InDesign Host Modification

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- InDesign
(If you have other versions of Windows before XP, search how to edit
hosts file in your windows and do the steps below)
Click Start search for Notepad, right-click and select Run as
Administrator. (In WinXP, right-click and select Run as... and run as
an administrator account.) This should launch notepad with elevated
privileges. Now, open the host file from the File menu, edit and save.
For all Adobe products and Nero 7-10
Hosts file:
The next step you will open your hosts file from the directory C: \
Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc\hosts important is that you as the
file type All Files (*) box to display the file.Hosts open. The copy
here at the end of the file: #::1 localhost!!!! localhost
::1 localhost
Edit hosts (it's in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\, if you forgot)
Close Editor=Notepad and save changes.

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