the term, "Let's Party", but I am
sure they felt it nonetheless. There has been
much labor and toil that has gone into the
"Whispering Grey Matters", and I am proud
of the fine group that has put this whole
thing together. So, I say, "Let's Party!"

In conclusion, if you happen to be in the
Denver area, it would be worth your while
to have a meal at Elway’s. You may not get
to meet John himself, but you can expect a
wonderful meal, great service and a relaxing
atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to take the kids!

Reaping the Harvest

Fall Equinox is upon us!!
From Pagan

Reaping the Harvest

The word "equinox" was derived from Latin
term "æquinoctium" which, in turn, came
from "æquus" (equal), and "nox" (night). It
refers to the time that occurs twice a year
when the nighttime is equal to the daytime -each being 12 hours in duration.

By: Crowhawk, Editor-In-Chief

This is a wonderful time of the year! It is a
time of bounty and expectancy. From an
agricultural viewpoint, this is the principle
that every farmer lives by. If their work
only returned exactly what they had planted
in the ground, their labor would be fruitless.
They would never gain anything extra with
which to feed their family or sell for profit.

Autumn Equinoxes Balancing Act
The Fall Equinox is the first day of fall and
signifies the start of shorter days and longer
nights in the Northern Hemisphere. In the
Southern Hemisphere, the opposite takes
place. On this day, both day and night are
equal, with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of
dark. The balance of light and dark also
happens on the Spring Equinox but in the
spring, the days (light hours) become longer
and the nights (dark hours) become shorter.

For example, consider the potential of one
kernel of corn. One kernel of corn will
produce one corn stalk. On the average, each
stalk will produce three ears. The average
ear of corn has 250 kernels, so that a single
kernel of corn will yield a 750% increase.
The harvest is always greater than the seed
planted – whether we are speaking of
agriculture or the things of our lives. We
invariably reap more than has been sown.

Read more about Fall Equinox on!

The Autumn Equinox is a wonderful time to
stop, relax and be happy. Unlike our
ancestors who worked hard by toiling the

Ellen Dugan’s Autumn Equinox
The Enchantment of Mabon

2/3 cup balsamic vinaigrette
8 ounces crumbled cheese (feta, Chèvre-goat
cheese, bleu, etc. depending on your taste)
Cracked black peppercorns

By: Oakmyst

I found this book refreshing. It is not a
typical watered down book like so many I
have read before.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Scatter
the chopped nuts on a baking tray and bake
for 3-4 minutes on the middle oven rack.
Remove the tray from the oven and set the
toasted nuts to the side. Wash the apple and
pear. Don’t peel them, but remove the core
and seeds. Chop half of each fruit and thinly
slice the other half lengthwise. Squeeze the
juice of the lemon onto the other fruit and
toss to prevent discoloration. Reserve the
lengthwise slices for garnish.

Ms. Dugan is not afraid to mention historical
and multi cultural ideas and flavors into this
book on the harvest. The Autumn Equinox is
only the beginning, as she travels the world
from Japan to Greece and to so many other
places. In this book, one will find not just
spells, but information on Deity, both male
and female, and histories and views not
often written.
This book would be useful to anyone
looking for a book to enrich the harvest
season, no matter what their path, but is in
particular useful to the magickal.

Toss all the ingredients except the garnishes
in a bowl with the vinaigrette. Garnish with
the fruit slices. Offer fresh cracked pepper to

Mabon Menu

Recipe-Grilled Kabobs with Seasonal

By: Food Staff

Mixed Greens with Toasted Walnuts,
Pear and Apple

Ingredients (to serve 4 people):
2 pounds pork tenderloin, boneless, skinless
chicken breast or beef roast. Shrimp or
scallops could also be used, but you would
want to wrap them with bacon to avoid
overcooked seafood and undercooked
veggies. Any combination of meats is also

Grilled Kabobs with Seasonal Squash
EZ Crock pot Creamed Corn
Apple Cobbler
Mabon Mock Meade
Recipe-Mixed Greens with Toasted
Walnuts, Pear and Apple

1 each of three types of squash such as
acorn, butternut, eggplant, yellow squash or

Ingredients (to serve 4 people):

12 ounces of fresh, whole mushrooms

4 cups of mixed leafy greens
1 cup of chopped walnuts or pecans
1 red apple
1 pear
1 lemon
1 teaspoon salt

1 large onion
Soak wooden skewers in water overnight or
at least for a few hours. Wash the vegetables
carefully. Do not peel, except for the onion.


Cut the meat and squash into uniform-sized
cubes about 1 inch square. Cut the onion
into wedges. Marinate the meat and veggies
overnight or at least a few hours in fat-free
Italian dressing. Thread the cubes onto the
skewers alternating ingredients but
beginning and ending with a mushroom.
If broiling indoors, place the threaded
skewers in a baking dish or sheet cake pan
and turn frequently until desired degree of
doneness is achieved. These are more easily
prepared on the BBQ grill over medium
heat. The kabobs can also be prepared over a
bonfire if you have the long-handled grill
baskets designed for this purpose.

¼ teaspoon almond extract
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
1 ½ cups sifted flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/3 cup shortening
½ cup milk
1 well-beaten egg
2 tablespoons sugar
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Spray a
8x8x2 inch pan with non-stick baking spray.
Arrange the apples in the bottom of the pan.
Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg,
almond extract, lemon juice and lemon peel.
Sprinkle this mixture over the apples and put
the pan into the preheated oven while you
prepare the shortcake topping. Sift together
the flour, salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar and
baking powder. Cut the shortening into the
mixture until a coarse, crumb-like
consistency is achieved. Add the egg and
milk at the same time. Stir until the flour has
been moistened. Spread the shortcake
mixture over the fruit. Sprinkle with 2
tablespoons of sugar. Bake 35-40 minutes.

Recipe-EZ Crock pot Cream Corn
Ingredients (will serve more than 4 people):
1 large bag of frozen corn
1 8 ounce package of cream cheese
1 stick of butter
Plug in the crock pot and turn to medium
high. Unwrap the cream cheese and butter
and put them into the crock pot. Pour the
frozen corn into the crock pot on top of the
other ingredients. Season with salt and
pepper to taste, and put the lid on the crock
pot. Allow the cheese and butter to melt
before stirring. Turn the heat to low. This
dish is ready to serve when it is heated
through, about an hour.

Note: if you aren’t into baking, a possible
shortcut would be using a product such as
Bisquick for the topping.
Recipe-Mabon Mock Meade
Ingredients (to serve 4 people):
6 cups of hot apple juice
2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
2 teaspoons of honey
½ stick of cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg
Dash of ginger
2-3 whole allspice
2-3 whole cloves
Juice of 1 orange

Recipe-Apple Cobbler
Ingredients (to serve 8 people):
2 cups thinly sliced, peeled apples
½ cup brown sugar
½ teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg


Food for Thought

Mix the honey and syrup with the hot apple
juice until dissolved. Add the spices and let
the mixture infuse like tea until cooled.
Strain off the whole spices. Serve chilled or
warm. A slice of apple or orange could be
used as garnish.

By: Merana

Since I am now on disability leave, it will be
at least a month before I have any more
income. This has me scrambling to cut costs.
The Greater Las Vegas Family Resource
Center has a food bank that serves anyone
who walks through their door. Through
various groups, I have donated much food to
them over the years. It seemed a perfect
solution. I'd use my grocery money to pay
the power bill. I was feeling a bit guilty, but
I resolved to "pay back" the food I took as
soon as I could.

Essential Herbs/Oils of Mabon
By: Mystic Foods Staff

Every Sabbat/Esbat we will be choosing one
herb to "Get to Know". This can either be
an essential oil or a fresh/dried Herb. This
Mabon, We will feature the herb/oil
THYME. There are many different types of
thyme. I love the lemon flavored thyme
myself. In teas, thyme is used to alleviate
colic in children, and is great for use as a
gargle for a sore throat.

When I arrived, they had less food than I did
at home. As I looked at bare shelves in
awed dismay, I realized the food I had could
stretch a month. Not easily, but it could be
done. I couldn't take food out of hungry
children's mouths. I left without any
food, but a greater appreciation for the
blessings I have.

Thyme is also called Thymus Vulgaris, it is
a pale yellow color when an oil, although
red or brown oil of thyme can irritate the
skin and shouldn't be used neat on the skin.
Thyme is usually very gentle on skin, and is
a very effective antibacterial oil and great as
a warming oil in a blend for massage.
Thyme is great for gum and mouth
infections, urinary tract infection, arthritis,
boils and pimples, skin or respiratory
infections and treats bacterial, urinary, and
viral infections. The flowers and leaves are
the part to be used.

When was the last time you looked beyond
your world? This harvest season, I challenge
everyone to visit a food bank, or a homeless
shelter. Look carefully. Then write down
every thing you have that they don't –and
give thanks.

Reaping the Harvest Thoughts
From Our GSW Members

Thyme stimulates a tired mind and improves
memory and powers of concentration. It
also acts as a disinfectant to the respiratory
tract. In times long ago, it helped treat
scabies and lice. In the magickal world,
thyme promotes love/psychic abilities,
heightens empathy and even helps one to rid
oneself of psychic sludge. It is also used
with sage to clear air and spaces of negative

“Leaves turn to colors of Flame adorning the
trees. Dancing in regalia fit for a palace as
their last hurrah. This is what autumn means
to me. Celebrating the bounties of the land
and rejoicing in the last of the summer
warmth. Sharing with friends and family and
giving thanks for all of the fruit the land has
borne us. This is what reaping the harvest
means to me. A ritual of contentment and
appreciation; of endings and death and
dancing the night away to show no


bitterness for the winter's coming. Three
harvest celebrations; one for the beginning
and the anticipation, one for the work and
ripened fruits, and one for the death of the
land and the crossing to the next year.
Reaping the harvest is reward for the work,
the work of life, a graduation party. A
farmer's diploma is her family eating all
winter. She needs no more than that.
Reaping the harvest is the manifestation of
all the autumn stands for. Ending life
successfully, contentment with everything
you have, and excitement for the unknown
that awaits us. Reaping the harvest is a
culmination of a life well lived.”

-Quiet Bear (Prefect, Waters)
“To me 'reaping the harvest' is all about
preparing for winter. Getting those last
summer rays, getting out in the morning to
enjoy the sunrises, *to cold in winter* and
since I don't really have a home garden or
anything I don't really take in food etc.
It symbolizes the end of summer... coming
round to winter... and I guess a time to reap
the rewards of what I’ve worked for.
Summer for me is the 'end' of the year, since
I’m in Australia summer IS the end of the
yr. lol*

-Julia Star (Salamanders)

So autumn = time for planning (what I want
to accomplish by end of the year)

“For me reaping the harvest basically
means- to gather the results of your efforts.
Let me explain. Just as it is with farming,
the things you do in life with yield an
appropriate result. If you plant the seeds of
kindness in those around you by showing
them kindness and lifting them when they
are down, then those whom you have shown
kindness will return the sentiment and assist
you when you are in need. On the other
hand if you sow the seeds of discontent by
showing a cold shoulder to others and
looking down on or turning your back upon
those in need, then when you need their help
the most they will most likely treat you with
the same disrespect in return. I guess what
I’m trying to say is that it all falls back old
the old adage: ‘You reap what you sow.’”

-Huntress (Flames)
“To me this phrase means receiving results
from the efforts you have put forth to
complete a certain task. Getting results
equivalent to the effort you have put into it.”
-Magus (Stones)

Wild About Harry

-Valdis (Winds)
”Okay, to me ‘Reaping the Harvest’ means
getting the results of previous actions. It
could apply to any part of our lives, either
magickally or mundane. I think it's also a
time to discard things that don't work any
more (if at all). This can apply physically,
emotionally or mentally.”

Courtesy of Scholastic Press © 2005

The Spell of The Half Blood Prince


Children Version

Adult Version

By: Solaris, ME
Courtesy of Scholastic Press © 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by
J.K. Rowling tells the story of Harry’s
adventure during his sixth year at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The
Wizards’ War is starting to gain attention by
the muggles. Voldemort and his
Deatheaters are in full swing, and fear is
growing. The Order of the Phoenix is the
shining light in this dark time. A new
Ministry of Magic has been appointed, and
Harry spends his shortest summer at the
Durleys. Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts
includes the new Potions Professor, the new
Against the Dark Arts Professor, Draco’s
mission, Dumbledore’s lessons, and
Voldemort’s life as Tom Riddle. The
identity of Harry’s secret love is unraveled.
All kinds of adventure, magic, and intrigue
are in store as Harry discovers the identity of
the Half Blood Prince. So sit back, relax,
and prepare yourself for a thrill ride aboard
the Hogwarts Express as Harry dives deeper
into the Wizardry world.

Courtesy of Bloomsbury © 2005

Harry Potter Fever in South Africa
or The Lack of…
By: Helega, International Editor

All around the world people were getting
excited and cheerful as they awaited the new
book release of Harry Potter! Here in South
Africa it was different though.
weren’t as much bustle here as in the States
or in Europe. The general feeling before the
release – for those excited – was with much
anticipation. Some couldn’t wait for the
doors to open so they may be the first to buy
this new book. Others turned their backs on
this release and the booksellers as they felt
it’s not worthwhile buying as the contents of
these books are brainwashing our youth and
the rest of society.
Those with open minds and with belief in
magick embraced this day. Others again say
they foresaw a struggle trying to keep this
‘magickal nonsense’ out of their lives.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince cast
its marvelous spell on me, and I read it from
cover to cover in a few days. I enjoyed the
adventure on every enchanted page. As
usual, J.K. Rowling leaves you with more
questions than answers. Harry Potter and
the Half Blood Prince truly

There were some people whose lives seemed
to be in the middle of stagnation. They
embraced the power and magick of the
Harry Potter books, which empowered them
more than they ever, dreamed possible.


The Half Blood Prince from
Around the World!

The world celebrated this day with much joy
and for some, it was truly worth the wait
while for others, it’s just another obstacle on
a path they are trying to keep clear…

Canada’s and England’s
Half Blood Prince Covers

The Translated Versions of
The Half Blood Prince

Its 11:59 p.m. at night on July 15, 2005, and
a hush falls over the crowd in front of a
brightly lit bookstore. Everyone in sight is
dressed in some form of Wizard apparel, as
well as you yourself. You can see the
fluorescent lights reflected in the fake
glasses of the people around you, and the
outlines of the stacked boxes containing the
sixth Harry Potter book.

By: Solaris, ME

On October 1, 2005, the translated versions
of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
will be release. Harry Potter will be
translated into many languages including
French, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, Latin, and

All at once, half a million techno-bleeps go
off as watches mark a new day, and a new
Harry Potter revolution! A mob rushes as
one to be the first to get their hands on the
next masterpiece in the series of a young

Wizardly Thoughts on Harry
From GSW Students

Well, I quite enjoyed Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince. Like its previous
installments, it was well written and the
illustrations were very appropriate.

The Harry Potter books have always been in
the library at my house. Everyone in my
family reads them; my cousins, aunts,
uncles, grandparents, parents, brothers and
sisters. When the very first book came out,
we would all sit in the family room, reading
about Harry’s adventures in an imaginary
school. Everyone talked about it! There
were girls sitting on school benches,
speculating on the physical features of Harry
Potter. Boys talked nonstop about
Quidditch and wished desperately for a
broomstick of their own. The library walls
and computers were plastered with posters
and flyers for book discussions. No doubt
about it; Harry and his friends were

I just wanted to make a comment concerning
the ending, but will not spoil what happens
for those still reading. Yes, we've all heard it
or read it, there is a death at the end. It is
very sad, considering who it turns out to be.
A lot of us wish to think that perhaps it was
a trick or something, but we have to realize
something. In life, death will come to those
we take liking to, whether we are prepared
for it or not. I think it's just one of things
that is horrible, but we have to accept, even
though a lot of us don't want to.
-Gero (Undines)
I enjoyed it a great deal more than the last
book. It had lovely twists and turns,
developed individual characters in
unexpected ways, and had a great surprise
ending! It's wonderful to be surprised and
left desperately wanting to read the next
volume in the series!

When the very first movie came out, the
theaters were in a pandemonium. Lines
stretched for blocks, and many people sat in
the theatre seats, unashamed of their wizard
hats and glasses.

-Lilyth Rose, Prefect of the Winds

There were others not so thrilled with the
new series. Priests, religious fanatics and
icons hosted mass book burnings all over the
world, condemning the popular fantasy book

My Experience with Harry Potter
In the States
By: ShadaKyte


as "Swarming with sin." Whatever
attention, good or bad, the Harry Potter saga
was destined to cause a stir.

than any single movie opening. In it, she
tests the bounds of loyalty and shows what
true friendship is. She also demonstrates
prejudice (against non wizards) and the
harm it can cause. Her skill at the dramatic
is amazing, and readers like me hang on
every word, even reading it for the third
time through. Visit the library; find the
world of wizards to find out for yourself.

Recently the sixth book came out, and I
went to a Harry Potter celebration! It was of
course, required costume, so I got to dress
up in black robes and a scarf! Everything
had a theme! The adults had a bowl of
tequila-punch called The Goblet of Fire! A
pedestal with a rock upon it proclaimed the
stone as the Sorcerers Stone. My personal
favorite- the bathroom building was titled?
Chamber of Secrets!? We had a wonderful
time, with people dancing, talking and
speculating on the next-and last-book in the
series. Everyone is dreading the next book,
because it could possibly mean that it would
be the end of the popular tale. But, if we are
unfortunate enough to have to turn the last
page in the last book, we know that with J.K
Rowling’s style, Harry will definitely go out
in flaming glory.

GSW Submissions
Tides of Life
By: Huntress (Flames)

Mythic creatures and faery come out to play,
for those who are willing to change their
Those who stand tall and open their mind,
will be quite impressed with what they find.
The answers are there for those willing to
as those who are strongest are often the
The humble, loving and willing at heart,
find life will be sweet instead of tart.

Lore Keeper
By: Merana

What makes a good story? A fast and
fascinating tale will always captivate an
audience. Reading has always had the
magickal ability to sweep us off our feet and
show us new worlds. Weaving lessons of
history and life into the tale make it more
than story: it becomes Lore.

The sun always shines for those willing to
As not all answers are in a book.
Life is only as complicated as we deem,
Yet it's not as hard as it may seem.

One of society’s newest Lore Keepers, J. K.
Rowling, is inspiration to us all. This single
mother, through dedication and hard work
has become one of the most popular writers
of our century. Her books have single
handedly rekindled the world’s love of
reading. Through Harry and Hermione she
has also inspired a resurgence of scholastic
studies. Being a “nerd” are now trendy.

Be yourself; individual and free,
The world has endless possibility.
Seek deeper than appearances and what’s at
and soon you shall escape to a new land.

Remedies for Colds & Sore Throats
By: Onyx (Waters)

Her latest book, The Half Blood Prince,
reaped more in sales on opening weekend



1 oz. Fresh Horseradish root
1 oz. Thistle (ground)
1 oz. Elder Flowers (chopped)
Place ingredients in sauce pan in cold water.
Simmer under low flame for 1 hour.
Strain. Best served hot. Add honey to taste.

or in John Dee's "Liber Primus" through
"Quinti Libri", his five books of Enochian
Magick. The Declaration of Independence,
early editions of the Bible, and the Magna
Carta are other examples.
Here is a set of instructions for making a
quill pen that I found very useful from

For Sore Scratchy Throats
3/4 oz. Fresh Colt Foot Leaves
1/4 oz. Irish Moss
same procedure as above
2 oz. Sunflower seeds (ground)

"For normal writing the nib must be carved
to a very fine point. A slit is then put in the
base of the shaft for the ink to travel to the
tip. The goose shaft has the unique
characteristic to hold the ink until light
pressure is applied allowing the ink to flow.
The quill must then be sanded to eliminate
any splattering of ink while writing and to
allow the point to glide smoothly across the
surface. When using the quill pen you
should always clean the ink off the nib after
use. When writing with a quill you should
use a light touch and a slanted hand."

Mix honey and seeds and eat slowly
My Favorite
Pinch of Elderberries
Pinch of chopped Licorice root
1/3 tsp. hops
1/3 tsp. ground marshmallow root
Place ingredients in a tea ball and place in
mug. Pour boiling water over tea ball and let
simmer for 15 minutes, then drink. Repeat
every two hours until symptoms subsides.

Now, with every pen, there is always its
match, ink. Inks have been in use since the
Egyptian times, and most often carbon was
used. Charcoal scrapings from the bottoms
of pans and pots, soot, all of those were in
use as inks for many thousands of years due
to availability and its ability to withstand
time. Other forms used berries, or the 'ink'
sacks of squid, cuttlefish and octopus.

The History of the Quill Pen
By: Stacy (Prefect, Winds)

In the seventh century, and for a thousand
years after, the quill pen was the writing tool
of choice. Post dating the reed pen, this
archaic writing instrument gained its name
from the Latin Penn, which means,
"Feather". A tool that requires much
attention and preening, it takes a lot of skill
to be able to select, clean and cut the nib.
But with this attention to detail comes a fine
marketing point to this day: each quill is as
unique as the writer who wields it.

By 1884, the quill pen had finally been
replaced by the first series of true fountain
pens. Lewis Edson, an insurance broker,
invented it. But come World War II in the
1940's, there was a call for a sturdy pen that
could withstand the heavy ravages of a
combat environment. Joseph Laslo and
Georg Biro rose to the occasion, and
patented their idea, the ball point pen. In the
next sixty years, the world would see a
striking evolution in writing tools. Pens

Some of the most provocative, inspiring
materials ever known were written with the
quill pen. Ancient grimoires, like the
manuscript "The Necromancer's Handbook",

boasting gel inks, pens with rubber grips to
ease writer's crap, and now, pens that require
no grip at all!

themselves, practicing the Dark Arts. It is
possible as we come across energy
vampires, dark magicians, ill directed
voodoo practitioners, or even just the
wicked little cranky neighbor next door, that
these very people are on a path that could, in
some crazy way, still lead to the top of the
mountain of Light. They have to learn their
own, very difficult, lessons. Our job in
defending ourselves and in helping others
who seek our assistance, is to prevent and
heal the damage these people do as they
meander about in negative, dark
places. However, it is not our job to
retaliate. If one who sends out a dark spell
gets it reflected back at them, the damage is
not retaliation, it is a consequence their
choice. If however, we fall into the trap of
additionally sending out a spell to hurt the
person who cast the first dark spell, then we
are no longer in defense. We have become
as they are. When studying the Defense
Against the Dark Arts I have to keep in
mind that one of the best defenses against
Darkness is Light. I need to remain
unclouded by my own hurt, anger, and sense
of injustice. In learning how to defend
against harmful Magick I need to also learn
how to remain compassionate in the midst of
the storm, compassionate towards those who
are being stormed against and
compassionate towards those who have
raised the storm. I need to always remember
that where there is life, there is hope for
greater things - even for that wicked little
cranky neighbor next door!

It's easy to see how the quill has evolved,
but maybe not so easy to see how it changes
our lives today. With a few graceful sweeps,
wars can be started or averted. Love can be
declared. A family can gain a member. A
family can loose a member. So the next time
you pick up your quill, in whatever form it
may be, remember the power that lies
behind it. Follow it up through the ink, to
the hand, and to the mind and spirit that
guides it. As Edward George Bulwer Lytton
(1803-1873) once stated, "The pen is
mightier than the sword!"
accessed on August 13, 2005
accessed on August 12, 2005
mShop/quills.htm Just for fun, accessed
August 13, 2005
/proverbs/the_pen.html accessed on August
13, 2005

Compassion in Defense Against the
Dark Arts
By: Lilyth Rose, Prefect, Society of the Four

When I joined the Defense Against the Dark
Arts Club, I started to reflect on what really
were the Dark Arts and what does it mean to
defend against them? What I came up with
was that the Dark Arts are those things that
manipulate others, that are motivated by
untoward selfish purposes such as jealousy,
anger, hatred and greed. I realized also that
to practice harming none is to have one's
mind always focused on the well-being
of others, including those that are,

Magick Alley
By: Crowhawk

Merry Meet Everyone,
As most of you know, Magick Alley is our
Grey School store. It is where magickal


Magickal Help Wanted

people can come and browse and find many
of their wizard school items.
• Grimoire For The Apprentice Wizard
• Grey School Journals - Beautiful
handcrafted wooden journals with 100
pages of unlined paper. Perfectly suited
for use as a Wizards journal in your
studies at the Grey School, or as your
personal Book of Shadows. Journals can
be upgraded as desired. The product
delivery time is ten business days.
• Books related to school studies
• Statues
• Wizard pendant - Symbol of the Grey
Council and the Grey School of
• Magickal Jewelry
• Grey School T – Shirt
• Plaques
• Staffs
• Wands
• Videos by Ellen Evert Hopman
New House and Lodge Logo Items
• Mouse Pads
• Wall Clocks
• Messenger Bags
• Stickers
• Light Switch Covers
• Throw Pillows
• Mugs
• T- Shirts

The WGM needs to fill the following
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Publications Editor
Publication Staff
International Writers
Arts and Entertainment Writers
News Writers
For information and an application, please
contact Crowhawk and/or Solaris at
[email protected] and/or
[email protected].

Letters to the Editor
The WGM is accepting Letters to the Editor.
Please feel free to send your letters to
Crowhawk and/or Solaris at
[email protected] and/or
[email protected]. Thank you.


There will be new House and Lodge
products up weekly, so keep coming back to
visit the store often. All proceeds from the
House and Lodge items will go directly to
the Grey School Upgrade Fund.

The WGM is currently accepting all
submissions from students and staff. These
submissions can be poems, recipes, essays,
original works of art, etc. Please limit your
submission to 450 words. You can send
your submissions to Solaris at
[email protected]. Thank you.

I got a sneak peak at a sample of the NEW
school rings. These rings are beautiful. You
will be able to pick the color stone that
corresponds with your major at the school.
You will be proud to where these
magnificent school rings! The Headmaster
will let us know when these will be ready
for purchase.

Our Thanks
We, the staff of the WGM, would like to
thank our readers for all your support. If

you have any questions or concerns, please
contact Crowhawk or Solaris at
[email protected] and/or
[email protected]. Thank you.

WGM Staff
Editor-In-Chief: Crowhawk
Managing Editor: Solaris
GSW News Editor: LoreWise
International Editor: Helega
Wizardly Opinion Editor: Paxx
Food Editor: Skye
Copy Editor: Oracle
Magickal Arts and Entertainment Editor:
Publication Editors: Crowhawk & Solaris
News Writer: ShadaKyte
Wizardly Opinion Writer: Merana
Food writers: Luna, Akisho
Magickal Arts and Entertainment Writers:
Lorewise, Oakmyst, StormHealer
Copy Staff: Oakmyst & StormHealer
Advisors: Lady Ravenweed & Moonwriter
© 2005 Published by the Grey School Press


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