How to Setup Speed Dial in CISCO 7945 V2

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How to setup speed dial in CISCO 7945

1. Open Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
2. Enter URL
3. At this stage, you have already a Username provided for example css.phone1 or
firstname.lastname which appeared on your phone.
4. For password, please contact MCRI IT helpdesk.
On line:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 16381

5. Click on Login.

6. Select Device option in User option.

7. Now you can see Device Configuration
a. Select speed dials option

8. Now you can see speed dial configuration
a. You can allocate numbers to speed dial from 1 to 299
b. For ‘Label’, preferably use the number you allocated

9. Once you’ve done this, click on save which will reboot your phone and update

10. Once you click on save, your CISCO phone will reboot. Once it’s back online you can
see speed dial is now set up.

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