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The Degree Audit Report, or DAR, is one of the most important academic planning tools that you will have at your disposal. It is available on the Hofstra portal (My.Hofstra.edu). The DAR will show you all the courses that you have already completed as well as those you have in progress, and will show how they fulfill your requirements. It will also outline any remaining requirements. You should refer to your DAR every semester in order to plan for future terms. You will want to bring this with you when you meet with your Advisement dean and/or your faculty/major advisor. If you are exploring alternative majors, you can request a “WHAT-IF” DAR to see how your current course work would fit into a prospective major.

To access your DAR, log in to the Hofstra portal (My.Hofstra.edu) and: 1. Click on the Hofstra Online tab on the left toolbar. 2. Click on Student Records under the Student Services option. 3. On the next menu, select Run a Degree Audit (DARS).


The parameters will be set to your declared major so you can click Run Audit.

To select a “What-If” DAR 1. Follow steps 1-3 above to Run a Degree Audit (DARS) and then click on What-If. 2. Select a College of your prospective major and click Change College. 3. Select the Degree you want and click Select. 4. Select the Major you want and click Select. 5. If this applies to you: enter the Concentration you want and click Select. 6. Leave Select Term as is and click Select. 7. Click on Run Analysis. 8. Click on Refresh the List (wait a few seconds before doing this). 9. Click on the link for your DAR under the heading View Link.

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