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Site construction is divided into the following eight steps : First, the application domain ( domain name registration ) ; Second, the application of space ; Third, the site location ; Fourth, analysis of site features and requirements ( site planning ) V. site style design ; six , website code production ; seven test site ; eight , FTP upload site ; nine , website maintenance Site construction, including Website include : site planning, web design, site features , organize website content , website promotion, website evaluation, website operators , the overall site optimization, the purpose is to carry out the construction site through the website online marketing reach , achieve the purpose of e-commerce. Site construction was first proposed by the return of low-cost Internet marketing consultant network marketing planning program. Insight into the project target customers through online marketing strategies , lead , leveraging the enterprise and Internet users , as well as the interaction between Internet users and Internet users , the enterprise with minimal marketing investment , surpassing competitors in the market for more efficient return on marketing site planning website starting as a network marketing pre-planning , planning rigor , practicality will directly affect the enterprise network marketing goals. Website builders and network marketing to customer demand -oriented , with its own professional planning experience to help different types of enterprises , to meet strategic goals and tactical requirements at different stages of the enterprise , based on the development of the site for business planning stage . Marketing website construction and implementation Harbor relying on its many years of website building and development experience , between the enterprise, between the enterprise and its external build good communication bridge , on the basis of the pre-planning , and establish a site at the core of the user experience website information organization , personalized websites visual design , tailor-made websites feature definition and development , systems integration and efficient website . Website promotion plan development and implementation of the website is expected to achieve commercial marketing objectives, in addition to strict site planning , improve the construction site , but also depends on the careful formulation and implementation of website promotion plan. Relying on their years of website promotion and search engine optimization experience to help customers take full advantage of using the Internet , through the combination of various website promotion strategies in order to get more business opportunities. Edit this paragraph professional website building company benefits After all, unlike professional corporate website or portals ICP , possible nor necessary small but complete , every business has its own specific products / services, website content should be set up around the core business enterprises . Corporate website should not be just a decoration , the site is the most useful marketing tool. Of course, only under the premise of the site to meet user needs information , the site of the marketing function can really play a role. Then use website building What families need information? Do site planning This issue is done first thing to consider site planning , we must first analyze what visitors might then be targeted to design-related content. Generally, a business website visitors have a few main categories, namely : direct users, dealers , equipment and raw material suppliers , competitors and so on. Visitors first two categories are existing users and potential users of the company, but also should focus on site content to meet the target . As for suppliers , except those with B TO B

features a comprehensive e-commerce sites , most based on information released to the business website seldom taken into account , therefore , is not the main focus of general business site . As for competitors , visitors , their goal is to understand your company's new trends , or how website design level , whether there is a place worth learning , which, at the time of publishing relevant content should be given appropriate " preparedness " rather than let a competitor rewarding experience. Content should be the focus of the site Since the company's existing users and potential users of the site is the focus of care for the object , then we must carefully analyze what information they need . With a TV production company, for example , the purpose of a user / potential users access to a corporate Web site generally there are several : to see what new products, product performance comparison of different specifications and prices , and other brands of similar products to compare , check local vendors and warranty addresses, etc. , if you can order online, users naturally want to know information related to this , such as ordering, payment methods , delivery time and costs , returned goods policy. Therefore , the content should be the focus of the site . Say it is so simple , it seems it should be clear enough truth, however, many sites in the content design " stray " phenomenon was frequent. Even in more developed e-commerce has been the United States , corporate website design unreasonable situation is also very evident in China , and perhaps all the more surprising. First, establish a corporate image , expand their business promotion . Including company overview , such as company size, company structure , the company's products , corporate culture, corporate philosophy, business objectives, business objectives , values , vision , honor company had acquired , the company is now in the study of some of the new products, the company's future trends, the company's products or services with distinctive characteristics and market positioning , and so on . It may also be additional services , etc. Some companies . Company information includes not only text data , but also contains some pictures, information, such as corporate image building , employees pictures, pictures and more particularly the company's products , making the company more realistic, more convincingly demonstrated in front of the customer. Learn as much as possible so that customers of the company 's more comprehensive and detailed. Second, to collect customer feedback , enhance customer service . Through the company's website, you can establish a unified system for sending and receiving data , and enhance the security, stability , timeliness, ensure that the interests of customers. Improve the quality of services, and can be a quick and convenient way to provide the company and its products and customer service required . Expand the use of advanced means of spread , increasing the number of users of the Company. Greatly improved business communications , to expand the functionality of the channel. Shortened the distance between the company and customers , enhancing relationships with customers . Company 24 hours a day to serve our customers and keep in touch with our aftermarket customers , listening to customer comments and answer questions frequently asked customers , and customers can receive a variety of timely feedback , early detection and solve problems . Third, online market research, network marketing . Website realized by shortening the introduction of new products and open new markets for the company's product sales cycle aunt activities to best meet customer needs in order to reach new

markets, increase profitability objectives. The company will own product information and dealer information posted on the site , depending on the circumstances of each customer can apply to join the company's sales network , but also directly through the website order system to the next sales order ; their company after receipt of order confirmation and to provide information . Content network marketing are: 1 , product information : The company sells websites to publicize information and classified according to product structure , in order to facilitate customer access to purchase. 2 , Customer Information : The main customers for the collection and management of sales related information to facilitate the customer's recommendations and follow-up , in order to promote the company's sales activities. 3 , sales orders : Implement and manage sales orders submitted online between companies and customers. 4 , dealers information : the company's sales offices and major distributors phone , address, fax , business name of the person responsible for the project or product areas posted on the website in order to promote sales. Fourth, the establishment of information database , the implementation of e-commerce. Establish a complete information database company , one internal and one outside . Internally, within the company to achieve maximum utilization of information resources and sharing of information to save , search, view , reuse , etc. ; outside , allowing customers as much as possible about the company and the nature of the business characteristics , the information classification, easy for customers to search and view . In addition , visitors to the company through the website for information , if there is intention to subscribe , you can submit information online orders , depending on the conditions managers can view , retrieve, manage orders , and feedback to the marketing department , get in touch with the development of timely customer orders , a simple e-commerce. Fifth, the direct sales network Site is not only good business -to-business image is a good publicity , and can assist the enterprise in sales , or even directly help companies achieve product sales through the network . Internet marketing has basically achieved online information publishing, online ordering, online billing, even online distribution network marketing activities. Directly contributed to the enterprise to meet directly with clients , consumers can collect directly from the Internet directly to the real first-hand market information, but can also be multi- analysis, which is a company that we need. To both buyers and sellers bring direct economic benefits. Edit this paragraph site construction market analysis The first generation website building technology : The use of general web authoring software , some flat web pages into effect , and then link up to become a corporate website. A " first-generation website building technology" made out of corporate website , as required to update and modify web content professionals, maintenance problems , and increase web site modifications are required to pay , leading companies often do not update their website content, lost meaning construction site ; same time as pure static page is not interactive, so that the customer can not communicate well with business. The second generation website building technology : Refers to the first generation technology based on the construction site for a particular site's features using some database management module ( such as press releases, product launches , etc. ) , the site of the background of these individual functional modules to manage . A " second generation website building technology" made out of corporate website , to a certain extent on the construction site to get rid of the first generation of technical shortcomings on the site

content updates difficulty , suitable for site maintenance frequent daily updates on the websites of each functional module the unique needs of large enterprise sites, but due to the need for a different station custom development needs of enterprises , so prices are generally higher , generally SMEs unbearable. The third generation website building technology : Since the beginning of 2003 there has been a third -generation website building technology intelligent building systems. Build your site users through intelligent system can be easily and quickly manage their own website , their own definition of the content of the site framework , and can always upgrade features of the site , and the front-end interface to solve the website needs of individual needs of each customer . Build your system using smart business website development and construction, able to adapt to most SMEs in general demand for construction sites , short development cycle, updating and maintenance convenient, ideal for small and medium construction site. The fourth -generation website building technology : Refers to the third generation technology based on the construction site for the program and have a unique understanding of the domain . A new key is also WEB2.0 of procedural compliance with the human pursuit of sensual design, the insight on the integration domain . Edit this paragraph site construction market prospects In recent years , the site has shown a rapid increase in construction business momentum , industry market is growing. On the domestic situation , the central and western provinces and coastal provinces than to a large market demand , business popularization work is also in place , many industries formed a competing enterprise website construction , network marketing situation. Application of new technologies will enable the enterprise website building more attractive. As technology integration and development , and many popular applications in other industries technologies such as video, 3D animation, virtual reality and other technologies have been realized on the Internet transplanted to the future soon, they will appear in the enterprise customer site above ; New Network programming languages (. net technology ) and server CDN ( content Delivery Network ) technology will also enable the site structure more closely , visit smoother, more responsive to the new requirements. Internet marketing services will be integrated with website building , to provide integrated services. Enterprise customers are no longer satisfied with a website , and then conduct their own online marketing activities , the company also developed a network of targeted Internet marketing strategy and implementation for enterprise customers , so corporate website really play a role , to bring customers real effect. This network company made a higher demand , construction sites, practitioners need to strengthen and improve the self-learning , in order to meet this requirement. Personalized personal websites, personal websites and other forms of theme -oriented personal website building service has now been created, personal website building services will become a new growth point . Edit this paragraph What is a website building service providers Web site building services provider is to provide domain name registration , space rental , corporate organization website development and website building -related . Domestic business enterprises engaged in construction sites have a lot , almost every web site construction companies are undertaking business , but the proportion of different businesses . The first category

Industry portal . Many industry portal, in which its VIP membership services , including the provision of the construction site is a member of VIP business services , such as Alibaba , HC , Ying provider networks and other companies , attracted a large number of industry categories of enterprises registered to be their VIP members get a variety of services including website construction and maintenance , including . Build your industry portal services accounted for 20 % of all enterprise website construction services market ; The second category Integrated network application services company, providing services including network -based applications ( such as domain name , hosting, E-mail ) , and value-added network application services ( such as website building and promotion ) and other business applications , including integrated services company , enterprise website construction is one of the important business total business accounted for 40 % of all enterprise website construction market. Through advocacy and expand the network of integrated application services , the industry has a good image and reputation , website construction services provided to customers are generally accepted . The third category Professional website building services company, to the construction site for the company's main business activities , highlighting the personalized production and long-term customer tracking services, business volume accounted for 40 % of all enterprise website construction market. Edit this paragraph construction site preparation work Construction site preparation work is important, it determines your station 's purpose , and the future maintenance of the website , so your website to play the role is quite important. Before designing the site , you must have the following tasks: 1 website framework Channel Site Channel website is a big frame , which is the main part , such as: Home , About , News , Products , Feedback , Contact Us , etc. This is the content of the standard corporate website . If you have a particular frame , please list them, so help us design . 2 website style requirements You must know the purpose of your website is advertising , or only to existing and old customers to observe ? Is functional , or display type ? Style positioning to be accurate, functional is in graphic design on the website may not be suitable chunk of pictures, in the data more powerful features, such as search , membership registration , etc., generally large enterprise networks, shopping networks , large portals, dating , etc. belong to the functional , if it is showing type , this type of site may pursue most beautiful visual function do not ask for . In the clip above that , you have to have a strong visual sense of design. Such sites are generally : beauty , women's cosmetics , clothing and so on. Aiming target site Before designing the site , you need to tell us your site against the crowd , regional, national, and so on. If you can provide better some of the industry, so we will customize your pages especially designed for this population browsing habits . The budget website 4 If you are not clear on your page , no experience , it does not matter , you 'd better tell you the greatest degree of Build company budget , they will provide you with full service . 固控设备 固控系统 :

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