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Broward School Board candidate Hubert St. Clair political platform



Political platform of Hubert St Clair
 Reform the local education system
 lower high school dropout rate by 50%
 Challenge Juvenile Delinquency among School Children
 Fight on behalf of the teachers and bus drivers for better economic
 Apply High skilled and experienced teachers in our schools
 Fight against mismanagement and corruption
 Improving scholastic achievement, initially in reading and math
 Highest student achievement
 Improve communication between the board, school personnel, and parents
 Assisting and Supporting teachers
 The safety of all school board employees, teachers, students, school
personnel, and transportation personnel must be protected regardless of
their gender, age, religion, race, national origin, color, marital status, sexual
orientation, and disability.
 A better system of transportation
Digital learning.
To me any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen
the students learning experience digital learning is also about that, which assists
teachers to develop their competencies adaptive and interactive software that
assists in the classroom, internet access, devices. Digital learning is the use of
technology to expand choices and avenues of instruction. Finally, digital learning
is the only option that has the great potential to make education customizable
and enhance personalized learning at a level you do not find in other options.
Barriers to education reform.
The first one is all children need a high-quality education; systems do not focus on
or adequately measure high-quality instructional materials, courses, and overall
performance and outcomes.
The second: it is a great idea that we are funding students and schools, not
systems and programs. We must fund students in a serious way and find ways to
better match funding with the child’s needs.
The third and final: we need to recognize our system is too old, it is essential that
we are teaching our children in a much different environment. We have been
using that system for 100 plus years, it is no longer an effective model. That
system needs to be replaced.
Technology in school reform.
Using technology becomes a critical matter. We have not been able to personalize
education to reach each student where the student is with technology we have
that capacity. We are about helping teachers to become more effective in a way
to find times and tools that they need to reach each student personally. We need
to go beyond the traditional school system only technology can help us
accomplish that for the moment. This tremendous capacity that we have,
technology can personalize education in a way we never could have done before.
Technology has the power to customize education so every student can learn in
his or her style. Technology has transformed the way we live.
Teachers unions, charter schools, and potential changes in the way schools are
governed and structured?
Reform in education must focus on the students, rather than on the interest
groups. We recognize it is not easy to create a high-quality, student-centered
education system. That is the main reason a comprehensive reform agenda that
focuses on college and career readiness, standards and accountability, effective
teachers education leaders, outcome-based funding, school choice, and digital
learning etc. for charter schools, that should be understood. The way we govern
the school system needs to change. We need a better approach with digital
learning to measure quality control. We take quality and accountability in the
charter sector very seriously. I want to be cleared on that, we stand with the
teachers on that fight that is the main reason I am running for office, the most
important thing is for unions to understand the teaching role has to change. I
believe the unions can be the essential part of the solution.
This is what I think about the common core.
Common core is probably the single greatest opportunity for our country to
advance. The states came together to create a higher set of standards than most
of them had. All of our students need to reach a college career-ready benchmark.
It provides a common set of standards that innovators, teachers can all target
toward, rather than 50 different sets of standards. There have been too many
different sets of standards from state to state. We think it is moving in the right
direction to get states thinking about the traits that lead to high-quality learning.
The growing availability of the affordable devices and the number of high quality
digital instructional tools create an unprecedented opportunity to fundamentally
improve America’s education system especially in reading and math.
Funding school to provide digital learning.
We believe seriously about funding student according to the need of the student.
Digital learning should be funded through the state.

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