How to Protect Your Heart

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How to Protect Your Heart
By Dr. Kristen Plunkett
High Blood Pressure Hypertension is a major risk factor of the top two causes of death: stroke and heart attacks. • Identify if you have hypertension o Want your blood pressure to be below 120/80 o Hypertension is diagnosed after 3 readings over 140/90 by your do tor! or an e"tre#ely high reading with sy#pto#s listed below$ o %he & your blood pressure at phar#a ies 'sit for ( #inutes before ta&ing) o *ur hase your own blood pressure unit and re ord readings daily 're o##end +,-+. brand) o /ee your pri#ary health are provider o /y#pto#s0 often asy#pto#ati $ ,ay have sy#pto#s of flushing! sweating! blurred vision! heada he! di11iness! and nosebleeds$ o /y#pto#s of hypertensive e#ergen y 're2uires e#ergen y roo# visit)0 restlessness! onfusion! tiredness! blurred vision! heada he! nausea and vo#iting! neurologi defi its! sei1ures! hest pain! trouble breathing$ Identify the ause of hypertension o 3iet! stress! atheros lerosis! #edi ations 'birth ontrol pills! estrogen! steroids! thyroid hor#one! de ongestants! a#pheta#ines! li ori e)! pre4e"isting health onditions '&idney disease! hyperthyroidis#! %ushing5s syndro#e! et )! being overweight! affeine! ni otine! al ohol! la & of e"er ise et $ %o#pli ations of hypertension o In reases the wor&load of the heart leading to heart enlarge#ent o 6 elerates the develop#ent of atheros lerosis 'pla2ue on your artery walls) whi h in reases blood pressure further o In reases the ris& of heart atta &s and stro&es o In reases your han e of developing an aneurys# with is a ballooning of your blood vessel walls in a wea&ened vessel #a&ing it #ore li&ely to rupture leading to a he#orrhagi stro&e o 7eads to &idney da#age and failure o 8as ular hanges in the eye leading to vision diffi ulties Identify 7ifestyle hanges you an #a&e to de rease your blood pressure o 3ietary hanges o 9"er ise o /tress #anage#ent

,edi ations0 3is ontinuation of blood pressure #edi ations should be #onitored by your do tor$ 3o not stop ta&ing beta blo &ers abruptly for they an ause a rebound hypertensive risis$

High %holesterol Cholesterol lowering drugs are one of the top pharmaceuticals prescribed in the United States. • Identify if you have high holesterol o -e2uires a blood test by your do tor$  :otal holesterol0 #easure of all types of holesterol$ Want it lower than 200$  737 'low density lipoproteins)0 ;<ad= holesterol leads to atheros leroti pla2ue for#ation on your artery walls$ Want it less than 130$  H37 'high density lipoproteins)0 ;>ood= holesterol$ %arries holesterol fro# peripheral ir ulation ba & to the liver to be e" reted$ Want it over (($  :rigly erides are a #easure of fat in the blood! transports fat to other tissues$ Want the# less than 12($  %al ulate ardiovas ular ris& • :otal holesterol/H37 want a ratio of 3 or less • H37/737 want a ratio of 0$( or higher  /hould be tested yearly$ +n e diagnosed #ay need to be tested every 3 #onths to #onitor su ess of treat#ent$ -is& fa tors for developing high holesterol o High saturated and transfat diet 'fast foods)! high arbohydrate diet in reases trigly erides! la & of antio"idants in diet 'fruit and vegetables)! fa#ily history! obesity! la & of e"er ise %o#pli ations of high holesterol ;hyperlipide#ia= o 6theros leroti pla2ue for#ation on your arteries! thi &ens blood #a&ing harder to pu#p around 'hypertension) and ausing the heart to enlarge to pu#p harder! #ore diffi ulty getting it through the s#aller apillaries leading to de reased o"ygenation and nutrients being delivered to tissues$ :issues build up to"ins! unable to eli#inate waste produ ts ba & into the blood strea# o %oronary artery o lusion leading to heart atta & or stro&e Identify lifestyle hanges to de rease holesterol o 3ietary hanges o 9"er ise o /tress #anage#ent

7ifestyle %hanges to In rease the Health of ?our Heart Through Diet !"ercise #$oiding common triggers you can decrease your cholesterol and high blood pressure. • Healthy Heart 3iet o 6void #argarine! fried! over oo&ed #eats! heated oils! refined sugars! al ohol! arbonated beverages! affeine! #ini#i1e si#ple arbohydrates o 9at 2uality proteins su h as fish! organi eggs! free range hi &en! grass fed beef! nuts! seeds o 9at a high fiber diet with plenty of green leafy vegetables! whole grains! fresh fruit 'buy organi whenever possible)$ o Identify and avoid any food allergens 'eating a food you are sensitive to an in rease your blood pressure by 10 points) o 6 diet high in garli and onions de reases your blood vis osity and de reases your lipid levels o 6 diet high in tu#eri and ayenne de reases infla##ation helping the blood get to the tissues needing o"ygen and nutrients! as well as de reasing pain$ o 6 diet high in berries strengthens the vas ular lining! helping to prevent aneurys#s$ o ,editerranean 3iet is great for heart health0 high in fish! whole grains! fruit and vegetables! and olive oil o 9at a diet high in nutrients that are healthy for the heart  *otassiu#0 sunflower seeds! al#onds! nuts! seeds! wheat ger#! raisins! dates! figs! orange @ui e! banana! soy! legu#es! avo ado! apri ots! antaloupe! papaya '#ay need to #onitor a#ount of potassiu# in foods if you are on a potassiu# sparing diureti spironolactone triamterene amiloride hydrochlorothia%ide&  ,agnesiu# 'helps with vasodilation)0 soybeans! bu &wheat! tofu! al#onds! ashews! legu#es  6rginine ' auses vasodilation)0 tur&ey! hi &en! la#b! por&! tuna! sal#on! shri#p! al#onds! wheat ger#! ashews! oats  9ssential Aatty 6 ids '9A6s an de rease blood pressure by 10 points! strengthen vas ular walls! i#prove lipid levels! and de rease infla##ation)0 fish! fla" seed! borage oil! walnuts! pu#p&in seeds o If you are on statin drugs or red ri e yeast! #a&e sure to supple#ent with %oB10$ %oB10 is essential for ell energy and it an also de rease blood pressure by 10C by de reasing the blood flow resistan e through the vessels$ /tatin drugs de rease your %oB10 levels$ 9"er ise

o I#proves blood flow to the tissues de reasing da#age due to de reased blood flow of atheros lerosis$ o 6theros leroti vessels #a&e it harder for the# to dilate! regular e"er ise an restore the plasti ity of your vessels$ o :he heart is a #us le! li&e all #us les the #ore you use the# the better they fun tion$ o Want to get your heart rate between D0480C of #a"  220 E age " 0$D0 F resting heart rate G D0C of #a"  220 E age " 0$80 F resting heart rate G 80C of #a"  If you have not e"er ised in a while start slow and gradually build up$ If you have any pre4e"isting health onditions onta t your do tor before beginning and e"er ise regi#en$ o Aind an e"er ise that you [email protected] doing$ • /tress ,anage#ent o /tress in reases blood pressure! auses a sy#patheti nervous syste# do#inant state$ ?ou want to in rease the parasy#patheti nervous syste# by pra ti ing stress #anage#ent$ o :he stress response is an i#portant rea tion0 if you see danger it gives you what you need to fight or flight$ It is not good to have a onstant high level of stress$ o :he parasy#patheti nervous syste# is i#portant to rest and digest$ o :ools  3eep <reathing$ :a&e 12 deep slow breaths deep into your abdo#en$ %an de rease your blood pressure by 10 points$  ?oga0 tea hes breathing te hni2ues and stret hes  :ai %hi  Aind a hobby you [email protected] and do it #ore often • >ardening • /ewing/stit hing • Aishing

Aor #ore infor#ation please onta t #e0 Hristen *lun&ett! .3 .aturopathi ,edi al %lini 1200 .9 Ith /t >rants *ass! +- 9I(2D '(41) 4ID4291D

3I/%76I,9-0 :he infor#ation ontained in these pages should not be used as a basis for treat#ent whi h an only be provided by a 2ualified #edi al pra titioner$ ?ou should onsult a #edi al provider or the appropriate health professional for spe ifi personal advi e if you have on erns about your health or general well4being$

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