Health Promotion for Diabetes

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Health Promotion for Diabetes



Health promotion for Diabetes
The basic rehabilitation principle of the disease mainly lies in supplementing qi, nourishing yin, clearing away heat and promoting body fluids production. Physical training The patients may select events like walking, jogging, swimming, boating, cycling, Taijiquan and eight-section brocade, of which walking is the most common method. Take a walk once or twice a day, with a daily amount of exercise less than 5km.The patients with the administration of insulin should avoid excessive training during the maximal action period. Otherwise, the training may aggravate the hypoglycemic reaction. When having physical training at ordinary times, the patients should take some sweet with them for later use so as to prevent hypoglycemic reaction. Self massage massage Chengjiang (CV 24), Zhongwan (CV 12), Guanyuan (C V4), Qimen (LR 14) and Shenshu (BL 23) regularly. Massage each acupoint for eighteen to thirty-six times with the coordination of abdominal breathing. Dietary therapy Eat more coix seeds, bran, pumpkins, red beans, celery, cabbage, chives, packchoi, spinach, wax gourds, tomatoes, soybeans, eggs, lean meat, etc. Onions, rice-field eels, soft-shelled turtles, etc. can help the organism make better use of glucose and have the action of reducing blood sugar. Therefore, eat them regularly.The prescriptions of the dietary therapy include Thick Soup of Zhuji (Medulla Suis), Seamed Crucian Carp with Tea, etc. In the case of marked dryness and heat, select Five-Juice Drink; in the case of concurrent gastric qi deficiency, select Soup of Zhuyi (Pancreas Suis); in the case of concurrent boil and excessive heat, drink Green Gram Gruel regularly; in the case of ulcerated carbuncle with pus, Yiyiren Gruel (Gruel of Semen Coicis) is added.

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