How to Be a Good Teacher

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This is a unique discussion for all of you the candidate of teacher. When you are finish your study from STKIP Tapsel and become a teacher. Many questions will arise in you ... 1. I will be ready to become a teacher?

2. Did i deserve to be a good teacher? 3. Whether I have become a good teacher?And many more questions that come up to you, as educators, students prospective successor to the nation. So.. This session , I will Helps you to open your ways become a good teacher. Introductory How to be a good teacher? What makes a good teacher? How should the teacher talk to the students? How should the teacher give instructions? Who should talk in the class? What are the best kinds of lessons? Questions.

What makes a Good teacher? Rate the following teacher qualities in order of importance? A. They are good looking. B. They are entertaining. C. They can control the class. D. They give interesting classes. E. They know their students. F. They can keep control. G. They prepare well. H. They know their subject. What is a best teacher? When I was at school, the best teacher was… The best teacher I ever met is … The best English teacher is … I think the best English teacher should be… I want to be an English who … How should teachers talk to students? A. A teacher should speak very slowly and clearly to their foreign-language students. B. Teachers should always use well-constructed sentences when they speak to their students. C. Teachers should speak to their students like parents talk to their young children.

D.Teachers should speak normally to their students-as if they were talking to their own friends. E. Teachers should only say things to students which the students will understand totally. How should teachers give instructions? 1. Now I want you to work in pairs…yes(gesturing)…that’s right…you two…you two…you two. Good. Now listen carefully. I want you to read this text(holding up the book and pointing to it) on page 26 and answer the questions…OK? 2. OK, this is the deal-and I hope you really enjoy this ‘cos I spent much time planning it, you know? I thought you could probably solve access this grammar problem yourselves, by looking it up in your book in groups. OK? 3. (Sitting at desk) Open your books on page 26. What the answer to the question 1? 4. (Hold up large picture)Right, we’re going to do something a bit different now. Now ask me questions about the picture(Pointing to the picture)…questions with “what”…Anybody? Yes, Tim, please! Two general rules for giving instructions: (1)asap (2)logical How should the new teachers give instructions? (1) Before giving instructions, asking the followings: a.What is the information I am trying to convey? b. What must the students know if they are to complete the activity successfully? c. Which information do they need first? d. Which should come next? (2)While giving instructions Check whether you are understood or not? Who should talk in class? 1. In class, I take up most of the time, reading, organizing and doing explanations, but the students seem to have difficulty to understand. 2. In class, in order to make the students do what I said, I have to use Chinese regularly. 3. In class, my students occupy most of the class time, they have more than 3 chances to practice(say) what they are required openly. 4. I usually offer some minutes to make the students to talk, but they can not utter a word, let along to say a sentence or a paragraph. 5. It all depends what kinds of lessons I am conducting. What are the best kinds of lessons? Please complete the followings: 1. When I was at school, the best lessons were… 2. The best lesson I have ever observed was …. 3. I think the best kind lessons that I can give are … Score the followings: 1.Good Ts keep the students guessing what they are going to do next. 2. The worst kind of T is the one who does the same thing every class.

3. Good Ts always look smart. 4. Good Ts are always interesting.

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