Heat & Mass Transfer Question Bank

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Heat And Mass Transfer
Question Bank
Chapter 1 : 1. Definitions : i. Heat ii. Heat Transfer iii. Conduction iv. Convection v. Radiation (Dec 2011) vi. Heat Transfer Rate vii. Heat Flux Rate viii. Steady State (May 2012) ix. Un-directional Heat Flow x. Thermal Conductivity of Material (Dec 2011) xi. Thermal Diffusivity (Dec 2011) xii. Co-efficient of Convective Heat Transfer (Jan 2013) 2. Fourier’s law of heat conduction. 3. Newton’s law of cooling. Chapter 2 : 1. General heat conduction equation in Cartesian co-ordinates + Special cases of general heat conduction equation. (May 2011, May 2012, Jan 2013) 2. Heat conduction equation in Cylindrical(Polar) co-ordinates. 3. General heat conduction equation in spherical co-ordinates. (Dec 2011) 4. One dimensional steady state heat conduction through plane wall or infinite slab without heat generation. 5. Heat transfer problem for composite slab having resistance in parallel. 6. One dimensional(Radial) steady state heat conduction through hollow cylinder without heat generation. (May 2012) 7. Logarithmic Mean Area (LMA) for hollow cylinder. (May 2012) 8. Heat transfer through a composite cylinder with conduction and convection. 9. One dimensional (Radial) steady state heat conduction through hollow sphere without heat generation. 10. Combined heat transfer by conduction and convection in compound sphere. 11. Explain : i. Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient ii. Critical Thickness of Insulation (May 2012) iii. Critical Radius of Insulation

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