Home Theater vs TV

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Home theater vs TV :
A home theater consists of the following:
1. A screen or projection device – This could be a TV, or a Home theater
2. A sound system: Generally, a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system is sufficient.
3. An Audio-Video Receiver: This is a box type device which controls the ‘signalflow’ i.e. all the devices (Projector, speaker, a TV set-up box etc) are
connected to it.
4. Cables: to connect all of the above

TV vs Projector:
I have found that this decision is really about size (of the screen) vs ease. TVs (LEDs
or Plasmas) start becoming costly once the screen size is 46” or above. For e.g. a
good LED of 60” will cost atleast $1,500, and an 84” LED wil be upwards of $2,500
In comparison, a good HD projector (1080p) will cost ~$750 and a good screen will
be another ~$200. So in ~$1,000, you can have a projector with a screen as big as
Advantages of LCD vs projector

Ease of playing – typically a projector taken 1 min to start-up. The projector
needs to be backed by continuous power suppy, else the lamp may go kaput.
Light effect – An LCD can be played with full light. However a projector is
meant to be played in a dark environment. If there is lot of day-light in your
home thater room, you will need dark and heavy curtains. A grey projector
screen (ambient light rejecting), also helps in playing the projector with daylight, though it cannot match upto the performance of an LED.
Life – a projector needs lamps replacement after playing 3,000-4,000 hours
(~3 years). LEDs/Plasmas do not suffer from this issue.

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