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Hospital; Description Pre Hospital Management System System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics. System provides the benefits of streamlining of operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability. The program can look after Inpatients, OPD patients, records, database treatments, status illness, and billings. A systematic approach to the way documents are managed, can transform your Hospital resources to its highest utility and advantage. System has Admin, Doctor, Nurse, Administration, Pharmacist, Laboratorist and Patient modules. Payroll and attendance record of employees can be maintained. Messages can be sending within this application. Patient can send online request for appointment. Medicines updated inventory record can be maintained. Blood donor's record can be maintained and they can be called as needed. Template can be changed on one click. Payments can be sending online via Paypal and 2Checkout.

Description of Student Grade Calculator Student Grade Calculator for Excel makes easy work of grading students. It quickly weights the students grades on a per-assignment basis. Student Grade Calculator for Excel makes easy work of grading students. It quickly weights the students grades on a per-assignment basis. For example, you have 5 papers and 2 tests. The tests are each worth 25% of the student's grades. Each papaer is 10% of the grade. Student Grade Calc automatically weights the grade for each assignment and calculates the student's course grade.
Predicting Phenotype from Patterns of Annotation, -arrays, etc. One of the goals of bioinformatics research is to transform molecular biology into a predictive science. For example, given a certain pattern of gene expression, detected by -arrays for example, what would be the best treatment (personalized medicine)? Survey the literature on the use of bioinformatics techniques to assist medical diagnosis, prognosis and treatments. Where are we heading? When will personalized medicine be true? How much data? Remaining problems to be solved? Bio-Ethics. Bioinformatics deals with biological and medical data, according there are numerous related ethical issues: should patenting genes be allowed? how to handle patient data? how to deal with genomic data, imagine that the analysis of a dataset allows to draw conclusions about a population, a religious group, people who live in a specific region, etc. The consequences can be sever: it could be that this group will be more likely to suffer from certain diseases, such information could be used by insurance companies, employers, etc. to screen candidate. Lattice models. Predicting the three-dimensional structure of a protein is a notoriously difficult problem. So much that alternative problems have been devised to circumvent it: secondary structure prediction, inverse folding problem, etc. Some authors have also been studying simpler systems, such as 2D and 3D lattices. Create your own implementation; this includes an algorithm to efficiently search the folding space and a scoring function. Run some simulations.

The Library Management System is designed & developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the library along with the student s details. The books received in the library are entered in Books Entry form and the new student is entered in the student entry form. When the student wants to get the desired book the same is issued on the availability basis to the student. The issuance and due date for the returning of the book is also entered into the Book Issue form under third menu Book Issue. The student has to pay the fine if any on the basis of no. of days delayed deposit of the book in the library.

Visual Basic is Graphical Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that aims at providing the user with a graphical interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Visual Basic is a popular programming tool that can be used to write any kind of visual application ranging from a game to a database management application. Now-a-days Visual basic is being widely used for developing different types of applications and performing various types of jobs. With Visual basic, one can automate everyday tasks, add custom required features and functions to suit ones need, and create applications, which makes task easier. A visual Basic programming environment provides all features that are required to develop a graphical user interface as ready to use components. The Visual Basic programming environment is also called Point and Click environment. The programmer does not have to write the code to create and display commonly required user-friendly features each time around. When the programmer needs a specific user interface feature such as a button, he selects the appropriate ready to use component provided by the Visual programming environment. These components can be moved, resized and renamed as required. So a Visual programming environment automates the

process of creating the user interface by designing Visual interface using the ready to use components. In addition, it also provides the means of associating the user written logically defined code with the components used in a project. My project on Library Management deals with the transaction happenings in Library in an organization/institute. This project will be proved easier, as more of the tasks obtained are managed by a mouse click. The final reports and other facilities and calculations are calculated and updated automatically

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