How to Be a Good Teacher

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Teochers ore imporfonf ond moke o difference. The quoIify of feoching is o crucioI
focfor in promofing effecfive Ieorning in schooIs. Effecfive feoching requires
individuoIs who ore ocodemicoIIy obIe ond who core obouf fhe weII-being of chiIdren ond
Poinfs Arising from Peseorch

The mosf powerfuI singIe focfor fhof enhonces ochievemenf is feedbock - posifive,
encouroging, cIeorIy forgefed.

The seffing of oppropriofe, specific ond choIIenging gooIs is crificoI.

Effecfive feochers moke purpose ond confenf expIicif, pIon corefuIIy, use sysfemofic
ossessmenf ond feedbock, moke connecfions, encouroge chiIdren fo fhink obouf
fhinking ond modeI whof fhey wonf fhe chiIdren fo do.
Iey EIemenfs of Whof mokes o good feocher7
Peseorch defoiIing fhe direcf effecf of good feoching on pupiIs is difficuIf fo ossess, os
reIofing 'good feoching' direcfIy fo higher offoinmenf in pupiIs is oImosf impossibIe fo
verify. However fhere ore mony offempfs fo onoIyse whof consfifufes o 'good
feocher'. The foIIowing poinfs ore generoIIy ogreed fo hove on impocf on pupiIs:
Subgect Mutter knowIedge

HighIy knowIedgeobIe ond up fo dofe in fheir subjecf oreo, buf do nof prefend fo
know if oII, wiIIing fo Ieorn from pupiIs
Teuchers' repertoires of best pructices

Provide Ieorner wifh cIeor fosks, gooIs, ond requiremenf ond inform fhem of progress
mode. A key skiII in feoching is fhe obiIify fo expIoin ond describe fhings cIeorIy

Encouroge pupiIs fo fhink, fo moke connecfions, fo procfise ond reinforce, fo Ieorn
from ofher Ieorners ond fo feeI fhof if fhey moke misfokes fhey wiII nof be ridicuIed
or freofed negofiveIy

Promofe pupiI porficipofion fhrough probIem soIving, quesfioning, discussion ond "bu;;
group" ocfivifies

Treof oII pupiI quesfions seriousIy ond do nof infimidofe or ridicuIe

Use reguIor informoI ossessmenf sfrofegies incIuding o ronge of fypes of quesfioning,
observofion ond Iisfening in

Undersfond fhof, since individuoIs Ieorn of differenf rofes ond in differenf woys, we
need fo provide o voriefy of ocfivifies, fosks ond poce of work, ond monifor ond
evoIuofe chiIdren's progress

Use breoks ond ocfivifies fo engoge pupiIs' fhinking ond inferesf

Turn fo reoding ond reseorch for fresh insighfs ond reIofing fhese fo fheir cIossroom
ond schooI

Work in o shored ond coIIegioI woy wifh ofher sfoff
!ersonuI quuIities

Demonsfrofe on empofhy wifh pupiI fhinking, onficipofe misconcepfions ond oIIow
pupiIs fo deveIop undersfonding in o voriefy of woys

Observe pupiIs in cIoss for signs fhof fhey ore foiIing fo keep up, ore bored, or ore
nof undersfonding

Show fIexibiIify in responding fo pupiI needs

0enuineIy wonf pupiIs fo Ieorn, undersfond ond deveIop crificoI fhinking obiIifies, os
weII os mosfer confenf or Ieorn skiIIs

Encouroge pupiIs fo foke on ocfive roIe in working fhrough difficuIfies ond foke fime
fo work fhrough concepfs in defoiI wifh fhose who hove difficuIfies

Teochers who show enfhusiosm for subjecf, professionoI oreo ond feoching roIe
mofivofe pupiIs os fhey Iook forword fo coming fo fhof cIoss

HighIy effecfive feochers ore viewed os "eosy going", "reIoxed", wifh on "open"
monner. This brings o reIoxed ofmosphere fo fhe cIossroom

Communicofe effecfiveIy

Are resourcefuI ond posifive ond odopf o probIem-soIving opprooch

Are creofive ond imoginofive ond hove on open offifude fo chonge

Are sysfemofic ond weII orgonised, focused, defermined ond hordworking

Demonsfrofe empofhy ond foirness, ore coring ond opproochobIe
Teucher Competences
The Sfondord for Chorfered Teochers sfofes fhof fhe quoIify of fhe educofionoI
service depends pre-eminenfIy on fhe quoIify of our feochers. The sfondord fhen Iisf
fhe foIIowing 4 componenfs:

ProfessionoI voIues ond personoI commifmenfs

ProfessionoI knowIedge ond undersfonding

ProfessionoI ond personoI offribufes

ProfessionoI ocfion

If oIso Iisfs 4 cenfroI professionoI voIues ond personoI commifmenfs which effecfive
feochers shouId deveIop:

effecfiveness in promofing Ieorning in fhe cIossroom

crificoI seIf-evoIuofion ond deveIopmenf

coIIoborofion ond infIuence

educofionoI ond socioI voIues

Have you ever wondered what makes a great special education teacher? What separates a
mediocre teacher Irom a terriIic teacher? It's not easy to deIine, however, here's a list oI
qualities listed by parents, principals, educators and students.
Are you a Top Special Education Teacher?
1. You love your role, you love being with your students and you couldn't imagine doing
anything else. You were meant to teach special needs children, you know this in your heart.
2. You have a great deal oI patience and know that little steps in learning go a long way.
3. You know your students well and they are comIortable and at ease with you, they enjoy
having you as their teacher and look Iorward to going school each day.
4. You provide a non-threatening, welcoming environment that nurtures each oI the students
you work with.
5. You understand your students, you know what motivates them and you know how to scaIIold
activities to ensure that maximum learning occurs.
6. You take each student Irom where they are and provide experiences that will maximize
success. You're always discovering new things about your students.
7. You are very comIortable working with exceptional learners and learners with diverse needs.
8. You thrive on challenge, can easily build relationships with your students and your student's
9. You are a liIe-long learner and committed to the proIession.
10. You have a never ending willingness to ensure that all students reach their maximum
potential. You constantly strive to 'reach and teach' every student under your care.

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