How to Build a Drumbone

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Here is the ingredients list: 5 feet of 4" PVC tube 6 feet of 3" PVC tube 5 3' 90 degree elbows 1 4x3 Increaser/Reducer 90 degree elbow 2 3" Couplers White posterboard Packing tape PVC glue and glue prep Lubricant The whole thing should cost around $30

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Through sheer luck, it's perfectly tuned to the Drumbone that Blue Man Group plays Here are some basic instructions: 1. Cut the 4" tube into two 2.5' pieces 2. Cut four 3" pieces from the 3" tube 3. Cut two 2.5' pieces from the 3" tube 4. Prep and glue a 3" piece into an elbow 5. Prep and glue the other end of the 3" piece into another elbow to form a 'U' 6. Do that to another two elbows 7. Prep and glue a 3" piece into one of the 'U's 8. Glue another elbow onto the 3" piece. If you want an authentic drumbone, make sure it's facing the right way. Look at pictures as a diagram. 9. Glue a 3" piece into the 4x3 elbow 10. Glue the other end of the elbow onto the 4" tube 11. Glue the 3" tubes into the 'U's 12. Sand the outside of the couplers down until they move smoothly in the 4" tube 13. Stick the couplers on the ends of the 3" tubes. You don't need to glue them, but you can if you want to. 14. Roll the posterboard into a 3.5" tube. Tape it together. 15. Tape the posterboard into the elbow on the 'U' 16. Lubricate the 4" tubes and slide them onto the 3" tubes Now you can connect the two pieces together and you have a fully functional Drumbone!

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