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What is personal injury? The worst nightmare to everyone in the world is a personal injury, be it for you or for your loved ones. Personal injury can be defined as injury to a body, mind and emotions. Personal Injury can be due to slips and falls, an accident at work place or in a construction site, injury due to the use of an unsafe product, physical injury due to negligence etc. However, these personal injuries need not necessarily be physical, they could also be emotional. Psychological personal injuries are normally caused by mental trauma associated with life-threatening physical injuries or after having a traumatic experience. Personal injuries may lead to loss of earning capacity due to permanent disability, pain, suffering and huge medical expenses.

Personal injury Law: As mentioned above personal injury comes under the tort law. Legally a tort is an offence on the basis of which a law suit is recognized. They can be categorized in three different ways  Intentional torts[ deliberately injuring a person]  Negligent torts [ causing an injury due to negligence .e.g. accident]  Liability torts[ Being held responsible for selling and manufacturing defective products] These offenses cause personal injury leading to law suit filed by the injured party. The main aim of this law is to provide relief for the injuries suffered and prevent others from committing the same harm. Victims file a law suit in order to recover their medical expenses and also to compensate for their pain and suffering. The steps needed to be taken by the victim to prove the offense are


Take note: All the circumstances relating to the personal injury should be noted including the medical and financial loss incurred. 2. Get contact information: Collecting the contact information of all the eyewitness to the personal injury. 3. Collect evidence: Photographs of the accident or the spot where personal injury occurred should be taken which acts as an evidence providing foundation for the law suit. 4. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney: The person who can fight on your behalf in a law suit Hawaii Personal Injury Attorneys: In case of a personal injury a law suit is filed. This obviously requires a good personal injury attorney. Responsibilities of a good personal injury attorney are to:  Investigate the cause of the injury  Discuss with responsible parties

 Speak to a doctor who can be a witness on your behalf  Support the victim during the entire personal injury claimprocedure Personal injury Laws at Hawaii are very difficult to handle since it is a no fault state.Honolulu personal injuries are legally dealt by Personal injury Attorneys of Hawaii. The experienced lawyers here make every effort for the compensation of your personal injury loss. Hawaii personal injury lawyers effectually communicate with you to understand your requirement. They work efficiently and leave no stone unturned to prove that the defendant is responsible for the personal injury caused. Whether it is a personal injury caused by negligence or due to accident the Hawaii personal injury attorneys are committed in getting justice to their victim thereby making sure that their rights and future is protected. The law firms at Hawaii have qualified and diligent lawyers to handle the cases honestly so as to ensure that the victim is justly compensated. Hawaii personal injury lawyers have true compassion to their victims and make every effort in making the offender responsible and liable.

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