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1. Which American American drug drug company company recently recently sued sued Ranbaxy Ranbaxy? ? Lupin Lupin 2. Which Indian Indian company company has invested invested 1.6 billion billion $ in which which country country and and for what what purpose? purpose? 3. Who is the the new new owner owner of escada escada new sparkl sparkle?? e?? Megha Mial (daugh (daughter ter in law of of LN Mial) Mial) 4. Inbeam-An Inbeam-An Indian Indian compan companyy has become become famous famous for for its revolu revoluonary onary product product? ? Pi 5. Idenfy Idenfy this Indian Indian who holds holds top posion posion in which which company? company? Nikesh Nikesh Arora, Arora, Presiden President, t, Global Sales operaons, Google 6. I am Anshu Anshu Jain. Jain. What is the news that has has been been re revolvin volving g around around me? 7. Airt Airtel el Ac Acqu quis isi ion onss 8. Which Chines Chinese e company company has acquired acquired a Swedish Swedish company company from from an American American Company Company for 1.2 billion $? 9. What is the signic signicance ance of 5 million million euro euro transacon transacon bw ABN Amro and and SBI on on Jan 1,1999? 1,1999? Euro made its rst commercial debut in India( @ 1.1780$ per Euro) 10. Ci Cib ban ankk 11. Hartmarx, custom suit suit supplier to Obama Obama recently went went bankrupt and was acquired by an Indian company….Which one? 12. The business in queson queson was setup in 1986 by SS Goenka, who founded founded a small company company called Peutronics Ltd. His son Bharat was responsible for development of the commercial soware product which led the company to change its name to what it is today…It now sells in 88 countries including UK and Middle east…Idenfy the globally recognised company…  13. Which world world company company issued issued IPO IPO three three mes mes hp://economicmes.indiames.com/markets/ipos/Emaar-MGF-to-test-IPO-market-a-thirdme/arcleshow/6245819.cms 14. hp://economicmes.indiames.com/News/News-By-Industry/Services hp://economicmes.indiames.com/News/News-By-Industry/Services/Adversing/Aamir/Adversing/AamirKhan-bags-biggest-endorsement-deal-with-Esalat/arcleshow/5482375.cms 15. 15. POSC POSCO O 16. Fly Emirates, Emirates, Reliance Reliance Commun, Commun, LG, LG, Hero Hon 17.

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