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Dr. James L. Hutchinson and Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson
Medical School Scholarship

Scholarship Description and Application Instructions
Deadline: Friday, May 10, 2013

Dr. James L. Hutchinson and Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson Medical School Scholarship
Scholarship Amount: Up to $2,000 Number of Awards: One Previous applicants may reapply.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation is pleased to announce the Dr. James L. Hutchinson and Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson Medical School Scholarship. One scholarship of up to $2,000 is awarded annually. The Hutchinson Medical School Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Hutchinson by numerous friends, colleagues, patients and community leaders who honored them at a gala dinner in 1994 and, at the same time, contributed generously toward the establishment of this medical school scholarship. Dr. and Mrs. Hutchinson intend the scholarship to assist young people who aspire to attend medical school and to recognize students who demonstrate excellence in both character and academic achievement. James and Evelyn Hutchinson have been partners and builders of their family and community for more than four decades. Dr. Hutchinson, past president of the local NAACP, was a founding board member of both Planned Parenthood of San Mateo and the Bay Area Urban League. Dr. Hutchinson’s medical practice has always been based on the care of the patient and family as a whole. Known as the “walking doctor” of San Mateo, he started walking six to eight miles a day near his office in 1982. He says that walking helps relieve stress and that being out and about has given him more insight into his community. He has gathered scores of followers in walking for fitness and pleasure.

• Applicant must be a college senior and accepted to medical school or currently enrolled full-time in an accredited medical school program. • Applicant must demonstrate personal motivation for excellence in both character and academic achievement. Personal integrity, as exemplified by leadership, community involvement and concern for others, will be considered. • Applicant must have graduated from a high school in San Mateo County or Santa Clara County or have permanently resided in that same area during high school. • Applicant must be a United States citizen.

Application Deadline
• An online application and all required materials must be completed by Friday, May 10, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. (PST). • Incomplete or hard-copy applications will not be considered.

Contact our Scholarship Support Team at 650.450.5487 or [email protected]


How to Apply
Read these instructions carefully and thoroughly, as our application process has changed significantly from previous years. If you choose to apply to SVCF’s community foundation managed scholarships, you will be required to complete an online application. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start gathering your required documents and begin the application process at least three to four weeks before the May 10, 2013 application deadline.

Step 1
Thoroughly review the 2013 Hutchinson Medical School Scholarship Description and Application Instructions and print the booklet so that you can refer to it throughout the application process.

Step 2
Gather the supporting documents listed in the Guidelines for Required Materials section.

Step 3
Create an applySVCF account by registering for a username and password at applySVCF. Be sure to save your username and password!

You will be able to save and return to your application at any time (prior to submitting your application or the deadline) by using your log-in information.

Step 4
Complete the online application. The online application consists of four pages: • Page 1 captures your personal and academic information, which is used to match you to scholarships for which you may be eligible;

Fill out information on all fields. Do not leave any field blank, as it will be used in determining your eligibility and fit for the scholarship for which you are applying. If the item does not apply to you, type N/A.

• Page 2 captures the activities (school, community or work related) that you have been involved in, and any awards or honors that you may have received; • Page 3 captures your and/or your family’s financial information; • Page 4 captures additional program-specific information we may need to determine your eligibility for the scholarship for which you are applying. This is also where you will upload all the required attachments.

Step 5
Upload required attachments. Refer to the Guidelines for Required Materials section for complete information about acceptable forms of required attachments.

All required attachments must be saved in Word doc or PDF format. Each individual file must be labeled with your last name, first name, middle initial (if applicable) and a description of the item being uploaded. (For example, smith-john-b-personal-statement, smithjohn-b-letters-of-reference, etc.)

Step 6
Review, edit where necessary and submit your online application. Caution! Once you hit “SUBMIT” you will not be able to make changes or add attachments to your application, so make sure you have thoroughly reviewed your application for completeness and have uploaded the appropriate required Use the check-list provided for you at the end of this attachments. To see other scholarship opportunities, go to booklet to ensure your application is complete.


Guidelines for Required Materials
1. Online Application
Online applications must be complete to be considered. Each section and field must be filled in. If an item does not apply to you, type N/A. You may upload an additional document for activities, awards and honors, and employment sections, if necessary. However, the attachment does not replace this part of the application and must follow the four-column application format.

2. Signed and Dated Personal Statement
Upload a Word doc or PDF of a typed personal statement of at least 500 words, but no longer than 850 words (approximately 2-3 pages, double-spaced). Title the statement with your first name, last name and middle initial. In the statement, you must address the following prompts: • Describe your short- and long-range goals and how furthering your education will assist you in reaching those goals. • Comment on the personal characteristics, educational and extracurricular activities that have helped prepare you for college. • Reflect on your personal journey (significant accomplishments, challenges and/or hardships) and any life lessons that you think will help you succeed in college. • Indicate why you believe you are a good candidate for the specific scholarship(s) for which you are applying. • Sign and date your personal statement.

3. Letters of Reference
Upload a PDF of two signed and dated letters of reference from the following: • One letter from a teacher or academic advisor on school letterhead.

Scan your two signed and dated letters of reference into one single PDF file. Only two letters will be considered by the selection committee.

• One letter from a volunteer or work supervisor, community leader or personal acquaintance. (Letters from work or volunteer supervisors must be on the organization’s letterhead. Personal acquaintance letters cannot come from parents or relatives.) Each letter must be signed and dated. Letters of reference that were written for other scholarships or college applications for the current academic year are acceptable; however, keep in mind that these will not speak to how you are the best candidate for the scholarship for which you are currently applying.

4. Official Transcripts of Grades
Upload PDF’s of the transcripts that apply to you (see below). Current Graduating College Senior Applicants • Upload a PDF of an official college transcript(s) for all college coursework completed. • Upload a PDF of an official or unofficial high school transcript. Current Medical School Applicants

Request your transcripts early, as it may take four to six weeks for these to be generated. Ask your school if they generate electronic official transcripts that can be turned into PDFs. Screen shots or Internet-generated transcripts will not be accepted.

• Upload a PDF of an official medical school transcript(s) for all coursework completed. • Upload a PDF of an official or unofficial high school transcript.


5. Financial Need Documentation
Evidence of financial need must be submitted for all community foundation managed scholarship programs. Need is not a primary consideration of the Dr. James L. Hutchinson and Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson Medical School Scholarship, but may be a factor in final selection. Extra consideration will be given to self-supporting students. If you submitted your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, enclose a copy of all pages of your 20122013 Student Aid Report or SAR (updated information regarding your FAFSA application can be found online at OR If you did not apply for federal financial aid, enclose a copy of the first two pages of your or your parent’s/guardian’s most recent federal tax return.

6. Proof of Citizenship or Residency Status
Proof of United States citizenship must accompany your application. Acceptable forms of proof include photocopies of birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers. Copies of driver’s license or social security card will not be accepted.

7. Additional Requirements
Refer to the Required Documents section of the online application for additional required material(s).  

✓ Checklist ❑
Did you remember to… o Complete all four sections of the online application? o Format all of the required attachments into Word docs or PDF format? o Label each required attachment with your last name, first name, middle initial (if applicable) and a description of the item being uploaded (i.e., smith-john-m-personal-statement.doc)? o Upload a signed and dated personal statement? o Upload two letters of reference? o Upload the appropriate official academic transcripts? o Upload financial statements (FAFSA and SAR, or tax forms)? o Upload proof of citizenship or residency status? o Submit the online application?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT MY USER ACCOUNT FOR applySVCF Use the space below to note your user account information: applySVCF Username: _______________________ applySVCF Password: _____________________________


About Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation is a catalyst and leader for innovative solutions to our region’s most challenging problems. Serving all of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, the community foundation has $2 billion in assets under management and 1,600 philanthropic funds. The community foundation provides grants through donor advised and corporate funds in addition to its own endowment funds. The community foundation serves as a regional center for philanthropy, providing donors simple and effective ways to give locally and around the world. Find out more at The vision of Silicon Valley Community Foundation is to be a comprehensive center for philanthropy that inspires greater civic participation throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The mission of Silicon Valley Community Foundation is to strengthen the common good, improve quality of life and address the most challenging problems. We do this through visionary community leadership, world-class donor services and effective grantmaking.

Scholarship Programs at Silicon Valley Community Foundation
For many individuals and organizations, providing scholarships for students to support their educational pursuits is a rewarding and effective way to meet their charitable objectives. Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s scholarship program is committed to providing opportunities for those interested in helping talented young people pursue their dreams through a quality education. Scholarship funds at the community foundation vary by size of endowment and in complexity of criteria; however, their common element is the charitable spirit of the donors who created them. In honoring loved ones or providing for a specific community, each scholarship expresses a deep belief in the power of education to help individuals achieve their dreams. For more information about establishing a scholarship fund or donating to our Bright Futures Scholarship at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, contact [email protected] or 650.450.5444. For additional information about applying for scholarships please contact [email protected] To read about scholarship recipients from 2012 and for more information about 2013 scholarship programs, visit

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