HOPE Newsletter July 2014

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News Bulletin
July 2014
A grant from One Sky Giving Circle is allowing HOPE Foundation to provide essential antenatal care to 500
women as well as providing 100 of those women with safe delivery of their baby at HOPE Hospital. This project
is of great importance as only 7% of women
receive antenatal care in the area. The services
they receive will not only help ensure a healthy
pregnancy for the mother and baby but also
determine whether the mother is carrying a high
risk pregnancy for obstructed labor, eclampsia
or a number of other risks that she would other-
wise not know of. The project further educates
the women on the importance of antenatal care,
family planning and maternal health as a whole,
and provides a fantastic platform for education
and learning. Delivery by a skilled attendant
will be at the core of the education campaign,
regardless of whether in the home or in a
healthcare facility. Thus far, HOPE has begun
providing antenatal care to 284 women under
the one year long program.
Obstetric Fistula Program Going Strong!
HOPE is pleased to announce that in April an
obstetric fistula repair camp took place with
the help of Dr. Steve Arrowsmith, world-
renowned fistula surgeon from the USA and
Mrs. Jacqui Smith, experienced fistula nurse
from Australia. This was achieved thanks to
the ongoing support of our partner - Fistula
Foundation. Dr. Arrowsmith provided guid-
ance and surgical assistance on complicated
fistula cases as well as worked as a mentor
with HOPE’s fistula surgeon, Dr. Nrinmoy
Biswas. Mrs. Jacqui Smith provided unparal-
leled operating room training as well as fistula
-specific surgical education and training to our
staff of nurses, and developed appropriate
hospital protocol for the operating room. The
difference she was able to make in a mere two
weeks was incredible. So far 39 fistula surger-
ies have been completed from January to July
2014, with a high rate of success.
Nurse Jacqui Smith training HOPE’s nurses on best practices for sur-
gical procedures.
HOPE staff providing group counseling on safe pregnancy and distri-
bution of vital supplements.
Safe Motherhood Project:
Driving Down Maternal Mortality

News Bulletin
July 2014
Dermatology Clinic at HOPE Hosted by
Visiting Doctor from USA
For the first time at HOPE, a specialized-care camp provid-
ing dermatological care took place in April with visiting
physician Dr. Ron Patrick, a Florida based dermatologist.
Dr. Patrick hosted a 3-day camp that took place both at
HOPE Hospital and at one of HOPE’s Rural Medical Cen-
ters on the island of Moheshkhali. Dr. Patrick quickly be-
came familiar with the common skin problems plaguing the
local area and provided consultation and treatment to the
patients, as well as trained our hospital doctors on how to
treat these conditions. Dr. Patrick, furthermore, has agreed
to provide consultation on a volunteer basis to support on-
going dermatology care at the hospital. During his visit he
provided free care to over 160 patients.
Cleft Lip/Palate
In addition to our ongoing cleft
work throughout the year with our
partner Smile Train, HOPE held an
additional cleft camp in June to
help the great need in cleft work in
Cox’s Bazar. The team of 5 was led
by Dr. Imran Choudhury, a plastic
surgeon from Dhaka, where 16 cleft
lip/palates were successfully re-
paired. This camp was privately
funded by Engr. ASM Haider, a
generous businessman from Dhaka.
HOPE’s cleft program is the only
one in southern Bangladesh offer-
ing such important services for free
to the poor children.
Right: Dr. Patrick examining a young girl’s skin disease
at HOPE’s Moheshkhali Medical center.
HOPE’S Director Awards
Midwifery Students
HOPE’s director and treasurer Mr. Ali Munju visited HOPE Hospital in
May and worked extensively with the midwifery students. In order to boost
excitement and morale among them, Mr. Munju hosted a competition to see
who was leading the class in BCG– Behavior, Cleanliness and Grades. The
winners are as follows: Behavior– Shagria Nasrin Shammy; Cleanliness–
Sayeda Begum and Grades– Ayesha Khatun. The 3 winners were presented
with a gift from Mr. Munju for their achievements. The award program will
take place every year and will be sponsored by Mr. Munju.
Mr. Ali Munju posing with our wonderful CMDP students.

News Bulletin
July 2014
Through a partnership with Scope Global, HOPE
Foundation is fortunate to have a long-term volunteer
placed at HOPE hospital for the duration of 18
months. Ms. Land rom Australia came to HOPE with
a background in providing healthcare in remote set-
tings, as well as working with vulnerable populations
such as refugees and marginalized people. Volunteer
experiences have taken Ms. Land to the Philippines,
India, and other regions where her service was greatly
needed and appreciated. At HOPE she will be working
as a Nurse Educator, which will involve training both
degree and non-degree nursing staff, building local
capacity and reforming hospital protocols to provide
higher standards of care. Ms. Land began her work in
June and we are excited to have her on the HOPE
Patient Spotlight: Jolchina Begum
Kelly Land, Nurse from Australia joins HOPE Hospital
Fourteen years ago Jolchina became pregnant with her first child
and enlisted the help of a traditional birth attendant, as all of her
neighbors and family members have always done. During labor
Jolchina felt something was wrong and asked the attendant if she
should seek care at a hospital. The attendant replied, “No, every-
thing is fine”. Jolchina was enduring obstructed labor for three days
before the attendant finally agreed she should go to the hospital. At
the hospital they performed an emergency cesarean section to re-
move the already deceased child. The urinary incontinence began a
few days after her surgery. Jolchina became pregnant again and
gave birth to a little girl, even while suffering with the fistula. That
delivery was also an emergency cesarean section and the doctor
performed an ovarian ligation. The doctor at that time informed
Jolchina’s husband that they should not come into physical contact
because of her fistula; her husband divorced her immediately, taking
her only daughter.

Jolchina came to learn about HOPE’s fistula program from another
patient who was successfully cured of her fistula at HOPE. Jolchina
felt optimistic that if her friend is repaired, then maybe she too can
be. She was operated on by HOPE’s Fistula Surgeon, Dr. Biswas,
and her first surgery was a success! As Jolchina is remarried, she
wants very badly to have a child. Dr. Biswas will perform the com-
plicated surgery of reversing the ligation, at an appropriate time
after recovery, to hopefully enable her to bear a child. She is looking
forward to a life without incontinence and becoming a mother again.
A cured Jolchina ready to be discharged in
HOPE’s in-patient ward.
A special thanks to our partner Fistula
Foundation for helping us help Jolchina.

News Bulletin
July 2014
A Special Thanks to Our Donors
We need YOUR support to continue our work!
Please send your tax- deductible
contribution to:

HOPE Foundation
16401 NW 2nd Ave, Ste 202
Miami, FL 33169
Check payable to: HOPE Foundation
Or donate online:

Editorial Board: Anjumanara Mahmood, Ashley Pugh
For comments and questions please write to: [email protected] Phone: 305 318 0142
Special Announcement!
HOPE is planning on building a specialized 50-bed
‘Maternity and Fistula Center’
that will boast two operating theaters and laboratories.
The fistula ward will consists of 20 beds, the maternity
section will have 30 beds to provide for the maternal
needs of Cox’s Bazar. Education and training of mid-
wives, village health workers and other healthcare staff
in maternal care will take place within the center. It
will serve as a center of excellence in the care of
obstetric fistula and maternal health.
Adbdur Razzaque
Adory Khandaker
Ali Murshed
Amazon Smile
Anam Haque
Ashfaq Fatmi, MD
Aziz Osmani
Bhavani Vamshee
Basir Ahmed, MD
Dr. Lori Walton
Dr. Maimuna Islam
Tariq Kamran, MD
Ehsan Siddique, MD
Eric Ilinitch
Faruk Ahmed
Global Giving
Ibrahim Jamal Uddin
Khaled R. Khuda
Md. Zakir Hussain
Md Tanvir Rahman
Mohammed Ilias Khan
Mohammed Jamaluddin
Mohammed Shahed Noor
Mohammed Quader,MD
Nadim ElRowmeim Jr
Dr. Nasar U. Ahmed
Nasimul Ahsan, MD
Nora Brownell
Olakunle Olagbemi, MD
Ratan Majumder
Sabina Spencer
Sara Eberhardy
Shaikh Hasan, MD
Shantu Thakurta
Sidiqqa Miah
South Asian JHU
Syeda Tahia
Tim Cho
University of MD Bangla-
desh Association

A burn team from ReSurge International, USA
will visit again in November this year to offer
reconstructive surgeries to burn patients and pro-
vide training to HOPE hospital staff. Please stay
tuned for details in our next bulletin.

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