How to Setup Testlink

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How to set up testlink Precondition: 1. Database: MySQL 4.1.x and higher (4.0.x doesn't support UTF-8) 12 2. Web server: (Apache 1.3.x or 2.x and higher, IIS 3 and higher, etc.). 3. PHP 5.2 and higher 4. make sure php-gd,php-ldap,php-pear package are installed 5. php.ini setting Check maximal allowed memory (Parameter memory_limit) >64Megabytes Check max. execution time (Parameter max_execution_time) > 120seconds Check Maximum Session Idle Time before Timeout(Parameter session.gc_maxlifetime) > 30minutes Turn on "allow_call_time_pass_reference" flag Setup: (Use normal user account) 1. un-tar the testlink_meego.tar.gz # tar zxvf testlink_meego.tar.gz 2. create Database and import default data: # mysql -u root -p < testlink_meego.sql Create user of database # mysql> grant select,insert,update,delete on testlink_meego.* to testlinker@localhost identified by "testlinkpass"; 3. copy testlink_meego folder to web server folder, such as "/var/www/html" # sudo mv testlink_meego /var/www/html 4. setting: set up the database name , user and password, such as: ***************** <?php define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql'); define('DB_USER', 'testlinker'); define('DB_PASS', 'testlinkpass'); define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); define('DB_NAME', 'testlink_meego'); ?> ***************** 5. allow the web server account(configed in httpd.conf) has write access to directories where TestLink expect to write. if the webserver user/group is "apache:apache", change owner of following folders: #chown apache:apache $TESTLINK_MEEGO/upload_area $TESTLINK_MEEGO/gui/templates_c $TESTLINK_MEEGO/logs/ 6. config the bugzilla if needed var $dbHost = 'localhost'; /* you could set to the host IP address if the /* bugzilla database is not located at the same /* machine as testlink */ var $dbName = 'meego_bugs_db'; /* set the bugzilla db name var $dbUser = 'root';

var $dbPass = 'XXXX'; /* set the password of meego_bugs_db database var $dbType = 'mysql'; var $dbSchema = 'meego_bugs_db'; /* same as dbName /* set up the bugzilla URL */ var $showBugURL = ''; var $enterBugURL = ''; 7. OK! access testlink from web(http://localhost/testlink_meego), the default lo gin are admin:admin

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