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Research Plans made Task carried out Marketing mix Finance My personal contribution Conclusion Recommendation Evaluation

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The following is a report on a fundraiser for Meningitis Research carried out by our fifth year Link Modules group. The report shows the aims, preparation of the running and organisation of the activity.

To comply with Link Module requirement for our portfolio we have to complete an Enterprise report.

• • • • • To raise money for Meningitis Research To improve my research skills To learn how to work as a team To learn and understand how to run an organisation To improve my organisational skills

We needed to carry out research to find answers to the following: • The demand for the goods • How interested the students are in our plan • The reaction of the students to our ideas • The price at which the goods are to be sold • The cost of running and producing the good To find answers to the above we designed a questionnaire


140 students were surveyed 129 students said they would buy our product Our products are cookies, muffins, cakes and rice krispie buns



100% 80%

60% 40% 20% 0% 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th year year year year year year



A member of the class spoke with the transition years that have done similar things to ours. They discovered the type of activities required in carrying out our task. The price at which they sold their own product in order to decide on what the price of our product will be.

A member of our class went into the stores to check the prices of the products we decided on for us to determine our selling price.

Week 1: week beginning February 26th

Discussion of possible ideas Ideas were mentioned e.g. cookies, fashion shows, homework club, calendar etc. The class cut down the ideas to five. Week 2: week beginning March 5th

Five ideas listed Decided on cookies etc. Questionnaires were drawn up

Week 3:

week beginning

March 12th

Two members of our class got permission from the principal

Surveys/questionnaires were distributed and analysed. Week 4: week beginning March 19th

Decided on share capital €5 per person approximately €100 Decisions on who will make cookies etc. approximately 11 people Week 5: week beginning March 26th

We came to a decision on where to sell the goods We decided on the prices of the goods Muffins Cookies Queen cakes Rice Krispie buns Week 6: €1.00 €0.60 €0.40 €0.20 April 16th

week beginning

We promoted the activity through posters, by making arrangements, going round to classes. Week 7: week beginning April 23rd

Enterprise activity took place on Thursday 26th of April Week 8: week beginning April 30th

Evaluation of the activity by having a class discussion

To carry out the fundraiser, we did the following: • I organised the brainstorming • Got permission from the principal • We decided on what organisation our proceeds would go to. • We did research to find out what people like and what they wanted and how much they want to pay • We promoted the product by putting up posters, making announcements and going round the classes • We invested $5 each into our activity • We made the product to sell and decided on where to sell them • We counted the money, returned the capital to class members and forwarded the profit to Meningitis Research • We evaluated the activity by having a discussion in class

PRODUCT: We chose muffins, cookies, queen cakes, buns etc. as our product. PRICE: When choosing a selling price for a good, we looked at the cost and profits. Having completed our survey we discovered that it would cost us approximately 70c to make a muffin, 40c to make a cake, 13c rice krispies bun, 28c to make bun. Overall this worked out as approximately 40% profit. PROMOTION: We advertised our products through posters, world of mouth and announcements at assembly. PLACE: We sold our product outside the tiered room in school.

We each invested €5. INCOME AND EXPENDITURE ACOUNT. INCOME Capital (21x 5) Sales: Muffins Cookies Rice krispies Buns € 45.00 45.00 6.00 18.00 € 105.00

124.00 229.00

EXPENDITURE Flour Sugar Eggs Margarine Chocolate Rice krispies Milk 2.00 1.60 1.85 1.95 4.10 2.85 0.60

14.95 214.05

When the capital of €105 is deducted this gives a profit of €109.05

MY PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION I started the brainstorming ideas in class by writing down the ideas on the board and eliminating the ones that are impossible to do. At the end of the day we had a list of items to do and we took the one that was accepted by all students. I went to classes to make announcements for the bake sale and promoted the product by giving the students the prices and place of sale. I was also available to assist in the sale of the goods.

CONCLUSION The enterprise activity was successful as we succeeded in raising €109.05 for the meningitis group, which was the charity we chose. We improved our teamwork skills because we had to work together to make sure that the event was successful I improved my research and organisational skills because I was in charge of the brainstorming session

RECOMMENDATIONS If I was to participate in any activity like this again. • • • • I would make more of the buns, muffins, and cakes because we ran out of all the items and people still wanted more which would have improved our profits. I would also make more announcements to all the classes because the first years were not included in our survey and that would have increased the demand for our sales I would recommend that we make the product available both at break and lunch. I would have extended the activity to a two or three days bake sale.

EVALUATION At the end of our activity we achieved. • Our aim of raising to raise money for our charity organisation Meningitis Research • I achieved my personal aim of learning more about how to run an organisation and what it takes to run it. • We learnt about working as a team because we had to all work together to make the activity a success • I succeeded in improving my research skills.


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