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Benefits for HADOOP Training



Benefits for HADOOP Training HADOOP is an open source project from Apache that has evolved rapidly into a major technology movement. It has emerged as the best way to handle massive amounts of data, including not only structured data but also complex, unstructured data as well. Its popularity is due in part to its ability to store, analyze and access large amounts of data, quickly and cost effectively across clusters of commodity hardware. All HADOOP Training courses and certification are comprised of the most timely, up-to-date and complete material available because they are built and maintained by the core Apache Hadoop development team.

Hadoop Course Objectives :         Overview of Apache Hadoop & HDFS Overview of Hadoop administration Planning your Hadoop cluster Deploying a Hadoop cluster Loading data and Running applications Configuration and Performance Tuning Monitoring and Troubleshooting Maintaining a secure deployment

Hadoop is not actually a single product but instead a collection of several components including the following:

Public Course Hadoop Solutions Development : The Developing Solutions using Apache Hadoop training course is designed for developers who want to better understand how to create Apache Hadoop solutions. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) :A reliable and distributed Java-based file system that allows large volumes of data to be stored and rapidly accessed across large clusters of commodity servers. Hive: Built on the MapReduce framework, Hive is a data warehouse that enables easy data summarization and ad-hoc queries via an SQL-like interface for large datasets stored in HDF.

Hadoop Certification: This certification exam establishes you as a trusted and valuable resource for those looking to work with an Apache Hadoop expert. Public Course Hadoop Cluster Administration : The Apache Hadoop Administration training course is designed for administrators who are interested in learning how to deploy and manage a Hadoop cluster. Pig: A platform for processing and analyzing large data sets. Pig consists on a high-level language (Pig Latin) for expressing data analysis programs paired with the MapReduce framework for processing these programs.

HBase: A column-oriented NoSQL data storage system that provides random real-time read/write access to big data for user applications. Public Course Hadoop Cluster Administration : The Apache Hadoop Administration training course is designed for administrators who are interested in learning how to deploy and manage a Hadoop cluster. ZooKeeper: A highly available system for coordinating distributed processes. Distributed applications use ZooKeeper to store and mediate updates to important configuration information. Private Onsite Courses: Provides all our basic coursework in a customized, more intimate setting for six or more students. With a private course you bring Apache Hadoop expertise into your facility for knowledge transfer. Please contact us for more information. Ambari: An open source installation lifecycle management, administration and monitoring system for Apache Hadoop clusters. HCatalog: A table and metadata management service that provides a centralized way for data processing systems to understand the structure and location of the data stored within Apache Hadoop.

Apache Hadoop can be useful across a range of use cases spanning virtually every vertical industry. It is becoming popular anywhere that you need to store, process, and analyze large volumes of data. Examples include digital marketing automation, fraud detection and prevention, social network and relationship analysis, predictive modeling for new drugs, retail in-store behavior analysis, and mobile device location-based marketing. Hadoop training centres in your cities: HADOOP Training in Hyderabad , HADOOP Training Bangalore ,
HADOOP Training Chennai

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