How To Have A Great Ruby Outsourcing Experience

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Lunar Logic Polska delivers agile Ruby on Rails development services. Our personalized service emphasizes frequent open and honest communication to create strong and trusting working relationships.

how we’re different Lunar Logic Polska is different than other offshore software companies you have encountered. Most notably in our agile process, which means: You will know everyone working on your project, p roject, personally. We’re We’ re all in it together, solving problems and sharing triumphs. It’s a team effort. You know exactly what’s happening at all times because you talk to the team every day, if only briefly. In the daily scrum, via telephone or Skype, every programmer will briefly answer three questions: “What have you done since the last scrum?” “What do you intend to do before the next scrum?” and “What do you need to do your job as effectively as possible?” You control the product scope, and the budget. You You know your needs and resources r esources best, so you decide what gets done and when. Timeboxed iterations means that every week or two weeks (you decide) you get a delivery of fully tested, working, production-quality code, ready to deploy if you see fit. A working daily build means that you see features as they are developed, every day, warts and all. Concurrent testing means that we test and fix features as we go for in increased creased efficiency and dependability. dependability. Automated testing wherever appropriate. We use test-driven development to ensure complete test coverage of all your code. That means that you can make design and feature changes without being afraid of breaking things. You’re not married to us. Our code is well-tested, well-documented, and in a complete and deployable state at the end of every iteration, so you can take your code and walk away if you are ever dissatisfied and another team will have no trouble picking up where we left off. We hope it never happens, but you can be sure that we don’t mean to hold you hostage.


Founded in 2004, we have rapidly become Poland's largest and most experienced agile Ruby on Rails development team. Our clients include clients  include web design agencies needing a flexible, affordable extension to their team, web entrepreneurs, start-ups, multinational corporations and NGOs. Our company started its life as an extension of a multinational development team spread across five continents. So, international collaboration comes very naturally to us. And we understand the concerns of those looking for an offshore development partner. We're changing the way outsourcing works by using our proven agile techniques to eliminate all the frustrating elements found in traditional offshoring. Our unique approach offers approach offers a degree of flexibility and control that is rare in offshore relationships.

To ensure easy communication and collaboration, all projects are managed by native English speakers and all employees are fluent in English.

Our satisfied clients include: Ceng Ce ngag age e Le Lear arni ning ng

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Sw Swis issC sCom om

United Nations

Channel4 UK

WDSglobal Esomnie

Stellant Partners 10-Forward

DRQ Quimron

and dozens of small businesses, startups, and web entrepreneurs


Ruby on Rails, Merb, XML+XSLT, Ajax, Flash, Flex We eat, sleep and breathe these technologies. Buzzword heaven. Whether you are interested in agile Ruby on Rails development or elegant content migration and database management solutions, Lunar Logic Polska approaches your project from your point of view. We begin by understanding your business and the drivers that motivate you to innovate. Doing so allows us to communicate more effectively with you and to participate in the creative process. Teamwork is the cornerstone of successful successf ul innovation, and we've created a culture that is open to new ideas, criticism, and collaboration. We are happy to work with other developers, designers, and testing teams as part of a focussed multi-disciplinary team.

Agile, not fragile. Our project management approach replaces old-school bureaucracy with pragmatism, collaboration, and communication. If you're new to agile, let us show you how we're changing the way offshoring works. We collaborate with you to plan short iterations. Each iteration lasts one or two weeks. We develop and test as we go and update the live demo server at least once a day, day, so you can track t rack progress and offer rapid feedback. You'll You'll meet every programmer on your project and can speak to them every day. Changes are always easier easier,, and cheaper,, when the code is still fresh in the developer's mind. cheaper This high communication and iterative approach to development will greatly increase your flexibility. It will also save you time. Rather than investing countless hours in up-front planning, we only ask 5 to 15 minutes of your time a day plus 1 to 4 hours per iteration. And our iterations are time-boxed. That means that we deliver productionquality,, fully tested, and working code exactly on time, every time. If quality an iteration lasts two weeks, then in two weeks you WILL have a fully-tested, production-ready working release.

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