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Domestic HRM Vs IHRM
1 more HR activities: issues connected with taxation, orientation and relocation, administrative services for expatriates, host government regulations and language translation services 2 need for a broader perspective: while dealing with pay issues, the corporate HR manager must co-ordinate pay systems in different countries with different currencies that may change in payments, perks, health insurance; different definition of family. HR managers to design administer for more countries 3 more involvement in employee personal lives: expatriate employees to be assisted in housing, health care and remuneration packages provided for foreign assignment. Locally they will transfer and advise the facilities like transfer allowance, medical facilities etc. whereas in International, HR department has to do. E.g: Visa procedure for married viz. marriage certificate When children are left in home country, HR department to take care of them 4 changes in emphasis as the workforce mix of expatriates and locals: as international business matures, changes to take place ; more locals to be trained as parent country and third country nationals will be withdrawn for cost effectiveness. Local staff may be deputed to corporate for training

5 risk exposure: physical safety of the employees, kidnapping , terrorism are common in international; ransom will be huge amount 6 more external influences: host country can dictate terms; in developed countries, labor is more expensive and better organized than in less developed countries and governments require compliance with guidelines on issues such as labor relations, taxation, health and safety. The subsidiary HR manager also needs to spend time learning and interpreting the local ways of doing business and the general code of conduct regarding activities such as giving gift. Subsidiary manager will involve more in administering housing, education and other facilities that are readily available in the local country.

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