Ideal-Plus BookkeepingBusiness Profile

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Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions Business Profile

Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions (Simplifying Business)

Business Busin ess Prof Profil ile e 2014


Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions Business Profile

1. Ab Abou outt Us Us IdealIde al-Plu Pluss Bookk Bookkee eepin ping g Soluti Solutions ons is is a regis register tered ed busine business ss loc locate ated d in Kinoo Kinoo Nai Nairob robii Count County, y, Kenya Kenya,, deli delive veri ring ng a rang range e of busi busine ness ss ser servi vice cess spec specia iali lizi zing ng in co cons nsul ulti ting ng serv servic ices es for for smal smalll an and d medi medium um sized businesse businesses. s. Primary Primary services services include include bookkeep bookkeeping, ing, payrol payrolll services services and accou accounting nting softw software are sales and service. Ideal-Plus Bo Bookkeeping So Solutions reduces the stress of running a business. Offering a compr ompre ehens hensiv ive e bus busin ines esss and Book ookkeeper eper servic rvice e we gr grow ow your our bus busin ine ess whi hile le assis ssisti ting ng wit ith h keeping keep ing the books accurate. accurate. We impl imple ement syst stem emss an and d pro roccesse essess allo allowi win ng you to moni onito tor, r, enhan nhancce, and and impr improv ove e your our bottom bot tom line. line. Idea Ideall-Pl Plus us Book Bookke keep epin ing g Solu Soluti tion onss ex expe peri rien ence ced d st stro rong ng grow growth th on th the e back back of clie client nt re refe ferr rral als. s. We have expanded the Bookkeeping support to include offi ficce administration, Management Accoun Acc ountin ting, g, st strat rategi egicc co consu nsulti lting ng and delive delivery ry of traini training. ng. The future holds aggressive expansion as we continue to drive growth through customer satisf sat isfact action ion and thus thus refer referral ral work. work.

Our Mission 

To support and guide clients to achieve success in their business by acting as their trusted business busin ess bookkeep bookkeepers ers and and advisers. advisers.

To provide quality, quality, cost effec effective, tive, personalized and innovative business business solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients.

To empower our manpower through continuous professional development to face the dynamic global challenges.

Our Philosophy 

We believe in recruiting and retaining sound professional and support staff, providing training and opportunities for growth in a stimulating and an enabling environment.

We are dedicated to maintaining a strong internal administration, thereby enabling provision of quality service and ensuring client satisfaction.

At Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Solutions relationships are our top priority, and and we strongly believe that good relationships with our stakeholders are a prerequisite to our success.

Quality control procedures Ideal-Plus Ideal -Plus Bookkeep Bookkeeping ing Solutions Solutions operates operates on common common standards standards based on Inter Internatio national nal Standard of Quality Control Control that provide guidance on maintaining maintaining an adequate system system of quality control over all aspects of professional professional work. Top quality with zero defects defects remains our highest priority.


Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions Business Profile

Confidentiality and independence We require strict strict adherence adherence by all our staff to the ethical rules of our profession. Therefore, in in all respects of our practice, the firm and its employees maintain strict confidentiality towards information obtained while carrying carrying out our duties. In addition, the firm and its people maintai maintain n complete independence of interest and mental attitude a ttitude in relationships with clients.

Why Us?   Consistent Accuracy We will apply effective procedures and controls to detect and prevent errors and omissions •

before producing the report •


We shall ensure that all reports are produced on time. •

  Effective Communication

We will also assign staff who will be b e available when need arises and who will ensure that your work receives top priority. •

  Legal Compliance

We will apply our extensive knowledge to advise you on the requirements of tax law, ensuring that you and the staff do not suffer incorrect taxation. •

  Timely remittance remittance of all deductions

We will ensure that PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, Union dues, Loan Repayments and any other deductions are paid in time to avoid penalties. •


We are accustomed to confidentiality in all our work. Locating our operations within your offices offices will means that no documents leave your premises premises thereby enhancing control and confidentiality. confidentiality. •


We shall prepare prepare comprehensive comprehensive monthly re reports ports of the payments payments made within the time limits foreseen in the subject month.   Flexible hours Unders Und erstan tandin ding g that that many many small small busine business ss owners owners work work during during the day we offer offer staff staff across across both traditional business business times and after hours. •


Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions Business Profile

Core Value uess Core Val Our service is driven by our core values being: • •

Commitment to service service delivery; Integrity Integ rity always always conforming conforming to high ethical ethical standards standards;;

Teamw Tea mwork ork achie achieved ved throug through h using using multi multi-di -disc scipl ipline ined d and divers diverse e teams teams;; Accountability to our stakeholders; stakeholders; and Quality achieved through compliance with professional standards and active • management participation. participation. Ourr co Ou comm mmit itm ment ent is to iden identi tify fy,, meet meet an and d exce excee ed our our cl clie ient nts’ s’ expe expect cta ati tion onss by prov provid idin ing g a cost cost •

effective, effec tive, efficien efficientt and holistic holistic service. service. We provide a personal service service by being readily readily available available to our clients and responding responding to their needs within within a reasonab reasonable le time. time. We estab establish lish strong, strong, lastin lasting g relatio relationship nshipss based based on on service service delivery, exceptional quality and our reputation for adding value. We prov provid ide e expe expert rt an and d im impa part rtia iall ad advi vice ce an and d main mainta tain in th the e hi high ghes estt stan standa dard rdss of prof profes essi sion onal al conduc con ductt and expert expertise ise..

Ideal-Plus Client Care Charter  Our approach Id Idea eall-Pl Plus us is buil builtt arou around nd a cl clie ient nt-c -cen entr tred ed,, prac practi tice ce-f -foc ocus used ed ap appr proa oach ch,, prov provid idin ing g cl clie ient ntss with with expert exp ertise ise based based around around their their specif specific ic needs. needs. To ensure ensure that you you receive receive an efficient efficient level level of service service from from us, we will: will: •

handle all your enquiries courteously courteously and confidently confidently

see to it that you have direct access during working hours to the member of our staff  managi man aging ng your your work work assig assignme nment nt

commun com munic icate ate with with you you in in a clear clear and and conc concis ise e manne mannerr

respec res pectt your your need need for confid confiden entia tialit lity y

keep you informed informed abou aboutt the progress of your work assignment

discuss disc uss with with you, where where appropr appropriate, iate, new ideas ideas for your business business

review your work assignme nment before it is comp ompleted so that we can make sure that we have hav e done done all that that we we sai said d we would would do

on co comp mple leti ting ng your your work work as assi sign gnme ment nt,, re revi view ew our our perf perfor orma manc nce e an and d ca carr rry y out out an ap appr prai aisa sall of the the membe members rs of of our staff staff who who have have been been worki working ng with with you

provide provid e you with a value value for money, money, cost cost effective effective and efficie efficient nt service service


Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions Business Profile

Services we provide

a) Ac Acco coun unti ting/ ng/Bo Book okke keep epin ing g ser servi vice cess Bookke Book keep epin ing g serv servic ices es an and d Mana Manage geme ment nt Acco Accoun unti ting ng Solu Soluti tion onss prov provid ides es you you wit ith h th the e opti option on to outs ou tso our urcce some ome or all aspec pects of your our ac acccount ountin ing g requi equirrement mentss. One of our our cons consul ulta tant ntss wou oulld be please pleased d to to cont contac actt y you ou to ex expla plain in the servi service cess in detail detail.. Our scope as bookke bookkeeper eperss has been been detailed detailed out below: below: Preparing and and updating your books books of account on a daily, weekly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, basis with with tax compliance services. This will include: •

Updating the general ledger ledger including the prime books of entry periodically as agreed agreed

Preparing Prepa ring bank reconcili reconciliation ation stateme statements nts every month. month.

Preparing and and submitting submitting the the monthly monthly Value Value Added Tax Tax (VAT) (VAT) returns returns with Invoice wise breakup of the VAT accounts

Preparing financial management accounts in the format required by yourselves

Financial Finan cial statem statements ents preparat preparation; ion; (Balance (Balance Sheet Sheet ,P&L, ,P&L, Schedul Schedules es to Balance Balance Sheet Sheet and P&L and the Trial balance ) All in excel spreadsheet and in English language

Ensure tax compliance for with-holding tax where applicable and filing of annual returns.

Manageme Mana gement nt accountin accounting g reports reports and Informati Information; on;

Why a Bookkeeping Service may be of interest to you?

We offe offerr co comp mpre rehe hens nsiv ive e manu manual al or co comp mput uter eris ised ed book bookke keep eping ing an and d payr payrol olll syst system emss maint maintai aine ned d by tr trai aine ned d ac acco coun unti ting ng st staf aff. f. Th This is loca locall serv servic ice e co coul uld d be perf perfor orme med d ei eith ther er in your your offi office cess or ours ours.. Out utso sour urccing allow llowss you to alloc llocat ate e more more man ana ageme ement ti time me to run your our bus busin ine ess and incre ncreas ase e profits rather than on this mundane albe albeit it skilled and necessary necessary function. Why a Manag Manageme ement nt Ac Accou counti nting ng Servic Service e may be of intere interest st to you? you? The di The dire reccto torr or consu onsult lta ant will ill revie eview w your our fina financ ncia iall info inform rmat atio ion n and and pr prov oviide re rele leva van nt re rep por ortts to help you run your business. This information may be provided by our local bookkeeping service or form recor ord ds you maintain yourself. lf. The cost of this expertise would be a small fraction fract ion of the true cost cost of employing employing somebody somebody of equal equal experie experience. nce.

b) Pa Payr yro oll se serv rvic ice es We will administer the payroll on your behalf. This will include:

Preparing the payroll Preparing payroll on a monthl monthly, y, weekly weekly or biweekl biweekly y basis Ensuring compliance with the local statutory and tax requirements

Preparing pay slips

• •

Preparing Prepa ringFund and (NSSF) filing filing the mon thly returns reHospital turns for forInsurance Pay As eYou YoFund u Earn (PAYE), (PA Na tionall Social Socia Security and andmonthly National H ospital Insuranc (NHIF) (NH IF)YE), andNationa remitting anyl amounts due to the relevant authorities Payment of employees via EFT if require required. d. Preparing all relevant documentation that are to be submitted to the authorities on a monthly, quarterly and and annual basis e.g. forms P10, P10, P10a’s, P9a’s etc.


Ideal-Plus Bookkeeping Solutions Business Profile

c) Acc Accoun ountin ting g So Soft ftwa ware re sal sales es an and d ser servic vices es •

Selection of the right software solution for your company, taking into account your industry and business business characteristics, characteristics, existing a accounting ccounting system system and financial reporting requirements.

Purchase of the software. We often receive preferred pricing, which we pass on to our

clients. • Software installation, including… a. Setting Setting up existing existing inform information ation,, such as a trial trial balance balance and chart chart of accounts. accounts. b. Adding Adding functions, functions, such such as cash register, register, accounts accounts receiva receivable, ble, accounts accounts payable, payable, bank bank reconciliation, inventory, payroll, sales tax, and customized reports and forms. c. Integr Integrati ating ng with with other other softwa software re progra programs. ms. •

On-site training of staff that will be using the software, as well as ongoing support.

Remote support through desktop sharing.

Our team will provide the resources resources you need to identify and install the right accounting accounting software solution for your company.

Client Base Some of the clients, who have benefitted from our service over the years, include: include: Client Name

Tihan Limited Isanda Investments Good hope Medical Centre Bidii wholesalers Office choice stationeries Herlonex Investments Kinoo Roadside Limited C&M Fastcom

Nature of   Entity Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private


Manufacturing Distribution Health Wholesale Wholesale Retail Real estate Information Technology

Afri-Queen Cosmetics BFL Carriers Ltd Trekkers Bar and Restaurant

Private Private Private

Retail Transport Hospitality



Contact Us

To discuss the advantages of our service we invite you to accept  a free free Consul Consulti ting ng hour hour to discu discuss ss ho how w we coul could d benefit benefit the longterm succes successs of your your compa company ny.. Contact Contact Mr. Mr. Samuel Kan Kanyi yi on; Mobi Mo bille:

0722 0722-7 -750 50-2 -226 26 or 0727 0727-7 -776 76-2 -261 61

Email:   [email protected]


Physical: Kinoo Kin oo al along ong Waiyaki way

77~ 7 ~

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