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The study was done with small groups; therefore it should be done with large
sample size for the study to be more valid.
The study includes only the homogenous anterior cerebral artery lesions; the other
causes for the stroke can be applied with this project for further generalization.
Further studies are suggested to emphasis on improving upper limb function in
patients with middle cerebral artery lesions by progressive resistance training.
Heavy resistance training is compared with other approaches in order to find out
the improvement in lower limb function in stroke patients.
The study can be done with older aged peoples and younger ages, above age !
and below "! respectively.
The study can be done with older aged peoples and younger ages, above age !
and below "! respectively.
l. #hysical $edicine %ehabilitation, &ssessment and Treatment chapter l'
(usan )*+ (ullivan, ,
edition. &
-. .ational (troke &ssociation ,
,. Lance J.W. (ymposium (ynopsis in; Feldman %./. 0oung, & %.%. 1oella
2.#, editor, spasticity; disordered motor control 3hicago, 456!, page784.
". /eschwind. . 945'8:, The &pra;ia; .eural mechanism of disorder of
learned movement, &merican scientist ,, 4667458.
8. Heilman K.M .eglect and related disorder, in Hillman 1$ valestein
<9eds:; clinical .euro psychology ed,, .ewyork, *;ford =niversity #ress
. !"ic# HG. !elm$n%.I Reil& T.e% al 945-: (omesthetic in>uences on
perception of visual vertically in hemiplegia &rch. #hy.$ed ?%ehab. ",,
[email protected]!.
'. Deceni$. D ' Le(#ne" M an) '$"$n D 945'!: Aertically perception in
ambulation in hemiplegia. &rch, #hy. $ed. %ehab. 84,4!87l 4!.
6. &dult HemiplegiaB Certa Cobath; 6
edition; chapter ,.
5. *e)e"(en e% al, 3$< article no.8 Hemineglect in acute stroke incidence and
prognosis implication. The 3openhagen stroke study, &merican journal of
#hy.$ed and rehab.l55'; ', 4--74-'.
4!. M+lle& G 9456-: &ssociated %eaction in the hemiplegic &rm (eand.D
%ehab.$ed. 4"; ll'7l-*.
ll. C"i%e#le& M 9458,: the parietal lobes, Hafner, .ewyork,
l-. Ma+,ie"e F. De(me)i% JE an) C$+"-an. J 9456,: & stereognosis and
associated loss of frontal or parietal components of somato sensory evoked
potentials in hemispheric lesions brain 4!,8"6.
4,. Fei,en($n J.S Mc Ca"%#& ML G"een/e""& SD a% al 945'':
factors outcome and length of stay in stroke rehabilitation unitB part
comparision of ,46 screen patients and -"6 unscreened patients stroke
4". .eurological %ehabilitation Da"c& A. Um0#"e), Hemiplegia7 chapter
-8, (usan E, %yerson, "F) edition.
48. !a"ne( ML e% al re>e; and vestibular aspects of motor control, motor
development motor learning, &tlanta, (trokevilve publishing 455!.
4. A !e"n(%ein e% al & system analysis of postural dyscontrol in traumatically
brain injured patients F.Head. Trauma %ehab, 8B84,455!.

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