Heritage College in Little Rock Launches Vet Tech Training Program

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Heritage College in Little Rock Launches Vet Tech Training Program The Heritage College campus in Little Rock has begun taking applications for enr ollment in its new Veterinary Technician program. Little Rock, AR, August 19, 2013 -- Heritage Opens New Career Training Course Veterinary Technician Program Enrolling Now The Heritage College campus in Little Rock has begun taking applications for enr ollment in its new Veterinary Technician program. “We’re really excited about this program,” said Heritage College Director Brett Burton . “Heritage offers training that serves real needs in our communities. We are co mmitted to offering training that helps veterinarians beco me more effective inveterinary caring fortechnician their animal patients.” The Heritage Veterinary Technician school program trains veterinary technicians for work in private clinics, laboratories, and animal hospitals. Their jobs may be physically or emotionally demanding, as well as deeply satisfying. Veterinary technicians observe the behavior and condition of animal patients and monitor their clinical symptoms. symptoms. They can perform emergency emergency first aid or other life-saving procedures. Veterinary technicians technicians are are trained to perform laborato ry tests and x-rays, and administer medications, vaccines, serums, or treatments as prescribed by veterinarians. They also administer anesthesia to animals duri ng surgery and provide after surgery care for animals. Their duties may also inc lude collecting, preparing, and labeling samples for laboratory testing, culture , or microscopic examination. Veterinary technicians are valuable to veterinarians because they make it possib le for doctors to treat more animal patients and because they can improve the qu ality of care those patients receive. Students in the Veterinary Technician program will enjoy classroom education plu s hands-on training in the school’s new veterinary laboratory. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Heritage College Little Rock vete rinary technician school: http://www.heritage-education.com/littlerock-vet http://www.heritage-education.com/littlerock-veterina erina ry-technician-school_1a.htm ry-technician-school_1 a.htm or to call the Heritage Admissions Department at (50 1) 708-0909. clip_image002.jpg Heritage College campus – Located at 1309 Old Forge Drive in Little Rock ABOUT HERITAGE COLLEGE AND HERITAGE COLLEGE: Heritage College and Heritage Institute operate in Denver, Colorado; Wichita, Ka nsas; Kansas City, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; For t Myers, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; and Columbus, Ohio. Heritage College an d Heritage College provide career services at no additional cost, as well as alu mni support for its diverse student population. Heritage training courses includ e: Therapeutic Massage, Veterinary Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, X-R ay Medical Technician® - Medical Assistant, Esthetics (skin care), Surgical Techno logy, Personal Trainer, Emergency Medical Technician, Dental Assisting and Denta l Radiology, Hospital and Health Services Management®, and Pharmacy Technician. Technician. H eritage also recently began offering continuing continuing education courses in Yoga. Plea se note that programs may not be offered at all campuses. For more information a bout Heritage, visit www.heritage-education.com or call (888) 334-7339. Contact: Jay Casper


Heritage Education 1309 Old Forge Dr, Little Rock, AR 72227 303-729-2668 [email protected] http://www.heritage-education.com

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