How to Use Video to Market Your Business

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Learn how to use video to market your business by creating videos that make viewers want to watch more and buy from youLearn how to:- Use video marketing and discover why is it so important.- The difference between hosting platforms- Name your videos so they get found faster.- How to add a description that directs people to your products and services.- Choose topics to keep people watching your videos.



Andrew McCauley: Welcome back to Podcast #12, this is Andrew McCauley with ‘Autopilot our !usiness" and o# course $oinin% me on this Podcast today is &eather Porter' &ello( Heather Porter: &ey %uys( &ey Andrew, how"s e)erybody doin%* Well, + hope' Andrew McCauley: Awesome, awesome, awesome, + think today"s Podcast we are %oin% to touch on a topic that we really ha)en"t touched on much at all in our pre)ious Podcasts, and that is all about )ideos' Heather Porter: es(

Andrew McCauley: ,ideo marketin% and outube and what"s all this Ama-on ./ stu##, and how do you %et your players to work and make them look pretty, and all that sort o# stu##' Heather Porter: What are players* Where do you %et* We ha)en"t e)en talked about )ideo0 + don"t think at all really, you"re ri%ht( .o, this is e1citin%, this will be %ood' Andrew McCauley: eah( + lo)e )ideo, and + think one o# the2 + think that this could e)en be potentially two or three Podcasts, because there is so much in#ormation about )ideo, and )ideo is $ust, it"s the way o# the #uture that"s happenin% now' + think( Heather Porter: eah absolutely' What is $ust ou3ube bein% the number two search en%ines in the world ri%ht* + mean people are, that"s where they are %ettin% their in#ormation, and +")e been readin% a lot lately that, not only by 2415 is e)erythin% %oin% to be mobile, so people are not e)en %oin% to really be han%in% out on their computers much anymore' !ut also they are %oin% to %et most o# the in#ormation #rom )ideos' 3hat is why, 3', stations + know at least here in Australia are lately, their puttin% all o# their episodes on websites' .o you can watch the 3', episode whene)er they want, because people now want to %et their in#ormation when they want it' Andrew McCauley: + don"t know i# they already do that o)er here' +# + ha)en"t recorded somethin% on the 6,7 o)er here, then + $ust %o strai%ht to the website, and + can watch it without the Ads' Heather Porter: eah(

Andrew McCauley: Watch it strai%ht away( .tream it, it"s pretty #ast these days, you"re not sittin% there like an old2time dial2up networks where it"s loadin%, loadin%, loadin% it' +t downloads pretty 8uick' +n #act you can"t watch it as 8uick as it downloads, which is %reat( Heather Porter: eah( And in #act you were actually watchin% li)e streamin% last ni%ht at 2:/4 am weren"t you* Andrew McCauley: + was' + was' + was watchin% my belo)ed #ootball team' &ere"s the #unny thin%, + wasn"t watchin% it, it wasn"t an Australian #ootball %ame, Aussie rules( + was %oin% #or the .wans' + wasn"t able to watch it #rom Australia,
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

they wouldn"t send the #eed out #rom Australia, because o# some sort o# ri%hts that they ha)e' !ut they, and they wouldn"t send that to =., but they would send it to the =>' .o + subscribed to a ser)ice that pro)ided li)e #eeds #or e)ery %ame this year' + watched the .wans play and win )ia the =>, i# you like' Heather Porter: 9o)e it( Andrew McCauley: +"ll tell you the #unny thin%, and we"re talkin% about speeds o# streamin%' .o + watchin% the streamin% on my computer, and + also ha)e an app that was lettin% me listen to the radio stations directly #rom Australia' .o, %enerally audio is 8uicker to download and stream than )ideo, ri%ht* Heather Porter: eah(

Andrew McCauley: !ut listenin% to the radio broadcast #rom the actual radio stations that were at the %ame, they were about 24 seconds behind the actual )ideo that + was actually watchin%' Heather Porter: Wow( +# that"s not a testament to the power o# )ideo, + don"t know what is' Andrew McCauley: eah(

Heather Porter: Actually that kind o# makes me want to ha)e a 8uick chat about some cool statistics that you and + $ust came up with, $ust to really illustrate that you %uys listenin% to this, you must be usin% )ideo #or your business' Andrew McCauley: eah eah(

Heather Porter: We $ust #ound out that ?2 hours o# )ideo are uploaded e)ery minute to ou3ube' 3his was back in2 online isn"t it* <r is it $ust ou3ube* Andrew McCauley: 3hat"s ou3ube( 3hat"s $ust ou3ube'

Heather Porter: @ust ou3ube( ?2 hours per minute, that is insane and that was back in May o# this year 2412, so who knows where we are e)en now( + know you $ust #ound some really cool thin%s about the <lympics as well' Andrew McCauley: eah well, we had the <lympics on recently and ou3ube said that people watched 2/1 million streams o# di##erent, li)e streams o# di##erent stu## comin% throu%h ou3ube, because yeah, outube o##ers a lot o# li)e stu## too which is awesome' 3here was somethin% like hal# a million li)e streams all at the same time' Heather Porter: eah(

Andrew McCauley: .o that"s a pretty power#ul bunch o# ser)ices that ou3ube ha)e' +t $ust kind o#, it $ust blows your mind e)en i# you"re not technical' &ow bi% are these ser)ers that ou3ube must ha)e* Heather Porter: + know(

9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

Andrew McCauley: 3o dri)e all this tra##ic and ?2 hours o# )ideo uploaded e)ery sin%le minute' 3hat"s a lot o# stora%e space, + mean $ust think o# one )ideo on your computer ri%ht now, it"s + think a 24 minute )ideo is worth about a ;i%, rou%hly ;i%' Heather Porter: +# it"s raw yeah' A1actly' Andrew McCauley: +t"s some pretty serious si-e o# ser)ers they")e %ot' outube

Heather Porter: ou ha)e that and you ha)e the internet o)er the enabled 3',s that are comin% out #or )ideos and it"s $ust e)erywhere'

Andrew McCauley: ou touched on somethin% too, that the world is %oin% mobile' Cell phones, and mobile phones and that"s where people are workin% on' 3he iPads is becomin% part o# their mobile mo)ement as well' ou3ube $ust released a new iPhone app where you can do so much more with your ou3ube channel now and your ou3ube )ideo watchin%' .o they"re spendin% a lot o# money on it, they all know that the #uture is mobile and )ideo, and you %ot )ideo and mobile to%ether, it"s %oin% to be a cra-y situation that they are comin% up there in a #ew years' Heather Porter: +t will' +t"s so e1citin% but + %uess you know one thin%, i# we want to $ust tie this back in to business $ust 8uickly, there"s also somethin% 8uite interestin% that + $ust researched the other day as well, is that when you ha)e a )ideo on your webpa%e, you actually %et at least a B4C hi%her click throu%h rate than i# you $ust use te1t' Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: Click throu%h rate*

eah, + can"t %o there yet' ;o ahead( What does click throu%h rate mean*

Andrew McCauley:

Heather Porter: +t $ust means that i# somebody actually clicks on somethin%, it %oes somewhere within your websites' .o i# you ima%ine that i# you ha)e a )ideo in e)ery sin%le pa%e o# your website, and your leadin% somebody on a $ourney to either buy somethin% #rom you or %et somethin% #or #ree, then you ha)e B4C more chance o# people actually doin% that, i# you put a )ideo on your pa%e' .o, )ideos are power#ul people, people buy more i# there"s a )ideo' !ut we"ll %o into it a little bit more about what you %uys can do in your )ideos' Andrew McCauley: + was %oin% to say $ust by puttin% A, up there it does not %uarantee it is %oin% to be a B4C increase' Heather Porter: Do( Dot at all' +t"s the tricks( Andrew McCauley: will touch on that' May be up to B4C, $ust by doin% thin%s in your )ideo' We

Heather Porter: A1actly' .o let"s start with the bi% 8uestion' With )ideo, do you really need 8uality* +n your )ideo as #ar as the type o# camera you use, the type o# mike, the type o# li%htin%' 3hat"s always a 8uestion + %et, initially as what e8uipment should + use* And how %ood does it actually ha)e to be*
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Andrew McCauley: 3he answer +"d like to %i)e is that, e)eryone should start with a minimum bud%et o# E14,444 #or their )ideo' +"m $okin%' Heather Porter: Dice( Andrew McCauley: .eriously, we talked about mobiles, and the iPhone5 is $ust comin% out today in the =., it"s actually comin% out today' !ut the iPhones, all o# the smart phones these days today with these #lip cameras and this you know, cheap cameras that are E144, there are di%ital cameras that are producin% awesome )ideos and 8uality )ideo, that"s all you need' ou do not need to ha)e all o# that wi- bank stu##, and you don"t need to ha)e all the %reen screens and the super li%htin%' es it does help, and it does help make your )ideo stand out a little bit more, but don"t let that be a barrier to you %ettin% in)ol)ed with )ideo' Heather Porter: Do, no' + mean + always seen people look literally, you can stand #acin% your window when the li%htin% is decent in the a#ternoon and beauti#ul natural li%ht comin% in #lushin% out your #ace, stick the camera up on a, like prop it up on a cheap tri2pod or you know somethin% stable in #ront o# you while you"re lookin% out o# the window and you can be lit, almost pro#essionally $ust #rom that little techni8ue' Andrew McCauley: A1actly' +")e been usin% )ideo #or a lon% time, and + don"t need to ha)e all that sort o# stu##' +# + ha)en"t %ot a tri2pod, + use my hand' + would stick my hand and #ilm my sel#' Dow is it the best, stable 8uality )ideo* Do it is not' +s it somethin% that + would use to try and you know sell my ser)ices or sales )ideo* Do + wouldn"t do that' !ut i# + wanted to use it #or content, #or some content on my blo% or my site, de#initely, $ust pull it up and start doin% whate)er you need to do' +# you %ot a %reat idea and you are in a location that"s di##erent' 9ets say you"re trekkin% up a mountain somewhere and you %ot a beauti#ul )iew behind you, and all o# a sudden you mi%ht think, you know this can be related to what + do in business' &ere"s a %reat tip, let me pull out my )ideo camera or your cell phone, your mobile phone and record yoursel# $ust %i)in% yoursel# a business tip' Heather Porter: eah and here"s a %reat e1ample o# that actually' We ha)e a client in the =>' .he"s tra)elin% o)er to Paris, and she is in this spiritual space, so basically she researched some o# the landmarks, what they are, what they mean #rom past and history, as #ar as spirituality' .he would %o in #ront o# them and #ilm hersel# and literally %i)e a little bit o# a back%round about that, but then tie that into her business with a tutorial or tip around spirituality' .o, it"s incredible' 9ittle bit o# a history, she can use %reat titles like, somethin% about the Ai##el 3ower, we should %o to titles in a moment, so you know, %et creati)e with it' Andrew McCauley: eah( .o you de#initely don"t need a bi% bud%et to start a )ideo' ou")e already %ot your e8uipment in your pocket as we speak, probably ri%ht this minute' .o, start usin% that sut##' Heather Porter: And i# you %uys do want to know, we"ll put on our website #or this on autopilotyourbusiness'com #or such Podcasts' We"ll actually list in this Podcast episode, on the show notes we"ll put some su%%ested e8uipment that you %uys can actually %et access to' +"m not %oin% to %o too deep in to that in this episode, but you there"s some ine1pensi)e little microphones, thin%s that we use
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

as well that work really well' Also $ust a 8uick point on that, you don"t ha)e to %et in #ront o# the camera, either you can actually do screen casts, screen #lows or Capta%ia, we"ll e1plain it' !asically you %et on your computer, and i# you want to do tutorial on somethin% on your computer, it"s $ust a so#tware that allows you to record what you"re doin%, and packa%e that as a )ideo' And then, on your screen yeah( Andrew McCauley: our screen ri%ht*

Heather Porter: A1actly' ou can record your screen, so you don"t ha)e to e)er be in #ront o# the camera, i# you"re tryin% to teach somethin% $ust somebody can use a power point or you could $ust show them what you"re doin% online' .o we"ll list them as well, there"s beauti#ul so#tware pro%rams that are )ery ine1pensi)e that allow you to do that' Andrew McCauley: While we"re talkin% about this sort o# stu##, and what can you do in #ront o# the )ideo be#ore you %et in to some more techy side o# stu##' ou know, one o# the 8uestions we o#ten %et #rom a lot o# our customers is Fwell you know, + %et how )ideo is important, + understand why it should be done, but + don"t ha)e anythin% to say, + don"t know what + can say, + don"t know i# anyone"s %oin% to watch me'G .o then let those sort o# limitations that stop them #rom doin% )ideos, what are some o# the thin%s that we can come up with ri%ht now on the spot to %i)e them an idea o# the thin%s that they can possibly #ilm, so people will watch what they are doin%' Heather Porter: ;reat 8uestion actually' ;od there"s so many thin%s you can #ilm' 9et"s start with your o##ice' ou can do a tour o# your o##ice, you can ha)e each o# your team say somethin% i# you ha)e an o##ice, you can i# you ha)e a product, you can do2 Andrew McCauley: ou %ot to that' What is )irtual o##ice, or your plant or your #actory or whate)er it is you")e %ot' <r it could e)en be $ust a work space that you work in' Heather Porter: 3rue' Andrew McCauley: .o it can be a )irtual tour, then you %ot the team' mentioned the team, now, it could be sta## pro#ile' Heather Porter: Absolutely' Andrew McCauley: People want to know who they are dealin% with on the phone, there are so many businesses done o)er the phone, and o)er the internet' ou %ot these names to these businesses but no #aces or real human contact' ou could do a little )ideo to, Fhey this is Mary and + work at this particular )enue and my role here is this and blah2blah2blah'G .o you could do a sta## pro#ile' Heather Porter: Aspecially i# you"re ser)ice based' 9ike i# you"re a hair dresser #or e1ample' A salon, you could, how ama-in% would it be to ha)e all your hairdressers and your massa%e therapists talk about who they are and their area o# e1pertise as well so you %et to know e)erybody that"s there and how ama-in% they are be#ore you book in' .o, yeah that"s one i# you ha)e2
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Andrew McCauley:

What about customer success stories*

Heather Porter: Absolutely, customer success stories, case studies, so that can be as small as a testimonial that they %i)e' As bi% as a be#ore and a#ter0 o# what has happened while workin% with that client' 6emos are %reat' Andrew McCauley: What about customer #eedback'

Heather Porter: Customer #eedback, yeah( eah, absolutely' Andrew McCauley: +t"s almost as, customer #eedbacks and re)iews which is almost like testimonials' Heather Porter: Almost as much as you can, people send in )ideos, and do contests with that e)en' !ack to the demos, i# you ha)e a product, show that product in action' +# you ha)e a ser)ice, show that ser)ice in action' 3hat was actually what + was speakin% about not too lon% a%o, to a spa beauty e1po, + was tellin% them that as a salon that basically2 ha)e a camera in there, and show how you do blonde hi%hli%hts, how you"re the best in the business, or i# you"re a massa%e therapist, show some o# your massa%e techni8ues' 3here are channels + #ound on ou3ube with millions o# )iews $ust massa%e channels $ust showin% massa%e techni8ues' Cra-y( Andrew McCauley: We")e been dealin% with some massa%e comin%s #or a while now, and + remember one o# the earlier ones we had was that did some hot rocks, somethin%, somethin%, bi-arre massa%e techni8ue' + ha)e ne)er heard o# that be#ore' 3hey tried to e1plain it to me and + said do you ha)e a )ideo, and they said no and %od, %o and %et a )ideo' @ust #ilm, $ust #ilm yoursel)es doin% that particular massa%e, because +"m a %uy and + may not %et it but +"m sure that there are some #emales out there who don"t know that type o# massa%e who don"t know it either' Heather Porter: Who want to know, yeah( Andrew McCauley: =sually i# +, why would + %o and pay EH5 #or this particular rou%h rock, moonshine, special, duper massa%e i# + don"t know what it is' .o, %i)e me an e1ample o# it, show me what it looks like, and then + can say FAah( +s that what you call it' Cool, +"ll take itG' Heather Porter: And #ilm a couple be#ore they had it, and a#ter they had it' 3alkin% about how ama-in% they #eel' Andrew McCauley: A1actly' What else, what else' What about IAJ #eedbacks' ou know people ha)e a lot o# 8uestions you know, or you"ll ha)e re%ular 8uestions that come throu%h #or your business' People o#ten, you know, you %o in and you answer the phone in your business and say what are the top #our 8uestions that people ask all the time, and turn that into a )ideo' Heather Porter: eah( ou"re educatin% people e)en be#ore they come to you, and you can actually turn that into a #ull tutorial on that topic' !ut you are also answerin% their ob$ections potentially, be#ore they come to you as well, so that
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does 2 thin%s' eah + lo)e IAJs, they should ask 8uestions as well, those are the 8uestions that o#tentimes, people don"t know the ri%ht 8uestions to ask, it"s because they actually don"t know enou%h about you' .o, i# you could come up with the 8uestions you wish your clients would ask you to %et the most out o# you, you write those down and then answer those at the camera' ou know, and that"s a whole other set o# )ideos that you can do ri%ht there, so say you do 14 #re8uently asked 8uestions, and #ew should asks, and you suddenly ha)e 15K )ideos that you can put up' Andrew McCauley: What about thin%s like company update' What i# you"re e1pandin% or you"re doin% somethin% special, or somethin% that"s comin% up that"s worth tellin% people about' 6o a )ideo about those sort o# stu##, tell them there"s a new ser)ice or new product bein% launched, or you")e recei)ed an award' ou know o#ten many people don"t toot their own horns' !ut we")e waited #or lot o# businesses that ha)e won awards in their local community #or doin% somethin%, e)en i# they ha)e done somethin% charitable act' 9ocal schools may reco%ni-e these businesses #or helpin% out in their school #ate' 6o a little )ideo on that because it"s all o# this stu##' We"ll %et in to that a little bit later, but it"s countin% creation that is %ettin% in there by the bi%%est search en%ine in the world which is ;oo%le, and all o# the other search en%ines which are %ettin% you #ound #or certain key terms which you won"t e)en reali-e which you can %et #ound' Heather Porter: es' 6o that, make a )ideo newsletter like you said, and + %uess one o# the thin% to kind o# #inish this little chunk up with is this, that what you do a )ideo on is whate)er you"re %ood at, and o#ten times we"re all blind si%hted or we ha)e a blind spot + should say, o# what we are actually %ood at' We %et so used to it, we #or%et that that"s our area o# e1pertise' .o i# you could %et $ust somebody that"s $ust in your li#e or your business to sit down with you and ha)e them say to you, what do you think +"m %ood at* And then write down 5 thin%s, and then you can make 5 )ideos with those, teachin% people with those 5 thin%s that you"re %ood at' .o whate)er, and a%ain + was talkin% about, brin%in% it back to the spa %roup that + was with, one o# them was sayin%, well +"m not really %ood at anythin%' + said, "well, mi1in%, bein% a chemist and mi1in% the hair dyes is 8uite ama-in% and it takes a lot o# study"' 3hen suddenly they had this whole idea o# how to do this )ideo series on how to mi1 #or red hair, how to mi1 #or blonde hair' + mean it was incredible and + ne)er reali-ed that how incredible their area o# e1pertise actually was, and now they ha)e a whole series' .o, talk about yoursel)es' Andrew McCauley: What about someone that"s %ot a head #or radio* And + know it, and you know what' + don"t want to scare my customers o## because +"m not a @apanese sunset' <r they"re $ust completely ner)ous, and the camera #reaks them out' Alri%ht, so they don"t want to %et in #ront o# the camera' What sort o#, + mean + %ot a couple o# ideas too but, +"ll hear #rom you' What sort o# ways can you %et their messa%e out without them e)en ha)in% their #ace on camera* Heather Porter: Well, they can either record their )oice and they can actually talk throu%h somethin% that they can do, and that can be supplemented with, like a power point style )ideo that has a combination o# photos and ima%es and some sort o# animations as well' <r i# they really don"t like their )oice either, you know you can %et a really ine1pensi)e ama-in% )oice o)er artists now that will read your words #or you, like ‘Ii)err" you know, which we should ha)e talked about be#ore'
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

eah so, you can talk it, or you could %et somebody else to talk it #or you, put it on the top o# sort o# an animated style back%round' Andrew McCauley: 6e#initely, so there is no e1cuse' + know we had the ‘no e1cuse" episode pre)iously, but there is not e1cuse #or you not to be usin% )ideo ri%ht now' Heather Porter: Absolutely' Andrew McCauley: Anyway, that"s probably 14 or 12 ideas that you can use #or your business' 3hen come up with your own ideas' 3here are all sorts o# di##erent ways #or your own business that you know about more than us' !ut we $ust want to try and %et started, %et you started, so you can start turnin%2 Heather Porter: 3urnin% these )ideos out' Andrew McCauley: 3urnin% these )ideos out'

Heather Porter: A1actly' Andrew McCauley: Alri%ht, so let"s mo)e on to the ne1t,

Heather Porter: 9et"s talk about di##erences o# what"s out there, like there"s )ideo players, there"s )ideo websites' What"s the di##erence* What do you need to %et started on all the %ood stu##* Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: eah( 9ittle technical, but it won"t hurt a bit( Warnin%( We"re %oin% to %et a little technical'

Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: Do(

Andrew McCauley: Alri%ht, so let"s talk about ou3ube #or a minute' ou3ube is the bi%%est )ideo player that"s on the market' +t"s a player that lets you play )ideos, #rom ou3ube directly, or you can embed )ideos #rom ou3ube into your website' .o, that"s considered a )ideo plat#orm, it"s a player and a place to %o and watch other )ideos bein% played' Heather Porter: +t"s a public one' +t is #ree, that"s why it"s one o# the bi%%est' + %uess the pro is ob)iously, it is the bi%%est )ideo player on the internet' 3he Con, which we"ll talk about a couple o# these other players as well that you can"t ha)e complete control o)er it, because it is public domain, it"s %oin% to be branded as a ou3ube )ideo' Andrew McCauley: 3hat"s an important thin%' A lot o# the content that %ets put up on ou3ube becomes public, so anybody, e)en i# you created somethin%, and it"s your )ideo, with your camera, and your #ace on it, other people can use that in#ormation on their website, anyway they like' Heather Porter: A1actly ri%ht(
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

Andrew McCauley: .o you do need to keep that in mind' 3he other thin% is that, the way ou3ube and ;oo%le make money is throu%h ad)ertisin%, and they"ll o#ten put ad)ertisin% on )ideos that starts %ettin% #re8uently watched' .o, you"ll ha)e ads that you really won"t ha)e any control o)er, poppin% up on your )ideos' .o, i# you")e embedded a )ideo o# yoursel#, and it"s a pretty popular )ideo, and you put it on your website, then you could potentially ha)e someone else, or your competitors" ads poppin% up on your website or on your )ideo' Heather Porter: eah e1actly, so not complete control but you know, there"s a time and a place #or usin% these )ideo players' What else* What are the other really bi% ones* Andrew McCauley: eah, the other part to that is, there is a school o# thou%ht out there #rom some people that think that, ha)in% ou3ube embedded )ideo on your website is cheap* Heather Porter: es( 9ooks cheap' !ecause people know that it"s a #ree'

Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: 3rue(

Andrew McCauley: .o, i# you are down that school o# thou%ht, then this ne1t section is probably #or you too' 3hat"s talkin% about )ideos that are played with a player that doesn"t ha)e ads, and ad)ertisin% on it, that you control' &ow you want the )iewer to see' Heather Porter: +ncludin% the controller, how to player looks, you put your own lo%o on it, all sorts o# #ancy thin%s' Andrew McCauley: ou can make a player automatically, as soon as the person reaches that pa%e, you can let them seek control buttons that pause, stop, #ast2#orward0 you can let people download that )ideo on to their computer' .o there are other sections like that' .o let"s talk about some o# those' +s that where you want to %o with this, ri%ht now* Heather Porter: eah + %uess, be#ore $umpin% to that because + know this is %oin% to take a little bit o# time' Juickly let"s name a #ew other #ree players that e1ist outside o# ou3ube' Andrew McCauley: <h sure(

Heather Porter: .o, we ha)e ,imeo' ,imeo is another )ery popular one' Andrew McCauley: ,imeo'com

Heather Porter: ,imeo'com, Metaca#e"' 3here"s another one, 6ailymotion, ,iddler, now they"re all similar to outube, in the #act that they"re #ree to upload your )ideo, up to a certain le)el'

9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

Andrew McCauley: .ome o# them ha)e #ree, some o# them ha)e ad)ance paid subscription' !ut most o# them are #ree' Heather Porter: eah most o# them are #ree' 3hey are 8uite easy to use' ou know #or the %eneral smaller player, small to middle si-e business, you $ust whack your )ideo, and up it %oes( +t"s easy to put it out there' !ut a%ain the cons are that you don"t ha)e complete control' .o, i# you want to ha)e control o# how your content looks, and people can"t click o## your site and in to the player, you know, with ou3ube player you actually, e)en i# it"s embedded on your website, you can still click, down at the bottom o# the player, and lea)e the website, and %o back into ou3ube' .o, these )ideos keep the person on your website, and they can"t click anywhere else because they $ust are a player that you put on your website' 3hey are %reat #or pri)ate content you mi%ht use in say a membership site, or pri)ate area o# your website' 3hey are %reat #or, )ideos that you mi%ht want to share with intranets, or internally with your sta##s on certain websites' 3hey are %reat #or you know, sales pa%es, i# you"re doin% a sales pa%e campai%n, and the reason why + say that is because, i# you ha)e a ou3ube )ideo on a sales pa%e, and i# somebody wants to %et sneaky and research a little bit #urther, they can click on the ou3ube icon, %o o## to ou3ube and see how many people ha)e actually watched the )ideo' +# they are on a sales pa%e #or social proo# and they #ound out that only 15 people ha)e watched your )ideo, they mi%ht not buy #rom you' .o, usin% a pri)ate player controls that en)ironment, so that no one will e)er know how many people ha)e watched, or ha)e not watched your )ideo as your %rowin% your business' What else, Andrew, what else* Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: 3hat"s %reat(

eah( 3hat"s what + always use'

Andrew McCauley: eah, so what else' + think maybe a #ew more will pop up in the ne1t couple o# minutes as we talk about that sort o# di##erent thin%s, yeah* Heather Porter: &ow they work, yeah( 3he bi%%est common theme around usin% a pri)ate player is that you need a place to store your #iles' ou seen ou3ube, Metaca#e", ,imeo, all these, when you upload your )ideo to them, they are actually storin% your )ideo #ile on their ser)er #or you' Dow these other pri)ate players, you ha)e to store the #ile somewhere' .o the best place to do that, the cheapest, #astest, the one that we lo)e, that works is the player we"re %oin% to talk about is the Ama-on ./, and it"s a bi%, massi)e, + %uess network o# ser)ers all o)er the world that store your #iles #or you' Andrew McCauley: eah( 3he Ama-on ./ is part o# the Ama-on network'

Heather Porter: 3hat"s ri%ht( Andrew McCauley: Ama-on is hu%e as you know, it stores a lot o# content includin% all o# the books and )arious bits and pieces that it sells' What + #ound was that it only ser)ed, they had a up time and down time #or this ser)ice' And they thou%ht why don"t we rent out some space to people that are lookin% #or hi%h bandwidth sort o# space' .o they come up with the ./ accounts which means you can put any sorts o# #iles, it can be audio, it can be )ideo, it can e)en be P6Is and Word documents, i# you like, and A1cel spreadsheets, any sort o# #iles you like' +t
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

has this on Ama-on ./' Dow there probably are some people listenin% to this Podcast thinkin% well + don"t need that because +")e %ot my own website, and + %ot my own ser)er, and i# + do )ideos + $ust put them on to my own website and house them there' Dow you can do that' .o you may ha)e your own website, and you may upload your )ideo to that website, and then when somebody hits play, it plays the )ideo and comes strai%ht out o# your website' ou"re not payin% anythin% more #or it' +t"s totally in the cost o# hostin% that you pay on a monthly basis' Dow the problem with doin% that thou%h is that when your site %oes to load, so when someone clicks on your site, and you")e %ot a )ideo that needs to play on that pa%e0 it"s %oin% to take up a lot o# load time, its %oin% to take up a #air while #or your pa%e to load up' !ecause what it does is, that it needs to put up all the elements o# your webpa%e on the screen in #ront o# somebody who has $ust clicked it' Heather Porter: es(

Andrew McCauley: .o that may include ha)in% a )ideo that you may already %ot there, because as soon as someone clicks on the )ideo, you want it to start playin%' .o that puts some serious pressure on your ser)er' Heather Porter: 3he other problem too is that, %eneral hostin% accounts don"t ha)e a lot o# what"s called bandwidth where you can where people are )isitin% your site, they are usin% your bandwidth to access your content' .o i# suddenly o)erni%ht you %et )ery popular and there"s always people comin% to your site, watchin% your )ideos' +t could use up all that bandwidth in one moment and your whole website will crash and be taken o##line' .o, not cool and also most hostin%, $ust %eneral hostin% companies are not %reat #or hostin% )ideo because, a%ain, like Andrew said, it"s all about the speed or the lack there o#' .o you really want a place to store your )ideos that"s easily accessible %lobally, 8uick, reliable, and can be seen on all de)ices, computers and mobile de)ices as well' Andrew McCauley: .o let me $ust tell people how that works' .o i# you")e %ot a )ideo that"s housed on ./, Ama-on ./ or another hostin% site like that, let"s say you")e %ot one on Ama-on, what it does is you still %rab the code #rom Ama-on or your )ideo player, and we"ll talk about these )ideo players in $ust a moment' !ut you"ll %rab that, it"ll %i)e you a certain code, $ust like the codes that ou3ube %i)es you' <kay, so you copy that code, and you paste it into your own websites, so you %et back to your website and you may say, you may write an article about this )ideo that says Fwatch this )ideoG, and you %rab the code that Ama-on or your )ideo player %i)es you, and you $ust paste the code into your webpa%e' Dow the %ood thin% about this is when somebody clicks on your site, you")e %ot your ser)er, and your website deli)erin% the in#ormation to the screen the person"s on, but you")e %ot this super, super duper scooped up computer ser)ers throu%h Ama-on that will deli)er your )ideo #aster than you can e)er belie)e' .o what"s happenin% is 2 thin%s at once, your website is bein% loaded by your own ser)er, the main in#ormation, the te1t, and the beauti#ul borders you")e %ot and your headers' And then Ama-on is downloadin% the )ideos $ust as #ast, so that your website loads up real #ast, and you")e %ot instant access to your )ideos when somebody hits ‘play"' Heather Porter: Absolutely' Well said actually' ,ery well, + understand that, + would understand that i# + didn"t understand that' .o, that"s %ood( 3hat"s %ood, that"s %ood( And + %uess, where does the player come in* Well like Andrew is
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

sayin%, where you"re $ust uploadin% your )ideo on Ama-on ./, it does %i)e you a little bit o#, like a link or a piece o# code that you can use, but you ha)e no control o)er the si-e o# the player' 9ast time + embedded or stuck a link #rom Ama-on ./ to my website, you click on it and it opens up in a pri)ate, in another pa%e, and your )ideo is $ust whacked in there' .o it"s kind o# clumsy, so these, these22 Andrew McCauley: eah, yeah, the thin% about this the other day, it"s a bit like ha)in%, say you ha)e pay3,, and the Pay3, company will deli)er the cable to your house' Heather Porter: es(

Andrew McCauley: <kay, so you %ot to sock it in to your house' Dow you essentially ha)e cable 3,, you ha)e the ability to watch cable 3,, e1cept the component that"s missin% is somethin% to play it on' 9ike a 3,' Heather Porter: eah(

Andrew McCauley: Alri%ht, so this is what a player is' +t"s now somethin% to make it look pretty, and there"s all sorts o# di##erent players out there, di##erent 3,s out there' ou %ot di%ital, you %ot the old analo%, you")e %ot black and white, you")e %ot whate)er, you")e %ot L? million inch, you %ot / inch' .o there"s all sorts o# di##erent players with di##erent controls with di##erent thin%s you can do on each o# those 3,s' .ame with these players' .o what a player does is, it %rabs the in#ormation #rom Ama-on and it actually connects the 2 to%ether so it lets people watch what they want to see' Heather Porter: +n the way you want to' .o i# you want to say your site to be #illed with plasma screens #or e1ample, bi%, wide, ama-in% plasma screens then you"d ha)e a player that looks like that, yeah( We lo)e a couple o# players, one that we")e been usin% #or a while, but also there"s another one out there that"s #loatin% around that we"d like to, the one we use is Aasy)ideo player' Andrew McCauley: Aasy)ideo player yes, that"s been a %ood )ideo player #or us, we house a lot o# )ideos there' .ome o# the cool thin%s you can do with some o# the )ideo players, while we"re talkin% about these is, + think we touched on this a bit earlier but you can e)en ha)e thin%s like di##erent screens and borders and skins around your )ideo player' ou can ha)e di##erent controls where people can do certain thin%s' ou can e)en ha)e opt in bo1es in some o# them now' Heather Porter: +t"s incredible' Andrew McCauley: Which is pretty cool, some mi%ht e)en watch a )ideo and enter their e2mail address inside the )ideo and it %ets sent to you' ou put your Iacebook likes, and your share icons in that sort o# stu## too, which is pretty power#ul' Heather Porter: eah you ha)e ‘buy now" buttons that pop up at certain times in the )ideo so you can say in /4 seconds, in + want the button to pop up, you can completely hide the )ideo controls, + know a lot o# people are doin% this now with sales pa%es' Which is, + ha)e my own thou%hts about that, but'

9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

Andrew McCauley: eah( +"m not a bi% #an o# that anymore, it used to be %ood, but now it"s a bit annoyin%' !ecause +"ll o#ten %et to sales pa%e, + want to watch it, and maybe +")e %ot thin%s to do, you know it"s a 24 minute sales pa%e, + don"t want to watch it all ri%ht there, + need to come back and watch somethin% else' Heather Porter: eah( .o, that can be annoyin%, but that"s another thin%'

Andrew McCauley:

Heather Porter: 3hat"s another topic alto%ether, we cut time on sales pa%es + %uess' eah so + %uess, Aasy)ideo player, how it works, and why it is easy is because basically you %et an Ama-on ./ account, but a#ter you %et it, you really don"t ha)e to deal with it e)er a%ain, it"s easy in the #act that, you lo% into Aasy)ideo player account, they can either lo% in with their ser)ers or you can actually create your own website where you ha)e the Aasy)ideo player on it' +"m not %oin% to %o too deep into that, + think that"s $ust %oin% to #ry people"s heads' Andrew McCauley: 9et"s $ust say they %i)e you a website, you lo% into it and all o# your accounts and all o# your )ideos are in there' +t says upload a new )ideo, you click on upload, and it automatically uploads it #or you, and it puts it in Ama-on #or you as well' Heather Porter: es, that"s ri%ht(

Andrew McCauley: .o, you don"t, + ha)en"t touched my Ama-on account #or years, + can"t e)en remember how to %et in to be honest with you' !ut + know there"s hundreds o# )ideos there because +")e been uploadin% in Aasy)ideo to it' Heather Porter: +t synchs automatically which is %reat so, it"s $ust how you upload anythin% else, so you click on upload and #ind it on your hard dri)e so, yeah, + want that #ile and it sucks it in and puts it on your Ama-on and that"s actually where it accesses the #ile' .o, it"s a really cool little tool' And it"s %ot %reat statistics as well, you can see how many people ha)e watched it, most popular )ideos and all those %ood stu## that you would like to see to' Andrew McCauley: Any idea o# the cost o# that one*

Heather Porter: ;osh it"s been a while, what is it a 144* Andrew McCauley: one who22 + was %oin% to say, you wouldn"t know because +"m the

Heather Porter: +t"s a one o##( Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: Ior a* Andrew McCauley: E/? a month, there"s a one o## payment, and there"s a rou%h monthly payment o# around about E/?' +t"s around, about E/?

9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

Heather Porter:

eah <kay'

Andrew McCauley: +t"s a little bit on the hi%h side but we")e been %ettin% some %reat results, so we"re stickin% to it' Heather Porter: eah, so that"s %ood' And then the second one out there is Aasy ./, so easys/'com a%ain, we"ll put these links on our website, autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcast, but Aasy./ is a similar sort o# tool isn"t it Andrew* Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: eah( 3hat"s ri%ht(

Andrew McCauley: Aasy./ is around about + think #rom memory around E24 to E25, does the same sort o# thin%' <# course they ha)e each o# these uni8ue little #eatures, so click on a link and check that out' 3here"s another one that"s out there which has been around #or a lon% time, and that"s called the @W player' @W player has been around doin% rounds #or di##erent people that lets you put all sorts o# skins around it"s )ideos and that"s a cool )ideo player' + can"t tell you the price on that one, + can"t remember what it is, but it"s not that e1pensi)e either' Heather Porter: .o, you ha)e a lot o# di##erent options, and + %uess the easy way to look at this would be i# you want to use, $ust %ettin% started, $ust %et yoursel# a ou3ube account, use your ou3ube account initially and as you %row, and you want to ha)e pri)ate content and on some o# your websites, webpa%es, think about one o# these pri)ate players to use side by side, so that actually brin%s me to another point which is, i# you ha)e both these players, what sort o# )ideos do you use on one )ersus what do you use on the other* +s there sort o# a method around this madness* Andrew McCauley: Well there is, a lot o# our #ree content, and the content that +"d like to %et out to people are usually put out on the #ree )ideo, like ou3ube and send them out to other sites like 6ailymotion, and your Metaca#e" and all o# those ones' .o +"d like to tell people because that"s in#ormation that + want people to disco)er, but when it"s content that people ha)e paid #or such as a membership site, or a product we ha)e, then + don"t want that to be public because what"s the point o# ha)in% it a)ailable to e)eryone i# they are %oin% to %et it #or #ree rather payin% #or it' Heather Porter: eah so like a %ood thin% we")e done be#ore is, we call ‘teaser content", or a little short )ideo on ou3ube, and it doesn"t co)er the whole topic but it"s $ust a couple o# minutes, and then it mi%ht say that, underneath the )ideo under comments to #inish watchin% this )ideo or to %et the rest o# the )ideo ‘click here" and that will actually take you in to a website o## o# ou3ube but into a website where you can then click somebody"s e2mail address to %i)e them the rest o# the )ideo' And in that case you would ha)e that )ideo played in a pri)ate player' And we know where they could download the )ideo i# they wanted to or other options #rom there' Andrew McCauley: .o, pri)ate player )ersus public player, it"s up to you, you can %et some relati)ely %ood insi%hts or statistics #rom ou3ube on your public
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

channel' ou can %et some %ood in#ormation #rom there' ou can also %et some other %ood in#ormation #rom your hosted Aasy )ideo player account or your @W player' .o you can %et some %ood in#ormation #rom those as well' .o, this is $ust has been what you $ust want to achie)e with your )ideos at that time' Heather Porter: eah( .o, + think that"s a %reat o)er)iew about the players in the public accounts and how they work' + %uess what we should wrap up with is once you ha)e your )ideo and you put it up online, how do you name it, and what do you actually put in the description, so people can #ind it and so, it"s help#ul not only to your business but to users' Andrew McCauley: .ure, the description stu## is all part o# the, and + think we"ll do another )ideo, podcast on )ideo marketin% and .A<, and all that sort o# stu##, as well' !ut there are / components you want to ha)e in a )ideo %enerally' <ne is a %ood introduction, or somethin% to capture the people"s attention when they #irst listen to you because + think that the statistics out there say that i# you ha)en"t captured the people"s attentions in the #irst H seconds, they"re not %oin% to watch the rest o# that' Heather Porter: seconds' eah it"s like that whole #irst impression thin% isn"t it, + think ?

Andrew McCauley: eah, so you want to make sure you make some %ood #irst impressions strai%ht up' 3hen inside the )ideo, particularly i# it"s a #ree )ideo like a ou3ube )ideo, you mi%ht want to put somethin% like a, what they call it, a bottom third, which is essentially your name or your website, your website address on the bottom o# your )ideo, and let that happen, or stay on the )ideo throu%hout the whole entire )ideo' And one o# the reasons you mi%ht want to do that is because i# somebody embeds your )ideo on their website' 9et"s say you %ot some %reat in#ormation, and they can"t be bothered to make their own )ideo, then they can %rab your )ideo and stick it on their own website' Dow i# they do that, so be it' !ut what"s %oin% to happen is your name o# your website or your business name is %oin% to come across the bottom o# that website, and they"ll ha)e to, they can"t scrub it, they can"t delete it' 3hey are %oin% to ha)e to lea)e it on there' .o that you are %ettin% some props #or that content you")e deli)ered them' Heather Porter: Well said' And say you"re usin% one o# the public players as well and you"re uploadin% to say ou3ube #or e1ample' A %reat rule o# thumb on how to name your )ideos is by the )ery thin% that you"re teachin% in the )ideo' .o most people %o to ou3ube and they type in ‘&ow to" ‘&ow do +" so they want to learn somethin%' .o, instead o# namin% your )ideo, you know #or me e1ample, + do an inter)iew with somebody and it says &eather Porter inter)iews Andrew McCauley, well most people don"t know us yet, probably' Andrew McCauley: !ut they are not searchin% #or our names ri%ht now'

Heather Porter: 3hey are not searchin% #or our names' Andrew McCauley: 9ookin% #or the content o# the inter)iew'

Heather Porter: A1actly, so, a much better name would be #ind out how, or how to market your )ideos, or how to use )ideo marketin%, so that would be the topic
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

o# the inter)iew we"re talkin% about ri%ht now, and that"s what we name the )ideo' And then in the description below, you could then use &eather Porter inter)iews Andrew McCauley about usin% )ideo marketin%, %et another cool #ree )ideo with more ad)anced tips and strate%ies and tactics here, and then you would put a =79 in your description' .o your description really actually is a call to action or is actually sayin% ‘hey here"s what you can do ne1t" i# you liked this )ideo, so you will always2 Andrew McCauley: upload it' 3hat"s in a written description o# your )ideo when you

Heather Porter: 3hat"s e1actly ri%ht' .o, that"s in the written description' .o the title is the topic o# the )ideo that you"re talkin% about and the description is little bit more about the )ideo but most importantly you always want to put a =79 #or them to %o somewhere else to %et more thin%s #rom you' .o that could be your sales pa%e, that could be your #ree bonus, or the thin% that you"re %i)in% away on your website, that could be indi)idual pa%es on your website that you want to draw attention to' .o, that"s what you want to do on your description' Andrew McCauley: .o in summary, the / thin%s you need in a )ideo are the intro' A %ood ‘attraction bene#it" sort o# thin% at the start0 a ‘bottom third" that would tell people where they are or where they can %et more in#ormation #rom, and then also a ‘call o# action", tell them in the )ideo itsel#' 6on"t rely on your description only, but tell them in the )ideo' ‘&ey %o and %et my stu## #rom this website or click on this link below to %o and #ind out more"' .o $ust tell them in the )ideo, so you"re directin% them to do somethin% particular' Heather Porter: A)erythin% that you %uys do online should ha)e an outcome, i# it doesn"t, you"re $ust addin% more noise to the internet' .o basically you want to think, what am + doin%, is it to educate somebody* +s it to inspire them* <r is it to sell or %i)e somethin% away* What am + %oin% to do as an outcome o# creatin% this piece o# content* +s it a%ain to %i)e somethin% away )ia a #orm where they can enter their details* +s it to sell somethin% or promote somethin% that +"m doin%* 3akin% them to a pa%e where they can buy it* <r is it somethin% where you"re $ust raisin% awareness and doin% inspiration but also directin% them back to somewhere in your site where they can learn more about you' .o $us think about the outcome be#ore you e)en %et started so e)erythin% is ti%ht and consistent and you"re not $ust doin% content #or the sake o# doin% content but you"re doin% it to %et an outcome' Andrew McCauley: A1actly, well said' Well + think' ou know what + think* We"re %ettin% to the time o# our podcast, is there anythin% else that we need to add about )ideo, anythin% else we could #ry people"s brains with be#ore we end today* Heather Porter: Do + think we")e done, you know, a pretty %ood introductory, in#ormati)e little session about public, so we talked about public players )ersus the pri)ate ones' We talked about what you %uys can do in your )ideos0 how to name them or describe them or to make them a little more appealin% to the public' +t"s a really cool statistics, why it"s so important' + %uess really $ust remember that all o# you %uys are e1perts, you really are that"s why you"re in business and that"s why you"re listenin% to this' .o talk about that, educate people with that e1pertise that
9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

you ha)e0 do tutorials, do case studies, i# you could $ust plan on doin% one a month to %et yoursel# started, some o# this %reat ine1pensi)e %ear that you already ha)e access to that would be %reat' Andrew McCauley: A1cellent well said' .o ha)in% said that &eather + think it"s time to wrap up now' +# you"re listenin% to us on i3unes then please %o and subscribe to our i3unes podcast e)en i# you"re listenin% to it on the website, $ump out to i3unes, do a search #or +nternet Marketin% or +nternet Marketin% .trate%y' ou"ll #ind us up there !usiness .trate%y' ou"ll #ind us under those key terms' ;o and click subscribe' And the thin% about subscribin% on i3unes is that it automatically sends the podcast, any new ones that we do they automatically sends it into i3unes and you can listen to it anytime you like' +t doesn"t, it means that you don"t ha)e to keep comin% back to the website to see i# we")e uploaded a new podcast' .o %o ahead, do that' +# you want to #ind out more, i# you want the show notes, or you want to %et some o# the resources and some o# the links that we spoke about today, where do they %o* Heather Porter: www'AutoPilot ou!usiness'com:podcast Andrew McCauley: pleasure' Heather Porter: :podcast' Alri%ht thank you )ery much it has been a

ou too Andrew' 3hanks e)erybody #or listenin%' + always en$oy doin% this kind o# stu##'

Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter:

eah me too' 3hey"re %ood #un actually' 3hanks to you %uys' =ntil ne1t time'

Andrew McCauley:

Heather Porter: 3alk to you )ery soon' Andrew McCauley: We don"t know what we"re doin% ne1t time but +"m sure we"ll make it up as well' Heather Porter: A1actly' Andrew McCauley: Alri%ht e)erybody' 3ake care'

Heather Porter: !ye, bye' **End of Audio.

9isten here: http:::autopilotyourbusiness'com:podcasts:122how2to2use2)ideo2to2market2your2business: ;et a copy o# our <nline .ur)i)al ;uide here: http:::ayb%uide'com www'autopilotyourbusiness 'com

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