How to Configure VPN Connection(Win7)

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How to Configure VPN Connection(XP)
1. Click Start -- All Programs -- Accessories -- Communications --
New Connection Wizard
2. Click Next
3. Select Connect to the Network at my Work Place
4. Select Virtual Private Connection
5. Specify the desired name for VPN connection. For example: MUET VPN
6. Type the IP Address of the VPN Server (
7. Select the appropriate choice whether every one can use the connection or not
8. Check Add a shortcut to the connection to my desktop.
9. Double Click on the shortcut icon go to Properties
10. In properties click on Option Tab check on Include windows logon domain
11. In properties click on Networking Tab Type of VPN Select PPTPVPN.

How to Connect using VPN Connection
1. Double Click on the VPN Connection shortcut (here name as MUET VPN).
2. Specify the Username and password and click Connect
3. successful connection will be indicated by intimation balloon in the system tray
(Located at the right bottom corner of your screen).

How to Configure VPN Connection in Windows 7
1. Click Start -- Control Panel -- Network and Internet --View Network
status and tasks -- Setup a New connection of Network
2. Select Connect to a Workplace and Next
3. Select use my Internet Connection VPN
4. Internet Address Type (
5. Destination Name For example: MUET VPN
6. Type Username and Password and Domain MUET
7. Then Click Connect

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