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Big Data (Hadoop) Developer Online Training
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Underst anding Big Dat a

Company News

Introduction/Installation - Hadoop Custom VM(Single Node) Understanding Big Data 3V (Volume-Variety-Velocity) Characteristics Structured and Unstructured Data Application and use cases of Big Data Limitations of Traditional Large Scale Systems How a distributed way of computing is superior (cost and scale)

HDFS Overview and Architecture Data Replication Safe Mode Name Node Checkpoint Node Backup Node Configuration Files
HDFS Dat a Flo ws

Read Write
HDFS C o mmands

File System Administrative
Advanced HDFS Feat ures

HDFS Federation HDFS High Availability
MapReduce Overview

Functional Programming Paradigms Input and Output Formats Hadoop Data Types
MapReduce Overview

Input Splits Shuffling

Sorting Partitioning Configuration Files Distributed Cache
MR Alo grit hm and Dat a Flo w

MapReduce Archit ect ure

Legacy MR Next Generation MapReduce (aka YARN/MRV2)
Develo ping and Deplo ying MR Pro grams

Standalone Mode Hadoop Streaming
Opt imiz ers

Combiners JVM Reuse Compression
MR Best Pract ice and Debugging Fundament al MR Algo rit hms (No n-Graph)

Student Database Max Temperature
Higher Level Abst ract io ns f o r MapReduce – 1

Pig Introduction

Pig Latin Language Constructs Pig User Defined Functions Pig Use Cases
Higher Level Abst ract io ns f o r MapReduce - 2

Hive - Introduction Hive QL Hive User Defined Functions Hive Use Cases
NOS QL Dat abases No S QL C o ncept s

Review of RDBMS Need for NOSQL Brewers CAP Theorem ACID vs BASE
Dif f erent T ypes o f No S QL Dat abases

Key Value Columnar Document Graph Columnar Databases
Hado o p Eco syst em

HBASE vs Cassandra HBASE Architecture HBASE Data Modeling

HBASE Commands HBASE Coprocessors - Endpoints HBASE Coprocessors - Observers SQOOP Flume & OOZIE Free Web Directo ry

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