How to Apply

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How to apply
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Before applying for an NFP fellowship
It is important to realise and consider that:
 

Applying for an NFP fellowship often takes time and effort and costs money, but might not lead to an NFP fellowship as Nuffic receives thousands of applications each year. Applying for a fellowship numerous times does not increase your chances of receiving a fellowship.

Before you start your NFP fellowship application you must do the following:
 

Read all information available on the NFP webpages. Prepare and/or collect all the necessary application documents.

To be eligible for an NFP fellowship, you must be admitted to the master’s degree programme, short course or PhD study, for which you would like to use the fellowship.

Obtain academic admission
You must apply for academic admission directly at the Dutch institution. Your admission must be unconditional in terms of your education and language proficiency. Conditional admission may be granted only subject to you finding suitable funding for the programme. You are strongly advised to seek academic admission as early as possible to allow the institution to process your application in time. Ask the Dutch institution what their deadline for academic admission is. The academic admission process for a PhD study is an individual track. Ask the Dutch institution what the requirements and deadlines are. You are only allowed to apply for one NFP fellowship per deadline.

Prepare your application for an NFP fellowship
If you are certain that you are eligible for an NFP fellowship and you have collected all the necessary information and documentation, you can start applying. Your NFP application consists of:

a copy of a valid passport or other official identity document an employer’s statement a form with your employment history a statement from the Government Authority, if applicable download the requirements for this statement(46.4 KB) download the format for employment history(45.5 KB) download the requirements for this statement(40.5 KB) The following questions should be answered in this statement: - Why do you wish to pursue this course or programme? - How will your employer benefit from the course or programme? - How will your country benefit from the course or programme? - How will you put your new skills and knowledge to work when you return to your job?

statements of motivation

In addition, if you apply for a PhD fellowship: a letter of a co-supervisor in your own country, if applicable

download the requirements for this letter(44.8 KB)

The application you submit to Nuffic must be complete with all the required documentation according to the required formats. The application must be submitted online through Scholarships Online (SOL) before the fellowship application deadline. Applications that are not submitted according to the required procedure and format will not be accepted. After you have submitted your application you cannot make any adjustments or additions. Nuffic cannot accept any additional documents sent by email or regular post. These additional documents will not be taken into consideration.

Submit your application
You must submit your NFP application in Scholarships Online (SOL), our online application tool. Download the SOL manual for applicants(414.8 KB)

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