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e-Helpdesk Service NEC Corporation/NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation provides helpdesk services to customers around the world through our e-Helpdesk, which is a web-based helpdesk system offering worldwide technical support and solutions for NEC products. Our support engineers are online to answer urgent inquiries and to immediately provide the best solutions via the e-Helpdesk to minimize our customers’ systems down time.

Anytime & Anywhere
Customers can access our e-Helpdesk web site, anytime and from anywhere, through the Internet, using the own web browser 24 hours a day.

Simple Implementation
No need to purchase expensive infrastructure to use our e-Helpdesk services.

The User’s Q & As are automatically stored in the database and can be viewed through Your Contact Log.

Our e-Helpdesk System has useful multi-functions such as file attachment, down load services for documents and software, and others

Our support engineers will reply within the pre-determined period of time mutually agreed between customer and NEC, from the date of an inquiry’s receipt.

Operation of ee-Helpdesk System A request message from user is registered on our e-Helpdesk server and is automatically forwarded to the assigned engineer. An assigned control no. for your inquiry is automatically sent to you by email when your message is registered on our e-Helpdesk server. A response will be sent to you by e-mail and will be posted on our e-Helpdesk web site.

Opt. NW System

Menu of ee-Helpdesk System

Select a Product Category from the pull down m e n u a n d e n t e r y o u r U s e r N ame and Password, then click the Login button FAQ for general information about NEC product is provided on this page for all users.

User Login Screen

The following menu and functions are available. 1) Technical Inquiries and Assistance Request 2) See Your Contact Log 3) FAQ on this Product Category 4) Keyword Search (FAQ, Inquiry & Response)

Menu Screen

5) Documentation Downloads

1) Technical Inquiry and Assistance Request
If you need a Technical Assistance or Technical Inquiry Service, you can fill in the necessary information in this Question Box or Technical Assistance Box on this form. You can attach three (3) files for effective analysis, e.g. log file, parameter sheet, configuration diagram, etc.

2) See your contact Log
If you would like to see a reply to your technical assistance request or technical inquiry, you can use this menu to view your contact logs, which show your past technical assistance request and technical inquiry with associated replies. If you need detailed information on each Log, click on Detailed, then you can see detailed information of your service request with associated reply.

3) FAQ on this Product Category
You can see most frequently asked question (FAQ) for a Product Category, which you selected during login to this web site. FAQs are provided for the authorized users with valid user ID and Password, containing detailed information derived from actual case, and operation.

Functions of ee-Helpdesk System

4) Keyword Search (FAQ, Inquiry & Response)
You can use the Keyword search to find FAQ, Inquiries and Responses containing a specified Keyword. If you need detailed information on a particular information containing a specified key word, click Question Title for FAQ or Control Number for Inquiry and Response, then you can see a detailed information.

5) Documentation Downloads

This page contains downloads for procedures, manuals, programs and others. You need to obtain a valid password from administrator through the e-Helpdesk in order to download them.

Information of ee-Helpdesk System
For further information, the following contacts are available. Tel: +81-44-711-3897 Fax: +81-44-711-1686

E-Mail: [email protected] Copyright@NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation. All right reserved 1997 - 2007.

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