history of the Internet

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history of the Internet



staying connected with a headset" *o&e e en s%eculate that co&%uter chi%s will one day $e inserted into our $rains and allow Here's a question: How has the Internet changed the world? us to download data directly into our gray &atter" More realistically, though, our watches, cell %hones, and /;As will stay As of March 2008, o er !"# $illion %eo%le use the Internet to connected e erywhere" ,e will ha e e en greater access to co&&unicate ia e&ail, li e chat, and we$ ideo' they %ost infor&ation which will &old and sha%e societies and cultures infor&ation, e(change ideas, and &eet %eo%le on $ulletin $oards around the glo$e" and social networ)s li)e My *%ace and +ace$oo)' they research infor&ation on hot to%ics with news ser ices, ,i)i%edia, and uni ersity $ased irtual li$raries' and they e en study for ad anced degrees, career enhancing certificates and<=5*TI>?* qualifications, and foreign languages- Internet co&&erce hasAnswer the questions to check comprehension. If you don't know &uch &ore than a su$tle effect on $ric) and &ortaran answer, don't worry. Skip it. Then listen again. esta$lish&ents" .ideo rental ser ices ha e %o%%ed u%, as has illegal file sharing" /eo%le %artici%ate in online co&%uter ga&es !" According to the article, how &any %eo%le use the Internet? 2" ,hat can $e said of the Internet during the !220s? and world si&ulations, too" @" ,hy does it see& li)e so &uch &ore ti&e has %assed since the 0ut 1ust cast your thoughts $ac) to the early 20s, $ac) when the Internet $eca&e %o%ular? #" How long is the history of the Internet? Internet wasn't a household word yet" In fact, the Internet $arely 6" ,hat was the early Internet li)e? e(isted" The idea of 3oogle had yet to $e concei ed, as also the A" ,ho %ushed the de elo%&ent of the Internet? online retailer, A&a4on"co&" *o granted do we now ta)e theB" ,hy did these de elo%ers want to create a new syste& of a aila$ility and con enience of infor&ation at our fingerti%s, not co&&unication? to &ention entertain&ent and all sorts of ser ices 1ust a $utton 8" ,hen was the Internet e(%losion? clic) away, it see&s li)e &uch &ore than a decade has raced %ast" 2" /erha%s unrealistically, what is one %ossi$le future %ossi$ility? !0" ,hat does the future realistically ha e in store for us? The history of the Internet is quite short, though" 5arly %recursors to the Internet of today ca&e a$out in the !260s, and were nothing &ore than co&%uter ter&inals connected with ca$les" There was definitely no ,i+i, nor dialu%, nor connection $etween far away users" These syste&s gradually e ol ed through the su$sequent decades, howe er, %ri&arily at the insistence of uni ersities and the &ilitary" The for&er wanted to trade infor&ation with ease $etween institutions, in %articular science de%art&ents cha&%ioned the idea" The latter wanted to $e a$le to &aintain contact with the arious $ranches of the ar&ed forces in the e ent of nuclear Ar&ageddon" Those $eginnings led to e(%eri&entation, refine&ent, twea)s, dead ends, and finally the Internet e(%losion of the !220s" 7ust thin): 8ycos, 9ahoo-, Alta .ista, and 3oogle search engines are only a decade and a $it in age" Most %eo%le around the world continue to grow increasingly de%endent on the Internet" They e(change and digest infor&ation fro& all four corners of the glo$e, and at rates ne er $efore i&agined" +or e(a&%le, the a erage %erson can %artici%ate in a we$ conference with %eers or colleagues as far away as o erseas' read news u%dates $y re%orters still in the field' share &o ies with se eral do4en users, and then s%end an hour u%dating a $log that thousands will read $y &orning"

The History of the Internet

*o what's in store for the Internet? *o&e %eo%le $elie e we will li e in an always on society in the not:to:distant future, %erha%s

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