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Via Mongilardi, 3-13900 Biella - Italie / Tel: +39.015.8408301 - Fax: +39.015.8492660 Email: [email protected] - Internet: www.ocmflex.com - Internet phone Skype: ocmflex


For more than 50 years OCM s.r.l. has been focusing on our customer needs offering an extensive program of industrial doors and dock shelters equipments. Most of the times we follow our customer suggestions and information in order to fulfil all their particular demands and create very special solutions. Our vision is to have the best quality-price ratio on market. Safe on costs combined with better work conditions assure all our customers excellent investments for their future.

Quality assurance CE - EN 13241-1 certification certif ication  OCM is certified under the EN 13241-1 quality assurance system, which means that all the technical and safety equipments of doors and barriers under pedestrian and vehicle traffic in commercial, industrial or residential areas are carried out under clear controls. In order to get a very safety functioning of all our doors and to be in accordance with all the European directives, we have developed a new functioning device and an obstacle recognizer ( sensitive pressure gears and electrical controls).  All our doors have been going through through an attentive examination held from a notified organization “ ICIM s.p.a. - Milan”. All our doors are operating in accordance with the European rules.



High-speed vertical pack-away doors These doors are suitable for big and small areas. Offer instant access while maintaining environmental conditions and give a safe on time and energy costs. Vertical pack-away operation of the panel, which is flexible and made of polyester with pvc fibre reinforcement. On demand: 1 or more transparent vision sections. Structure made of steel ( stainless, painted or galvanized).



High-speed roll-up doors Roll-up doors are suitable for middle and small areas. These doors are optimal solutions for the interior of industrial buildings and against draughts. Vertical roll-up opening and closing. Flexible panel made of polyester reinforced with pvc fibre. On demand: 1 transparent vision section ( of quite big-sizes) Metal structure made of galvanized, painted or stainless steel.


FLAP-O Swing-flex doors doors are the perfect answer answer for all your your pedestrian and light vehicle doorways, easy and quick to install, are also one of the most efficient doors available against noise, heat, cold and dust. Painted or stainless (304) steel structure, opens in either directions and closed itself when released (thanks to a torsionspring-system). Flexible panels made of pvc are available in different combinations such as transparent, coloured or with metal reinforcement, rubber. On demand, single or double leaf designs.

PORTALI-O Our dock shelters create a tight seal between the building wall and the back of the truck, reducing r educing the energy costs for heating or cooling. These flexible structures are ideal in keeping wind, rain and cold outside or the cold inside in case of cold storage facilities. These shelters are available in different sizes and models. The structure consist of a steel frame with a pantograph design, a Trevitex panel and flexible panels made of an antiabrasive black rubber interiorly reinforced.

STRIP-O Strip curtains are easy and quick to install. Suitable for big or small areas are durable and strong. Strip doors are specialized in reducing heat or cold air loss. Ideal for clean rooms, fume f ume bays, factory loading docks, freezer rooms or cold rooms etc. Moreover they help to save energy, improve worker comfort and safety plus protect virtually any industry. Top quality PVC material features heavy duty strength and tear resistance for long service life. Cold-resistant strips are also available.

TREVITEX-O Partition walls are the ideal solutions for the subdivision of industrial buildings in departments, to isolate special working areas from dust and noise, creating new and protected working spaces. They can give a safe on time and energy costs. Partition walls are made of polyester tarpaulin pvc reinforced with a high mechanical resistance. Auto-extinguished, Auto-extinguished, washable, washable, class 2. Transparent portholes can be placed in different sizes and quantities on customer's demand.  Available is is also a wide range of colours.


Control panels  panels  The control system offers a variety of functions f unctions for high speed doors, such as: -microprocessor functioning -led lights indicating the status of various functions -total or partial opening -engine's protection included -photo cells self-test -safety edge control -emergency stop in the control panel -remote operation -PLC version also available  All control panels panels are planned under under the European European certification EN-13241-1

Opening commands Radio (2 or 4 channels) Radar Magnetic loops Photo cells Pull rope Push button

Safety equipments Safety edge Photo cells Blinker Manual opening in the event of power failure Irreversible geared motor  Available is the counterbalan counterbalanced ced version also

Colours  A wide wide range of colours colours for the panel is available available as well as RAL colours for the door structure.

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