Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Parable Here’s the secret to homeland security. My truck blew a tire On a suicide curve In a forest so remote My cell phone would not work And I was stuck in a forest. The wind chill factor was minus 5. I had to pick up my eight-year old Eamon In a half hour from day care Or I would be charged a year’s mortgage payment. When I tried to get the spare tire off The underside of the truck carriage, It was frozen solid and would no budge. My clothes became filthy in forest dirt As I tried in vain for 45 minutes to remove the tire. I went into the truck to get warm and think. I had water and beef jerky in the truck cabin, So I still had time. I had a full tank of gas for heat. But the phone. I tried o call my wife. No signal. I tried to call my brother. No signal. Then…eureka…what about 911? They must have a stronger skip tower. It just makes sense. I called 911. “Where are you?” In Bennet Regional Park.” “You want he Park Police” “No…wait…” but he transferred me. “Park Police.” “I’m stuck in Bennet Regional Park…” “You want the regional Park Police. We’re the federal Park Police.” “No…wait…I can’t get a signal Off my cell phone where I am. Can you call my wife and tell her To pick up Eamon and to call USAA To get me a tow truck out here” “Sure.’ He took the information. An hour later, she and the two truck arrived. On the way the driver said, “Wait. In Damascus there’s a garage I know Where the guy is in my AA group. You can’t say anything because It’s all supposed to be anonymous. You said you do volunteer civil defense, right?” “Yeah.” I answered. “Well then he has to help you. He’s a firefighter. Law enforcement has to help each other When they’re in a fix like you are.” “but I’m not law enforcement” I protested.

“Doesn’t matter. He has to help you.” A few minutes later, the firefighter Who owned the garage opened the door, My truck was in, and fixed, in minutes. I returned the next day and bought Four new tires from the same man. So that’s the secret to homeland defense. You depend on other people, And they depend on you. Some call it the golden rule. But it was not over. The tow truck took me to Pep Boys Where no one spoke English and, worse, No one wanted to fix the flat. On to Wal Mart where they stated Emphatically they were closing in 10 minutes. I told the truck driver to take me to God’s Country, Mount Airy, where I moved 3 weeks after 911 When I saw in the biological attack circle maps Did not reach to when they hit Washington.

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