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How to setup Dial-Up Networking (DUN) on Windows for tethering
 For Windows XP go to the Control Panel and select Network Connections,  In the network task box select Create a New Connection  In the wizard pop-up select Next,  Select connect to the Internet and press Next,  Select Set up my connection manually and press Next,  Select Connect using a dialup modem and press Next,  Check modem – standard modem (COM4) and press Next  Enter Verizon Wireless for the ISP Name and press Next  Type “#777 in phone number field and press Next,  Select Anyone’s use and press Next,  Leave all blanks in Internet Account Information and press Next,  Check Add a Shortcut to My Desktop and press Finish.  Go to Network Connections, select Verizon Wireless  Leave User name and password blank and press Dial. The setup is complete.
Note: The latest Desktop Manager must be installed on the PC for DUN to work.

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