How to Be a Good Teacher

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Ini adalah artikel untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara menjadi guru yang baik.



How to be a Good Teachers

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming in my presentation. Let me introduce myself. My name is Conny Nurfitriay. Today, I want to talk about being a good teacher. Being a good teacher can be the most rewarding and exciting job in the world. Generally, good teachers have some characteristics. These characteristics devided into 3 items. First is role model. Teacher is a person who teach students. Teachers could be called as good teachers if they can be a role model for their students. It is important for you to be like a "superhero" figure in their eyes. Remember that your students look up to you and will try to mimic your dispositions. If you are rude or inappropriate, they will have an inappropriate model for their behavior. So you must be a good role model. Second is problem solving. Good teachers are not judge their students when they make some mistakes, but they try to solve the problems and make it clear. And what must we need is to be sensitive to their face expression or their feeling when they have a problem. Slowly we have to be close individually to them. And the last is devout. Good teachers teach their students patiently and devoutly. It means teachers do not hope for wage. They work hard everyday in order to make their students being clever. To be a good teacher is not easy, but the key to reach it are sincere and always try the best for the students. I think that’s all about my presentation about how to be a good teacher. I hope this is can be useful for you. Forgive me if I have any mistakes. Thank you for your attention. And have a nice day.

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