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Whispering Grey Matters
Samhain Special Edition

“A Magickal Whisper Spoken in Every Word”

Samhain is on Tuesday, November 1, 2005.
Some traditions begin to celebrate on Samhain Eve,
Monday, October 31, 2005.

October 29, 2005

Enchant the land with amethyst.
Slow, slow!
For the grapes' sake, if they were all,
Whose leaves already are burnt with frost,
Whose clustered fruit must else be lost-For the grapes' sake along the all.

Haappppyy SSaam
mhhaaiinn ffrroom
eevveerryyoonnee aatt W
Whispering Grey Matters!!

History of Samhain
By: Helega Austrinorum Africae, International

Let us go back centuries. Back to when the
Celtic New Year began. It was a time for
both beginnings and endings, through death
in the Winter to the rebirth in Spring. It was
a time of honoring those special memories
of loved ones and ancestors.

By Robert Frost
Submitted by: Crowhawk, Editor-In-Chief

O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow's wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
The crows above the forest call;
Tomorrow they may form and go.
O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled,
Beguile us in the way you know.
Release one leaf at break of day;
At noon release another leaf;
One from our trees, one far away.
Retard the sun with gentle mist;

Samhain was the time when the physical and
Otherworld realms were very closely linked.
Some even said that on the eve of Samhain
there was nothing stopping the spiritual life
from entering ours directly. It was also
noted to have been a “time of no time,”
meaning a time when highly structured and
organized Celts did crazy things. Farmers’
gates were unhinged, people’s horses were
moved to different locations and children
would knock on neighbors’ doors for a treat.
The Celts knew there was a deeper meaning
to this day, and celebrations lasted up to



three days. They knew it was a time when
the veil between this world and the World of
the Ancestors was drawn aside, and the
barriers between the natural and the
supernatural were temporarily removed.
This time was open to all divine beings and
the spirits of the dead moved freely amongst
men. Journeys were made in safety to the
‘other side’ only if they were ritually

Chhiieeff E
Eddiittoorr''ss E
Magick is in the air - it's Samhain! This is a
wonderful time of the year. The last of the
harvest time is over and now it's time to
prepare for the coming winter months.
Samhain is a time when the veil between the
human realm and the spirit world is
heightened, and contact can be made more
easily. It is one of the most magickal
moments of the year. I would encourage
each one to make ready and prepare for a
special magickal time.

The dead were granted a feast and honored.
When Christianity surfaced, this festival was
changed to All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’
Day. It was believed that Christianity was
built on Pagan foundations.
It was said that the original Samhain date
was moved from the 13 May to the 31
October. In Roman times this day was
dedicated to the Lemures: malevolent gods
which drank human blood. It’s also been
noted that Samhain was a day of human
sacrifice (though not without the presence of
a Druid).

This is the second edition of the WGM. Our
last edition was very successful and I am
proud of the hard work that went into it as
well as the hard work for this edition. As
with all things, there is change. I have
found much growth working with each staff
member as we worked to produce these two
editions of WGM. This will be my last
letter as Editor-in-Chief. As per our WGM
policy, my role as Editor-in-Chief is to be
changed every two newsletters. This will
encourage growth for the newsletter, as
others will be invited to fill various positions
on the staff of the WGM, including the
position of Editor-in-Chief. I have enjoyed
working with the staff and I know that the
new staff members will do just fine. I want
to personally thank each one that had put
their confidence in me to fill the role as
Editor-in-Chief. Thank you so much and
many blessings to each one of you and to
those that will be taking our places on the

**Copy Editor’s Note: Only Gaulish Druids
are reputed to have practiced human
sacrifice. And this was for the HunterWarrior tribes which placed emphasis on the
Divine/Slain King Mythos, of which is too
detailed to add here. Perhaps Helega would
like to clarify at this point (?)
Celts thought that the presence of these
Otherworldly spirits made it easier for them
to make future predictions. For some
people, these prophecies were an important
source of comfort as they longed direction
during the long, dark winter.
The Celts wore costumes, mostly consisting
of animal heads and skins. After the
celebration was over, everyone was allowed
to re-light the hearth fires, thus protecting
them during the coming winter.

Blessings, Crowhawk


Maannaaggiinngg E
Myyssttiiccaall T
Greetings all,
Welcome to the special Samhain edition of
the WGM! Samhain has always been my
favorite holiday. It is a holiday in which
magick is afoot, the realms between worlds
are the thinnest, and our ancestors honor us
with their presence.

W SSaam
mhhaaiinn N

We have a real treat for you! This edition is
jam packed with ghosts, stories, haunting
reviews, ghastly foods and tons of magickal
information for your Samhain celebration.

By: Moonwriter
Taken from Wheel of the Year: Mabon and
Samhain Class

Samhain has three main

1. It is the final of the three harvest
festivals—Lughnasadh, Mabon, and
Samhain—and represents the final harvest,
the last breath of life before winter casts its
cold, dark silence over the world. Samhain
stands between the joy of the harvest and the
coming hardships of winter.

Samhain is a time that the Water Lodge’s
motto – life, death, and transformation –
comes to mind. For some of us here at the
WGM, this will be the last edition that we
serve you. I am among the crowd. Please
do not feel sad. Death is a part of life.
Transformation is the result. I have served
you to the best of my ability. I have no
regrets. I assure you that the WGM is in
very good hands. With the bat as my guide,
I am sure that my transformation will be as
exciting as my life here on the WGM train.
We have arrived at my destination. It has
been a pleasure and an honor to serve you
and work with a fine staff. Have fun and
enjoy the thrill within each page!

2. In Celtic traditions, Samhain is the New
Year, and the start of the cyclical year. It is a
time to assess the past year and make plans
for the one to come, as well as for one’s own
personal growth.
3. Samhain is considered to be the most
magickal night of the year, when the veil—
the sidh (pronounced “sheed”) between the
two worlds is at its thinnest. On this night,
time is suspended and spirits and humans
mix freely. The departed ones may be
contacted, and the future may be revealed by
prophecy and divination. It was believed
that the dead could return on Samhain, and
so burial mounds and cemeteries were
opened and lighted with torches. Extra
places were set at the dining table, and
offerings of food left out for hungry spirit

May the Dragons guide you on your path,


In many cultures, the days on and around
Samhain are celebrated in honor of the dead,
as in Mexico’s Dia de los muertos.

Samhain Correspondences
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
Element: Water
Time: Twilight
Psychic Tide: High
Colors: Blue, white, indigo, gray violet,
black, & orange
Guardian Spirit: Shark, salmon, whale,
dolphin, goose, heron
Faerie: Undines, sirens, naiads
Incense: Jasmine, sage, rosemary, camphor
Oils: Lemon, jasmine, rose, geranium
Trees: Rowan, willow, hazel
Gods/Goddesses: Hecate, Cerridwen,
Neptune, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Ran

The holiday was eventually Christianized
(All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, All Saints,
All Souls) as a way of honoring the blessed
dead—those who were hallowed (made
holy) by their obedience to the Christian
What we know today as “Halloween” is a
hybrid of all of the above.
With Samhain’s passing, the gates of winter
open wide, ushering in the spirits of the
Wild Hunt. The Hunters ride their ghoststeeds and gather spirits of all of those who
are passed and still wander. If you feel a
sharp wind on Samhain, it may be the
Hunter’s passing. If you hear a wild
yelping…you may be hearing the
huntsman’s spirit hounds (Otherworldly
animals with white bodies and red ears).

Solitary Samhain Ritual
By: Silver RavenWolf
Submitted by: Crowhawk, Editor-In-Chief

Tools needed:

For more information, please take the class
The Wheel of the Year: Mabon and Samhain
Credits: 2
Year Level: 2+
Teacher: Susan Pesznecker (Moonwriter).
Class Description: The annual cycle of the
seasonal celebrations is variously referred to
as the Sacred Round, the Cycle of Sabbats,
or the Wheel of the Year. The eight spokes
of this Wheel are the Great Festivals, or
Sabbats, which occur at the Solstices,
Equinoxes and Cross-Quarters. This class
will cover two holidays in the great Wheel:
Mabon and Samhain. Mabon occurs at the
fall equinox and celebrates the harvest and
the ending of summer. Samhain takes place
on Oct. 31, and marks the coming of winter
and a time of great spiritual essence, when
the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.

3 candles, any color or shape (2 white)
1 bowl of water
List of those things you are thankful for,
including the rewards and blessings you
have received this year
For the circle casting, stand in the center of
the circle, and say:
I cast the Samhain hedge between the
Be thou the halo of the Goddess
And a protection against all negativity.
Positive energy flows in the name of the
God I hallow this place of Spirit.
For the invocation of deity, sit quietly and
hum to yourself, making up your own little
melody. Envision a hedge around you,
growing and flowering on this autumn eve.

Then stand in the center of the room, and

Light a third candle to signify the dead. For
the Samhain Invocation for a Loved One,
hold both hands out, palms up. Say:

Wise Goddess, veiled Huntress, grant me
your power.
Wise God, Father of magick and the Wild
Waken your wisdom within me.
By the Hidden Mother and the Hooded
Ancestral fire I kindle
Spiritual love I invoke.
(Insert your statement of purpose.)
I come from the Void, and to Her, I shall
Ancient wisdom is my teacher
Fill me with your velvet truth
Grant me your special power.
I know that there is great comfort in eternal
sleep and the dark hours of death.
Tonight I journey there, to meet the ones I
To find wisdom from the ancients
And to rebirth myself again.
(Light two white candles.)

By the threads that still connect us
By the silver cord unbroken
By the love that is eternal
Now (person's name or "my family"), I will
call you
As the Western Gate stands open
To that land of golden sunsets.
In that peace that is unending
In that life that is eternal.
On this night of ancient wonder
Where our souls can join together
I'll close my eyes and see you smiling
As I slowly reach out to touch you
In that land beyond the dawning
Where your journey never ended
Where the pathway still leads upward
On that circle laid through time.
May the moonlight guide your footsteps
May the starlight be your pathway
As we journey to the center
On this ancient night together
When our souls can be united
When our worlds are now the closest
When the silence choirs our love
When the circle is unbroken.

Samhain is the celebration of the final
harvest--the cycle of life and death.
I am joyful in the rewards I have cultivated
this year.
(List your rewards and blessings.)
I stand at the crossroads of yet another year.
I welcome purification and renewal.
(Pour water over your hands and allow all
negativity to leave your body.)
I honor the dark, as the days get shorter and
the nights get longer,
and pledge to use this time for introspection
and planning for the future.
At Samhain, I know that the veils are the
thinnest between the worlds,
and bid my ancestors to visit tonight at my
fires and imbue their wisdom to me.

By the mystery all surrounding
With this breath by which I call you
In the flickering of the firelight
I say your name(s) within my heart
It echoes down through time unending
In the protection of this evening
May your presence wash through me
And together we are one.
You who have passed to another plane
(list friends, relatives, loved ones)
I remember you.
Spend some time meditating, singing, or
drumming. When you feel fulfilled, it is time


to end the ritual. When you have finished,
stand in the middle of the room, and say the
following "Benediction" by David O. Norris:
It is time to bid farewell
As this Samhain passes from us
Soon the dawning will embrace us
And the sunset portal close.
Until the turning of the year
We must part for just a while
Yet I know there is no ending
And the silver thread spins outward
To that place where you are going
Until I travel there to meet you
Or your return upon the autumn,
On this sacred night of Spirits
When we shall meet again.
Blessed be.

By: Moonwriter
For Ritual Poetry 301

On grand October 31
the veil between the worlds is thin.
'Tis on this eve, the legend says,
that we invite the old ones in.

Great Ancestors,
I thank you for joining me this night.
Relatives and loved ones,
I honor you and wish you sleep well.
May you go in peace.
Great Spirit
Stay with me.
Protect and guide me upon this New Year.
So mote it be!

A place at the table, a hallowed meal,
the sideboard groans with our repast.
We set a place with favorite foods
and wait for the old ones to come at last.
With cauldron filled and bonfire lit,
we ready for the midnight hour.
As minutes pass and mists arise,
we open to the old one's power.

Close your eyes and imagine the circle
slowly dissipating. Open your eyes and
allow the candles to burn until they are
finished. Bury off your property.

The hour strikes, the time has comethe night falls dark and quiet and still.
A whisper of leaves, a touch of wind,
The old ones have come to work their will.

RavenWolf, Silver. Halloween: Customs, Recipes &
Spells. Llwellyn Publications. St. Paul, MN. 1999.
Pages 183-186

They leave as softly as they have come,
fading back into the veil.
It's Samhain, you see, the magick night!
We dance and tell the old ones' tales.


The color of magick associated with this
Department is Black, relating to
constricting, binding and Saturnian energies.
As the color of night, black represents
foreboding, fortitude, and consistency
because of the need to “make it through the
darkness.” Black is sometimes used as a
protective color for magickal tools—
especially handles and wrappings. It is also
used when trying to banish a bad habit, turn
negativity, or make drastic life changes.
Black is also, of course, the color of Sorcery
and the “Dark Arts.”
Defense Against the Dark Arts Classes

Witching Hour

Defense Against the Dark Arts 101: Rose
and Thorn
Credits: 1
Year Level: 1
Class Description: (See Grimoire for the
Apprentice Wizard, pp. 299-301)

By: Moonwriter
For Ritual Poetry 301

Wonder where I'll be tonight,
In the silent land of nod.
Taken there by heavy eyes,
Closed against the hours long.
Here the dreams come quick and wise,
Invented tales and mysteries spawned.
Night's denizens, their wits belied-Gathering threads of stories long.
Hovering now, the dreams rely
On whispered shadows, fragile song.
Until the cloak of night's disguise
Renders light, the coming dawn.

If you want reasonable expertise in magic,
you will probably have to work for it. This is
also essential for defense against the Dark
Arts – in order to mount effective defenses,
you need to know something about
visualization, energy manipulation, kitchen
sink Wizardry, etc. This class explains how
to prevent, identify, and solve problems.
Here you'll learn some simple, all-purpose
first aid for magical quandaries.
Credits: 2
Year Level: 2
Class Description: Shielding is an important
basic component of psychic health. Learn
about various kinds of shields and their

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Department Dean: Lady Ravenweed, BA
Welcome to the World of the Dark Arts!
The simplest form of Low Magick is
sorcery, in which a physical act is performed
to achieve a result. Sorcery forms the bulk
of folk magick, and is often referred to as
“Black Magick” or “the Dark Arts.” An
important aspect of this Department is the
Classes in Defense. Also included here are
“Children of the Night,” such as Demons,
Ghosts, Vampires, and Werewolves.

Negative Energy 301: Negative Emotions-The Demons Inside
Credits: 2
Year Level: 3
Class Description: Each of us has felt it: The
clawing beast that lies within each and every
one of us. The dark thoughts, the dark


films are easily available at rental stores and
libraries. *Children of the Night Survey
class must be taken first.

emotions that tear at our insides making us
do things we don’t necessarily want to
do...but, deep down, truly do. Each of us has
felt the temptations that go with these
thoughts--destructive thoughts, horrible
ideas and feelings that are difficult to cope
with and to understand. Emotions such as
Fear, Rage, Sloth, Depression--emotions and
thoughts that people often consider evil.
Whether we like to admit it or not, such
emotions are part and parcel of our existence
upon this material plane...we are human, at
least in form, and so these emotions are
going to exist. In this class we are going to
take a brief look at the dark emotions:

Identifying Psychic Attack
Credits: 2
Year Level: 4
Class Description: In this class, we will
discuss both common symptoms of actual
attacks and those of “look-alikes” that
should be handled differently. I will also
give suggestions as to the basics of dealing
with these various sorts of issues.
Prerequisites: “Defense Against the Dark
Arts 101,” “Core Energy Practices,” and

Children of the Night Survey class
Credits: 2
Year Level: 1
Class Description: (See Grimoire for the
Apprentice Wizard, pp. 296-299)

Harry Houdini (1874-1926)
By: Paxx, Opinion Editor

Class Description: In this Class we will
study those monsters who haunt our
nightmares and scary movies, on the
borderlands between the living and the dead:
Ghosts, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves,
Zombies, and Ghouls. All of these have one
foot in our reality, and the other in the
worlds beyond. This class is a general
survey class and covers only a small amount
of the information available on each topic.
This class is required before you may take
the Creatures of the Night class.

Harry Houdini is probably historically the
best-known illusionist/escapist or Orange
Magician ever, in part because of his
success and fame both in the US and in
Europe. Harry Houdini is to some degree
where all of today’s Stage Magicians
(Orange Magic) can trace their lineage and
or influence to.
Harry Houdini was born on March 24,
1874 in Budapest, Hungary with the name
Ehrich Weisz. His Family moved to the
US in 1876 after his father started serving
as a Rabbi in Appleton Wisconsin.

Creatures of the Night
Credits: 3
Year Level: 4
Class Description: In this Class we will
study those monsters who haunt our
nightmares and scary movies, on the
borderlands between the living and the dead:
Ghosts, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves,
Zombies, and Ghouls. All of these have one
foot in our reality, and the other in the
worlds beyond. This class is very writing
intensive and involves reading a number of
books and watching films. All books and

At age twelve, he ran away from home on
a freight train. For almost a year, he was
away from his family. He rejoined them
after they had moved to New York City.
Around this time (age twelve), Ehrich
picked up an interest in stage magic. His
hero, at the time, was the French Magician
Robert-Houdin, where the name Houdini
came from. At age seventeen he began

performing professionally to small crowds
at civic events. Theo (his younger brother)
and Harry would perform as many as
twenty shows each day as "The Houdini
This ended when Ehrich (Harry Houdini)
met his wife to be. Her name was Beatrice
Raymond. She was a young singer and
dancer also trying to make it in show
business. Remember there was no TV or
radio at this time.

the next) that he sustained in other shows
and outside the shows. These ties with the
fact that he was unwilling to cancel any
scheduled shows for a rest or a trip to the
Houdini is one of those mythical figures of
the early twentieth century, I try not to
find out too much about them. When I do,
I always am more impressed with who
they where as people then the reasons we
know there names.

After joining a circus and improving his
acts, some including his wife. They
decided to risk it all and go to Europe.
They booked passage on a ship (air planes
would not exist for another 3 years yet)
and had enough for a week to live on. He
did pretty well for a while, but his biggest
break came from him escaping after being
handcuffed and wrapped around a pole in
Scotland Yard (London's Police
headquarters). After this event, the shows
were sold out and had bigger venues.

For more information, visit the pages I
reviewed for most of this information:

Solomon (970-928 BCE)
By: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster
From the Wizards of History 101: Archaic Class

Solomon was King of Israel in the 10th
Century BCE, and the builder of the Great
Temple. Renowned for his wisdom and
wealth, and his long and prosperous reign,
Solomon flourished in legend as a master
Wizard who controlled all demons by the
power of his magic ring; it was said he
employed them in building the Temple. The
Key of Solomon and other magical texts
were attributed to him.

Harry Houdini stayed in top physical
shape. He practiced in an oversized
bathtub, which gave him the ability to hold
his breath for very long periods of time.
He was incredibly fit in all aspects and did
not drink alcohol or do drugs of any type.
After his mother died, Harry spent some
time debunking "spiritualists". He never
found someone who could in his eyes and
legitimately channel his mother. After that,
he made it his personal mission to seek to
expose what he felt was a fraud. He loved
his mother deeply and many said he was
never the same after her death.

Solomon’s several political marriages to
foreigners made him sympathetic toward
their culture and religious practices. Visits
by foreign dignitaries—the most famous
being the Queen of Sheba—also had a deep
influence in Jerusalem and the royal palace.
Around Solomon himself there sprang up a
legend of extraordinary kingly splendor and
superhuman wisdom and wizardry.

Harry Houdini died on the afternoon of
Halloween of 1926. The cause
"peritonitis" because of a bust appendix
that he probably did not notice due to
many other injuries (one seeming to cause

According to Jewish Talmudic scholars,
Solomon mastered the mysteries of the
Qabalah. He was also an Alchemist and
necromancer (foretelling the future through


The goal of this class is to provide the
student of Wizardry with the basic
understanding of the history of magick and
the people in it. By the time you finish this
class, you will have explored the life,
accomplishments, and wisdom of famous
Wizards who lived as the Archaic.

communication with the dead). He was said
to be able to control demons, and from them
and other inhabitants of the invisible world
he secured much of his wisdom. Talmudic
legends tell how the wise monarch exercised
dominion over the beasts of the field, the
birds of the air, and assorted demons and
supernatural spirits.
Concerning Solomon’s supernatural powers,
the historian Josephus writes in his Eighth
Book of the Antiquities of the Jews “Now the
sagacity and wisdom which God had
bestowed on Solomon was so great that he
exceeded the ancients, in so much that he
was in no way inferior to the Egyptians, who
are said to have been beyond all men in
understanding. God also enabled him to
learn that skill which expelled demons,
which is a science useful and sanative to
him. He composed such incantations also by
which distempers are alleviated. And he left
behind him the manner of using exorcisms,
by which they drive away demons, so that
they never return; and this method of cure is
of great force unto this day.”

mooiirree ooff M
Solomon the Wise and His Seal
By: Crowhawk, Editor-In-Chief

Symbolism: Star of David or Solomon's Seal
‫ناميلس متاخ و دوواد ةمجن‬

There are many mysteries that
surround the Seal of Solomon. In order to
appreciate the meaning(s) of the Seal, I will
give you just a little background of the
person himself.

Solomon was called Sulaiman by the Arabs,
who enhanced his magickal reputation into
that of the greatest Wizard of all time. The
Islamic Qur’an relates that King Sulaiman’s
mastery of the languages of all creatures
allowed him to regiment the hosts of
humans, birds and Djinns (“Genie”) under
his command—particularly for his ambitious
and demanding construction projects. “They
made for him what he pleased of fortresses
and images, and bowls large as wateringtroughs and cooking-pots that will not move
from their place.”

Historical background
From an historical view, Solomon is
considered one of the most wisest, noble and
magnificent kings in history. He followed
the throne after his father David and began
to reign over the most powerful and
wealthiest kingdom in that time.
It is stated that Israel's God had come to him
in a dream and allowed him to ask him for
anything that he wanted. Solomon asked for
wisdom, and it was granted to him. As an
added benefit, because he asked for wisdom
and not wealth, he was also given much
wealth to aid him in his reign in the
kingdom. The Seal of Solomon was
associated with Solomon, son of David. He

Wizards of History 101: Archaic (1+) (2
Teacher: Professor Solaris Kirby, BA
Class Description: (see Grimoire for the
Apprentice Wizard, pp. 331-333)

would be our last publication of
"Whispering Grey Matters", page 10.

is seen as a prophet, as well as a great
miracle maker and perhaps today, some
would have called him a wizard.

Zell-Ravenheart, Oberon. The Grimoire for the Apprentice
Wizard. New Page Books.
Franklin Lakes, NJ. 2004

There is so much more information
regarding Solomon and his reign, but I leave
that to you, the reader, to do further research
to better understand the person, his reign and
his ending. A good place to start would be
in our textbook Grimoire for the Apprentice
Wizard, pages 27 and 332.
Seal of Solomon ‫ناميلس متاخ‬
The Star of David/Solomon's Seal, is a sixsided star or hexagram consisting of two
interlaced triangles. Legends have it that the
Seal of Solomon was a magickal signet ring
that the king possessed which was to contain
magickal powers to command demons and
talk with animals as well as among other
things. In some stories the ring, which was
supposed to have been given from heaven,
was forged of brass and iron with carved
names of God and set with four jewels. The
brass part of the ring signed his commands
to the "good jinni (genie/genii)" and the iron
signed his commands to the "evil jinni
(genie/genii)." The jewels were supposed to
have come from four different angels, and
that he set these jewels in one ring, so that
he could control the four elements. Other
stories have it that it simply bore what is

W SSttuuddeennttss’’
mhhaaiinn C
“I generally meditate in a consecrated circle,
perform the daily banishings, and do an
extra-long tarot divination. I have also used
a black mirror to good effect on this day.
Candy is nice, too.”
- Amra (Stones)
“During the month of October, and most
especially on Halloween, as a child I would
find myself forgetting that I was separate
from the autumn wind, which crackles with
great torrents of magick (I am sure of that
now). My experience with the autumn wind
was really the first time where I felt
connected with everything, though I never
entirely formulated that thought until now.
For some reason, the entire month of
October has always felt hushed and holy to
me. At this time of year, I can't shake the
feeling that the Earth has become a
cathedral, and that we sit in her vastness
surrounded by great invisible companies,
both human and Otherworldly.

called the Star of David,
with the two
interlocking triangles forming a star with six
rays. For a more detailed information on the
Star of David/Solomon's seal, please check
In Western legends, however, it is the
pentacle, or "druid's foot," that represents
the seal. This figure, called the "pentacle"

This year, during my first celebrated
Samhain, I will find a large field,
surrounded by woods, where the wind is
unfettered. There I'll meditate on the here-

of Solomon, was supposed to have the
power of driving away demons. For further
study on the pentacle, a good place to start


brother and I do chores for her and she gives
us each a little something for it.

and-now so that I might understand the
dusky secrets she (the wind) whispers. I will
melt out of my consciousness and return, for
awhile, to where I came from and to where I
will go.”

Because this is the season that I'm more
connected with, I'll probably find a place to
celebrate outside. That's something I have to
do before then (that and plan out how I'm
going to conduct my ritual).”

- Hikari the Black (Stones)

-Gero (Undines)

“We have our various spiritual celebrations
here. The magical side of things typically
includes divination -- I bring out Tarot decks
and stuff for people to explore -- and trance
work. Those are easier when the VeilBetween-Worlds is thinner.”

Haauunnttiinngg E
Arroouunndd T
Thhee G

- Elizabeth Barrette

Samhain in South Africa

“My family and I will go out to the
gathering and celebrate Samhain. We
sometimes bring pictures, or papers to write
down the names of our ancestors or our
loved ones that have passed on. We thank
and bless them as they continue to live on.
We will receive gifts (presents) for us adults
and for the children. We will listen to a
speaker that will share information about
Samhain and its history, including subjects
such as how to call the quarters and so on.
With the celebration nearly over, we will go
outside and sing together to honor the dead.
It will be a wonderful moment to celebrate

By: Helega Austrinorum Africae,
International Editor

This was a very interesting article to write. I
have learned so much about my own country
and people. I have never known what it was
like to celebrate Samhain (or Halloween) as
a child. This was truly an experience.
Hailing from South Africa – situated in the
Southern Hemisphere – we do not share the
same seasons as the countries in the North.
We do enjoy the 31 October festivities that
are shared around the world, though South
African Pagans and other magickal folk
celebrate this day on the last day of April,
which is the start of our winter. The African
cultures call their celebration Los Muertos
meaning The Day of the Dead. They
celebrate this day in early April.

- Myrddin Earth Dragon (Stones)
“I'm thinking what I'm going to do is cast a
circle and invite my deceased Great
Grandfather. This would be a great time to
talk to him since I didn't know him too well
when he died. He died September 11, 1996.
I was six at the time. I spent time at my
Great Grandparent's house, but I was young
so I didn't know enough to take advantage of
that time. His wife, my Great Grandma, is
still alive. I see her every Saturday. My

Normally the celebration is done in one of
two ways, though not limited to them. The
first one would be a ritual. All would call
on the Gods and Goddesses. Spirits
representing the four elements will be called
to attend the ritual. While burning incense
inserted into an apple will honor the dead,


What is the story behind The De Deer
Ghost? A group of friends were driving
motorcycles on this road waiting for another
friend to join in. They wanted to play a joke
on the friend they were waiting for. They
spun a rope over the road in order to stop the
motorcycle. When the friend came driving
along, he drove at the speed of light and
beheaded himself. He was so angry with his
friends that he is still taking revenge after
nearly 50 years since the accident.

this also meant as an offering. A candle will
be lit to guide those whom have passed to
their destination. A period of silence will
follow to honor and show respect. The last
period within this ritual is to show
thankfulness. The circle will be opened and
everyone will join in the festive meal.
Though not very popular, a second way is
by having a silent dinner. Everyone will get
together at someone’s house. Everybody
will be called to the table where a glass of
preferred drink is passed around the table.
All will take a sip and then light their own
candle and incense, situated in front of them
on the table. Each person will bow his or
her head for a few seconds. At this stage, the
meal will be served. The whole dinner is
completed in silence. After each person has
finished their meal, the glass of preferred
drink will be passed around the table once
again to close the dinner ritual. People will
then celebrate the rest of the day as they

The Cauld Lad of Hylton Castle
Hylton Castle, Sunderland, England
This ghost story was an offering to the Grey
School from Nimue, Havelock, NC. She
offered this one by saying: “I only know it
because it’s my families legend! LOL!” ~
Thank you Nimue, my dearest friend…
This ghost is a young boy carrying his head
under his arm, causing havoc in the kitchen
of the Hylton Castle. As good poltergeists
do, the Cauld Lad’s favorite pastime was to
throw dishes, plates and pewter. He only
reacted this way when the kitchen staff left
the kitchen tidy. After realizing this, the
kitchen staff left the kitchen untidy for him
to clean it. Sometimes when he got bored,
he would go down to the river and
impersonate the boatman. He will accept
the fares then leave the passengers stranded
in the centre of the river. This boy’s pranks
ended on the day when the domestic
servants presented him with a green cloak
and hood, which they placed before the
fireplace in the kitchen, and at midnight, he
appeared taking the garments and suddenly
disappeared with these last words:

To the ones that have passed and yet be…

Ghosts Around the World
By: Helega Austrinorum Africae,
International Editor

The De Deer Ghost
De Deer, Meyerton, South Africa

When you drive on this specific road and
flash your car’s headlights, a circle of light
will appear on the furthest end of the road
and move towards you with the speed of
light. A police officer once mentioned that
the light went through the police car and
burnt the interior of the vehicle as well as
part of his shoulder.
The light will

“Here’s a cloak and here’s a hood,
the Cauld Lad o’Hylton will do no more
What is the story? He was a stable boy and
was slain by a baron of Hylton in the


sixteenth century. The poor boy was
unfortunate: he had been caught napping by
the temperamental lord and it was he whom
– in a fit of rage – brutally struck the boy
with a pitchfork killing him instantly.

Celebrations of Samhain
By: Helega Austrinorum Africae,
International Editor

Confirming References:

For many it is a celebration of honoring the
dead (although not limited to it). Samhain is
also a time for letting go of one’s inner
demons and refreshing the body, mind and
soul with the purest energy available.

For more detail on this amazing story

Ghost on Gnu Valley Farm
Muldersdrift, Gauteng, South Africa

Most people celebrating this day will
decorate their homes in the spirit of the
season. Their decorations may consist of
black cats, witches, pumpkins and any other
item related to the day.

My own brother saw this ghost and I
personally saw its destructive behavior.
One night my brother, Schalk went to his
room – an old cellar underneath the house.
He fell asleep and after awhile something
woke him. He felt a chill in the room, even
though it was midsummer. He turned
around and saw a figure of a man with a
black suit against a wall. He was frightened
and threw a small cushion at the figure. It
went right through him. The man started
laughing at him and all you could see was
snow-white teeth. He threw another one,
and this ghostly man laughed even harder.
My brother turned around and pulled the
covers over his head while throwing the last
one. He kept that way until the chilly
feeling went away. The next morning, when
he woke, those cushions were torn and the
cushion’s insides were laying all over his
room and outside forming a trail…to
What’s the history behind this ghostly man?
We could never find out who this man could
have been… though thinking about it, it
might be the man who started building the
house, but was killed in a car accident
before he could finish it.

Big family altars are another option.
Decorate the altar with symbols of the
season, related deities, spirit angels and even
photos of departed ones. You may also
want to add fall leaves, pomegranates and
jewelry of departed ones. Almost anything
can be placed upon this altar. Children may
even like to draw some pictures and place
them on the altar. Candles are another
option and should be left to burn out
I know most children enjoy making their
own pumpkins. For me, this is necessary for
any Samhain celebration. Involve your
children in making some special treats. Let
them get their hands dirty while you explain
to them the history behind this wonderful
day. Children can make their own witch’s
cords – which is an expression or hope for
the New Year – and even their own wands.
It is a brilliant time of the year to make use
of your creative abilities.
Storytelling goes hand-in-hand with this
day. Children gather around the eldest
member of the family, listening to their
stories of life and history. While we listen

wonderful gifts. “Life is not the moments
we breathe, but the moments that take our
breathe away.” It is those moments in
which legends are born and we are
remembered long after we are gone. This is
a far greater achievement than living

to these – sometimes-true stories – we honor
the dead by thinking about them. Never
allow any memories to fade.
Another way of celebrating Samhain is by
leaving the doors and windows open so as to
allow the dead to pass through the house
without getting confused or lost.

Death is a natural part of the cycle of life.
Death teaches us that all things must come
to an end. However, death also teaches us
that not only does everything have an end,
but it is also has a beginning. Death helps
us to gain the experiences which lead us to

Personally, this is a time to spend with
family and loved ones. It is a time we get to
think about our own lives, our moralities and
It is a time to be…

Death is not always physical. It exists on
many levels. The deaths of a job, of a grade
level, or of an era are but a few examples of
how death is a part of our daily lives. Death
helps us to transform into better people.


mbbss ooff tthhee
Apppprreennttiiccee M

Death makes us confront our fears head-on.
People don’t like change. One of the most
powerful totems, the bat, can help people
face their fears. In the movie Batman
Begins, Bruce Wayne feared bats. Usually
the animals you fear the most turn out to be
your most powerful allies and are beneficial
to you. In the case of Bruce Wayne, the bat
was his power totem. The bats warned him
of change – the death of his parents. It took
many years for Bruce to face, embrace and
then become his fear. Once he did, Bruce
became Batman, who became a powerful
being that struck fear in the hearts of
criminals in Gotham City.

Death and Fear
By: Solaris, Managing Editor

“No man should be afraid to die, who hath
understood what it is to live.”
- Thomas Fuller
Death is the one thing that men fear the
most. Why? Death is nothing more than a
change. It is the unknown that people fear.
People should not be afraid of the unknown.
The only thing that people should fear is fear
itself. Fear limits the mind. It is fear that
keeps us from growing, learning and
understanding ourselves as well as the world
we live in.

When a bat has come into your life, it is
telling you to face your fears and prepare for
death: a change. Death and transformation
are not negative things for “they are not
triggered from without, but from within.”
Remember with every death there is a
rebirth. Bats represent death perfectly for
they are nocturnal mammals. The “night

It is such a shame that men are on this Earth
for such a short time, and it is their fear that
keeps them from experiencing all of her


targets. Lycanthropy is a mental disease: the
victim believes they are a werewolf. Baying
at the moon, walking on all fours, furiously
attacking humans, and eating raw meat are
common. Porphyria is a rare genetic
disease: accompanied by extreme sensitivity
to light, discoloration of the skin, breakdown
of the cartilage (such as ears and nose), a
severe overgrowth of hair, and mental
disturbance. Rabies is contracted by being
bitten and causes frothing at the mouth,
bleeding gums, and psychotic tendencies.

was considered the home of fears. Home
fires and lights are often used to chase back
the night and the fears rather than facing
them and transmuting them.”
I challenge you to face, embrace and then
become your fears! Expand your mind!
Don’t let fear and death close it! Remember
death helps us to grow, learn and understand
ourselves and the world we live in. As
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our fear of
death is like our fear that summer will be
short, but when we have had our swing of
pleasure, our fill of fruit and our swelter of
heat, we say we have had our day.”

Mental disease explains the strange
behavior, but it fails to answer the questions
of those who have seen a werewolf change.
Legend states change can occur by several
means. I divide these into two categories:
curse and choice. A cursed werewolf has no
control or memory of the wolf’s actions.
This curse is caused by being born on the
wrong day or of the wrong parents, or being
bit by a werewolf. Werewolves by choice
show a seedy and selfish nature even in
human form. This is accomplished by a
spell, a magick belt or fur, or a devil’s

Andrews, Ted. Animals Speak. Llewellyn
Publications. St. Paul, MN. Pages 248-250.
Smith, Will. Hitch. Sony Pictures Releasing. 2005.

Animalistic Fascinations
By: Merana

Humans have an odd fascination with being
scared. Monsters hold a special attraction,
especially at this time of year. Werewolves,
for example, have been reported on every
continent from before writing began to
modern day. There is a prehistoric cave
carving of a werewolf and an account in
Judeo-Christian scriptures (Daniel 4:15- 33).
These accounts continue: during the 1920s,
hunting parties were formed in Wales;
During World War 1 soldiers in Germany
reported sightings; in 1989 a sighting hit a
local Wisconsin paper; in 1991 a multiple
sighting occurred on the outskirts of

Legends agree on two points: behavior and
death. Normal wolves travel in family units,
mate for life, rarely attack humans and only
kill for food or territory defense. In contrast,
werewolf behavior is vicious, lending
credence to the theory of mental illness.
They delight in the kill, especially humans,
and often do not finish eating a kill.
Werewolves travel alone and tend to kill or
leave their mates upon discovery. To kill a
werewolf, get a bit of silver into his/her
body; silver bullets, injected silver nitrate, or
silver knives all report to work well.
So do werewolves exist? As with all
legends, they must have started somewhere,
and hold at least a grain of truth. The sheer
numerousness and variety of location and

Modern science discounts these legends.
Rationalists blame bandits, hallucinogenic
drugs or disease. Unscrupulous folks used
werewolf hysteria to strike fear into their


lanterns with faces carved into them, to
scare off the ghosts. The ghosts would think
that it was other spirits guarding the house.
They would also leave sweets as bribes for
the spirits to leave them alone."

time suggests there is something scary out
there. The similarities in the tales told
throughout the world lead me to believe.
Do you?

Now this is not entirely correct, but it led me
to the question about Jack-o-Lanterns. I
think it was because I wanted to carve the
pumpkins we had growing in the back yard,
but it was still about a week too early.
His response was. "The legend goes that
there was this man named Jack, and that
Jack first made a deal with the devil, but
then he tricked the devil. Being that you can
not trick the devil, well you might be able
to, but the devil has been around a long
time, and he has heard them all. But because
of this, Jack was stuck on this world after he
died. And on Halloween, Jack would scare
everyone he could. So, people made these
faces in vegetables to trick him into
haunting the vegetables. They did not use
pumpkins until the Irish came to the
Americas (mostly the US)".

Jack-o-Lantern and My
By: Paxx, Opinion Editor

I start this with two questions I asked my
father some twenty years ago.
”Where does Halloween come from?” As he
answered I asked a lot of why's.
At another point, perhaps the next day, I
asked him, "Why are Jack-o-Lanterns
named that?" I was about eight or nine at the

Now in doing research for this article, I was
planning to give more accurate of a history.
Ultimately, I think this is more fitting, as
part of Samhain or other traditions in this
time of the year to remember the things of
the past.

His answers are still valid. After all these
years, as much as I love to learn where he
was wrong, he was not too far off.
I do not remember his answers word for
word, but here is how I do remember the

Parents are not always the all knowing
people we think them to be or that we
want them to be. While we have the
internet now, information on it can be
incorrect. The things we must remember
are our parents are who they are, we are
who we are because of them. This is a
good time of the year to remember that
and thank them for doing the best they
know how with us. I am not sorry in
remembering these lunch conversations
with my father.

"Halloween came from Ireland, but that was
not always the word for it, they had more
tribal names for it. The reason for the day
was because it marked the beginning of
when the nights got longer, it got colder and
darker. They thought that their dead of that
year would come out for one last night and
finish any unfinished business before
moving on. And as far as business, well it
means the bad kind. So people left vegetable

supernatural entities that go bump in the

Some Sources you may want to look at for
further reading on Jack-o-Lanterns

It is interesting that the show uses regional
legends and folklore for their supernatural
entities. This uniqueness keeps the viewer
interested. The show does have its
Hollywood flash and style. I recommend
the show as entertainment with some facts
mixed in. I am giving the




Starring: Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles


Supernatural appears on Tuesday nights at 9
pm on the WB.
“I like the new show Supernatural and have
been pleasantly surprised at the research
they must have done for it.”
- Kalla (Stones)

Haauunnttiinngg A
Arrttss aanndd
SSppooookkyy E

“I love the TV series, Supernatural!”
- Paige (Undines)

Whispering Grey Matters
Critic Scale

The Thrilling New Series

Corpse Bride Movie
Review (note: Not Many Spoilers)
By: Majashia


Tim Burton’s new movie Corpse Bride is a
family-friendly, small town gothic fairy tale.
While there exists a plentitude of Samhainthemed movies and television, and the
horror industry almost always makes money
from new releases, there is often a distinct
lack of Samhain-themed media that can
invite a younger crowd (rather than scaring
them off!). Corpse Bride has a friendly
look: plentiful number of puns, jokes, and
interrelation between the living world and
the world below, while also containing a
number of moral messages for teens and

By: Solaris, A&E Editor

The Warner Brother’s new television series
Supernatural is about two brothers named
Dean and Sam Winchester, whose mother
and Sam’s girlfriend were killed by a
supernatural entity. Their father is missing.
So the brothers travel across country in a
1967 Chevy Impala searching for their
father, and also for the killer of both their
mother and Sam’s girlfriend. On their
travels, they come across ghosts and other


an accurate depiction of the Underworld (or
what occurs after death) and is not intended
to accurately teach children about becoming
a wizard, it is nonetheless entertaining and
non-threatening, has a strong gothic
Samhain theme, and may inspire some new
costume and decoration choices.

adults. This review will focus on three main
themes that link Corpse Bride to Samhain:
shape, color, and symbols.
The shapes in Corpse Bride are rounded,
smooth, and soft, even if the figure
portrayed is ragged or uneven. Similar to
Nightmare Before Christmas, in which Jack
stands on a spiral hilltop while singing,
spiral shapes are prevalent in Corpse Bride
in plants, trees, and in both towns. The main
characters are younger and rounder than
their older counterparts. But the sharpest
features are most distinguishable in the
parents and the villain.

“I actually had a slight tear at the end of the
movie...I loved it! Tim Burton is a great
artist in his own way and is very creative...
he’s made all of my favorite movies!”
- Delano the Grey (Sylphs)

The Overworld is drab and uninviting in
terms of color. Within houses there are few
candles and decorations. Rooms are large
and dark, implying cold, empty, and lonely,
while the costumes of characters vary more
in terms of shape than in color. The colors
in the Underworld are also mostly dark and
drab. Lanterns shine and have shadows, and
the Corpse Bride herself has a pale-bluish
tint that provides contrast and visibility.

Dead Like Me
A Series About Life After Life
By: Solaris, A&E Editor

Dead Like Me: Season II, Showtime’s
original series, has ascended to DVD. The
series is about a girl named George who was
killed when the space station exploded; the
toilet seat from the station came down and
landed on her. George became a “Grim
Reaper,” and the series focuses on her

Three symbols used in Corpse Bride relate
to Samhain: skulls, the Underworld and the
undead. Skulls are used as decorations
(often a worm-house) and are used to
decorate a cake. Their expressions are soft
in this movie. The Underworld is a town
below, where spirits rest in varying degrees
of peace. In this movie, the Underworld
also provides opportunities for socializing
and recreation. The undead are often
portrayed as wanting the living to join them,
or to possess the living in some way. In
Corpse Bride, the undead are friendly, have
a sense of humor, remember their lives in
the Overworld, assume (but do not insist)
that all among them are dead, and in some
cases are even helpful.
In conclusion, Corpse Bride is suitable for
an audience of varying ages. While it is not

Season two expands to the other “Grim
Reaper” characters. Roxy becomes a police
officer. Rube’s previous life begins to affect
the present. Daisy has to deal with a
stocker. Mason deals with the transitions of
his life. George, in her second year as a
Reaper, struggles to balance her life as she
begins to understand the meaning of death.
The show is excellent. Using humor, the
show teaches the importance that death is a
part of the cycle of life. It also teaches that
life goes on. The series has a unique


out with Henri, Bruce returns to Gotham
City, where he discovers that he has been
declared legally dead while Wayne
Enterprises is going public. With the help of
Alfred (Michael Caine), Lucius Fox
(Morgan Freeman), Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary
Oldman), and Rachel Dawes (Katie
Holmes), Bruce becomes Batman, takes
back Wayne Enterprises, and saves Gotham
City from the League of Shadows.

perspective on human’s fears and views on
I highly recommend the series. Due to its
use of colorful metaphors, parents may not
want their young children (under 16)
watching the series. The series truly


Unfortunately, although the series was
nominated for awards many times during its
two-year reign, Showtime cancelled the
series after its second season because it did
not win any.

To those true Batman fans out there, this
movie does not go along with the comics.
However, it is an excellent story about how
one man took control of is life and made
something of his self. This is a story about
overcoming your fears and standing up for
your beliefs. I recommend this movie, and

Starring: Ellen Muth
Mandy Patinkin
Jasmine Guy
Laura Harris
Callum Blue

gave it


On Tuesday, October 18, 2005, Batman
Begins comes out on DVD.

“Dead like me is a really good series,
although a black comedy brings to light a lot
of curious notions about the afterlife, and the
grim reapers. I enjoy it.”
- Ravenshadow (Stones)

Starring: Christine Bale
Michael Caine
Liam Neelson
Morgan Freeman
Gary Oldman
Katie Holmes

Batman Begins Flies to DVD
By: Solaris, A&E Editor

Silver Ravenwolf’s Book of

Batman Begins is the story on how Bruce
Wayne (Christine Bale) transforms into
Batman. The story begins with a young
Bruce Wayne feeling the guilt and anger of
his parents’ death. After the death of his
parents’ killer, Bruce Wayne disappears and
ends up in a Tibetan prison, where he meets
Henri Dawes (Liam Neelson). After Bruce
is released from prison, Henri takes Bruce
under his wing and begins training him to
not only defeat his childhood phobia (bats),
but also to become his fear. After a falling

By: Solaris, A&E Editor

Silver Ravenwolf’s Halloween is a great
source on information on many aspects on
Samhain and Halloween. She covers the
history of the holiday including how the
holiday arrived here in the United States.
Ravenwolf discusses many customs and
traditions including the jack-o-lantern, trickor-treat, masks and costumes. She includes
a section on the myths and superstitions of


multiple life readings, despite the fact that
the Enterprise's sensors detect only the
second landing party. Seeing a small
pathway through the fog, they begin
walking. Spock detects an energy force
ahead that begins to make a howling noise.
Three witches arrive, with pale, contorted
features, black garments, hovering above the
ground. The party is warned to leave the
planet immediately or else face a curse.
After other mourning, the witches disappear,
and a strong wind blows the group back to
their landing point. Spock is asked to report
on what the group has observed, and
comments on the bad poetry, then reports
that the witches were in fact not real, but
pure illusion.

Halloween. Casting of Lots, Circle of Ashes
and Stones, and pumpkin seed divinations
are just a few of the many types of
divinations Ravenwolf mentions. There are
several quick simple food recipes that are
delicious. There is a section for magick and
honoring the dead. This book is an excellent
read particularly for those who don’t know
and/or understand what the holiday is about.
Ravenwolf’s Halloween has earned

Teaser - Star Trek Original Series:
2nd Season, “Catspaw” (#30)

Looking around, they see a structure that
resembles a medieval castle. Kirk surmises
that Mr. Sulu and Scotty must have lost
contact with the ship upon entering that
structure, and the second landing party must
follow in order to rescue them. Upon
entering the castle, Kirk says “Trick or
Treat.” Spock is unfamiliar with the
reference, and Kirk and McCoy muse that
Spock would be a natural. Halfway down
the corridor, a black cat catches the group’s
attention, crosses their path, and runs off.
The group follows, exploring the cobwebdraped interior, remarking how the
proportions, material, and look match a
gothic castle. Kirk wonders whether
someone is attempting to communicate
directly to their subconscious by frightening
them with images consistent with
[Samhain]. The party turns a corner and
falls through a trapdoor. Below, they will
meet a wizard and his black cat. What fate
will befall the crew?

By: Majashia

The worlds of science fiction and the
subconscious collide, resulting in a
Samhain-themed episode of Star Trek that
originally aired on October 27, 1967.
Mr. Sulu, Scotty, and Lt. Jackson beam
down to the planet Pyrus 7, a planet which
registers no intelligent life, and soon
disappear from tracking view. The bridge
becomes concerned, and receives a message
from Lt. Jackson that he alone is ready to
beam up. He arrives dead, and a mysterious
voice warns Captain Kirk that the ship
should leave the system immediately, with
no further interaction with the planet.
Wanting to rescue Mr. Sulu and Scotty, Kirk
deploys a second landing party, consisting
of himself, Spock, and McCoy, leaving
DeSalle in command and Chekov as his

While this episode does not describe
methods of creating illusion, it mentions
sorcery, the subconscious, symbols and the

Upon beaming down, the landing party is
enveloped in fog. The terrain consists of
dark, gray rock, steep cliffs with jagged
tops, and no vegetation. Spock detects


mental link between imagery and emotional

He began to swing his lantern back and
forth, back and forth more furiously as the
distance between him and the advancing
train grew smaller. The pursuing train
plunged on through the night, its Cyclopslike eye burning balefully. With terrific
impact it hurtled into the rear of the runaway
coach completely demolishing it. In the
collision, Joe's head was severed from his

The Maco Light
(Joe Baldwin’s Ghost)
Founded on

Maco Station lies fourteen miles west of
Wilmington, NC on the WilmingtonFlorence-Augusta line of what is now the
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. This particular
night, there was fog in the low places; from
the darkness overhead began to fall a fine,
steady rain. Joe Baldwin was conductor of a
train headed toward Wilmington that rainy
spring night of 1867.

A witness said that his lantern waved
desperately until the last, then rose in the air,
and inscribing a wide arc, landed in a nearby
swamp. It flickered there for a moment, and
then the flame continued burning clear and
Not long afterward, lovers strolling near the
railroad late at night reported seeing a
strange light along the tracks. It would start
about a mile from Maco Station - just a
flicker over the left rail. Then it would
advance, growing brighter as it came up the
track. Faster and faster it seemed to come
swinging from side to side. There would be
a pause and it would start backwards, for a
moment hanging suspended where it had
first appeared, and then it would be gone.

It was time now to go through the cars ahead
and call out the station. Joe glanced proudly
at his gold railroad man's watch. The hands
of the watch read three minutes 'til midnight.
Just about on time.
He tugged at the door at the end of the car.
The night was so dark he couldn't see the
outline of the car ahead. As he managed to
open the door, he swung his lantern a little
ahead of his body. The foot that was
outstretched to step forward stopped in midair. There was no car ahead! He was in the
last coach of the train…and it had come

Watchers over time have said that the light
is Joe Baldwin's lantern and that Joe is
hunting for his head. Joe seems to prefer
dark, rainy nights.

Panic surged through him and for a moment
he could hardly get his breath. His first
thought was of the train which followed his
own. He must signal them. They had to
know there was a wild car in front of them.
He raced back through the car. With one
mighty heave he wrenched open the heavy
door at the rear and was out on the platform.
He felt his own coach losing speech and as it
did he saw the huge, fiery eye of the train
which followed him.

Down through the years, railroad engineers
have sometimes mistaken Joe's light for a
"real" signal. As a result, the railroad
ordered its signalmen at Maco to use two
lanterns, one red and one green. After more
than 100 years, Joe Baldwin still haunts the
track at Maco looking for his head.


supernatural, and is a good detective, getting
to the roots of problems and finding out
what makes other people tick. Scorpio is
known to be willful, powerful and tenacious.
The sun will be opposite Mars, meaning that
plans are best laid in advance, as willpower
may be subdued for some. Samhain’s rising
sign at dawn is in Scorpio, rather fitting for a
day of mystery. Conjoined with the sun is
Jupiter, a persistent researcher, interested in
the psychology of situations. Get ready to
observe some interesting interpersonal
dynamics, and keep outcomes light. Clear
communication will be a valuable grounding

GSW’s Students Favorite
Horror Movies, Stories, and
Favorite Horror Movies:
The Shining
Secret Window
The Ring
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Exorcist
Shawn of the Dead
The Changeling
The Grudge

The clear sign that this Samhain is a prime
opportunity for us to meet and begin
potential projects with new people is
twofold: a conjoined Venus and Pluto in
Sagittarius, and a Libra Moon. Like escorts,
they will help to lighten up some of the
heavier energies.

Favorite Horror Stories:
The Colour Out Of Space by HP Lovecraft
The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
Watchers by Dean R. Koontz
I am Legend by Richard Matheson
The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe
Needful Things by Stephen King

Venus in Sagittarius shows an outgoing,
cheerful, friendly, and inquisitive side,
certainly appropriate for meeting new faces
and learning about costume choices. Your
instinct is aligned to maintain a high sense
of morality. The challenge will be to hold
one’s own, and avoid emotional dependence
upon others. Retain options for independent
transportation: be sure to have access to a
cell phone, telephone number of a cab
company and cash. Pluto in Sagittarius will
provide many wacky costumes that radically
challenge many of society's cherished
beliefs and totems. Mercury, while not
conjoined with the others, will have recently
slipped into Sagittarius. The mind will be
working well, and will be inquisitive. Broad
and abstract subject matter will become
appealing, and honesty is necessary.

Favorite Horror Writers:
Stephen King
Edgar Allen Poe
Dean R. Koontz

Samhain Astrology Forecast
By: Majashia

Are you feeling creative and mischievous
yet? Chances are that you are likely to soon,
as some very exciting astrological
formations occur on Samhain this year.
The sun will be in Scorpio, a feminine water
sign that shows us that “still waters run
deep.” Scorpio is similar to a scorpion:
intense, complex, instinctive, and territorial.
Scorpio loves mysteries and the

A Libra Moon on Samhain provides a breath
of fresh air and perspective. Enjoy the


proliferation of music, dance, art, and
socializing. Use an outgoing Venus to help
break tendencies to converse only with
familiar faces, and meet some new people.

houses, and A big round golden moon.
On the sixth day of Halloween, My black cat
gave to me: Six ghosts a-flying, Five bigeyed owls, Four jack-o-lanterns, Three gray
clouds, Two haunted houses, and A big
round golden moon.

My recommendation for Samhain is to be
vigilant of one’s safety. Samhain will be a
good opportunity to talk about ideas and
ideals on many topics (i.e. philosophy,
science, religion, metaphysics, etc.) with
kindred spirits. Outcomes may not be as
final as they seem; give the situation a few
days and some perspective before becoming
too upset.

On the seventh day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Seven scary skeletons, Six
ghosts a-flying, Five big-eyed owls, Four
jack-o-lanterns, Three gray clouds, Two
haunted houses, and A big round golden
On the eighth day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Eight trick-or-treaters, Seven
scary skeletons, Six ghosts a-flying, Five
big-eyed owls, Four jack-o-lanterns, Three
gray clouds, Two haunted houses, and A big
round golden moon.
On the ninth day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Nine witches haunting, Eight
trick-or-treaters, Seven scary skeletons, Six
ghosts a-flying, Five big-eyed owls, Four
jack-o-lanterns, Three gray clouds, Two
haunted houses, and A big round golden

12 Days of Halloween
By: Desertmoon178

On the first day of Halloween, My black cat
gave to me: A big round golden moon.

On the tenth day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Ten spooky trees, Nine
witches haunting, Eight trick-or-treaters,
Seven scary skeletons, Six ghosts a-flying,
Five big-eyed owls, Four jack-o-lanterns,
Three gray clouds, Two haunted houses, and
A big round golden moon.

On the second day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Two haunted houses, and A
big round golden moon.
On the third day of Halloween, My black cat
gave to me: Three gray clouds, Two haunted
houses, and A big round golden moon.

On the eleventh day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Eleven graves-a-digging,
Ten spooky trees, Nine witches haunting,
Eight trick-or-treaters, Seven scary
Six ghosts a-flying, Five big-eyed owls,
Four jack-o-lanterns, Three gray clouds,
Two haunted houses, and A big round
golden moon.

On the fourth day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Four jack-o-lanterns, Three
gray clouds, Two haunted houses, and A big
round golden moon.
On the fifth day of Halloween, My black cat
gave to me: Five big-eyed owls, Four jacko-lanterns, Three gray clouds, Two haunted


reduce the heat and continue to cook for an
hour. Stir occasionally. Add the ham, onion,
tomatoes, carrots, garlic, turnips, bay leaf,
parsley, salt and pepper. Cook covered for
another hour. Again, stir occasionally. While
the ingredients in the pot are cooking, panfry
the sausage. Drain off the grease and cut the
sausage into slices. Mix the sausage with the
turnip greens, cabbage, potatoes and
garbanzo beans. Add the sausage mixture to
the pot. Simmer uncovered another half hour
or until tender.

On the twelfth day of Halloween, My black
cat gave to me: Twelve bats-a-flying, Eleven
graves-a-digging, Ten spooky trees, Nine
witches haunting, Eight trick-or-treaters,
Seven scary skeletons, Six ghosts a-flying,
Five big-eyed owls, Four jack-o-lanterns,
Three gray clouds, Two haunted houses, and
A big round golden moon.

Buubbbblliinngg C

The recipe indicates that it serves 6 people,
but I know from experience that it goes
further than that.

Samhain Menu
By: Luna

Cozido (a recipe originated by witches in the
Basque area of Spain)
Corn Bread
Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles
Spiced Cranberry Apple Cider

Corn Bread
Follow directions on mix
Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles
2 ½ cups crushed vanilla wafers
1 cup toasted and ground almonds
½ cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
6 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
½ cup canned pumpkin
1/3 cup coffee liqueur (or apple juice)
¼ cup powdered sifted sugar

3 pounds cubed beef rump or round roast
4 quarts of water
1 pound of cubed ham
1 quartered large onion
3 peeled and quartered tomatoes (or 1 cup of
drained, canned tomatoes)
3 peeled and quartered turnips
4 sliced carrots
2 finely chopped cloves of garlic
1 bay leaf
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
1 pound of garlic seasoned smoked sausage
1 medium head of cabbage-cored and cut
into wedges
4 cups of coarsely chopped turnip greens
4 medium potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 can of garbanzo beans

In a medium bowl, combine the first four
ingredients. Blend in the chocolate chips,
pumpkin and coffee liqueur (or apple juice).
Form the dough into one inch balls and chill.
Sprinkle the balls with the remaining
powdered sugar and serve.
Spiced Cranberry Apple Cider
1 quart of apple cider
2 cups of cranberry juice cocktail
1 cinnamon stick
13 whole cloves

Select a very large pot. Pour in the water and
the beef. Heat to boiling, and skim the frothy
residue from the water. Cover the pot,

1 small apple, washed, cored and sliced

Dinner in a pumpkin
Serves six.

Combine all the ingredients in a large
saucepan. Gently simmer for 20 minutes.
Strain the cider through a fine sieve into a
warm crock pot for serving. Cinnamon
sticks can be used for garnish.

1 4 pound pumpkin
1 1/2 pound of lean ground beef
1/3 cup green pepper-chopped
3/4 cup celery-chopped
3/4 onion-chopped
1 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
1/4 cup of soy sauce
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 4 ounce can of mushrooms or 1/2 cup of
fresh chopped
1 can of cream of chicken soup
2 cups of cooked rice
black olives
steamed carrot
whole cloves
fresh parsley

Cunningham, Scott. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of
Wicca in the Kitchen. Llewellyn Publications. St
Paul, MN. 2003. ISBN 0-7387-0226-9
Allrich, Karri Ann. Cooking by Moonlight-A Witch’s
Guide to Culinary Magic. Llewellyn Publications. St
Paul, MN. 2003. ISBN 1-56718-015-9

Using a sharp knife, cut a lid from pumpkin
and scoop out seeds and excess membrane
with a scraping tool. In a large skillet,
combine beef, green pepper, celery, and
onion and cook over medium heat until beef
is browned and cooked. Add the next seven
items and mix well. Place ingredients in
skillet into pumpkin middle. Place on foillined cookie sheet and bake on 350 for 1 1/2
hours. Just before serving you can
embellish pumpkin with toothpicks and
black olives for the eyes, carrot for
nose, cloves for mouth and parsley leaves
for hair. I also add herbs in mixture as I am
cooking. To serve, scoop out mixture along
with pumpkin for meal.

Kitchen Cauldron
By: Skye, Mystic Foods Editor

Halloween, or Samhain, is one of my
favorite holidays. When can you have one
to live out your deepest wishes or fantasies?
I have always loved this time of the year
because in New England you can smell the
change in the air. I honestly feel there is
nothing better than Autumn in New
England. I live 20 minutes from Salem,
Mass, where the "Witches" live, and every
year I travel to Salem on
Samhain/Halloween. It is just not one night
of partying. If you are pagan/wiccan, the
festivities are really happening around the
moon. To get you into the partying
mood, we here at The Kitchen Cauldron
have put together a few recipes that are sure
to make your guests happy. Happy Samhain
to you!!!

Pumpkin Potpourri
makes 10 1/2 cup servings
1/2 cup Wild Berries(red jelly beans)
1/2 cup Owl Rings(Cheerios)
1/2 cup of Colored Flies(M&M)
1/2 cup Butterfly Wings (Fritos)

Skye’s Table


that is only used in magick, and even then
must be used with caution. Some other
herbs of Samhain are Mugwort, Allspice,
Broom, Catnip, Deadly nightshade, Oak
leaves, sage, and Straw.

1/2 cup of Cobwebs(Coconut)
1/2 cup Ants(Raisins)
1/2 cup Earthworms(Chow mein noodles)
1/2 cup Squirrel Nuts(Shelled Peanuts)
1/2 cup Bat Bones (Pretzels)
1/2 cup Bird Seed(Shelled Sunflower seeds)
Combine all items together in large bowl.
Great for parties or Trick-or-Treaters.

Christie’s Bistro
By: Luna

No party would be complete without a
Red-Sparking Citrus Punch

Christie’s Bistro
Sheraton Lansing Hotel
925 South Creyts Road
Lansing, MI
Upon late arrival at a convention, I had the
opportunity to dine at the hotel restaurant,
Christie’s Bistro. As I waited at the hostess
stand to be seated, my eyes were absorbing
the elegant, yet intimate décor of the dining
room. It was set up to resemble a courtyard.
In the middle of the main dining area, four
booths with banquettes intersected in a metal
sculpture beneath a large ceiling ornament
that resembled a skylight. The sky blue
dome was accented with white wisps
resembling clouds highlighted by small
white twinkle lights. The front and rear
sections of the ceiling were bordered by
angled crown molding topped with
complimentary lighted borders in shades of
aquamarine and turquoise.

1 can frozen lemonade
1 can frozen raspberry lemonade
1 can Hawaiian punch
2 liters cherry 7-up or sprite
In a large punch bowl, combine all
ingredients together. Break up frozen juice
however, so it won't flatten the punch. Cut
up slices of lemon oranges and limes, put in

Herbs to Know
By: Skye, Mystic Food Editor

Mandrake is an herb used specially around
Samhain. It has several names, some being
Satan’s apple, Sorcerers root, Brain Thief
and Wild Lemon. Mandrake, a masculine
herb, has mercury for its planet and is
connected to the element of fire. Its primary
astrological sign is Gemini, and it is known
as a poisonous plant as too much of it can
kill. Its medical properties are anesthetic,
sedative, purgative, emetic and toxicant.
The leaves can be boiled in whole milk and
used as a cooling poultice. In large
amounts, it can bring on delirium but a wine
infusion of the powered bark of root can
bring sleep and treat pain. Magically,
Mandrake is used for money drawing spells
or love spells. Mandrake is truly an herb

The walls were textured plaster in a goldentan color interspersed with spots of real
brick-very unusual but attractive. Mirrored
windows with small wooden frames were set
off with spring green, wooden shutters at
regular intervals around the room. Large
impressionist-style paintings of garden
scenes were framed with the same springgreen wood. There were also large still-life
paintings of fruits and vegetables in ornate
gold frames. Black coach-like wall sconces
provided additional lighting.


cheese, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, red
onion and lemon oregano vinaigrette.
Price range on the salads ranged between

One of the servers arrived to seat me at a
table with comfortable chairs. There was no
attitude problem with my late arrival, which
is often an issue at many places. The table
was set with beautiful base plates that
picked up the earth tones of the wall and
artwork as well as silverware, napkins, water
glasses and a candle. The transparent pepper
mill was topped with a small cube that was
the salt shaker. I was impressed with the
pragmatic design and hope to find one like it
for use in my own household.

Pasta entrees came with a bistro salad and
bread. Although the pasta names are
familiar, the recipes had unique twists:
Fettuccini-topped with a spiced salmon fillet
and tossed with marinara, leeks, zucchini
and feta cheese. Penne with grilled chicken,
basil and tomatoes in a creamy alfredo
sauce. Spaghetti tossed with pepperoni,
garlic and ricotta then baked with a
mozzarella and parmesan cheese topping.
Cheese-stuffed tortellini, spinach,
mushrooms and roasted red peppers
combined in an herbed cream sauce. Cheese
filled ravioli, bacon, tomatoes and basil in a
garlic butter sauce.
Pasta entrees range in price from $10-$17.
The red meat entrees were served with the
bistro salad, vegetable du jour and bread:
Top sirloin glazed with Worcestershire
sauce set atop a bed of spiced, julienne
potatoes. New York strip with bourbon
glazed shallots and a baked potato. Ribeye
topped with demi glace and fried onions and
served with three cheese mashed potatoes.
Filet mignon with rosemary-tarragon butter
and roasted potato wedges. Porterhouse
seasoned with herbs and spices accompanied
by three cheese mashed potatoes.
Prices range from $15-$22.

The menu is not what I would describe as
extensive, but it did offer sufficient variety.
Appetizer options included:
Steamed mussels with gin, scallions and
garlic. Crostini platter with kalamata olive,
sun dried tomato and mushroom boursin
spreads. Seafood platter with seared
scallops, steamed mussels and chilled
shrimp with a variety of dipping sauces.
Wild mushroom and onion pizza featuring
marinated portabella and domestic
mushrooms with sliced red onion. Chicken
Florentine pizza combining sliced chicken,
spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and two
Appetizer prices varied between $6-$8.
Both side and entrée salads were available.
Generic spinach, Cobb, Caesar and mixed
green selections were augmented by some
more unusual choices:
Cucumber salad with langostinos, carrot,
cilantro, scallion and a spicy Asian dressing.
Grilled chicken mango served over tossed
greens with red onion, mango, cilantro,
scallions, fried pita chips and mango
vinaigrette. Oriental noodle salad presented
on a bed of Asian vegetables with grilled
steak, sesame seeds, noodles and scallions
tossed in a sesame dressing. Greek grilled
chicken salad featuring a bed of romaine
lettuce topped with grilled chicken, feta

Fish entrees included whitefish, rainbow
trout, mahi mahi and perch with an
assortment of starchy sides as well as a
salad, vegetable and bread. Prices ranged
from $13-$17.
Rounding out the menu were selections
titled “From the Farm” which were also
served with a salad, vegetable and bread:
Pork chop, center cut served with herb
sautéed mushrooms and a baked potato.


Half chicken-marinated then roasted and
served with a portabella demi glace and
three cheese mashed potatoes. Grilled
chicken smothered with sautéed onions,
peppers, mushrooms, and cheddar and
pepperjack cheese. Tortilla chicken-breast of
chicken rolled in tortilla chips and spiced
flour served over jasmine rice and topped
with salsa. Roasted vegetable phyllo pockets
on Mediterranean orzo with a pomodoro
Prices ranged from $13-$16.

PPoottiioonnss aanndd B
Bath and Body/Grandmas
By: Skye, Mystic Foods Editor

I love to pamper my skin and body. I find
that simple items in your kitchen can help
your skin better than any $50.00 cream.
Here are a few recipes I use to 'treat' my

I ordered the rib-eye steak medium rare. It
had to be at least a 12 ounce cut and was
undercooked by a smidge, which was
actually just the way I prefer it. The
vegetable medley included broccoli,
cauliflower, green beans, carrots, bell
pepper, onion, zucchini and yellow squash.
They were steamed just past al dente and
quite delicious. The three cheese mashed
potatoes were made from scratch, not too
cheesy and totally delectable. There was so
much food on the 12” plate, that some of it
overflowed onto the table as I cut the steak.
The meal would easily have fed two people
(or more depending on where you’re from).
The fried onions that topped the entirety of
the steak were sliced so thinly that they got
caught between my teeth. Although I didn’t
order any appetizer or dessert, I still ended
up with too much food. The price of my
meal including tax came to $20 and some
change, which is unheard of in a hotel

Nourishing Mask
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 carrot, cooked and mashed
1 Avocado, pitted and mashed
3 tablespoons honey
Combine all ingredients together and then
rub on face. Leave on 20 minutes then rinse
in warm water.
Whip 1 egg until frothy. If skin is dry, add
1 teaspoon of honey to moisturize. Apply
egg on face, neck, and forehead. Leave on
20 minutes and then wash off with warm
I have a few remedies that were passed
down from my mom to me. The next recipe
is great for the winter months.
Sore throat remedy
Combine juice of 1 lemon, 3 tablespoons of
glycerin, 1/2 cup honey, and 1/4 cup of
Heat all ingredients until they are all mixed.
Stir into bottle, label and date. This mixture
is good for three months in fridge or on
shelf. You might have to rewarm it to mix
when taking again.

The service was efficient, friendly and
complete. Overall, the dining experience
was a wonderful surprise. Some menu
changes are planned for the near future, but
I’m sure that the same level of quality will
be maintained. If you happen to visit
Michigan’s state capital, check out
Christie’s Bistro for a memorable dining


Mash 1 cup of fresh strawberries on your
face to help with blemishes. Leave on 20
Use fresh, chilled cucumbers (peeled) to
help with puffiness around eyes. Teabags
are also good for this problem.

By: Kalla, Prefect Circle of the Standing Stones

Hecate is Goddess of night, the spirit world,
the crossroads and witchcraft. Though most
of her lore is from Greek mythology, she is
believed to be of Turkish origin. She began
as a Goddess of wilderness and childbirth;
with her introduction to Greek culture she
became the Goddess-aspect that we know of
today. Eventually her worship spread to
include most of Europe, Western Asia, and
portions of Egypt. Evidence for Hecate's
worship can be dated from as far back as the
eight century BCE up through the fourth
century CE.

Natural Cleaning Corner
By: Skye, Mystic Food Editor

Please read the safety and safe use of herbs
class before trying these recipes.
Carpet/upholstery Deodorizer
1 large box baking soda
1 cup of dried herbs (your choice examples
would be Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender,

Hecate is a Crone Goddess whose many
different myths show her ruling over death,
rebirth, magick, wisdom, choices,
vengeance, victory and travel. She is often
seen as the guardian of crossroads,
particularly three-way crossroads. These are
meeting points in ancient roads which
formed a Y-shape when they crossed one
another. She also guards the boundary
between the land of the living and the realm
of the dead, acting as an intermediary
between them. She usually takes the shape
of an old woman accompanied by dogs, or
as a large black dog. Sometimes Hecate is
depicted as having three heads: that of a
horse, a dog and a lion (or sometimes a
snake). At other times she is seen as having
three complete bodies. This triumvirate
quality enables her to be all-seeing and allknowing.

Mix the two together evenly, sprinkle on rug
or sofa, leave 15-20 minutes then vacuum.
You should smell the herbs and they should
last awhile.
All Purpose Cleaner
1 tablespoon baking soda
1/3 cup dried rosemary
1 1/2 cup of water
Microwave water on high for 2 -4 minutes.
Add herbs and cover with palte to steep for
15-20 minutes. Strain with cheesecloth
when cooled. Place liquid in spray bottle.
Last up to 2 months. Be sure to date and
label clearly.

Chhiilllliinngg SSuubbm

The sacred time of Hecate is in the dead of
night, and all of her ceremonies and festivals
are held after dark. Naturally, the new moon
is her favorite time. In Ancient Greece
Hecate's Suppers were performed at the

crossroads at the end of each month. At the
time, a lunar calendar was in use, making
the last day of the month correspond with
the new moon. These suppers persisted into
the eleventh century. In Italy a festival is
still held in her honor on November 16th,
along with an Italian festival on August 13th
that she shares with the Goddess Diana.

1) The Magician assembles an array of
objects that might be needed, displays them
to best advantage and starts discussing how
to go about it.
2) The High Priestess sits in the background,
knowing one thing is missing but says

Mythology has Hecate as either the daughter
of Gaia and Uranus, or the daughter of the
Titans Perses and Asteria. In either aspect,
she is older than the Olympian Gods.
Mythology shows that Zeus, when he took
control of the world, killed all other perHellenic deities, but spared Hecate. It is
believed that he did so because he had fallen
in love with her.

3) The Empress fusses around making sure
it is safe and nobody gets hurt.
4) The Emperor tells everyone he thinks it
should be done right now and starts
delegating responsibilities.
5) The Hierophant offers advice on the
missing part after consulting with the High

With the emergence of modern neopaganism Hecate has enjoyed a renewed
popularity. She is still seen as a patroness of
witches and witchcraft; modern witches,
especially those in Hellenistic traditions,
flock to her. Her symbols, such as the broom
and toad, are once again being seen as the
fertility symbols they were originally meant

6) The Lovers umm and ahh about what
wattage bulb to put in this time.
7) The Chariot charges in and starts doing it
himself regardless of the others' protests.
8) Strength surreptitiously places what's
needed into Chariot's hands and gets it done
her way.


9) The Hermit suggests a candle in a lamp
would provide light in the meantime.
10) The Wheel of Fortune laughs and
reminds everyone that the light will need
changing again in the future.

How many Major Arcana does it
take to screw in a light bulb?

11) Justice works out whose turn it is to
change the light and whether the division of
labor is being delegated fairly.
12) The Hanged Man sits back and
contemplates how darkness can change our

By: Unknown
Submitted by Rainmaker

0) The Fool has already started before
anyone else is ready.

13) Death points out mournfully that this


was bound to happen and how everything

All Are Worthy of Praise!
Warm greetings from the Chief editor and
Managing editor. It is with great pleasure
and honor that we write to you today. The
WGM newsletter has been warmly received
by each WGM staff, the Grey School staff
and by the student body of the school. We
really believe that we have embarked onto a
wonderful journey that will set a new
standard of wizardry excitement that will
please one and all.

14) Temperance tells Death to chill out; it all
evens up in the end.
15) The Devil tries to blame the Hanged
Man for causing the light to blow and
creates bad feelings all round.
16) The Tower suddenly starts ripping out
the original light fitting so he can create a
whole new more basic look.

However, as with all things, there is never
just one person responsible for the credit.
Thus, we are indeed proud of the fine work
that each department accomplished for
WGM. Your hard efforts and labor have
made this newsletter a great success. And
so, we honor you the editors and writers
with praise, thanking you for a job well
done! We really appreciate each one of you
very much and hope that your days will
always be filled with magick.

17) The Star marvels at new beginnings and
says how much she's looking
forward to having the light working again.
18) The Moon continually offers conflicting
advice, confusing everyone
until he wanders off to the relief of all.
19) The Sun wants to redesign the whole
room around a much brighter

Crowhawk and Solaris

20) Judgment examines the globe to see
whether it truly was its time to
blow and ponders whether the globe can be

Maaggiicckkaall H
Heellpp W

21) The World suggests that any problems
with the light are temporary: we had light
once, we will have it again, and suggests
focusing on the
bigger picture.

The WGM needs to fill the following
News Editor
Arts and Entertainment Editor
Opinion Editor
Publications Editor
News Writers
Opinion Writers
International Writers
Arts and Entertainment Writers
Food Writers
Publication Staff
Copy Staff

Meanwhile, the Fool has already finished
changing the light bulb and is
off doing his own thing.

Too O
SSppooookkttaaccuullaarr SSttaaffff

We, the staff of the WGM, would like to
thank our readers for all your support. If
you have any questions or concerns, please
contact incoming Editor-in-Chief Merana at
[email protected] and incoming Managing
Editor Paxx at Thank
you, and have a safe and happy Samhain.

For information and an application, please
contact incoming Editor-in-Chief Merana at
[email protected] and incoming Managing
Editor Paxx at

Leetttteerrss ttoo tthhee E
The WGM is accepting Letters to the Editor.
Please feel free to send your letters to
incoming Editor-in-Chief Merana at
[email protected] and incoming Managing
Editor Paxx Thank you.

M SSttaaffff
Editor-In-Chief: Crowhawk
Managing Editor: Solaris
Haunting Enchantment Around the World
Editor: Helega
Catacombs of the Apprentice Mind Editor:
Bubbling Cauldron and Potions and Brews
Editor: Skye
Haunting Arts and Spooky Entertainment
Editor: Solaris
Copy Editor: Oracle
Publication Editors: Crowhawk & Solaris
Catacombs of the Apprentice Mind Writer:
Bubbling Cauldron Writer: Luna
Haunting Arts and Spooky Entertainment
Writer: Majashia
Advisors: Lady Ravenweed & Lady

The WGM is currently accepting all
submissions from students and staff. These
submissions can be poems, recipes, essays,
original works of art, etc. PPlleeaassee lliim
miitt yyoouurr
mission to 450 words. All articleess m
bbee iinn TTiim
meess N
Neeww RRoom
maann ffoonntt,, ssiizzee 1122,, wwoorrdd
wwrraappppeedd,, 11”” m
margins,, aanndd aa lliinnee bbeettwweeeenn
eeaacchh ppaarraaggrraapphh.. You can send your
submissions to incoming Editor-in-Chief
Merana at [email protected] and incoming
Managing Editor Paxx at
Thank you.

© 2005 Published by the Grey School Press

Ouurr T

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