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HIV/AIDS: Global Fund will have US$1.6 billion more

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The new funds will allow countries to get closer to achieving their HIV prevention and treatment targets

JOHANNE !"#$% &' (a) *'&* +I#IN, - The $ /und to fight AI0 % Tu.erculosis +T!, and (alaria has announced that it will have " 1&23 .illion more to invest in life-saving programmes .etween *'&* and *'&42 The new funds are a result of 5strategic decisions made .) the !oard% freeing up funds that can .e invested in countries where there is the most pressing demand5% a statement .) the /und said2 Organi6ational changes have .rought 5improved financial supervision and overall efficienc)57 for instance% the /und has cut its staff .) 824 percent2 In addition% it has received new donations recentl)% including 189' from the !ill and (elinda $ates /oundation and 1:4' million from Japan2 Poor funding in *'&& forced the /und to ma;e an unprecedented decision tocancel its &&th round of funding% raising fears that gains made in the fight HIV would .e lost2 ome 13&3 million in grant re<uests is now .eing considered .) the Technical #eview Panel2

"NAI0 said the mone) would allow countries and communities to ta;e the lead in determining their priorities to meet the targets of the *'&& "N Political 0eclaration on AI0 2 5This ushers in a new era for the $ /und and I am pleased to see that it is opening the door to new partnerships%5 (ichel idi.=% e>ecutive director of "NAI0 % said in a statement2 5The $ /und must ;eep firml) focused on countr) successes% and continue to leverage resources to ensure that countries can reach their goals and that more lives are saved25 The international N$O% (=decins ans /ronti?res +( /,% welcomed the new mone) .ut cautioned that the /und must stic; to countr)-driven% needs-driven and demand-driven programming2 haronann @)nch% HIV polic) advisor to ( / International% urged the $ /und% which will have its *3th .oard meeting in $eneva% wit6erland% on &' and && (a)% to adhere to its founding principle of saving lives2 5The $ /und will deli.erate on whether it can afford to open a new funding window this )ear A*'&*B2 ( / demands that it does so as <uic;l) as possi.le - we canCt afford to waste more time and s<uander the opportunit) to save lives and prevent new infections%5 @)nch told I#INDPlusNews2 5The funding window must .e made availa.le to all poor countries affected - the fear is that rushed reform within the $ /und could lead to new strategies where it cherr)pic;s countries and interventions under the guise of poor funding25 The $ /und is one of the largest contri.utors to the fight against HIV% T! and malaria% and .) *'&' was dis.ursing 1:29 .illion annuall)2 It has supported a.out 4' percent of all HIV treatment in developing countries and much of the care in middleincome nations such as Ehina and India2 (ore than twothirds of the worldFs malaria prevention and treatment% and three-<uarters of all tu.erculosis efforts% now depend on it2

#e !an$t a ord to wa%te more time and %&uander the o''ortunit( to %ave live% and 'revent new in e!tion%

5Eountries that implement our grants are saving more and more people% .ut demand for services is still enormous%5 said $a.riel Jaramillo% who .ecame $eneral (anager of the $ /und in /e.ruar) *'&*2 5Gith more mone)% we can save more lives25 ;rDhe

)heme *%+: Aid Polic)% EareDTreatment - PlusNews% Econom)% HIVDAI0 +PlusNews,% Prevention - PlusNews% AThis report does not necessaril) reflect the views of the "nited NationsB

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