How to Be a Good Christian Youth

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How to Be a Good Christian Youth



How To Be A Good Christian Youth?
With all the vises that we have in this world there is no wonder why most of the youth in our generation go astray. It is because they don’t have the love of their parents. Their peers are most likely addicted to drugs. They have broken homes and they are living on their own. But these are not hindrances in transforming your own being into a good Christian. Being a good Christian youth is not an easy task. You are bearing the name of being a Christian thus you must behave according to your principles. It does not necessarily mean that you will change yourself because there are people who told you to change. But it is the right thing to do for your self and for others. Living a Christian way is not living with materials things around you. It is living with people and the community with love, respect for human life, and forgiveness. With this virtue in our hearts we would be able to give hope and faith to other people. Here are some ways on how to be a good Christian youth. First, change your mind and heart for the better. As you grow there are also many things that change in your life. If you have unresolved problems with your family this is the time that you start fixing it. Having a heart to heart talk with you parents for example will help lessen the burden in your heart. This move is not only to forgive your parents or whoever hurt you but to yourself also who needs to be free from all the heartaches and traumatic experiences that hinders your growth to be good. Changing your mind into a better will also change the things that surround you. It is because if the mind and heart coordinate in transforming your life it will be easy also to be an inspiration to others. Second, always be a good youth. Being good is not essentially that you will give always to the needy. Being good is about giving importance to other people who need your help not only in materials things but also in spiritual needs. Some young at heart always mistaken the essence of being good now a days. They associate this only to those people who helped them and give them money. But they forgot the small kindness that other people done to them. Third do not criticize your fellow youth instead help them to be like you. As you know many youth are in the wrong side of the road. Sometimes they commit mistakes and they harm innocent people. Don’t judge them right away because of their doings. Instead try to make a way on how you could help them to become a good Christian. Their being stubborn and rebellious is because they experience bad also from the environment that they have into. With their experience they also become angry to other that they refuse to listen. Do you know the feeling of being alone with no one to lean on? That was they feel and they are helpless. They think that all the people that surround them are not trustworthy enough. So change this perspective of this young mind. Be open-minded and try to understand their feelings. But as you go on, befriends with them and lead the way for them to see the light of goodness. Fourth be a good example. If you want to transform the life of the youth into the right path, you must be a good example. If you preach to the youth that we must be a good and respectful individual, you must also apply it to yourself. If you preach that smoking is a bad for your health, you must also quit smoking. Thus when you show them that you are a role model they will also follow.

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