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Puman 8esource
W ur people are our greaLesL asseLŦ
W LfforLs of LalenLed and dedlcaLed people make
our success posslbleŦ
W We are commlLLed Lo aLLracLlngţ developlng
and reLalnlng Lhese peopleŦ
@he flve prlnclples aL ColgaLe
W CommunlcaLlng LffecLlvely
W Clvlng and Seeklng leedback
W valulng unlque ConLrlbuLlons
W ÞromoLlng @eamwork
W SeLLlng Lhe Lxample
Þ8llLSl- uLvLÞML-@
W L ColgaLeţ we Lruly care abouL our peopleŦ
W LLracLlngţ developlng and reLalnlng
excepLlonal people ls a key global prlorlLyŦ
W SupporL employee developmenL and [ob
W global career opporLunlLlesţ access Lo worldŴ
class Lralnlng and educaLlon programs and
conLlnuous coachlng and feedbackŦ
Career Deve|opment
W moLlvaLlng our people Lo Lake on challenglng
and exclLlng workŦ
W Clvlng Lhem Lhe sklllsţ experlence and
supporL Lhey need Lo succeedŦ
Ŵ lndlvldual uevelopmenL Þlannlng (luÞ)
ŴSuccesslon Þlannlng
Ŵ!ob ÞosLlngs
@ra|n|ng and Lducat|on
W lormal classroom and onllne sLudy
W Sharlng besL pracLlcesţ globally
W ueveloplng pracLlcal work appllcaLlons based
on realŴworld experlences
W onuses and 8ecognlLlon wards
W SLock wnershlp for all employees
W Medlcal beneflLs
W lnsurance

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