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Whispering Grey Matters


Autumn 2006

Whispering Grey Matters

Jymi X/0
Editor: Jymi X/0
News Team: Arianhrod, Lilyth
Editor: Laneth Shadow-Walker
Editor: Skye
Team: Violet Frost Wolf, Lord Akisho, Nefabit,
FrogsDancing, Kitiara N. Goldmoon, Damia
Serephina, Kizzy
Editor: Jymi X/0
Hedwig, Whiskerwind, Panther, Hikari the Black,
Padraigin-Aine, Morgan Felidae
COPY EDITOR: Wolf Loresight
Detail from “Pyramid of Skulls” by Paul Cezanne
Damia Serephina's Figure Renderings:
pp. 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 35
Photography by Jymi X/0
Additional Artwork by Jymi X/0: p. 4, 16, 18
As well as plenty of illustrations from the
Dover Clip Art series...!


Autumn 2006

Advisor's Column: Moonwriter.......................................3
Advisor's Column: Kristalbrooke....................................4
New Faculty...............................................................5
New Classes...............................................................5
Dean's List.................................................................6
Prefects and Captains..................................................6
Conclave Report..........................................................7
House Hat & Lodge Cup Awards....................................7
House & Lodge Updates............................................8-9
Fundraising Update....................................................10
Opinion: Seasons of the Wheel....................................10
Club Updates............................................................11
Samhain Overview.....................................................12
The Harrowing Computer Glitch of 2006.......................13
The Halloween Hotel..................................................13
Halloween in Salem...................................................14
Global Warming PART I..............................................15
Global Warming PART II........................................15-16
Fallen Ones..............................................................16
The Besom...............................................................17
The Witch of Pungo....................................................17
Top Ten Horror Movies...............................................19
Science and Magic.....................................................20
Kitchen Hearth:.........................................23-24
Halloween Fun..........................................................25
Roots of the Modern Vampire......................................25
The Dark Arts: Interview with Prof. T'shirai...................26
Perception and the Window.........................................27
Dragonlore: Interview with Prof. DeKirk.......................29
Secret Recipes for Stunning Hair.................................31
Herbal Spotlight: Mullein.......................................31-32
The Frailties of War...................................................32
Spooky Stars............................................................33
When evening comes, when day is done... .................33
Halloween Games and Stories................................34-35
Talking Boards..........................................................36
Tarot: Skull Spread...................................................37
War of the Ancients..............................................38-39

'Tis the night -- the night
Of the grave's delight,
And the warlocks are at their play;
Ye think that without
The wild winds shout,
But no, it is they -- it is they.
-- Arthur Cleveland Cox

Whispering Grey Matters


Advisor’s Column

By Moonwriter, Dean of Students
Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors, the smell of
woodsmoke that fills the air, the cool mornings, the long shadows, and the leaves that
swirl through the streets. It’s a time of change, a time when the Earth goes to sleep
and prepares to be reborn anew come spring. To those of you who live in the northern
hemisphere and are sharing the grace of this time with me, rejoice!
This autumn also marks a change in our student newspaper. I’ve been involved with
the newspaper since the very first edition—the Yule edition—in 2004, when Prof.
Ravenweed was the editor-in-chief and I was her cub reporter. We did the paper all by
ourselves then, and most of the content was contributed by the faculty. Set up as a
simple MS Word document, it was 26 pages long, limited to seasonal content, and
contained no images.
The second edition—Spring 2006—was also a Ravenweed/Moonwriter production, and
was still in MS Word, sans illustrations, and 29 pages long. But this one was the first
to feature GSW news. In this newspaper you could read about the brand new Prefect
system, the Dean’s List (which had only 4 members), and the opening of Magick Alley.
Summer, 2005 brought edition #3 to the newsstands. And now the paper had a name
—Whispering Grey Matters—chosen in an all-school “Name the Paper” contest. Still in
unillustrated MS Word, issue #3 announced the first GSW Handbook and the winners
of the first Earth Day Challenge. While Ravenweed and I co-managed the publication,
we had begun assembling and training a student newspaper staff.
Edition #4 appeared in the fall of 2005, and featured a number of striking changes.
Although still a Word document, the paper now appeared in a newspaper-like column
format and featured color illustrations. For the first time, the paper was completely
produced by a student publications team, advised by yours truly. Interviews, opinion
columns, and film reviews appeared in this edition, which had grown to 40 pages The
5th paper, a special “Samhain edition” that published only a month after paper #4,
focused on all things Halloween. Edition #6, which came out at Yule 2005, continued
in the columnar, illustrated MS Word format, but expanded to include author
interviews, podcast information, a games column, and an astrology forecast.
Edition #7—spring 2006—saw sweeping changes in WGM as the paper entered the
world of desktop publishing. At 26 pages, the now professional appearing, multicolored, and highly illustrated newspaper featured riddles, tool making, herbal
spotlights, recipes, a report from Pantheacon, and a piece on building a magickal
library. Edition #8—summer 2006—was equally wonderful, with 38 dense pages full of
magic, lore, crafts, and school news.
The current edition of WGM--#9—marks a changing of the guard: after 2 years with
the paper, I’m stepping down as advisor, and Kristalbrooke is stepping up. For me, the
move is prompted by a busy mundane schedule; but in truth, in something as
dynamic as a newspaper, it’s important to regularly bring in new people, i.e., “new
blood.” Autumn, after all, is the perfect time for change. I’m proud of this paper,
proud of the students who have worked hard to make it excellent. With Kristalbrooke’s
enthusiastic guidance, and with the talent and experience of our student publications
team, I can’t wait to see where Whispering Grey Matters goes next.

Autumn 2006

Whispering Grey Matters


Autumn 2006



The staff of Whispering Grey Matters will certainly miss Professor Moonwriter's
contributions and guidance. Thank you, Moonwriter, for helping WGM along for so
many issues. It's sad to let you go, but we're also eager to welcome our new Advisor,
Kristalbrooke! Here she is to help set the mood and usher in this Samhain edition with
a holiday column. Glad to have you aboard, Kristalbrooke!

Halloween Magick in Phoenix, AZ
by Kristalbrooke
When I was a child, Halloween always meant staying up late on a school night. We
would walk the neighborhood with our costumes and pillowcases, eating a piece of
candy here and there. We almost always ended up with a terrible stomachache, and
the next day at school was miserable because we were so tired!
Times were different then. We could walk alone at night without being concerned
about being abducted or worse. Our parents would stay home, passing out candy, and
we would go out with our friends. My home was a Christian home where magick was
prohibited, so it was not until I was much older that I learned about magick or the
thinning of the veils between the worlds of the living and the dead.
As an adult and a mom of 2 magickal kids, I find Halloween so much more entertaining.
We still have our trick-or-treating, but we also have our Dumb Supper and our rituals.
We share the evening with our ancestors, telling stories of the past. Our kids are not
allowed to walk alone in our neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter. We walk in
large groups and include the neighborhood kids as well. We even have Haunted
Houses set up in our neighborhood!
Halloween has taken on a much different meaning as I grew from a child to an adult. It
has become more of a family or neighborhood event, rather than the more
individualistic candy-eating fest of years past.
I wouldn’t trade it for all the candy in the world!

New Grey School Faculty as of Autumn 2006
Rainbow Wolf
Anna Fox
Brighid Delphinos
Jeremy "AutumnalMonk" Brown
Sabrina Pendleton
Johann "Quaesitor" Hasler
David "Duir" Smith
Seth Tyrssen

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Leadership 202: The Compleat Captain
Credits: 1
Year Level: 2
Teacher: Elizabeth Barrette

Credits: 3
Year Level: 3
Instructor: Brighid Delphinos

Class Description: In this class, the Captains will bring
their Captain period to a close. They will create a report
that evaluates their progress, shares their results in
implementing House/Lodge projects, and describes their
Captain service project.

(See Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard pp. 196-204)

This class is available only to appointed Captains, and is
mandatory for all Captains at the close of their term.

Icon Magick 3: High Magick (Ceremonial Magick)
Credits: 3
Year Level: 6
Teacher: Crow Dragontree, Ph.D.
Class Description: This class is the final installment of a
three-part course based on Professor Dragontree’s
system of magick. This system is contrived to be a
simple, portable system that is designed to fit within
most belief-orientations. Although some basics are
provided, it is presumed that the student is already
reasonably well-versed in his or her own magickal
tradition. In this class the student will apply the Icons
learned in Icon Magick 1: Divination and Icon Magick 2:
Low Magick in order to facilitate magickal partnerships
with astral entities (“familiars”). Students taking this
course will require a means of submitting drawings to the
professor (e.g., digital camera, scanner, graphics
program, or regular post) and are required to have
successfully completed Icon Magick 1: Divination and
Icon Magick 2: Low Magick. Successful completion of this
class is contingent upon passing 11 essay exercises,
including the final exam.
1: Preface
2: Introduction
3: The Nature of Spiritual Entities: A Working Hypothesis
4: The Nature of the Astral Familiar
5: Finding Your Familiar (The Familiar Place Exercise)
6: The Practiced Art of Sigilization
7: Creating Your Familiar
8: Anchoring Your Familiar
9: The Care and Feeding of Your New Familiar
10: Working with Your Familiar
11: Banishing a Familiar
12: In Summary
13: Recommended Readings

Class Description: Much of the working of magick
involves the Casting of Spells. A Spell is an organized
act designed and performed to alter probabilities in the
direction desired; simply put, to make something more
or less likely to occur. There are many techniques used
in Spell Casting and this Class will teach you some of
them. By the time you complete this class you will be
able to: understand how a spell works, know how to
write your own spells, understand what the different
types of magick are, and have a beginning knowledge
of the Old Speech.
Secrets of Newgrange
Credits: 3
Year Level: 6
Teacher: Susan “Moonwriter” Pesznecker, RN, BA
Pre-requisite: Archaeoastronomy 301
Class Description: The Irish passage tomb of Newgrange
—a huge earthen mound encompassing artifacts,
astronomical function, carved stones, an ancient circle,
and funerary remains--was built over 5000 years ago,
long before the better-known monument, Stonehenge.
But what is Newgrange? Who built it? What was it for? In
this class we will examine Newgrange from several
different perspectives, reflecting on its multiple meanings
and its magick. The class work includes essay writing,
creative work, reading, and personal research and
1. Introduction and syllabus
2. The mystery of Newgrange
3. Location of Newgrange
4. The people of Newgrange
5. Why was Newgrange built?
6. The siting of Newgrange
7. The building of Newgrange
8. Newgrange falls into disuse, and is rediscovered
9. Newgrange from 1700-1900
10. The modern excavation and study of Newgrange
11. The stones and rock art of Newgrange
12. Newgrange’s funerary items
13. Newgrange’s archaeoastronomy
14. Conclusion
15. Resources
16. Preparing for the final examination

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Join me in congratulating our September Dean's List appointees:
Kalla, Stones Lodge (Sixth Year)
Aramon Ra, Waters Lodge (First Year)
Skye, Winds Lodge (Second Year)
Dragons Light, Flames Lodge (Second Year)
Firesnake, Flames Lodge (First Year)
Kizzy, Flames Lodge (First Year)
Stardust, Flames Lodge (First Year)
Gero, Undines House (Second Year)
Well done! (And how about those Flames!)
Professor Moonwriter
Dean of Students


Fourth Scabbard
of Prefects
and Third Mast
of Captains


Courtesy of Professor Moonwriter
Serving the Grey School from
the September equinox to the
March equinox:
House Captain: Dark Eagle (Fourth Year)
Gnomes: Violet Frost Wolf (First Year)
Salamanders: Nefabit (First Year)
Sylphs: Aurora Vampira (First Year)
Undines: Gero (Second Year)
Lodge Captain: Kalla (Sixth Year)
Vice Lodge Captain: Quiet Bear (Third Year)
Flames: Firesnake (First Year)
Stones: Cashew (First Year)
Waters: Darkman (First Year)
Winds: Skye (Second Year)
Note that some of these students are serving a second consecutive term-- we gave
them this option because we felt that their Prefect/Captain experience had been
shortchanged by "The Troubles" of last winter and spring.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


We Came, We Saw, We Conclaved!

By Professor Moonwriter

The days between July 20 and July 23, 2006, will live
forever in the Grey School’s hallowed halls, for they
marked the first Grey School of Wizardry Conclave.
Thirty-two GSW students and family members camped
together at Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park for the threeday event. Everyone arrived on Thursday around
dinnertime; the program started that evening and
continued right up until our
Sunday midday departure time.
Spirit ran high at Conclave! All
who attended—whether GSW
members or not—became part
of either the Earth, Air, Fire, or
Water group during the event
and sported a color tie of green,
respectively. By the end of
Conclave, color ties could not
Conclavian’s necks, but had also
become headbands, stave flags,
hat bands, belt cozies, and even
Grimoire bookmarks. The group
was corralled by GSW Captains
Aaran and Kalla, with help from
Treeotter, Sagewomin, Willow
Silverhawk, and Oranstar.
Conclave was packed with events, including morning
meditations, campfires, stargazing, a Magick Market, a
freebie area, rituals, a BookCrossing site, and even a
potluck supper in our own Hogwarts-style dining hall.
Classes ran from morning to evening:
among the
favorites were wand making, stave making, runes,
herbology, and outdoor cooking. A high point of Conclave
was Friday’s 6+-mile hike along the Trail of Ten Falls,
with Aaran and Lyonscribe as guides. Another was the

Friday evening Bardic Circle, and yet another was the
final ritual and high campfire on Saturday evening, which
featured shamanic dancing by Leigha and Gallie, the
presentation of spirit awards, and a special guest
‘Bigfoot’ speaker. Kalla also received her Captain’s shield
at the campfire.
Conclave wouldn’t have happened without a lot of help.
Morgan Felidae, Rainmaker,
and Willow Silverhawk laid
the plans beforehand and
made sure that everything
WillowRune provided security
for the event, becoming the
first-ever Conclave Defensor.
Captains Aaran and Kalla
were in charge of morale,
while Lyonscribe and Desert
Thunderstorm helped fellow
campers with hauling gear
and putting up tents. And
what would Conclave have
been without James’ daily
For anyone who’s curious, a
DVD of the 2006 Oregon
Conclave is available through
Prof. Moonwriter ([email protected]).
Plans are already underway for a round of 2007
Conclaves. A June event has been confirmed for western
New York, and summer events are planned (although not
yet finalized) for western Washington and northern
Arizona. Watch the Dean of Students forum for updates.

Congratulations to the members of the
Salamanders House and the Circle of
Standing Stones Lodge for winning the
coveted House Hat and Lodge Cup trophies
for this term. Excellent work; we are all
very proud of you!
Bright Blessings,
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


House & Lodge Updates
Currently, the Stones Lodge is getting comfortable with having our new school
forum up and running again. The Stones are busy finishing up classes and trying to
make as many merits as possible in hopes of winning the House Cup this Mabon/Fall
Equinox. On a more personal level, we have a few Stones doing some impressive work
outside the Grey School.
Aaron is walking as part of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training
and raising money to find a cure to these blood-related cancers. Aaron is walking 26.2
miles, and is doing this in honor of our Head Mistress Morning Glory. All students are
encouraged to make a donation at,
then let Aaron know you contributed, and your name will be added to a list of GSW
students that will be presented to Morning Glory after the marathon. We hope to have
at least 20 students on the list by September 30th.
Moonwriter is busy finishing up her book Gargoyles: From the Archives of the
Grey School of Wizardry. Her book also has contributions from other Stones members. Illustrations: Cashew and
Xander. Writings: Estara, Kalla, Aaran, and Oranstar. You can see the book cover and other details at:
On a sadder note, Hikari the Black has been forced out of his home due to his beliefs and wizardly practices.
The faculty would like to encourage anyone interested to send good energies his way for finding another place to live.
Fellow Stones members are putting together a group spell or ritual on his behalf.
Bright Blessings,

This past quarter has seen changes, both in our lodge and in the appearance of our
school. Once again, we would like to thank the faculty and staff that worked so hard to give
this wonderful school its new "face lift". The halls and rooms look wonderful.
While the lodge has been working hard building merit points, we have not been
ignoring our academic work, either. I'm proud to announce that, as of this writing, seven of
the nineteen current Dean's List members are Flames. Congratulations to Dragons Light,
Firesnake, Grey Panther, Jymi X/0, Kizzy, Stardust, and Tinwe Tercenya; with special
recognition going to Dragons Light for making the Dean's List for both his first and second
year in less than a month.
Several lodge projects are currently in the works and should be ready for unveiling by
the next WGM.
On a final note, for those of you that don't already know, our Lodge Mistress, Prof.
LeopardDancer, has recently had a book published. The book is entitled Dragonlore: From the
Archives of the Grey School of Wizardry, and is, surprise surprise, about dragons! For those interested, you can read
more about it at:
Prefect, Order of the Dancing Flames

Breezing in the Winds
Crow Dragontree, Ph.D., Lodgemaster

The Society of the Four Winds has enjoyed a mellow few months. We’ve found that
moving from our former offsite forum to the new Spire required a bit of adjustment as
the Winds begin to acclimate to our new surroundings. Our Third Semiannual Lodge spell
(in honor of Headmistress Morning Glory) was a strong success. At this time of the year,
we thank Niveus Dragonheart for her work as Prefect and congratulate Skye for stepping
into her new role!

No updates were received from the Waters.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006



Well, the Salamanders certainly have been settling into the new forums well—
everything was pretty quiet when the old forums were down, but even though
communication was a problem, we managed to pull through pretty well, especially with the
off-site Yahoo! Group that Professor Dragontree set up. Everyone seems to be particularly
enjoying the "sticky" posts, and it's like we have a "commons" with different rooms and
areas, including a spell room, portrait gallery, and the Walls of Accomplishment! Several
Salamanders were present at the 2006 conclave (unfortunately I couldn't make it!), and
from all reports thoroughly enjoyed themselves! A month or so ago the Salamanders voted
for the real animal house mascot. It came down to Hedwig's dog Rusty or my cat Iris. Iris,
a Turkish Angora, won the vote, and apparently now has another reason to feel glorified.
(She has always been rather self-dignified—even for a cat!) The Salamanders have
currently been working on our house anthem—at the moment we're holding votes for which
tune the lyrics should be to. (Salamanders—check out the forums and vote, vote, vote!)
We expect to be heating things up this coming term, especially with the new gift of wonderful forums. This, of course,
gives us the advent of better communication between our fiery brothers and sisters, so expect to be seeing more of
the Salamanders!
Nefabit, Salamanders
The Sylphs House is really starting to get involved with things. I have encouraged
some activity, but I am also happy to say that the House members did some stuff without
any leadership from a prefect. It means that the Sylphs have House spirit even with no
prefect! The Sylphs started voting for a mascot when I was on vacation, and although I
wasn't extremely successful it gave me the idea of voting for other things too. Housemaster
Brown and I are planning a vote for the Sylph motto this month. I also set up The Sphinx
Lair, a riddle section that was in the old forum. It is going well so far. Contests are
something that may be "coming soon". There are a lot of things in store for the Sylphs
House! ;-)

The Sylphs Prefect,

With the reemergence of the school’s forums, a new House Mom has been declared.
Kristalbrooke is settling into the new position with some help from Violet Frost Wolf, the
We are working on the Gnomes motto and song, as well as learning about rocks and
stones. There are always a few challenges running! We have a few active students that
keep us earning those merits and giving the Salamanders some competition. We have
enjoyed wearing the House Hat for this term! We do, however, love to share…
Ah, autumn: the sound of school bells fills the air in our neighborhoods. We have
begun new mundane academic years that pose as much growth to our fast-coming adult lives
as ever before in this ever-changing world. The reassembly of schools has no doubt had a
diminishing effect on the level of activity in the Undines forum. Nonetheless, we remain strong
and dedicated to both our mundane and magickal studies.
Prefect selection time has come and I, Gero, have gladly stepped up to take position as
the current prefect-elect. I hope to bring much honor to both the house in general and the
good name of the prefects.
To leave you on a good note for autumn, I share with you this little story. A relative of
mine has a little rhyme on a kitchen decoration that says: “True friends are like diamonds,
precious but rare. False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere.”
I urge you to take this to heart and wish the best autumn possible for you.
Many blessings! -Gero

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Kristalbrooke has been taking time to help some of the
student’s ideas come to fruition! Gero has designed a Student
Skye and Kristalbrooke are working on getting a GSW Cookbook
assembled. We hope to have that ready by next publication!
We have finalized this year’s GSW CD. It is also available for
purchase. You can always check out the Fundraising section of
the Social Forum for more information.
EBay donations have trickled to a halt. Rather than focusing on donations, we will be providing
more fundraising support. Ideas? Feel free to email [email protected]!

by Laneth Shadow-Walker

Hi all, I’m Laneth Shadow-Walker. I’ve recently
taken on the position of Opinions Editor at
Whispering Grey Matters, and just in time to rush
in before the deadline for the Samhain issue. I’ll be
encouraging budding, opinionated authors to
submit articles for the next issue and will also be
writing some articles myself. So watch this space,
as I plan to bring out the voice of the general
populace of the school and immortalise people’s
thoughts within the pages of our school paper.
I live in Australia, and so am currently living on the
opposite side of the Wheel to that for which this
issue of WGM is themed: Samhain. I’m about to
have my Beltane concurrently with the time when
your Samhain is occurring. Therefore, in my mind,
here lies a global quandary.
To half the population of the world, this is a time of
quiet reflection, of honouring those who’ve passed
with the Turning of the Wheel. It’s a time when the
Dead walk the earth and the veil is thin, giving rise
to heightened spiritual activity. However, for the
other half of the world, it’s a time for joy and
laughter, loud displays of love, and affection and
the celebration of life. Two completely polar
extremes occurring at exactly the same time.

It’s my opinion that those in the North aren’t just
experiencing Samhain and all its gloom and
spookiness, but are also living Beltane as well. The
same goes for the South, only in reverse.
I look at this quandary in a practical sense: if Death
is in the North, and Life is in the South, then the
opposite should be expressed. I’ve felt for a long
time that, at Beltane, one should take time to
remember those who’ve passed and pay them your
respects as you’re living at the year’s pinnacle of
Life. The same with Samhain: at this time of Death
one should remember the life that surrounds them
and pay respects to the forces that tie us to the
twisting dance of life.
In closing, I’d like to take my thoughts and add one
little spin: if, originally, the celebrations of the
Wheel’s festivals were based upon the seasons,
then where do those people who live on the
Equator fit in? The typical Summer, Autumn,
Winter, Spring ensemble doesn’t really apply there
as it’s mainly Wet & Dry. Do Samhain and Beltane
still apply in this place that doesn’t have a true
Summer or Winter, and being neither North nor

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Defense Against the Dark Arts
Violet Frost Wolf, Gnomes
As the sites' technical difficulties die down, we
return home, only to find new forums. The DADA club got
on its feet fast, wasting no time. We started off with a
simple welcome back message and a bit of information
on the club. Instantly we got into discussion and
members began to participate. Several took the oath and
can now call themselves “Defensors.” Elections are going
on now, as well. People are nominating each other and
themselves for offices. Hikari and Willowrune are working
together to build a Compendium of Defensive Magicks
and the rest of the club is putting in their knowledge. As
Hikari is in a bit of trouble, the entire club is sending
energies his way. We also have been given the chance to
win the Taser wand award. Willowrune was the first to
receive it.
Society for the Study and Care of Magickal Beasts
Violet Frost Wolf, Gnomes
The Society for the Study and Care of Beasts
immediately burst into friendly chatter and debate when
the forums came back on. We discussed PETA,
introduced our animal companions and familiars, started
nominating for positions, etc. Firesnake started a topic
about his wild encounters. He seems to be the most
active, too. So many people here have a wide variety of
animals. It makes it vary interesting and informative.
Tower of Babel
Violet Frost Wolf, Gnomes
The Tower of Babel seems to be moving a bit
slowly since its rebirth. A few of the members have
already begun to ask for help, though there are not many
responses. Hopefully we will be getting in the swing of
things soon, though. There is a topic open that allows us
to share which languages we know and how fluent we are
in them. There is also a casual topic that's sole purpose
is to say “Hi.” We, too, are open for nominations for
positions in the offices.
Healer’s Tea Room
FrogsDancing, Flames
Since the forums have been back up and running,
the HTR, like everyone else, has been busy reorganizing

and planning. We are holding elections at this time for
the Scribe position. Skye has stayed on as President and
Rahmid is remaining as the VP. The newest item is the
Candle Room. All students and faculty are invited to use
the Candle Room and light a candle for anyone that is in
need of healing and healing energies. We are gathering
and compiling lots of spells and recipes. The 'Healing
Thymes', our monthly newsletter, is currently posted for
all to view and use.
Gardening Club
Kizzy, Flames
Well, the soon to be named Gardening club has
come a long way in just a short time! Totaling a grand 19
members at the time of writing, the club has just
appointed Kizzy as president and RowanTree as secretary
and is moving on to the fun of Club and Officer position
We have been charged with the task of making
this club unique, and boy are we trying! One of the first
two things we did was offering an ALL SCHOOL
CHALLENGE for Clean up the World 15-17/9 - this does
not involve money, just a donation of time to help keep
our planet turning. We also have a monthly club garden
design challenge (which unused plot of land will be the
next feature garden!?!)
But aside from all that, we are here for the
garden: whether we potter, ecoscape, design, produce,
or just have a pot on the sill, this group is about having
fun playing in the dirt.
Do you want to get your hands dirty?
Manifestation Club
(Currently voting on a New Name)
Violet Frost Wolf, Gnomes
Though the Manifestation Club has gone off to a
rocky start as we jump into cold water head first, we
noticed we needed to find out where we were and
organize what we were to do. Now we are focusing on a
new, less confusing name. We have come up with a list
and weeded it out. Now we are voting. The results will be
announced soon. We are also open for nominations for
office positions. However, not many people are
nominating or accepting nominations. Once we get over
this we will be focusing on club business.


It was Halloween and three vampires went into a bar.
"What will you have?" asked the bartender.
"I'll have a glass of blood," replied the first.
"I'll have a glass of blood, too, please," said the second.
"I'll have a glass of plasma," said the third.
"OK, let me get this straight, " said the bartender,
"That'll be two bloods and a blood light?"

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006




by FrogsDancing

October 31 - Northern Hemisphere
May 1 - Southern Hemisphere
Samhain is one of the fire festivals. It sits
opposite the Wheel from Beltane. Some scholars believe
it may mark the Celtic New Year. It is regarded as a
Greater Sabbat by some pagan groups. It also marks the
beginning and ending of the witches' year.
Ancient Celts started every day at the sunset of
the night before. The day before Samhain was the last
day of Summer, the Light half of the year. The day after
Samhain was the first day of Winter, the Dark half of the
year. For some, this is the time of the year when the God
descends to the Underworld. The Goddess takes on her
Crone aspect.
Samhain festivals/celebrations may go from
10/31 - 11/2. It is a time when order and structure are
abolished and chaos is allowed to reign. It is a time of
"no time". It is truly a "between time", as it is between
seasons, or even years. The veils between the world’s
past, present, and future are thinnest and easily parted
at this time. Prophecy and divination are often best
achieved at this time.
It is also an ancestor festival. At one time the
dead were seen as sources of guidance and inspiration.
At this time of the year, it was appropriate to feast,
honor, and remember the dead. The dead were said to
be able to walk among the living at Samhain.
Samhain is a time to confront and examine your
personal attitudes towards death and those whom have
passed before us. It is appropriate that all frustrations
and failures of the past year should be laid to rest and
buried at this time. It may be celebrated as the spiritual
beginning of the new year.


Samhain: Also known as Halloween, Hallowmas, All
Hallow's Even, All Saint's Eve, Festival of the Dead, and
the Third Festival of Harvest. It is celebrated on October
Traditional Pagan Foods: Apples, pumpkin pie,
hazelnuts, Cakes for the Dead, corn, cranberry muffins
and breads, ale, cider, and herbal teas (especially
Traditional Ritual Herbs: Acorns, apples, broom,
deadly nightshade, dittany, ferns, flax, fumitory, heather,
mandrake, mullein, oak leaves, sage, and straw
Altar Decorations: a jack-o-lantern, apples, candles in
the shapes of Witches, ghosts, black cats, skulls,
photographs of deceased loved ones, tools of divination,
a small statue or figure representing the Triple Goddess
in Her Crone aspect
Incense: Apple, heliotrope, mint, nutmeg, and sage
obsidian, and onyx
Deities: The Goddess in Her dark aspect as the Crone,
Hecate (Goddess of fertility and moon-magick, and
protectress of all Witches), Morrigan (Celtic Goddess of
death), Cernunnos (Celtic fertility God), and Osiris (an
Egyptian deity whose annual death and rebirth
personified the self-renewing vitality and fertility of
Candle Colors: Black, orange
Symbols of Samhain/Halloween
Ghosts: Samhain/Halloween is a feast or celebration to
honor the dead. The dead are often said to be walking
among the living at this time of year.
Skulls and Skeletons: These symbols come from a time
when the animal herds were culled at the end of
summer. All of the old, sick, and weak, as well as the
animals that could not be supported through the coming
winter, were slaughtered. The meat, skins, and other
useful items were retained. It was not uncommon for
large piles of bones and skulls to accrue.
Black Cats: These cats were feared because it seemed
as if they could sneak around "invisibly" at night.
Witches: The medieval Church created the stereotypical
witch seen at this time of the year. It decided that
witches, along with the black cats, were evil and to be
feared. The green tinged skin is a modern addition.
Demons: This is the medieval Church at work again. It
turned the Fair Folk into monsters/demons who would
murder the unwary.
Mummies, Werewolves, and Vampires: These are
more modern additions to Halloween symbolism. As their
tales were told, and perhaps distorted, their notoriety
grew. As their notoriety grew, so did the fear of them.
Jack-O-Lanterns: Irish immigrants to the USA found
that pumpkins were easier to carve than their native
turnips. Jack-O-Lanterns held the only lights for the
home until the hearth fire was rekindled.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Techno-Mages Triumph over Terminal Transfers!

-- An interview with WebWizard Morgan Felidae, by Jymi X/0

Greyschool's website is the center of activity for everyone
at the school. It's where we attend classes, find
resources for spells and other research, and touch base
with friends around the world. Without the website, most
of us would be on our own in our magical studies.
But in early March of this year, it all suddenly
disappeared. Hundreds of confused students and frantic
faculty members had our wizardly resourcefulness tested
as we scrambled to stay in touch. This was no minor
glitch – though the main site was restored a few weeks
later, the forums didn't return until the end of July.
Professor Morgan Felidae explains that the problem
started when the site's previous host, ReadyHosting,
moved the website data to a newer server. The site code,
which was written with an older program, was
incompatible with the new server, and the site crashed.
Greyschool's Webcrafters worked quickly to update the
code. Just when everything was back in place, the host
moved our data back to the old server – which was now
incompatible with the new code! This second crash was
far more serious. A great deal of information was totally
lost, including entire classes. This all had to be
painstakingly re-entered by humans.
Now we've got a helpful new site host (1&1 Hosting),
updated code, and a slick new forum format. The work is
far from over, though -- there's a lot going on behind the
scenes. “(T)he new Webcrafter team will be...working
with the pure code itself,” says Professor Felidae. “The
language (the new site) was written in is called ASP, or
Active Server Protocol.” These changes have made the
site code more adaptable, making future changes much
easier – such as the Phoenix Upgrade we've been hearing
about! “(W)e will later be re-writing the site in PHP, or
Hypertext Preprocessor, adding some 'bells & whistles' to

The Halloween Hotel
By Hedwig

Boo goes the ghost down the hall
Troll in her mini skirt went to the mall
The goblin in room 30- double zero
Has a shrimp of a hero
Pumpkins gleam through the windows
You can hear the moan when the wind blows
Giants roam in the ballroom
So they have some place to loom.
Welcome to the Halloween Hotel
Come and Visit our Wishing Well
Nothing is as it may seem
Look for us in the wicked themes
Jump on into the pool of blood
It feels good when the job gets done
Pets are welcome at the Halloween Hotel
Just know that you’re under an evil spell.

the layout with CSS, or Cascading Stylesheets.” PHP and
CSS are among the newest and most adaptable
programming languages on the 'net.
A great deal of time and effort is required to keep the
site running smoothly. “The official Webcrafters team is
made up of myself, Craig Melia, Bill Kilborn, and Nora
Lundquist,” Professor Felidae said. “They will be
responsible for conducting the upgrade and future fixes...
(We also) had to get some help from outside contractors,
namely Wolf Stiles, Grey Council member Ian
"LurkingBear" Anderson, and lately tons of help from
Grey School student DesertThunderStorm.”
Money is another major issue in running a site as active
“(C)onsidering all of the man hours put in, we have
definitely exceeded several thousand dollars (worth of
time). However, most of that time was donated...If we
Webcrafters...well, let's say at this point, we'd be paying
more than we pull in for tuition, easily.” We all owe those
volunteers a round of thanks, and for those of you who
can afford to donate, please do. “The donations that
students have been sending is probably the best way for
the majority to help now, because it allows us to seek out
professionals in emergencies who will not work for free.”
Computers, like all energy centers, have a mystical side.
When asked if magic was used to assist in the website
repair efforts, Professor Felidae said, “Well, I did a little
bit, mostly with some amateur astral projection and
interfacing with the site/code to understand it. My
experiences with technology have suggested I may want
to pursue a study of technomagecraft.”
Where do we sign up for that class?

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Halloween in Salem
-- by Skye
Some people think that wizards and Magickal folk
like to run amuck in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween,
but truthfully, most of us really dislike the commercialism
of our most important holiday of the year and like to
avoid the rush the holiday brings. If you notice, I said
MOST. I am the rare one who runs around each and
every store like a kid in a candy shop with no adult in
sight to stop them from getting a big, bad bellyache. I do
wait until after the 31st to get any provisions or supplies,
as everything seems to be higher in price due to the
holiday. It took a few times of me getting ripped off (in
prices) to realize what was happening, so I wait until
November 3rd or 4th to go back in for supplies. So what
makes Salem so interesting on Halloween? Glad you
Real haunted houses, street fairs, psychic fairs,
parties, séances, and costume balls. Need I say more?
There is this air in Salem, however, unlike any
celebration on this night anywhere else. It doesn’t feel
like just a kid’s holiday, it feels like it is truly an air of
pure power and an electricity filled atmosphere, and even
if you don’t believe in ghosts or the lore behind the
holiday, you realize you cannot help but believe because
of the feeling the whole night and town gives you. I truly
cannot explain it, other than I feel as if the dead are
walking and all of the spirits are trying to find their way
home. It feels surreal, something not quite real, and
even when you pinch yourself you can’t believe you’re
there and feeling this feeling.
So, what is the first thing you should do? Well,
honestly, the festivities last the whole month, starting
October 1st to the 31st. You really shouldn’t feel as if you
have to cram it into one night. If you are not too sure of
the history of Salem, or even if you think you know
everything there is to know about this town, you should
check out the Witch History Museum, which has the full
history of the witch hunts, witchcraft, and the 1692 trials
of the Salem witches. You can also see ghosts,
apparitions, spirits, and specters sitting right next to you
at the Salem Witches Mansion, which is guaranteed to
have you jump right out of your seat! Another Favorite is
the Salem Wax Museum. Then, mosey on down to the

Witch Dungeon Museum. For history buffs, it shows the
reenactments from actual transcripts of the trials of
1692, as well as untold stories of hysteria and the fate of
those accused.
A very popular place is Salem Witch Village,
which gives you a tour that sorts through the myths and
legends of witchcraft and witches. It gives you the true
meaning of what a witch is, as it is created and
developed with the help of Salem’s wiccan/pagan
community. There is also Salem’s Museums of Myths and
Monsters, a tour with live actors and animation with
special effects. It introduces you to the creatures that
have haunted man’s imagination throughout the
centuries, such as vampires, werewolves, witches,
ghosts, and ghouls. There are also a few places not so
scary, such as the House of the 7 Gables, writer
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace and the oldest mansion
in New England, which was built in 1655 and has a
waterfront view. There is a trolley about 90 minutes long
that gives you a tour of Salem Village and the Danvers
area. You can also visit The Witch House, the home of
witch trial judge Jonathan Corwin. There is also the 1630
pioneer village, which is truly unique and interesting. A
favorite of mine is the New England Pirate Museum, a
tour that guides you through a journey on a pirate boat
and has unique artifacts and actual treasure found from
ships around the Salem area. Salem Willows is also great
for family fun, with arcades, games, rides, and prizes. It
is one of my daughter’s favorite places to go.
Another great place to visit is the Spellbound
Museum, which has rare, authentic supernatural curios
and oddities from all over the world. You CANNOT miss
Dracula’s castle, Salem’s largest haunted house, filled
with creepy, scary chambers that will no doubt leave you
screaming. I must tell you that Salem is best in the
dark. This is the time for ghost tours; if you ever travel
to Salem, do not leave without going on a Ghost tour.
There is a tour called Spellbound Tours, a vampire and
ghost hunt tour, which introduces you to a paranormal
and supernatural expert, who will walk along the “Hot
Spots” of Salem and share real and true ghost stories,
taking you to the haunted sites and discussing the origins
of New England Vampirism and Ghost hunting. There is
also a tour called Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tours, which
recount true tales of Victorian murders, area hauntings
and colonial witchcraft while walking the streets of Salem
at night and walking through cemeteries. Truly great
The Festival of the Dead is another great
attraction that has many different things to do. You can
have a séance, learn to use spirit boards, give psychic
readings, learn ghost-hunting techniques, dance with real
vampires, make Mexican sugar skulls, have a dinner with
the dead, enjoy the psychic and witchcraft fair and expo,
and even attend a Dumb Supper. The final touch would
be the Masquerade Ball.
So if you’re planning your trip to Salem, be sure
to attend, or at least check out, some of these sites. I
promise you will not be disappointed!

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Global Warming, Local Effects
by Arianrhod
As global warming intrudes increasingly upon
our consciousness, scientists are predicting
wide variations in climate patterns.
prediction is that weather events will increase
in intensity, if not frequency...
My cats tried to tell me something was wrong.
The oldest cat came racing inside on that beautiful
Thursday morning. She stationed herself at a back
window and went on “alert,” looking for all the world as if
she was pointing at the creek. The youngest cat stayed
outside tearing around as if panic stricken, but refused to
come indoors. The middle cat (the one terrified of
thunderstorms) simply hid.
At 11:30 am on Thursday, July 27, 2006, a stationary
cold front over Lake Erie met a large warm front coming
from the south. By noon, torrents of water were pouring
onto the communities of northeast Ohio. This was no
solitary thunderstorm -- this was a series of
thunderstorms, one after another, as one mass of warm
air met the stationary cold front, precipitated violently
and was replaced by another wave of warm air. This was
repeated over and over, for the stationary cold front
remained just that—stationary—and the storm front did
not leave the area.
By 8:00 pm, CNN was reporting that the Ohio governor
had declared Lake County a disaster area. Interstate 90
was closed. Two bridges in Lake County had been
destroyed and 25 others were structurally damaged.
Roads were beginning to wash away and railroad
crossings were damaged. The two Lake County rivers,
the Chagrin and the Grand, had breeched their banks.
Local communities reported up to 10-12 inches of rain.
The flood stage of the Grand River is 8 feet. At 9:00 a.m.
Friday morning, the Grand River was at 17.35 feet. The
current was estimated at 35 mph. It devastated
everything in its path.

The marinas at the mouth of the river were destroyed.
Boats were floating all over Lake Erie, some still tied to
pieces of devastated pier. Local police and fire fighters
had been up all night, doing rooftop rescues of people
flooded out of their homes. Six hundred people were
taken to four Red Cross shelters set up around the
county. There were power outages sporadically
throughout the area. Some people were awakened in the
night as rescue workers broke into their homes to
evacuate them before flood water reached their electrical
On Tuesday, August 1, the counties of Lake, Ashtabula
and Geauga were declared Federal disaster areas.
However, lessons had been learned from the Katrina
disaster that befell New Orleans. Governor Taft wasted
no time on Thursday by designating northeast Ohio a
disaster area. This allowed local rescue personnel to
immediately put out a call for boats. The other Lake Erie
communities responded immediately, some from 60 to
75 miles away. These boats were used for the rooftop
rescues Thursday/Friday night. They were used again on
Friday, when animal rescue personnel from around the
state visited all the devastated homes and condominiums
rescuing stranded, abandoned pets and taking them to a
specially designated shelter. All have since been reunited
with their families.
Only one human life was lost.
determined that this was the worse storm in the area for
500 years. Time will tell if we see another storm this
severe in the near future.
If the global warming
predictions are correct, we will.
The Plain Dealer, July 28, 29, 30, August 2, 9, 10 and 15, 2006

Global Warming: The Earth's Natural Cycles
By Arianrhod
The issue of global warming has been discussed widely in the public arena for the last few years. Global
warming, however, is only one aspect of the broader issue of climate change. There is much that we do not know
about climate change and much that we are directly experiencing.
The climate has changed many times over the millennia. There have been great ages where ice sheets have
covered huge percentages of the earth’s surface, and also warmer periods where the ice sheets have melted and
water has covered much of our current landmass. For example, there was once a huge inland sea which flowed over
what is now North America -- right down the middle of our current Canada and the United States.
The process of climate change moves back and forth in an entirely natural manner. There does not appear to
be any way to stop the process, nor should we really want to, for if the process were stopped, the living functions of
earth itself would be stopped, with consequences that would be fatal to all.
The current controversy about climate change centers not on the issues of if the climate is changing (it is, and
always has been) but on the speed at which the climate is changing. While some scientists are not yet ready to
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Whispering Grey Matters


Autumn 2006

Cont'd from previous page
believe that human beings are contributors to climate change, other scientists, as well as a growing number of the
population, are beginning to believe that human behavior is accelerating the process. We impact our world in so
many ways – the burning of fossil fuels, the over-building of coastal areas, the destruction of natural habitat – that
the planet’s natural responses may be shortened. If this is the case, we will begin to see physical changes at an
increasing pace within our lifetimes.
Some indications of climate change could include chemical changes in the atmosphere and ocean waters, the
migration and sometimes extinction of species, and more intense weather conditions worldwide. Those organisms
which have the capacity to adapt to these changing conditions will survive; those organisms that have neither the
capacity nor the time to adapt will not.
Every aspect of scientific study impinges on the topic of climate change. We have learned much about our
world in discreet units, yet do not understand how these units interconnect with one another. All of us, through
observation and discussion, can contribute to the knowledge base of our world.
Additional Reading:
Calhoun, Yael, series editor, Climate Change.
Chelsea House Publishers. Philadelphia, 2005.
Erickson, Jon. Historical Geology. Facts on File, New York. 2002.
Gaughan, Sheila, ed. Global Warming: Contemporary Issues Companion.
Greenhaven Press, Farmington Hills, MI. 2005.
Lynas, Mark. High Tide. Picador, New York. 2004.


Its twilight time and the crickets sing,
My skin is sticky with the day’s sweat but I am not done.
As the earth spins away from the sun and the darkness surrounds me,
I think.
Of all that might be, manifest.
There are battles inside that have not been won.
There are deeds that have not been done.
Yet, I turn my back on the past, and peer at the twinkling stars.
So far they are, to send me comfort, and hope.
As the sun has passed away, I hold its seed in my hand, for tomorrow
And wonder what I want to become

As the skies slowly part I see an image of absolute beauty
Her dark glow entrances my senses
I notice a glimmer roll down her pale cheek
At once a deep sadness fills me
I know that all is not right in my world
I embrace her and lightly brush the tear aside
I gaze endlessly into her eyes
The blood boils in my veins and turns me to search for the truth behind all of this
Brandishing my sword I enter the womb of her fears
I know that the trials ahead will leave me weak and vulnerable
But for this goddess I will shed all thoughts of uncertainty
I will endure any amount of pain and anguish
If only to save her soul from the torture that is this life
Be it my sword or my heart
I will wield either with ease to comfort my lady and save her from despair
I will sacrifice mind body and soul if only to see her smile
And my life means nothing if I could not protect that of my love
Her touch gives me the strength to carry on when at last breath
Her kiss gives the courage to conquer all obstacles in my path
If I were to succeed in my quest I would feel the warmth of her love for eternity
Were I to fail I would die in vain and wander the realms of living and dead forevermore
By her side I shall stay and will never leave
-This is one of Panther’s many thoughts

-by Whiskerwind

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


The Witch of Pungo
by Lilyth Rose

Grace Sherwood was an 18th century midwife, herbal healer, and
convicted witch. On July 10, 1706, she made the grand mistake of
floating when tried by water in the Lynnhaven River for the crime of
witchcraft and was promptly sent to jail as a convicted witch. She
was accused of bewitching a neighbor's crop to fail and their cattle
to die, creating storms, and causing a miscarriage. She went to
court time and time again to fight the witchcraft charges or to sue
neighbors for slander, but to no avail in the end.
She was finally released around 1714. She then had to pay back
taxes on her property and proceeded to live out her life in the same
community that condemned her. She died in 1740.
Three hundred years later, on July 10, 2006, Grace Sherwood was
informally pardoned by Virginia State Governor Timothy Kaine.
Mayor Meyera Oberndorf read the pardon at a reenactment of her
trial on the anniversary of her dunking, July 10. The mayor also
declared the day to be Grace Sherwood Day.
Belinda Nash, a local woman in the area of Pungo, led the campaign
for Grace Sherwood's pardon and continues to campaign for a
statue to be erected in her honor. Those interested in the cause
can visit her site at: Grace Sherwood -- Witch of Pungo

By Hikari the Black
The besom is, quite frankly, a broom. A lot of the lore
associated with it is found in our textbook, The Grimoire
for the Apprentice Wizard, on page 118. I’m not going to
say much about what’s covered there, as it is as
complete as it needs to be at this level of our
development. Instead, I am going to write about the
besom as a symbol of the women who have
compromised and sacrificed, shape-shifting to stay
hidden so that they could carry on the tradition of
European shamanism, also known as witchcraft.
As Christianity swept through Europe, it targeted those
who would not conform to its tenets as enemies of God
and the state. It reserved special hatred and destruction
for witches and a double portion for female witches, as,
very often, female witches were very strong,
independent, and skilled, as opposed to the subservient
and modest wife that a Christian woman was supposed to
be. Thusly it was that some strong, independent women
were oppressed without ever having practiced the craft.
The witches had to learn to hide their implements in plain
sight, as common items, to give the courts no evidence
that they were witches. The besom, one might speculate,
was no less than a staff (verendum) disguised. Not only
was it a household item, but a household item symbolic
of a woman’s duty in the Christian home. This irony gives
extra power to the defiance contained in the symbol of
the besom.

The besom, then, is the symbol of the female witch as
shape-shifter, outwardly conforming while holding the
inner teachings close. It is the symbol of a phase in
history where invisibility meant survival. It is the symbol
of the quiet oppressed, awaiting redemption and justice
for the cause of their knowledge.
We have the ability to bring that about, even in these
days when the major religions hold more sway than ever
over politics and world affairs. We have, in our hands and
in our times, the power of redemption, the power to
honor the spirits that have preserved our craft and are so
close to us now in this season of Samhain. How do we do
Don’t sit down. Don’t shut up. Don’t be docile and
agreeable all of the time. Don’t allow yourself to be
exploited as objects any more. Stand up for those who
are put down for reasons of social and religious
intolerance. Don’t let people trivialize or marginalize your
beliefs. Know Mother Earth well. Do good works openly
and in the name of what you believe. Against these,
slanderous arguments will find little purchase. Expose the
ignorant lies of the slanderous, whether it be in the
school hallway or in the church pulpit.
We must transform the besom from a necessity into a
proud symbol of legacy. It is only through honoring the
spirits of those who have carried its burden with our
actions that we will ever truly be able to live up to their
brooms or ours.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Fill in the blank:
My ex is....
Maybe I should....
I Love....
I don't understand....
I lost my....
People would say that I'm...
Love is....
Somewhere, someone is....
I will always....
Forever is....
I never wanted to....
Life is full of...
My past....
I get annoyed when....
I wish....
My dog.....
Tomorrow I'm going to....
Sometimes I want to.....

Tongue Twisters!!!

These tough tongue twisters are sure to get your tongue
all taffied up!
An undertaker undertook to undertake an undertaking.
The undertaking that the undertaker undertook was the
hardest undertaking the undertaker ever undertook to
Pretty Kitty Creighton had a cotton batten cat. The cotton
batten cat was bitten by a rat. The kitten that was bitten
had a button for an eye, and biting off the button made
the cotton batten fly.
There was a young fisher named Fischer
who fished for a fish in a fissure.
The fish, with a grin,
pulled the fisherman in;
now they're fishing the fissure for Fischer.
Ned Nott was shot and Sam Shott was not. So it is better
to be Shott than Nott. Some say Nott was not shot. But
Shott says he shot Nott. Either the shot Shott shot at
Nott was not shot, or Nott was shot. If the shot Shott
shot shot Nott, Nott was shot. But is the shot Shott shot
shot Shott, then Shott was shot, not Nott. However, the
shot Shott shot shot not Shott-- but Nott.

Samhain Word Scramble
1. mnppiuk
2. vpemair
3. hlguo
4. egorna
5. kclba atc
6. wsrercaco
7. tsvrahe
8. omrbo
9. raotscne
10. taefs

Once upon a barren moor
There dwelt a bear, also a boar.
The bear could not bear the boar.
The boar thought the bear a bore.
At last the bear could bear no more
Of that boar that bored him on the moor,
And so one morn he bored the boar—
That boar will bore the bear no more.

Solution on page 39

Samhain Mad Lib
I was walking in a (1) one day when I came
upon a (2) cottage. The windows of the shabby
cottage were (3) with an eerie (4) glow. I (5)
approached and looked into one of the windows.
There was a (6) talking to a man. I had never seen
one so (7) in my life! The man saw me and began
to (8). Before my eyes he turned into a (9) and
started to chase after me. I started to run back to
my house but tripped on a (10) log. Just before I
hit the ground I awoke with a shudder. I thought it
was just a bad dream until I saw a pair of (11) that
were (12) in the dark. I pulled the covers up over
my head and went back to sleep.

1. Noun
2. Adjective
3. Verb (-ing)
4. Adjective (color)
5. Adverb (-ly)
6. Noun
7. Adjective
8. Verb
9. Noun
10. Adjective
11. Noun
12. Verb (-ing)

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


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FrogsDancing’s Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time!!
Great horror films are profoundly unsettling. They chill you to the bone. They linger in the subconscious.
They are also a very personal matter of choice. Keeping that in mind, here are my top 10 picks:
1. Nosferatu (1922) – F.W. Murnau’s silent vampire movie starring Max Schrek as the vampire.
Nosferatu, the Vampyre (1979) – This is Werner Herzog’s remake of the 1922 movie. It still
leaves every other modern vampire movie in the dust.
2. The Mummy (1932) – Boris Karloff’s performance makes this the only must-see mummy film.
3. The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – Boris Karloff stars as the monster. It is a much better film than
4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932) – Frederic March’s performance of the brilliant doctor and his
monstrous alter ego won him an Oscar.
5. Jaws (1975) – Admit it. You were afraid of the water for a bit after you saw this one. Steven
Spielberg directed this well-acted, suspenseful thriller. Who can forget Jaws’s music?
6. The Shining (1980) – Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, starring Jack Nicholson.
Enough said.
7. The Exorcist (1973) – A tale of the demonic possession of a little girl.
8. Psycho (1960) – Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller. Did you really think that I would forget one
of horror films’ greatest moments, the shower scene?
9. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) – Jody Foster and Anthony Hopkins. Murderer/psychiatrist
(Hopkins) is interviewed by a young, beautiful, naive FBI agent for help in a case of serial killings.
10. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Freddie Krueger, a murdered child killer, continues to kill, but
this time he attacks and kills through their dreams.
I have also included my Top 5 picks for Family Friendly Movies:

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Monsters, Inc.
The Witches

Personally, I am planning a “Freddie” marathon. Freddie is my favorite—he makes me laugh. I think that
Freddie has it all over Michael Myers and Jason, but opinions vary.

Whispering Grey Matters


Autumn 2006

Science and Magic: Inseparable After All
by Jymi X/0
Some Greyschool students have a hard time deciding on their specialty color. But, as some of us older
students know, all schools present us with equally tough, tantalizing choices. When I was in college, I changed my
major no less than four times. (At least Greyschool offers that Rainbow Path – majoring in “Everything” is not usually
an option in other schools!)
When I started college, I had expected to concentrate on Art and Literature. But one required foundation class
in my very first semester introduced me to a new love which continues to this day: SCIENCE!
I learned as much, or more, about magic from my science classes as I have from many of the “New Age-y”
books out there today. I remember walking out of Physics or Chemistry classes each day with new insights on the
world and the invisible energies of which it is made. My magical skills improved during this time: being able to work
out equations for the forces you're using produces some amazing results!
Classical science (that given to us by such masters as Newton and Galileo) tells us how the macroscopic world
is put together. New sciences, such as quantum physics, have begun to describe a sub-microscopic reality we never
The strange reality described by modern science is nothing new. It just hasn't had a place in hard science until
now. When a modern scientist “discovers” an amazing new principle of energy behavior, you can bet that Wizards
from all cultures throughout the centuries are saying “Yes, we could have told you about that, but you thought we
were all crazy!”
In fact, some of the core concepts of quantum physics sound an awful lot like the magic with which most of us
are pretty familiar. For example, in some circumstances, if you split up a pair of electrons and perform an action on
one of them, the other electron, even if it's millions of miles away, reacts as if the same action had been performed on
it, too! This sounds like sympathetic magic, in which performing an action upon a piece of your target's body or
clothing results in the target feeling the effects of that action. Could this ancient magical practice share basic
properties with modern particle physics?
The connection between modern science and ancient wisdom is strong. Quantum physics describes a reality in
which nothing is certain – the world we take for granted may not even exist when no one is there to experience it, we
really can change the direction of reality just by thinking about it, and there really are other dimensions. For
centuries, scientists have thought to lead humanity away from the “primitive” ideas in magic and religion, but now it
seems that they were just traveling in a huge circle: just like I learned about magic from my science classes, many
scientists find themselves turning to magic to help them understand science!
It is thus with great pleasure that I introduce the new Science Section of Whispering Grey Matters. I hope you
will enjoy looking at magic through the spectroscope. Next issue, we'll step right into the quantum world, where the
magical energy resides!

I look out into the space in front of me and I see untamed beauty.
A never-ending forest ridge, with trees like giants gathering in distant lands.
This is where I feel at home, at peace, in love.
The spring birds' singing fills the air around me,
caressing my senses softly.
The sweet smell of the leaves on the ground take me to far off places
I’ve never been and never want to leave.
I feel safe here;
Like in this valley there is nothing that could ever hurt me.
I wish that I could make this home,
this untainted land,
Untouched by the plague that is mankind.
But I know that I must soon return to the steel and concrete jungle that is civilization.
I must pass on my knowledge of this great land
to the seed of the future,
to my children and the few with me now.
They too must know how to preserve this place
and how to appreciate it.
Maybe they too will learn of the amazing journeys that it holds.
But until then, I will be the keeper of this great land.
-This is one of Panther's many thoughts

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


All these recipes and information found in the
2006 Herbal Almanac, article by Sheri Ann Richerson.
Used with permission.

By Skye

What is one word that can always make your
eyes dance and bring a big smile to anyone’s face? What
makes a horrible day wonderful, a sad person happy, can
cause your mouth to water, and usually even makes
most people stop crying? If you said or thought
CHOCOLATE, you are right! This is the time of year when
you can have your pick of chocolate—bags and bags filled
with a million different types of candy. Some folks like
the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, while others cannot do
without the Hershey’s Bar. I myself am an Almond Joy
girl, and have discovered a new Hershey’s bar called
milk chocolate and bits of Almond Joy.
Let’s first unwrap the history of chocolate to get a
taste for this treat. Chocolate comes from the Theobroma
Cocoa tree. It grows in tropical rain forests and means
“food of the gods”, which would explain why it was
reserved only for warriors and nobility in the Ancient
Mayan Empire. The Mayans were the first civilization to
discover the treat and made a spicy drink, as well as
burning the seeds as incense or giving them as offerings
in rituals and ceremonies. Here is an interesting fact:
cocoa pods were used as money. Imagine buying things
with chocolate! Yes, I bought my house with 1.5 billion
M& M’s!
The process to make chocolate is complex and
time-consuming. You first have to scoop the cocoa seeds
out of the pods and then place the seeds in baskets
under banana leaves for one week to allow the seeds to
ferment. Once they are fermented, they are then placed
in the sun to dry, which takes several days. They are
then roasted over an open fire to give more them more

flavor. You then have to remove the shell and crush the
seeds to make a paste. You would then add sweetener
and milk, according to your desired taste. The Mayans
were the first known people to use and make chocolate.
They, in turn, introduced it to the Spanish in the 16 th
century, who added sugar to it to dull the bitterness and
hid it from others until others discovered it. In 1657 the
first chocolate house was opened to the public in London
and became wildly popular. It was used in drinks, then
later in food thanks to those ever-experimenting Italians.
Chocolate has been ‘rumored’ to be an
aphrodisiac, as it contains small amounts of Phenyl
Ethylamine, or PEA, which is a mild mood elevator that
causes our brains to produce the same feeling we feel
when we are in love or have happy feelings. It also has
the horrible reputation for causing acne and skin
breakouts, and for being bad for your health. These are
all myths!
It has been proven that cocoa has
antibacterial agents that help fight tooth decay and has
positive effects on controlling cholesterol levels. It also
has been found that in 1.5 ounces of chocolate, there are
3 grams of protein, 15% of the daily allowance of
riboflavin, 9% of the daily value of calcium, and 7% of
the daily value of iron. There are also natural vitamins
and minerals in the cocoa bean, so that should quell any
and all arguments against chocolate—never mind the fact
that to deny a woman chocolate can be harmful to your
I have come across some great and wonderful
recipes, both edible and non-edible, bath and body,
which contain cocoa to soothe you from the inside to the
outside. Be sure to try the Chocolate Beef Ribs—I know it
might sound weird, but trust me, they are great! I hope
you enjoy these recipes as I have. You can also mix and
match the recipes and ingredients to your style and

Chocolate Chilled Soup

Chocolate scrambled eggs

1 pint of low fat chocolate milk
½ cup granulated sugar
6 oz bittersweet chocolate chips
½ vanilla extract

5 eggs beaten
1 cup milk
3 tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp black pepper
Preheat the skillet over medium heat. Combine all
ingredients in a bowl and whisk until well blended. Pour
mixture in a skillet until eggs are firm.

Combine the Granulate sugar and the chocolate milk in a
saucepan, whisking the mixture slowly until heated and
the sugar dissolves. Pour the chocolate chips in the pan
and whisk until melted, adding in the vanilla. Chill, then
add a dollop of whipped cream doused with cocoa powder
and a side of fresh, ripe fruits and nuts.
Chocolate Mint Carrots
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp chopped chocolate mint
8 ounces fresh carrots
Steam or boil carrots until tender. Drain and add butter
and mint leaves to a small saucepan and sauté, just
slightly, until butter melts. Pour over carrots and serve.

Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping
1 (6 oz.) pkg. semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips
1/2 stick butter or margarine
1/4 cup vegetable oil
Melt chocolate chips and butter in a double boiler. Add oil
and mix in well. When spooned over ice cream, it will
create a hard chocolate shell.

Whispering Grey Matters
Chocolate Beef Ribs

Autumn 2006



3 pounds of beef ribs
4 tbsp of butter
½ cup vinegar
1 cup tomato juice
1 clove of garlic
2 tbsp of white sugar
1 tsp seasoning salt
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
½ cup catsup
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp chili powder
½ tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp A-1 steak sauce

Chocolate Sugar Rub

Brown the ribs in the butter then place in a roasting pan.
In a saucepan, combine rest of ingredients and simmer
over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour
mixture when ready (about 15 min) over the ribs in the
pan. Cover the pan and place on 350 degrees until the
meat falls from the bones, usually about 2½ hours
depending upon the thickness of the meat. As the ribs
cook, remove the cover to baste. Bake uncovered the
last 15 minutes.

Use a mortar and pestle to crush veins of chocolate mint
leaves. Place the crushed leaves in a quart container. Fill
with one pint of warm vegetable oil. Add 1 tbsp white
vinegar, and then cap the container and place in a warm
sunny window. Wait one week, then strain. Store in a
cool, dry place. If the scent is weak, begin again until
you are happy with the outcome.

2 cups granulated sugar
½ cup cocoa powder
¼ cup olive oil.
Combine in a jar together, mixing well. Use this to sloth
off dry and dead skin.
Chocolate Mint essential oil
3 tbsp chocolate mint leaves
1 pint of vegetable oil
1 tbsp white vinegar

Chocolate Body Lotion
1/3 cup rose water
1/3 cup glycerin
1/3 cup lemon juice
Chocolate scented oil from prior recipe.
Mix the first three ingredients together in a container that
has a seal and can be shaken. Shake well until mixed.
Add the oil in according to your preferences, and use
right away.
Chocolate Mint Astringent
1 cup chocolate mint leaves
1 cup boiling water
Crush the chocolate mint leaves in mortar and pestle and
pour the leaves in a large bowl. Cover the leaves with
boiling water.
Place in a container and put in a cool, dark place. Apply
the mixture to face and neck.

"Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates." -- Fernando Pessoa

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


By Skye
Of course, this section would not be complete without the following recipes:
Roasted Pumpkin seeds
2 cups pumpkin seeds
5 tsp butter, melted
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
¼ tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp cayenne powder
Toss pumpkin seeds in a bowl with butter and
Worcestershire sauce. Then combine sugar, salt, cayenne
powder, and garlic powder, sprinkle over seeds, tossing
them to coat. Place aluminum foil on a baking pan and
add nonstick cooking spray. Spread seeds and cook at
250 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-60 minutes, or until seeds
are dry and roasted.
There are several ways to make pumpkin seeds, all
according to your taste. Here are some ideas below:
Something sweet:
½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground nutmeg
½ tsp ground cloves
½ tsp salt
½ tsp paprika
¼ tsp onion powder
¼ tsp dried oregano
¼ tsp dried thyme
1/8 tsp black pepper
1 tsp BBQ seasoning
Mexican Fiesta:
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp onion powder
¼ tsp oregano
¼ tsp ground cumin
¼ tsp chili powder
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

"Nothing on earth is so
beautiful as the final haul
on Halloween night."
-- Steve Almond

Pumpkin Pancakes
1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
½ cup whole-wheat flour
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp salt
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp ground nutmeg
1 ½ cups fat free milk
½ cup canned pumpkin
1 egg white
2 tbsp canola oil
In a large bowl, combine the first 8 ingredients. Combine
the milk, pumpkin, egg white, and oil in another bowl.
Stir into dry ingredients until moistened. Pour batter by
¼ cupfuls in hot griddle coated with a non-stick cooking
spray, turn pancakes when bubbles form on top. Cook
until second side is cooked.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe:
by Lord Akishio
What You Need:
1 1/2 pints vanilla ice cream, softened
3 eggs
1 3/4 cups pumpkin puree (Basically a 15oz can)
3/4 cup white sugar (To taste)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (To taste)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger (To taste)
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg (To taste)
2 (9 inch) unbaked pie shells
What You Do:
Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Place ice cream near the
warm oven to soften.
In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs. Stir in the
pumpkin puree, sugar, salt, cinnamon, ginger, and
nutmeg. Mix in soft ice cream until smooth. Pour filling
into two 9-inch pie shells.
Bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven. Reduce
temperature to 350 degrees F, and bake an additional 30
to 40 minutes, or until filling is set.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


More Food...
A Hearty Autumn Meal

Recipes for a Spooky Samhain Party...

Beef-Wine Stew

Eyeball Potion

Salt and pepper, to taste
2 pounds stew meat or small chuck roast, cut up
2 tablespoons bacon drippings
2 onions, chopped
1 quartered onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 (10 1/2 ounce) can beef bouillon
1 1/2 cup red wine or sherry
1 bay leaf
1 pound carrots, cut into 1-inch slices
4 to 6 potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes

8 oz Frozen whipped topping, thawed
Blueberries or raisins
1 1/2 cup Boiling water
1 lg Pkg gelatin - any red flavor
1 cup Cold water
Ice cubes
Using a small ice-cream scoop, place 2 scoops whipped
topping into each of 10 dessert dishes for "eyeballs."
Place a blueberry or raisin in each scoop for the "pupil."
Freeze 30 minutes, or until firm
Meanwhile, stir boiling water into gelatin in large bowl for
at least two minutes or until completely dissolved. Mix
cold water and ice cubes to make 2-1/2 cups.
Add to gelatin, stirring until slightly thickened.
Remove any remaining ice. Pour about 1/2 cup gelatin
around the two "eyeballs" in each dish, leaving the top of
the "eyeballs" exposed.
Refrigerate 1-1/2 hours, or until firm.

Salt and pepper meat; then slowly brown in bacon
drippings on top of stove.
Add chopped onions and minced garlic; let brown.
Pour bouillon over meat, scraping sides and bottom to
get browned bits.
Transfer meat and gravy to a Dutch oven or casserole
Add wine, bay leaf, and quartered onion.
Put in 350F oven and bake, covered, for 45 minutes.
Add carrots and potatoes.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and baste with gravy.
Continue to cook for 1 to 1 1/2 hours or until vegetables
and meat are tender. If gravy is too thin, thicken with
flour and water paste.
Remove bay leaf.
Yields 4 to 6 servings

Pumpkin Potpourri


Wild Berries (Red Jelly Beans)
Owl Rings (Cheerios Cereal)
Colored Flies (M&M's)
Butterfly Wings (Fritos)
Cobwebs (Coconut)
Ants (Raisins)
Earth Worms (Chow Mein Noodles)
Squirrel nuts (Shelled Peanuts)
Bat Bones (Pretzels)
Bird Seed (Shelled Sunflower Seeds)

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Makes 10
(1/2 c.) servings.

"After eating chocolate you feel
godlike, as though you can
conquer enemies,

lead armies, entice lovers. "

-- Emily Luchetti

Whispering Grey Matters
More Halloween Fun
Extracted from various areas on GSW Forums for your
viewing pleasure:

Autumn 2006



Spider web cake -- Pipe white
circles over chocolate frosted
drag toothpick from center to
Add plastic spiders to cake

Here’s a few ideas to brighten up your doorstep.

icing in concentric
bundt cake. Then
the edge 8 times.
for extra spooky

Instead of a candle, fill a carved pumpkin with
some seasonal flowers.

Wrap paper towels around lollipops, securing
them with yarn. Draw a ghost face on each one,
stick into some florist foam and place foam inside
of pumpkin.

Ghostly cookies -- Spread peanut shaped cookies
(nutter butter cookies) with canned white
frosting, then use black mini m&m’s for eyes and

Devilish Eggs -- Place halved pimento-stuffed
olives over deviled eggs to make them look like

Ghoulish punch -- With a tube of red decorating
gel, pipe “blood” onto glasses, around edging.
Fill the punch with soda.

To make frosting appear black for Halloween, use
chocolate frosting and add blue food coloring.

Paint pumpkins stems black and carve faces on
top so stem becomes noses. Put a witch’s cap on
each top and line them up on your entryway or
Did you know the jack o’ lantern wasn’t always a
pumpkin? It was a carved turnip with a candle in
it to ward off evil spirits. Imagine having to
hollow the turnip out!

Roots of the Modern Vampire
By Damia Serephina
One of the most popular icons for the Halloween season is the vampire. They
have appeared to the public in thousands of places, including literature, movies,
television, comics, and even role-playing games. Where did the ideas for this
race of beings come from?
Most cultures of the world have at least one reference to creatures that are
closely related to the vampire. Sumerian, Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian, and
Greek mythologies tell various tales of spirits, ghouls, demons, and lesser deities
that either inhabited corpses or thrived off the consumption of human or animal
blood. Of these cultures, the Eastern European tales are the most complete and
popular depictions of vampires because they took the threat of these creatures
very seriously. Stories from this region tell how to identify, repel, and even kill
these horrific creatures.
Most of the modern views of vampires are attributed to the novel Dracula by
Bram Stoker. Stoker introduced a revolutionary idea linking vampirism to
disease, which was a popular subject at the time of its release. He succeeded in
presenting a more human side to the vampire than had ever been seen before
that the public could relate to.
These days the stereotypical vampire is a pale night-dweller with a black cape
that sports a rough European accent. Instead of trying to kill them like our
ancestors, we seek out and welcome these fanged friends into our homes in a variety of different mediums.
Have a safe and happy Samhain!

Whispering Grey Matters


Autumn 2006

The Dark Arts: An Interview with Professor Estara T'shirai
by FrogsDancing
Q: What are the Dark Arts?
In terms of the Grey School of Wizardry, the field
of the Dark Arts covers 3 different areas. The first is low
magick, also known as sorcery. The second is lore of
“creatures of the night”, such as vampires, ghosts, and
werewolves. Finally, the third is Defense Against the Dark
Arts, which encompasses things like shields, wards,
identifying and repelling attacks, and at a high level,
things like exorcism.
Q: How did you become interested in the Dark
To be honest…they became interested in me! In
my pre-teens, I underwent what I would call a spiritinitiation, which means that nonphysical beings started
making their presence known to me in a variety of ways
and all at once, too! It seemed I was just expected to
figure out how to deal with it. The nice ones brought me
information on how to do things and enhanced my talent.
The not-so-nice ones lobbed things at me, to see how
fast I learned how to duck or fight back. This is fairly
typical in cultures that still have a form of shamanism,
but in modern America, it can really throw you for a loop!
So after that, I took every opportunity to read up on this
stuff and get bits of real-life training from whomever I
could find to give it to me.
Q: What motivated you to or why do you teach the
Dark Arts?
I started giving public instruction in Defense
Against the Dark Arts way back in 1996, with a series of
online zines called The Guardian’s Grimoires. Actually,
they are still available. I knew that there were other
people out there, like me, who were getting thrown in
the deep end, and I wanted them to know that they
weren’t alone. I wanted to give them some basic survival
skills. I’ve also found that, as a sort of poster girl for the
DADA, a lot of people in the larger Pagan and magickal
communities have surprising misconceptions and fears
about this subject. I’ve been called as desirable as
human sacrifice on one hand and told on the other hand
that none of what I teach has any relevance to the
modern community, not even shielding. So, I think it is
important for relatively reasonable-looking people to be
out there, making information about what the Dark Arts
and DADA really do and do not involve available to those
people as well. I hope I fit the bill.
Q: Why is it important for Apprentice Wizards to
understand and appreciate the Dark Arts?
There is a shamanic practitioner named Thena
Macarthur who gives talks at Pantheacon. I thought that
she summed this up really well. She was addressing
people’s tendency to dismiss the idea that people could
really be casting the “evil eye”, or sending other negative
energy at each other in this day and age; one of the
objections that I often hear. She asked us to think about
how often we were driving along and somebody cuts us
off or does something else stupid or dangerous, and we

scream curse words at them – well! That is a release of
negative energy! And it is directed at another person.
We are always making each other mad, jealous,
or hurt, and those energies go somewhere, even if they
are not consciously shaped and directed as spells. Every
second, commercials and political PR slingers are
throwing energies at you. They are trying to bend you to
their will, so that you will buy their product, candidate, or
war. We don’t think about it in magickal terms, but this
kind of thing is actually happening to all of us all of the
time. We have to know how to rise above it. That way,
your will and your luck are your own, and that is how you
are going to succeed as a Wizard.
Q: What is the most important thing that you hope
your students learn and take away from your
I want my students to be able to think about
subjects like psychic attack, shielding, and banishing
without either totally dismissing their experiences of
weird things or getting completely freaked out by every
coincidence. I want to give them the tools to think about
what is happening and why, and how to handle
themselves when they have decided what they need to
Q: Just because I am dying to know, how do you or
would you answer Mundania’s generally negative
perception of the Dark Arts?
I think that it is natural, given that on one hand
conventional religions paint almost any magick as evil to
some degree and, on the other hand, most of the
examples we see come from horror movies! Things like
Charmed, and the Harry Potter series, did at least make
things a little better, making some people curious in a
good way. Honestly, I don’t tend to give a lot of thought
to this question since, to my mind, I exist in a world of
energies and spirits that many people are not called to
and do not really want to understand. I do my part for
the general acceptance of alternative religions, cultures,
and practices, but I do not expect the average person to
go with me on my trip. What I do has never been for
everybody. They just need to know where to find me if
they need me. Mostly, the work I do is for other Wizards!
Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the Defense of
the Dark Arts Club?
We were the first Grey School of Wizardry club.
The students requested the organization of the club. We
are pretty much summed up in the name. We are a place
where students can come and ask about topics of
defensive magick and scary beasties. It is a place to
compare experiences, as well as share tips and reviews
of the handful of books available on our subject.
Thank you Professor T’shirai.
You have
peaked my interest in the Dark Arts. I am looking
forward to taking your classes.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Perception and The Window
by Kitiara N. Goldmoon
In the Labyrinth of narrow, twisting halls that go
on forever, there is a dark room, lit only by a small wax
candle placed upon the ground. There is a constant
sound of rain pelting the windows and beating the
rooftop while thunder roars angrily against bolts of
lightning that gouge the darkened skies.
Windows of fogged and dust-filmed glass line the
room from corner to corner, wall to wall, in one straight,
encompassing line. Outside, sickeningly disfigured
shadows move and stare with malicious grins at the
trembling form in the middle of the room. One of these
windows the shadows don't touch. It is opened ever so
slightly, just enough for one to pry it open, and it rattles
with the howls of the ever strengthening wind, letting a
small breeze blow in to make the candle flame flicker and
unknown shadows dance across the bare floor and walls
surrounding the door.
Huddled in the center, subject to constant fear
clenched fast to his heart, Arthur watches the cold steel
door. A sorry sight to see is this poor human man, eyes
red from crying and throat raw from screaming. His hair
is matted, his face stained with tears, and what used to
be clothes are now rags. His thin body and sunken face
giving him the ghastly appearance of a skeleton, he
stares, frightened of that cold steel door...
There is not a fingerprint upon its surface as it
seems to glow with unearthly life. No handle is leant to
escape the room, and people laugh hysterically when you
mention escaping through the window...
Without a sound, the steel door smoothly swings
open to reveal one of the many pitch dark hallways of
the Labyrinth that is lined with yet more doors leading to
nowhere the man can remember.
For a while nothing at all seems to happen, and
he thinks for a moment, "I'm free! I can finally leave!"
But just as that flutter of Hope appears in his heart, it is
torn out and replaced by a dread so terrible he is
physically ill. A horrid figure has appeared in the metallic
doorway, and it watches the man with a piercing stare.
Made from Woe, Agony, Terror, and the shadows
between the stars, it embodies the very essence of our
fears and every thing that comes along with it. Misery
drips from its needle-sharp ivory teeth as it smiles in its
crooked way. Its body is thin and gangly, making it ever
more paralyzing to Arthur as it slinks toward him in a
nightmarish fashion of violent jerks and dream-like

Shaking in terror, Arthur's whimpers turn to small
cries, and he finally begins to sob as he watches the
creature come to a stomach-churning stop just inches
away from him. It lifts one silver-clawed hand slowly,
deliberately, to partially cover Arthur's face just to where
he can feel its rough palm digging into his skin as he
watches through its claws.
Arthur's breath catches in his throat as he gasps
for air. Then Cold comes and he's enveloped in what feels
like a sheet of ice. What little oxygen he's getting he
exhales in thick white clouds as he can feel his mind
trying to escape the throbbing pain of his cranium. His
eyes roll to the back of his head as he slumps into a heap
on the wooden floor and convulses at the array of pains
that assault him. As his vision blurs, Arthur sees the
shadows outside mocking him. They laugh, point, and
jeer at the torture that he's enduring. He glances over at
his executioner and squints his eyes.
In this delusional, half-unconscious state that
he's in, Arthur sees, not a claw, but a black glove. And
he sees, not a monster, but the body of a thin male in all
black clothing wearing a dark wooden wolf mask, tribal in
Is this what he's been afraid of? A man in a
mask? Now, filled with adrenaline, Arthur pushes himself
up against the pressure of the man's hand and tears that
mask from the creature's face.
And just as soon as he had been brave, a mixture
of confusion and fear knotted Arthur's stomach once
more as he stared back at his own self...
Arthur stood as his breath quickened. What was
going on? Why did this horrid creature look like him?
There had to be a reason, but what? Who cares--the
place is maddening, he had to get out!
He turned to the cracked window and threw
himself away from his doppelganger and at the glass,
wrenching it open to reveal blackness. "Anything is better
than here," he croaked out to his twin as it watched him
silently from its kneeling spot on the floor. It seemed
almost innocent now as it looked on in indifference as
Arthur crawled out the window and fell into the Abyss.
Arthur Moxley began living that day, when he fell
into the Abyss and back into Life. That window of
opportunity as small as it was, he took the risk of leaping
out of...

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Dragonlore, Ash “LeopardDancer” DeKirk
from the Archives of the Grey School of Wizardry
Review by FrogsDancing
WOW!! I really enjoyed reading this book. It is packed
full of information on dragons old and new. The European
and Far East dragons are here, too. I was amazed to
discover how many dragons called North America home.
I never even considered that Africa and Oceania would
have any dragons at all, but here they are. A collection
of the better known myths and legends are covered,
whetting one’s appetite for more.
I really enjoyed Chapter 3 “Dragons in the Modern
Realm.” Dungeons and Dragons, along with its subsets,
are explored and covered. Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are
the new tellers of dragon tales and talents. “Dragons in
Literature” can add this book to their ranks. Anyone with
an interest in dragons will enjoy this book.
Personally, I can think of at least two DMs who will be
receiving this book from me as a Christmas/Yule gift.
Even my husband, who is not usually a reader, has
expressed interest in this book. My eldest daughter has
found it, and is currently reading it.

Tamshi’s Imp, Jonathan Fesmire
Review by Skye
This is a book by our very own Jonathan Fesmire, also
known as Dolphin. He has several books published and
has had several other works printed in magazines. I was
lucky enough to get a copy of his book, Tamshi’s Imp.
Tamshi Telardian is a sorceress who finds that her
memories are gone and she doesn’t remember anything
about herself. She is also missing her beloved familiar,
an ice imp by the name of Blue, and doesn’t know where
to find her. She finds herself in a web of deceit, lies, and
manipulation and in a world of nothing being as it seems
and an uncertainty of whom she is able to trust. She also
finds herself on a journey to find the pieces of the puzzle
that will bring back her memories and unexpectedly finds
herself with the realization that her service as a sorceress
has been for an ancient demon whose ultimate goal is to
destroy all the gods and become the Lord Demon. Will
she be able to bring the deception to light without her
memories? Will she be able to stop the Arch Demon and
his cult?
It is a fascinating journey packed full of magick,
suspense, and an ultimate twist you don’t see coming. I
thoroughly recommend this book and cannot wait to
delve into his other works. I was in no way disappointed
with this book. Jonathan Fesmire's website is:, or you can use

Tithe, Holly Black
Review by Violet Frost Wolf
Tithe, written by Holly Black, tells of a girl, Kaye, who is
sent back to New Jersey to live with her Grandmother
after her mother's boyfriend attacks Kaye's mom, Ellen.
She reconnects with childhood friends and searches for
the fairies that visited her at night as a child.
At a pre-party get-together at an abandon carousel, Kaye
enchants a horse and her friend Janet’s boyfriend,
Kenny, accidentally. Upset, she storms out and walks
home in the rain. She comes across a fairy knight who
has an arrow stuck in his chest. She not only helps him
remove the arrow and bandage it, but she also summons
a kelpie to sweep him away.
Poor Kaye is swept into a struggle for power between the
Seelie and the Unseelie court that might just be the
cause of her death.
This horrific and romantic fairytale is well written and
very modern, making the fairies seem all the more
realistic. As it has some cursing and is a bit gory I don't
recommend it for younger readers unless you are
absolutely sure you can handle it. Not only that, but
there are some things that are a bit....disturbing for
The fairies are eerily wonderful, smart, and interesting.
Some are grotesque, while others are amazingly
beautiful. pulls off the romance well. The magick found
here is startling. As always, Black has amazing endings
that leave you satisfied, yet yearning for more.

Monster House
Review by Violet Frost Wolf
Every house has its history. And every neighborhood has
a house with an exceptionally dark history. DJ is a boy
obsessed with proving that there is something horribly
wrong with the house across the street and the mean,
old man, Nebbercracker, who lives inside, coming out
only to kick children off his lawn and steal their toys.
When DJ does to retrieve his friend's basketball, it is his
turn to be harassed by Nebbercracker. On his lawn,
scolding DJ, he seems to lose all life and is swept away
by an ambulance: no sirens wailed.
As the house sits alone, DJ notices that something more
resides within it. It comes to life and swallows anything
that dares to ring the doorbell.
Teaming up with a clever girl, Jenny (who both DJ and
Chowder like) and Chowder, DJ enters the house
discovering an even darker secret.
Though it didn't live up to my expectations, Monster
House was still a great movie with an interesting plot. I
especially love the true and secret nature of the house. I
recommend you save it to rent at Blockbuster.

Whispering Grey Matters


Fear is what keeps us quiet when we must speak.
It's what makes us stand when we must run.
It's why we cry in the dark and only smile in the light.
It's why we speak of love to everyone but who we have it for.
Fear binds us in its grasps and strangles all hope.
Fear is but a part of the mind,
Therefore can be fought.
Our happy, hopeful memories are knights in shining Armour,
off to slay the evil creature that is fear.
If we keep these memories closed up deep inside,
they will surely die,
but if they remain close to our hearts and open for the world to see,
they will vanquish our enemies with ease.
Fear will be defeated for now but will always be there,
Lurking in the shadows of disparity,
Ready to strike with a deadly swipe
when we are vulnerable and unaware.
-This is one of Panther's many thoughts

Persephone by Damia Serephina

Autumn 2006

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


An Interview with Professor Ash 'Leoparddancer' DeKirk
By FrogsDancing
Q: Why Dragons?
Dragons are a big part of the religious path I follow. Most
of the draconic types found in myths around the world
are also found in the Dun'Marran religion.
Q: How did you become interested in Dragons?
I've been interested in dragons for as long as I can
remember. When I was about 13, I was found by a
follower of Dun'Marra. I fell in love with the religion, not
just for the dragons, but for the whole concept of it as
well. The Dun’Marra are among the most religiously
tolerant people I know. We may, all of us, take a
different path to get to the end of our life's journey, but
we get to the same place nonetheless.
Q: What sort of educational background do you
have? How did this figure into your interest in
I have a BA in anthropology/archaeology, as well as,
some psychology training. Anthropology did not really
affect my love for dragons, but I did get to use that to
my advantage.
My thesis paper was on dragonlore
around the world and it is from that thesis that the whole
Dragonlore class series sprang from.
Q: How long did it take you to write the book?
Could you describe the process?
The whole project took a little less than a year. Most of
that time was devoted to doing quite a bit of research.
There is a big difference between a 26 page thesis and a
65,000 word book manuscript. Due to page restraints on
my thesis paper, there was no information in it about
Africa, Oceania or the Americas. That was the hard part!
Next came putting it all together into the finished book
that I have today. I also worked closely with the artists
who did specially commissioned drawings. Kudos to both
Erif Thunen and Ian Daniels for their wonderful work in
that department!

Q: Why is it important for Apprentice Wizards to
understand and appreciate dragons?
It is good to have a healthy respect for all creatures and
spirit creatures, as well as for the myths, legends and
religious beliefs of the world. Doing so broadens your
horizons and gives you a much different perspective than
you might otherwise have.
Q: What is your favorite kind of dragon?
Well, my Patron, Grael, is featured on the cover of the
Dragonlore book, along with her mate, Ayahz. Grael is
the black dragon and Ayahz is white. She is a rather
unique specimen, but closely linked to my favorite type
listed in the book, the Ying-long. Ying-long are Asiatic
dragons that, while they have the basic dragon body
type, are furry and have feathered wings. For any who
have ever played the Lunar: Silver Star Story game, the
dragons featured are Ying-long.
Q: Tell us a little bit about the Dragonlore Classes
offered here in the Grey School of Wizardry.
As of right now, there are 7 Dragonlore classes. Four of
the classes are devoted to looking at the various types
and myths in Europe, in Asia, in the Americas, and in
Africa/Oceania. The next two are devoted to dragons in
today’s media, and the last takes a look at dragons in the
natural world, both modern and prehistoric.
Q: What is the coolest thing about dragons that
nobody knows?
The niftiest thing, in my opinion, is the fact that dragons
exist all over the world. From the cold climes of Alaska to
the Outback, dragons roam the ages. The first thing
someone thinks of when they hear the word “dragon” is
the terrifying fire breather of European fame. Rarely does
anyone think of the great ‘Plumed Serpents’ of the
Americas or the ‘Rainbow Serpents’ of Africa and
Oceania. Nor do the more exotic specimens, like the
Ying-long, come to mind.
Thank you for your time, Professor Dekirk.

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Secret Recipes for Stunning Hair
By Skye (Some info found in Woman’s Day magazine- 11/1/05)
You would be surprised at how many household basics,
such as baking soda and teabags, contain the same
active ingredients that popular, high priced shampoos
and hair products used by celebrities contain. These
simple, at-home recipes will strengthen, condition, silken,
and give your hair the bounce and body it needs.

This is for dry hair:
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp shampoo

This is for oily hair:
5 Mint herbal tea bags
Teapot filled with water
Fresh Rosemary leaves
Boil water, then brew the 5 bags in the teapot, allow
cooling. Use this mix as a final rinse after shampoo and
conditioner. Mint is a natural astringent and will help
clean hair from buildup.

This is for limp hair:
1 cup of rice
2 cups of water
Spray bottle
Soak 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of water overnight. In the
morning, strain and place in spray bottle. Use it to mist
on damp hair before drying.

Mix the Honey with the shampoo and mix it well.
honey draws and traps moisture in the hair.


The rice protein expands hair, making it appear fuller.

*You could also try pure apple-cider vinegar as a shinebooster rinse.
This is for thinning hair or hair not growing:
1 Tbsp chopped Basil
½ cup Olive Oil
Heat both Basil and oil in microwave for 30 seconds. Let
it cool (enough so it won’t burn skin) and then massage
into your scalp.
Leave it in for 15 minutes, then

There are a few other recipes I would like to share with
*Mash up strawberries in a bowl and place on face, leave
on 10-15 min., then rinse well. The berries contain
ascorbic acid, which helps sloth off dullness.

Basil helps promote growth by stimulating the scalp.

*Squeeze a lemon, then soak nails for 5 minutes, then
rinse them off. It contains citric acid, which bleaches the
nails and stains.

This is for dull hair:
1 tsp baking soda
Any type of shampoo
Mix the baking soda into any shampoo. Mix well.

*Slice a potato thinly and place under eyes for 15
minutes. This helps fade the dark circles under eyes,
and this enzyme is found in the potato and whitens

The baking soda lowers the PH of the shampoo and seals
the hair’s cuticle, boosting it for extra strength shine.

By Skye

There are several different Herbs that correspond
with Samhain, but not too much is heard about Mullein.
That is exactly why it made it into this edition of Grey’s
Herbal Spotlight.
First and foremost, when you say the herb
Mullein (Verbascum Thapus), you will find a whole bunch
of hard to understand words such as the words
Astringent (stops bleeding), Demulcent (soothes organs
internally), Diuretic (eliminates urine out of the body),
Emollient (soothes external skin), Expectorant (helps
eliminate mucous in the lungs), Narcotic (mild pain
reliever), Sedative (calms the nervous system and
reduces stress in the body mildly), and Tonic
(strengthens and enlivens specific organs or the whole
body). It is best known for its uses in relieving sore
throats, coughs, and chest colds by eliminating phlegm

from the chest. It is also great to use Mullein as a
poultice on cuts and bruises or as a tonic to strengthen
your immune system. Some other names it is known by
are Jacob’s Staff, Aaron’s Rod, Torches, Lady’s Foxglove,
Old Man’s Fennel, Lungwort, Graveyard Dust and
Feltwort. The plant’s flowers and leaves are the parts
that are used. It is also used cosmetically as a hair rinse
to lighten hair by using it as an infusion and poured over
hair. It is also used to make tinctures for the above
It has several Magickal uses.
Its gender is
Feminine, its planet is Saturn and its element is Fire. The
powers that Mullein is said to hold are protection,
courage, health, love, divination, and exorcism. In folk
times, it was believed that mullein could be worn to keep
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Whispering Grey Matters
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wild animals away while hiking in the wild and also to
instill courage in the wearer. It was also believed that if
a few leaves were placed in a person’s shoe it would
prevent the wearer from getting sickness and colds. It
can also be carried to obtain love from the opposite sex.
It was also placed under one’s pillow to repel nightmares
and evil dreams.
In India, it is hung over doorways to safeguard against
evil spirits and banish demons and negativity.
Interestingly, magicians and wizards kept their oil
lanterns lit by using the downy leaves and stems as
wicks. It was also used as a substitute for candles (do
not light it) when one did not have a candle to use in
ritual. I have given a recipe for a great compress for
swollen and painful joints and muscles, since Mullein
encourages the absorption of fluids, thus reducing
swelling and inflammation. I have used it on several of
my patients who have painful joints and arthritis.
Mullein Compress
2 qts of cider vinegar or malt vinegar
4 oz mullein
½ oz Lobelia (herb)
¼ oz cayenne powder
Gently simmer well-covered in a glass pot for 30
minutes. Strain and pour over ¼ ounce of cayenne
powder. Place cheesecloth in mixture and place on skin
—whatever you feel comfortable doing, leaving on for 1
hour. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to cut
the cayenne powder in half, as it might be rough on your
skin. This mixture can be saved for up to three months.

Autumn 2006

The following information was taken from
Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar July 1998.

Drying Herbs
Dry your herbs by tying them in bunches and hanging
them up in a warm, dry area that is free of sunlight and
dust. If you are harvesting the herbs for seed, tie brown
paper bags loosely around each bunch of hanging herbs.
The bag will catch the seeds, which fall away from the
foliage as it dries. When the herbs are dry, gently shake
them before removing the bag to loosen any additional
If you need to hasten the drying process, place the herbs
on a cookie sheet in a low-heat oven, checking them
frequently to be sure that they do not turn brown. Store
in clean, dry, airtight jars, preferably of amber or cobalt
blue glass. Keep jars out of direct sunlight.
Some Magical Uses of Herbs
Love: Cardamom, chickweed, cinnamon, clove, lavender,
lemon balm, rose, rosemary, tansy, vanilla, violet,
Good Luck: Allspice, heather, nutmeg.
Healing: Angelica, bufdock, cinnamon, eucalyptus,
hyssop, lemon balm, peppermint.
Prosperity: Basil, benzoil, bergamot, cinnamon,
cinquefoil, lemon balm, mint.
Protection: Alyssum, angelica, basil, bay, garlic,
mullein, rue, sunflower, white sage.
Psychic Skills: Angelica, anise, bay, borage, cinnamon,
fennel, mugwort.
Purification: Anise, bay, chamomile, clove, copal,
fennel, lavender, white sage.

As I drench the world in crimson,
My blood lust overwhelms me
I fall into the black void that is my mind.
I realize that I am not alone
I am being followed by my fear and hatred
My hatred for the human race
And my fear for the destruction of all that I love
I continue to spiral ever downwards and finally stop
I have landed on the plateau of insanity
I look up and I can see
I see that my fear and hate have taken my body for their own agenda
I search for a means of escape but I see only one way
Sweet n cold death but I know that I must fight that temptation
I must take control of my mind and force the fear and hate to their knees
But how? That is the eternal question
Will I ever know the answer
I fall into a deep sleep and wake up to realize that I’ve lost the war
I am restrained to the plateau that is insanity
Forced to watch as fear and hate destroy all that I’ve known and loved
And I know that I will never escape….
-this is one of Panther’s many thoughts ™

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Spooky Stars

By: Padraigin-Aine (Patricia-Ann Ashlee Rosemarie)
Winds Lodge, First year!
Starlight, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight. Now that I think back on
this, oh my, how I wish I did not wish tonight. You see, it all happened when I wished upon that stupid star. Yes, that
star, that horrible star. When I would go out at night, I would always look up at the stars in all their splendor, until
I wished for someone to love me. A few days later, I won a trip to Romania. How romantic, I thought to
myself. Now, it may sound a bit disturbed, but I had always had a thing for "The Count". Yes, I am referring to good
ol' Dracula! I was excited to have arrived in Romania; however, I was very tired from my long trip. I was driven by
horse and carriage to where I would be staying. I was not told where; it was supposed to be a surprise. I arrived, and,
to my astonishment, it was his, I mean him, I am fumbling for words! It was the Count's place. I could not move; I
was in shock. I got out of the horse and carriage and proceeded to the door. A servant greeted me and let me in.
I stood there in amazement, a blank look on my face. It was him. Dracula himself. My mouth was wide open. I
did not know if I should run in fright or introduce myself. He approached me.
“Hello,” he said.
I just stood there for a brief second. “Hello,” is all I could say! “My name is --”
“I know what your name is,” said Dracula!
“You do?”
“Yes, I do! Ms. Patricia-Ann Ashlee Rosemarie. What a pretty, but long, name.”
“Thank you,” I said. “How did you know my name?” I asked.
“How do you think? You won the trip. I brought you here, to Romania,” the Count said. “I wanted you here. I
have been watching you for a very long time. I want you to be my wife.”
“Your what!”
“My wife,” he said.
Now, don't get me wrong. He is everything I could have ever wanted, but can we date first? Dating was not an
option for good ol' Dracula, oh, no! He must have what he wants, and what he wanted was me. I was afraid to tell
him about the "curse"! The curse of the Spooky Stars! Well, to me it was a curse, but to him, it was counting his
lucky stars! I wished for someone to love me, and I got my wish. Dracula loved me for a very long time. I, however,
was not ready to get married. All I can tell you is, the next time you see a falling star, be careful for what you wish
for. You may get cursed by the Spooky Star.

When evening comes, when day is done,
The cats come out to play.
When darkness wears her cold black gown
And shadows creep and shroud the town
The cats come out to play.
What lies beyond that shadowy wall?
What do I hear? What made that fall?
Perhaps a frog is under the house!
Perhaps a lizard, perhaps a mouse!
Cats by nature investigate,
Must seek our prey before too late.
Creatures of day do not relate
To the challenge of the hunt at night!
When cats come out to play . . .
When cats come out to play!


Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


from Morgan Felidae

The Dead Man's Brains
This scary story is a scary game that people play at Hallowe'en, but it can be played whenever the spirit moves you.
The players sit in a circle in a darkened room and listen to a storyteller describe the rotting remains of a corpse. Each
part is passed around for them to feel. In one version, a player is out if he or she screams or gasps with fright. In
another version, everybody stays to the end, no matter how scared they get.
Here is the story:
Once, in this town, there lived a man named Brown.
It was years ago, on this night, that he was murdered out of spite.
We have here his remains.
First, let's feel his brains. (A wet, squishy tomato)
Now here are his eyes, still frozen with surprise. (Two peeled grapes)
This is his nose. (A chicken bone)
Here is his ear. (A dried apricot)
And here is his hand, rotting flesh and bone. (A cloth or rubber glove filled with mud or ice)
But his hair still grows. (A handful of corn silk or wet fur or yarn)
And his heart still beats, now and then. (A piece of raw liver)
And his blood still flows. Dip your fingers in it. It's nice and warm. (A bowl of catsup thinned with warm water)
That's all there is, except for these worms. They are the ones that ate the rest of him. (A handful of wet,
cooked spaghetti noodles)
Here are some others I like:
The Slithery-Dee
The slithery-dee,
He came out of the sea;
He ate all the others,
But he didn't eat me.
The slithery-dee,
He came out of the sea;
He ate all the others, but he didn't eat --- S-L-U-R-P...
The Little Black Dog
Billy Mansfield said that a little black dog
followed him wherever he went, but he was the only one
who saw it, so people thought he was kind of crazy. To
drive the dog away, Billy was always hollering at it or
throwing rocks at it. But the dog always came back.
The first time Billy saw that dog was the day he
fought Silas Burton. Billy was just a young man then,
but the Burtons and Billy's family had been feuding for
When Billy saw Silas riding towards him, he went
for his gun, and Burton went for his. But Billy fired first.
He hit Burton in the back, knocking him from his horse.
Burton's horse ran off, and his gun fell where he couldn't
reach it.
He lay there on the ground, pleading with Billy
not to kill him, but Billy killed him anyway. Burton's little
black dog was with him when he was shot. The dog kept
licking Burton's face, barking and snarling at Billy. In his
anger, Billy killed the dog, too.
There wasn't much law enforcement in those
days, so Billy wasn't arrested. But all that night he heard
Burton's dog outside his cabin, scratching on his door
and barking to be let in. "I'm imagining this," Billy said
to himself. "I shot that dog. It's dead."
But the next morning Billy saw the dog. It was
waiting for him outside. From then on, there was not a

day when he didn't see it, and there wasn't a night when
he didn't hear it scratching on his door, barking to be let
From then on, Billy was always finding black dog
hairs on the sofa, on the floor, in his bed, and even in
his food. And the house and the yard stank of dog.
That's what Billy said.
Whenever somebody told him there wasn't any
dog to see, he'd say, "Maybe you don't see it, but I do.
And I'm not any crazier than you are." Things went on
like that for many years. Then, one morning, in the
middle of the winter, the neighbors didn't see any
smoke coming out of Billy's chimney. When they went
over to check, Billy wasn't there. A day or so later, they
found his body lying in the snow in a field at the back of
his cabin.
Billy had plenty of enemies, and at first it
seemed like somebody might have killed him. But there
wasn't a mark on his body. And there weren't any
footprints out there, except for Billy's. The doctor said
Billy probably died of old age. But there was something
odd about his death. When the neighbors found Billy,
there were black dog hairs on his clothes. There were
even a few on his face. It smelled like a dog had been
out there. Yet no one had seen a dog anywhere.
The Bad News
Leon and Todd loved baseball. When they were
young, they had played on the town's baseball team.
Leon had been the pitcher, and Todd had played second
base. Now that they were a lot older, they spent their
free time watching baseball games on TV and talking
about baseball.

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Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


Cont'd from previous page
"Do you think they play baseball in Heaven?"
Leon asked Todd one day.
"That's a good question," said Todd. "The one
who gets there first should let the other one know
As it turned out, Todd got to Heaven first, and
Leon waited patiently to hear from him. One day Leon
found Todd sitting in the living room waiting for him.
Leon was very excited to see him. "What is it like up
there?" he asked. "And what about baseball?"
"When it comes to baseball," said Todd, "I have
some good news, and I have some bad news. The good
news is that we do play baseball in Heaven. We have
some fine teams. I play second base on my team, just
like I used to in the old days. That's the good news."
"What's the bad news?" asked Leon.
"The bad news," said Todd, "is that you are
scheduled to pitch tomorrow."
A man and a woman happened to sit next to one
another on a train. The woman took out a book and
began reading. The train stopped at a half dozen
stations, but she never looked up once.
The man watched her for a while, and then
asked, "What are you reading?"
"It's a ghost story," she said. "It's very good,
very spooky."
"Do you believe in ghosts?" he asked.
"Yes, I do," she replied. "There are ghosts
"I don't believe in them," he said. "It's just a lot
of superstition. In all my years I've never seen a ghost,
not one."
"Haven't you?" the woman said -- and vanished.

The hate inside me grows ever so slowly,
anger often consumes me,
I am swallowed by the shadow of evil itself,
while I search for a way out, I see light, bright as the sun,
although I know it should burn,
I find it impossible to look away,
this light seems some how familiar,
as it slowly takes shape and grows,
I realize it’s my queen,
my guiding light,
a beautiful angel, my one and only,
as we remain loyal to each other,
I notice my hatred has faded,
I am no longer in the shadows
but surrounded by the light.
-This is one of Panther's many thoughts

-by Whiskerwind
Though my body is at rest
A fire is blazing up my spine
And swirling inside my head
I reach up my arms
Into the heavens
And rise up into them
To see and yet be unseen
To go and yet not go
To feel my mind
and body
Work as one

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


“Is Anybody There?”

Talking Boards and Inner Demons
-- by Jymi X/0

We are often warned of the dangers of frivolous
magical dabbling, and Demonic possession is usually
right up there on the list of horrors waiting to afflict those
who delve carelessly into mystical parlour tricks such as
table-tipping, automatic writing, and Ouija boards.
In William Peter Blatty's classic tale, The Exorcist,
young Regan MacNeil is the victim of Demonic
possession. The reader is never given a full explanation
of why the Demon chose Regan or how it came to
possess her, but at the beginning of the story we find her
playing with her mother's Ouija board, leading us to
assume that this game was the Demon's gateway into
Regan's mind and body.
In this modern age, it's hard to accept the reality
of actual Demonic possession. Even Father Karras,
Blatty's Jesuit protagonist, is dubious about Regan's true
condition. As he explains to Regan's mother, “ just
doesn't happen anymore, Miss MacNeil...since we learned
about mental illness, about paranoia; split personality...”
(Blatty 200).
Regan suffers from neither paranoia nor
delusions – she simply has no idea that the toy that
allows her to speak with the friendly entity that calls
itself “Captain Howdy” is a version of an ancient and
potent spiritualist tool, one avoided even by many
experienced wizards and witches due to the often
unstable nature of the forces it can evoke.
What are these forces? Though the board can,
theoretically, be used to communicate with any entity,
regardless of its disposition, Ouija boards have a
diabolical reputation. Many people see the boards as a
very real threat to their spiritual safety, and refuse to
have anything to do with them.
I find it hard to feel threatened by something
Like all magic, Ouija boards rely on the user's
subconscious minds to supply the real power. They help
us to forge mental paths which don't so much bring
energy in from outside as they allow our own energy to
find its way out from the inside. The occult encyclopedia
resentments, frustrations and jealousies can also
emerge; in fact, the use of Ouija boards and other such
devices by persons ignorant of the psychology involved
can lead to tricky and painful situations, especially as
many people are more impressed by statements – and
predictions – which come from a mysterious source than
they are by those from one which is familiar.” (Heywood,
MMM 2091)
Blatty, William Peter. The Exorcist. Harper & Row: New York, 1971.
Heywood, Rosalind. “Ouija Boards.” Man, Myth & Magic:
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural.
BPC Publishing: Italy. 1970.

It is easy to understand that, Demons or no,
over-extending oneself with Ouija boards and other
magical practices would lead to an over-exposure of the
subconscious and its energy, leaving one vulnerable to
one's own mental monstrosities. As the Devil called out
at the end of the movie Legend, “I am a part of you all!”
Depending on the psyche of the practitioner, this
could result in some terrifying personal manifestations.
(One wonders to what subconscious horrors “Fish Brap”
might refer.) We tend to get what we expect: the very
fear that awful things will happen could be strong enough
to bring them about, or at least cause the person to see
them wherever they look, like an astral hypochondriac.
Terrifying though it may be, it's exciting when
communication succeed, and this success can be
addictive. In extreme cases, it would seem that people’s
need to include the fantastic in their lives often
overpowers their sense of self-preservation. In many of
the Ouija-related stories I've read, the “spirits” continue
to harass the users for a period of days or weeks, until
the people finally get the idea to STOP PLAYING WITH
I'm an advocate of the Ouija board. It can be a
useful tool, provided that the practitioners have a healthy
mindset. Some of the best magical advice was given by
Apollo's Oracle at Delphi: “Know Thyself!” Regular soulsearching, self-maintenance on all levels, and a little
common sense will prevent most Fish Brap, real or

Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


by Kizzy
“In this season of Samhain, we are reminded of other wondrous worlds existing side
by side with our own, and we are invited to play, laugh, don disguises, delight in small
miracles of human friendship, use common sense, and free our hearts to explore who
and what we truly are.”
Wow, that is a lot for us to live up to at Samhain. In my tradition,
Samhain is a period of for transformational change, gracefully (or
not so gracefully!) letting go of the old, and making way for the
When we experience change, it can be a frightening, fearful time.
People, things, routines, and situations that are loved and familiar
may no longer be with us, and we can often respond by setting
fast in our old ways, making ourselves more resistant to change,
or locking ourselves into the past.
The read for this issue is about transformational change: about
the successful letting go of old habits and setting the seeds of
success in the new.
I’m going to share with you the Skull read.
This read,
affectionately known as the Smiley Face, is useful for aiding
transformation with respect to a single problem.
Start by centering and grounding, then meditate on the aspect of
your life that you are feeling the need to transform.
Use your own preferred method to shuffle and select the cards. If
you are new to Tarot and have not determined what your preferred
method is, try shuffling 3 times, then lay the cards face down onto
the table to fan them out. Select them one by one from anywhere
in the fan.
Card 1: This relates to your current position with respect to the area of transformation.
Card 2: This relates to the area of greatest blockage in the past
Card 3: Probable stumbling blocks in the future
Cards 4-6: Relate to avenues to aid you in overcoming the blockage
Cards 7-9: Relate to different avenues of thought and action you may choose to investigate to avoid stumbling in the
Change is about letting go of old habits and becoming
accepting of the new. Remember that, just as grief for the
old way is transforming, so is joy and hope. This read has
a sense of fun to it , which allows us to embrace the
playful side of our natures while we seek to redress the






Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


War of the Ancients: A Deadly Alliance
By Lord Akisho
In a far away time before human existence, in an even
farther away place, a war raged on between the forces of
good and evil, Angels against Demons. Both sides were
taking heavy casualties, with no end in sight, until the
bringer of balance was summoned to the earth. He at
once stopped the war between the forces, restoring
balance to the world and making way for a new light. For
a very long time, far into the birth of humans, the world
was at peace until a group of unfortunate kids cracked
the seal, releasing the ancient warriors of the past,
bringing upon themselves The War of the Ancients.
Akisho sighed as he awoke to another dreary
day. “God, I hate going to that school.” He got out of bed
and walked to the full length mirror positioned on his wall
and looked at himself. “Jeez, I look good.” Akisho smiled
at his 6'0” 145lb muscular frame before heading into the
bathroom to prepare himself for school. He walked
downstairs, his shoulder length black hair laying across
the white t-shirt he had decided to wear with his favorite
pair of black jeans.
Trina groaned as her mother pulled her from her
warm, queen-sized bed. “Mom, I don't want to go to
school today,” she protested to her mother, who replied,
“I can care less. Now get yourself up before I beat you
senseless.” Grumbling, Trina trudged into the bathroom
and slouched down the stairs while running a comb
through her unruly hair. “I hate going to school.”
Serenity walked out of her bedroom door just as
her mother was walking to wake her. "Good morning,
princess; I should have known you were already up." She
smiled at her mother warmly, saying, "Good morning,
mama. I have to be at school for the student council
meeting--we're going over prom arrangements." She
pulled her long, dark, brown hair into a simple ponytail.
Though her school did not require uniforms, her outfit
looked just like one.
Akisho walks into the school, happily waving at
his best friend of three years. “Trina! Trina girl wassup.”
Trina turns around, smiling and waving back.
“Hey boy, looks like another day at this boring school.”
Akisho nods and starts walking. “But on the flip side,
there is that field trip to that old house.” She chuckles
and walks on towards her class.
“Oh wow, some old house full of bugs and stuff,
oh joy.” He laughs playfully, pushing her, and stops,
staring off into the distance. Trina turns, looking in his
direction, and sighs, rolling her brown eyes.
“Ugh, you still chasing after Serenity? Ain't it
apparent you aren't going to be getting her any time
soon?” Akisho shakes his head, breaking the trance he
goes into every time he sees her.
“Shut up you, don't you worry, I will be with her
soon enough, I can feel it.”
“Yeah, whatever you say, just don't come running
to me when she turns you down for the hundredth time.”
“Whatever little girl.” He pops her softly and
darts off to his class.

Serenity sits in the courtyard. Not having a first
period class, she goes over the choices for prom
decorations. She is only giving it half of her attention, her
mind racing about how she was going to find a date for
prom. She had planned to go alone, but the teacher
sponsor for their class announced at morning meeting
that all student council officers must have a date.
During second period, a voice comes over the
intercom, telling the students to move to the buses for
the trip. “About time,” Akisho says as he walks out to the
Trina comes up and pops Akisho, “Don't be
hitting on me like you crazy.”
“Ouch, you bastard.” Akisho leaves her, feigning
hurt, and walks onto the bus, making a beeline for
Serenity when he sees her toward the back sitting alone.
“Is this seat taken, Serenity?” She looks up at him,
saying, “No, go ahead.” Then she goes back to looking
though prom books.
Trina walks to the back of the bus
and sits on the seat across from them. “Hey, come sit
“No thank you, I'm fine.” He scoots closer to
Serenity, who scoots closer to the window, scoffing.
After a long ride and many attempts at talking to
Serenity without success, the bus finally comes to a stop
in front of a large mansion.
“God, I thought we would never get here,”
Serenity says as she grabs her bag and moves past
Akisho, walking off the bus with the rest of the students.
“Yeah, you'll have her soon alright.” Trina giggles
and runs off the bus before Akisho can react. Akisho
walks off the bus and stands with the rest of the students
as the teacher walks up to them.
“OK everyone, I'm gonna pair you off in groups.”
He starts grouping the students and, as luck may have it,
Akisho, Serenity, and Trina end up as partners. He
begins assigning parts of the house to explore, and when
he gets to the threesome he says “OK, you three, you
guys get the basement.”
Akisho peps up, “No way, why do we get the old
smelly basement?”
“Well, there is a good reason for that.”
“And just what might that be, Mr. Naramo?”
“Simple, my dear Akisho: because I said so.” And
with that, he walks away, leaving Akisho to look at his
back, hissing.
Serenity walks up to Akisho and says, “You know,
you shouldn't talk back to the teacher like that.”
He turns to her and replies, “You know, you
shouldn't be such a kiss up.”
Just then Trina comes up, saying, “Now, that
wasn't nice, Akisho.”
He pouts, “Yeah, I'm sorry, Serenity.” She smiles
and gives his hand a playful rap across the knuckles with
her pencil.
“It’s alright, you’re entitled to be a bad boy every
once in a while.” Akisho stares at her in confusion but
shrugs it off.
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Whispering Grey Matters

Autumn 2006


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“Well, anyway, we better get to exploring.” He
smiles and walks off as they follow him into the house
and down to the basement.
Serenity walks into the basement, looking
around. “Very creepy.”
Akisho walks around. “Hmm, it isn't too bad, ya
know” he says as he bats cobwebs out of his face.
Trina walks downstairs and has a large look of
disgust on her face. “This is some weird stuff; I don't see
why we have to do this.”
Serenity looks at Trina. “Well, Trina, this house
IS supposed to be historical.”
Akisho scoffs. “History my butt, if I wanted
history I could have stayed at school and read a book” he
says, chuckling and shaking his head as he walks
towards the back wall.
Serenity rolls her eyes, walking to an old chest,
opening it to see what is inside. “Wow, look at this old
bow and arrow set, it must be ancient.”
Trina smirks, mimicking Serenity. “Wow a bow.”
She opens a cabinet and screams as a spider jumps out
onto her. Serenity turns, looking at Trina, then turns
back to hide her giggles.
Akisho scans the wall, his light stopping on a
splash of colors. He turns, calling to his friends, “Hey
girls, come over here a second, you have to see this.”
Serenity walks over, gasping excitedly. “Wow,
this is amazing.” Peering closer to the painting, she says,
“Look at the detail.”
Trina walks over to the painting, still a little
shaken. “Woo, it’s a painting on a wall, wooptie doo.”
Akisho taps Trina on the arm, smirking at her.
“Shut up, Trina, we came here to discover stuff and we
did, but yeah Serenity this painting is amazing.”
Serenity beams brightly. Kneeling down and
discovering words, she begins to read them aloud. “To
spill blood is to cause a war, a war of the ancients.”
Akisho looks intrigued. “Hmm, interesting.
Cryptic, yet interesting nonetheless.”
Solution to Samhain Word Scramble

1. Pumpkin
2. Vampire
3. Ghoul
4. Orange
5. Black Cat
6. Scarecrow
7. Harvest
8. Broom
9. Ancestor
10. Feast


Trina rolls her eyes. “More like boring, if you ask

Akisho stands, not looking at Trina. “Well then,
it’s a good thing no one asked you, then, isn't it?” He
runs his hand over the painting, yanking it back and
yelping in pain. “Ouch! I just cut my finger on that wall.”
Serenity reaches into her bag, pulling out a first
aid kit and bandages. “Here, let me see it.” Akisho holds
up his hand, and seeing that his finger is bleeding badly,
he lets out a groan.
Trina steps up. “See, I knew this place was no
Serenity takes his finger, bandaging it. “OK, that
should hold until we can get to the nurse, so let’s go.”
Akisho flexes his finger, “Yeah, let’s get outta
Trina turns around to leave. “’Bout time, I been
ready to go.”
Akisho turns to follow her, walking a small way
and glaring at the bright light coming from behind him.
“Jeez, Serenity, turn your bright light off.”
Serenity looks at the powered down light in her
hands and slowly turns around. “That isn't my light.
Watch out!” She jumps out of the way just in time to
keep a bright orb from going into her.
Akisho turns around, pushing Trina out of the
way as a bright orb goes into him. “AAARRGGHHH.”
Serenity looks up from the floor and screams as
an orb enters her. Trina screams, running up the stairs to
the door, but an orb hits her and she turns, falling to the
ground, and gasps as she sees a number of dark orbs
flying out in different directions.
Serenity sits up from the ground, looking around
scared. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.”
Akisho stands up, brushing off his clothes. “What
the heck was that? We need to get out of here, stat.”
Serenity scrambles up, nodding an agreement,
and runs up the stairs, grabbing a thoroughly shocked
Trina and dragging her out of the door with Akisho hot on
her tail.

Solution to Samhain Word Search
+ L + L + T S N + + + + + H +
E + U W + S P O C + + + O A +
H N + O + O I T + A + + C U +
+ A O H H H R E + + T + T N R
+ + U T H G I L N O O M O T E
E + + N S + T E M O O R B + T
+ R + + T B + K + + D + E + S
+ + I + + E M S + L + + R + N
E + S P + + D O U W I T C H O
N I K P M U P A T O W L + + M
+ + B B I A C W E R E W O L F
+ + + M L D V Y K O O P S T +
+ + + + O A E + + + + + A + +
+ + + + + Z C R + + + B + + +
O R A N G E + K + + + + + + +


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