I Hate Personal Injury Attorneys

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9/6/12 I Hate Personal Injury Attorneys - Tampa Personal Injury Blog - keithligorilaw.com
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Let's start off with a little humor. What do you call a lawyer who doesn't chase ambulances? Retired.
Yes, ambulance chasers, greedy, self-important, liars, cheaters and thieves. The list could go on and on, each word
becoming more profane than the last. If you've ever had a bad experience with a personal injury attorney then your
battle cry might be: "I Hate Personal Injury Attorneys". It might define the way you live your life. When you see a
personal injury attorney on the street, you cross to the other side. Even if it's the shortest line in the grocery store, you
will not wait behind a personal injury lawyer and so on. When you've been burned, it's hard to trust again. Let us try to
offer a different perspective.
There is this societal stereotype that the type of people hiring personal injury lawyers are those who want to scam the
system. In fact, many people will cite the hot coffee case where one woman had hot McDonalds coffee spill on her and
then sued for millions of dollars- and won! It seems outrageous, right? Wrong. Take a look at the facts of the case:
-Stella Liebeck, 79-years-old, was a passenger in her grandson's car after having purchased a cup of McDonald's
coffee. After the car stopped, she tried to hold the cup securely between her knees while removing the lid, but it
tipped and poured scalding hot coffee onto her lap.
-She received third-degree burns over 16 percent of her body.
-She was hospitalized for eight days.
-She had whirpool treatment for debridement of her wounds, skin grafting and scarring.
-She was disabled for two years.
-She offered to settle with McDonald's for $20,000 but McDonald's refused and never offered more than $800.
-The jury awarded her $200,000 in compensatory damages that were reduced to $160,000 because the jury
found her 20 percent at fault.
-The jury awarded $2.7 million in punitive damages for McDonald's callous conduct, reduced to $480,000
(McDonald's makes $1.3 million in per day in coffee sales alone).
Evidence from the case:
-McDonald’s admitted that it has known about the risk of serious burns from its scalding hot coffee for more than
10 years — the risk was brought to its attention through numerous other claims and suits, to no avail;
-From 1982 to 1992, McDonald’s coffee burned more than 700 people, many receiving severe burns to the
genital area, perineum, inner thighs, and buttocks;
-Not only men and women, but also children and infants, have been burned by McDonald’s scalding hot coffee, in
some instances due to inadvertent spillage by McDonald’s employees;
-McDonald’s admitted at trial that its coffee is “not fit for consumption” when sold because it causes severe scalds
if spilled or drunk;
-McDonald’s admitted at trial that consumers are unaware of the extent of the risk of serious burns from spilled
coffee served at McDonald’s then required temperature;
-McDonald’s admitted that it did not warn customers of the nature and extent of this risk and could offer no
explanation as to why it did not;
-Liebeck’s treating physician testified that her injury was one of the worst scald burns he had ever seen.
-McDonald’s did a survey of other coffee establishments in the area, and found that coffee at other places was
between 30-40 degrees cooler.
Doesn't seem so outrageous now, does it? But it's not just that. Let's play a little trivia: Which insurance company's
9/6/12 I Hate Personal Injury Attorneys - Tampa Personal Injury Blog - keithligorilaw.com
slogan is "In Good Hands"? If you said AllState, you're right! Next question. Which insurance company was named the
worst insurance company in America by the American Association for Justice? That's right, AllState.
You pay them every month on time, you see there commercials and feel a little more secure. You can rest easy at night
knowing that if anything ever happens to you or the ones you love, your insurance company will be there to make things
right. Unfortunately, the CEO of Allstate's mission is clear: “our obligation is to earn a return for our shareholders.” You
are not a shareholder, therefore you are not a priority.
If you accept a lowballed settlement, then you are treated with "good hands", but you might be left with less money than
you need to cover medical bills and lost wages. If you don't settle, be prepared to fight AllState's "boxing gloves": an
aggressive litigation strategy that aims to deny the claim at any cost. It has been called the three D's: Deny, Delay and
The AAJ's report says that former AllState adjusters reported being rewarded for keeping payments low, even if they
had to lie to customers. Adjusters who tried to deny fire claims by blaming arson were rewarded with portable fridges.
Just so you know, our firm does not get paid unless you do. There are no fees and upfront costs, all you have to do is
worry about getting better. You see, the purpose of a settlement is to return you to a pre-accident condition. If you went
biking everyday before the accident, but you can't now, our job is to help you get back on that bike. But sometimes, the
accident is so bad that you won't be able to bike again, or you'll have to do it differently. When that happens, then we
get our clients restitution, to monetarily compensate for their injuries.
We fight the insurance companies with you, getting you they finances you need to pay medical bills and to cover lost
wages. While they are trying to win that portable fridge by denying your claim, we are working to make you whole
again. Unlike insurance companies, our obligation isn't to shareholders, to the government or to ourselves, it's to our
clients. We take the insurance companies head on and stay by your side.
We don't deny there are some slimy attorneys out there who will do anything for a dollar. That's why it's important to
research your attorneys, check out their Facebook, see where they involve themselves, see if you can't get them on the
phone. At our firm, the office calls are forwarded to Attorney Keith Ligori's phone at night, so you aren't without help.
We hope you never have to deal with an insurance claim, but if you do know the facts and don't settle without calling a
personal injury attorney.
We are here for you day and night, call us to find out more at 813-254-7119.
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