History of Mindanao State University

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History of Mindanao State University-General Santos City Starting as a Community High School in 1967, MSU-GSC grew into a junior college in 1971, but was then just limited to a two-year collegiate General Education Program. With the strong clamor from the studentry and the community and all-out support from its constituents for the offering of complete degree programs, the Board of Regents was prompted to study the potential of the College for academic expansion especially when “feeder” concept was challenged. By the virtue of BOR Resolution No. 822, MSU Community College became a full-fledged unit and integral part of the MSU System. Six years after the establishment of the MSU-Main Campus in Marawi City, MSU-General Santos City was founded in September, 1967. Since then, MSU-GSC has always been characterized continuing commitment and dedication to the communities it serves through its four-fold functions of instruction, extension, research services and its current venture into production. The campus underwent series of transfers as part of its continuing growth and expansion. As a community High School, it was a “squatter” at an area inside the Dadiangas West Elementary School campus. A donation of a 3.3-hectare lot by the city government gave the impetus for the offering of various College degree programs. Later, the acquisition of a 156-hectare area in Tambler (now called Brgy. Fatima ) enabled MSU-GSC to strengthen its functions in instruction, research, and extension, subsequently affirming the significant role it plays within its areas of coverage. Concrete proof of this are the establishments of its Research and Development Center & Office of Extension Services, and in the growth of its various colleges: Agriculture, Business Administration & Accountancy, Engineering, Education, Fisheries, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Social Science and Humanities and its College of Law (extension classes of the main campus). Moreover, its has also opened two advanced education degree programs, the Master in Public Administration an Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) as a response to a popular demand articulated by SOCSKSARGEN public administrators and academicians. MSU-GSC today is one of the top ranking universities in Southern Mindanao. Such esteem emanates from the topnotch performance of its graduates in licensure and bar examinations in recent years. It has

shown that academic excellence is not the monopoly of expensive Manila-based universities and colleges. Above all, the university has been widely known for its concern to reach out to the community through the provision of scientific and technological know-how essential to meet the growing requirements of industries, businesses and other establishments in the highly progressive SOCSKSARGEN economic growth area. Indeed, despite its youth and humble beginnings, MSU-GSC has come a long way to being a leading institution worthy to be included in the list of the country’s prestigious institutions of higher learning.

MISSION MSU-GSC, through its functions in instruction, research and extension services, shall endeavor to provide its serviced communities the trained human resources required for the development of SOCSKSARGEN and Southern Mindanao and help hasten the upliftment of the living conditions of the Muslim and other tribal communities therein.

VISION MSU-GSC aims to be a premier regional university committed to the development and promotion of its special areas of concern in agriculture, fisheries, agri-business and industry.

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