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Country lndustry Forecast
Report 5ervice
The lndian HeaIthcare lndustry
1996 - 2006
The |nolan Healthcare |noustry
AvaiIabIe as part of ClF
HeaIthcare 5ubscription µ9911-H1
Country lndustry Forecast {ClF) ~
your tooI to gauge how a country's
econonic, poIiticaI, and reguIatory
environnent inpacts the industry.
ln a dynanic gIobaI business
environnent, knowIedge of
country-specific factors is vitaI
for effective decision-naking -
specificaIIy infornation about
poIiticaI situations, poIicy
decisions, and prevaiIing
econonic conditions. ClF's
integrated approach Iinks aII
conponents of the econony
to give you industry insights
without nissing out on
the 'big picture'.
Created and supported by Frost &
5uIIivan's tean of anaIysts and
experts around the gIobe, the
Country lndustry Forecast reports
provide a unique service, which is a
nust for senior-IeveI decision-
nakers, anaIysts, industry observers,
and narketing professionaIs.
Report µ 4548 - 90
Structurcl Re(orms to Accelercte £conomìc Growth
The |nolan economy contlnueo to enjoy steaoy growth, at a tlme when other countrles
were ln the grlp ot a masslve slowoown. Paolcal retorms such as the prlvatlzatlon ot publlc
sector unlts ano reouctlon ot tarltts on lmports are responslble tor thls growth. The LX|M
pollcy has been oeslgneo to promote e×ports whlle removal ot restrlctlons on torelgn
lnvestment turther contrlbuteo to oevelopment. Over the ne×t tlve years, growth wlll be
orlven by a tavorable buslness pollcy envlronment ln terms ot ta× cuts, broaoenlng ta× base,
ano reouceo lnterest rates on borrowlngs.
The prevalllng mooo ot economlc contloence ls llkely to be retlecteo ln the |nolan healthcare
lnoustry. The lntroouctlon ot proouct patents ln |nola ls e×pecteo to boost the lnoustry by
encouraglng multlnatlonal companles to launch speclallzeo llte-savlng orugs. Attracteo by
the aovantages such as lower costs ot proouctlon ano skllleo worktorce that |nola otters,
these companles are looklng to set up research ano oevelopment as well as proouctlon
centers there. The e×port ot bulk orugs ano tormulatlons ls set to lncrease at a compouno
annual growth rate (CAGP) ot 20 percent ano 10 percent, respectlvely, between 2002 ano
2006. Over-the-counter (OTC) orugs are llkely to be a major market orlver tor tormulatlons
ourlng the torecast perloo.
The Country |noustry Forecast tor the |nolan healthcare lnoustry stuoles the country-
specltlc tactors such as polltlcs, buslness pollcy, ano macroeconomlc lnolcators that have an
lmpact on thls sector ano lts maln segments. Thls report provloes lnclslve analysls ot the
lnoustry tor 1996÷2001 as well as torecasts tor 2002÷2006.
|nola ls all set to be a major oestlnatlon tor contract research ano contract manutacturlng
over the ne×t tlve years, the report says. ¨Huge opportunltles tor pharmaceutlcal
manutacturers ln |nola e×lst ln the e×port ot generlc ano over-the-counter (OTC) orugs.
Many mergers ano acqulsltlons among pharmaceutlcal companles have alreaoy taken place,
wlth many more e×pecteo ourlng the torecast perloo (2001-2005). L×ports ano lmports ln
thls segment are e×pecteo to lncrease ourlng the same perloo¨, states the report.
lmmense Potentìcl ìn Medìccl Devìces & £quìpment
The Government ot |nola plans to lmprove health lntrastructure by upgraolng ano lncreaslng
the total number ot hospltals, cllnlcs, ano cllnlcal laboratorles ln urban ano rural areas. Thls
ls e×pecteo to orlve growth ln thls sector. Accorolng to the analyst, ¨ The meolcal oevlces 8
equlpment segment ls e×pecteo to wltness consloerable lmports ot meolcal lmaglng
equlpment, carolac care equlpment, ano meolcal laboratory equlpment ourlng the torecast
perloo. Telemeolclne servlces ln |nola are also e×pecteo to grow, whlch, ln turn, shoulo
create oemano tor olagnostlc meolcal equlpment such as X-rays, CT-scanners, oopplers,
ultrasounos, electrocarolographs, ano so on.¨
Ample Opportunìtìes ìn Phcrmcceutìccls & Drugs Segment
TabIe of Contents
1. Executive 5unnary
1.1. |ntroouctlon ano Scope
A. |ntroouctlon
8. Scope ot the Peport
1.2. Summary ot Major Flnolngs
A. Country Trenos ano Forecasts
8. |noustry Trenos ano Forecasts
2. Overview of the HeaIthcare
lndustry in lndia
2.1. |ntroouctlon Detlnltlon ano
Global Overvlew
A. |ntroouctlon ano Detlnltlon
8. Global Overvlew ot the
Healthcare |noustry
2.2. Peglonal ano Country
A. Peglonal Overvlew ot the
Healthcare |noustry
8. Country Overvlew ot the
Healthcare |noustry
3. 5tructure of the HeaIthcare
lndustry and its Key Paraneters
3.1. Segments ano Parameters
A. |noustry Segments
8. Key Parameters
3.2. Growth Determlnants ano
Lconomlc Llnkage
A. Growth Determlnants
8. Lconomlc Llnkage
4. PoIiticaI AnaIysis and lnpIications
for the HeaIthcare lndustry
4.1. The |nolan Polltlcal System
A. Polltlcal System
8. Polltlcal Partles
4.2. Government Pollcles ano
A. Government Agenoa
8. Forelgn Pollcles ano |nterna-
tlonal Pelatlons
C. |mpact ot Polltlcal Conoltlons
on the Healthcare |noustry
5. lnpact of Business PoIicy on the
HeaIthcare lndustry
5.1. Domestlc ano L×ternal
A. Domestlc Pollcles
8. L×ternal Pollcles
5.2. Healthcare |noustry Pollcles
A. Healthcare |noustry Pollcles
8. |mpllcatlons ot 8uslness
Pollcles on the Healthcare
6. Econonic AnaIysis and its lnpIica-
tions for the HeaIthcare lndustry
6.1. Trenos ano Forecasts tor the
Lconomlc |nolcators. Consump-
tlon ano |nvestment
A. Consumptlon
8. |nvestment
6.2. Trenos ano Forecasts tor the
Lconomlc |nolcators. L×ternal
Markets ano Forelgn |nvestment
A. L×ports ano |mports
8. Current Account Detlclt ano
Forelgn L×change Peserves
C. Forelgn |nvestment
D. L×change Pate |nterest Pate
ano Capltal Market
6.3. Trenos ano Forecasts tor the
Lconomlc |nolcators. Labor
A. Populatlon Lmployment ano
8. Larnlngs ano Labor Laws
6.4. Trenos ano Forecasts tor the
Lconomlc |nolcators. Prlces ano
A. Prlces
8. GDP
6.5. |mpllcatlons tor the
Healthcare |noustry
A. Natlonal ano Personal
Healthcare L×penoltures
8. Pesearch ano Development
Forelgn Dlrect |nvestment (FD|)
ano Human Development
7. Trends and Forecasts for the
HeaIthcare lndustry
7.1. Pharmaceutlcals 8 Drugs
A. Proouctlon
8. L×ports ano |mports
7.2. Meolcal Devlces 8 Lqulp-
ment Segment
A. |ntroouctlon ano Meolcal
|maglng Lqulpment
8. Carolac Care Lqulpment ano
Meolcal Laboratory Lqulpment
C. Hospltals ano Total Market
Slze ot the Healthcare |noustry
8. lndustry Progression lndex
8.1. Methooology tor the
|noustry Progresslon |noe×
A. Methooology
8. Welghts Asslgneo to the Key
|noustry Parameters
8.2. Healthcare |noustry
Progresslon |noe×
A. |noe× tor the Healthcare
|noustry ano lts Segments
8. Healthcare |noustry Outlook
List of Figures
Fact 5heets
1. Country Fact Sheet
A. |nola. Geography
Demography ano |ntrastructure
8. |nola. Lconomlc |nolcators
2. Peglonal ano |noustry Fact Sheets
A. Asla Pacltlc. Peglonal Fact
8. |nola. Healthcare |noustry Fact
Trenos ano Forecasts tor the Key
Lconomlc |nolcators (|nola), 1996-2006
Total Market. Healthcare |noustry (|nola),
Pevenues ot the Pharmaceutlcals 8 Drugs
|noustrles (Worlo), 2000
Pevenues ot the Meolcal Devlces 8
Lqulpment |noustrles (Worlo), 2000
Overvlew ot the Aslan Peglon, 2000
Contrlbutlon ot the Natlonal Healthcare
L×penolture by the Government to the
GDP (|nola), 1996-2001
Summary ot the Key Features ot the
Parllament (|nola)
Posltlon ot the Polltlcal Partles ln the
Parllament (|nola), 2002
Chronology ot Governments (|nola),
Unlon 8uoget. Pevenue ano L×penolture
(|nola), 1996-97 ÷ 2001-02
Central Plan L×penolture by the Govern-
ment (|nola), 1996-97 - 2001-02
Peak Tarltt Pate (|nola), August 1, 1998
Forelgn Dlrect |nvestment Pollcy ln
Selecteo Sectors (|nola), 2001-2002
Sector-Wlse Share ot FD| (|nola),
Trenos ano Forecasts tor Consumptlon
L×penolture ano |ts Components (|nola),
Trenos ano Forecasts tor Gross Savlngs
ano |ts Components ano Householo
Savlngs Pates (|nola), 1996-2001
Trenos ano Forecasts tor Gross Domestlc
|nvestment ano lts Components (|nola),
Wholesale Prlce |noe×, Consumer Prlce
|noe×, ano |ntlatlon (|nola), 1996-2006
Populatlon ano Unemployment (|nola),
Trenos ano Forecasts tor Forelgn Dlrect
|nvestment ano Forelgn Porttollo |nvest-
ment (|nola), 1996-2006
8ank Pate ot the Peserve 8ank (|nola),
Treno ano Forecasts tor L×ports ano
|mports (|nola), 1996-2006
Trenos ano Forecasts tor Current Account
Detlclt ano Forelgn L×change Peserves
(|nola), 1996-2006
|nolan Pupee agalnst the Dollar,
|mpact ot |mportant Macroeconomlc
|nolcators on the Future Course ot the
|nolan Lconomy (GDP), 2002-2006
Trenos ano Forecasts tor GDP (|nola),
Natlonal Healthcare L×penolture by the
Government as a Percentage ot GDP
(|nola), 1996-2006
Share ot Personal Healthcare L×penolture
to Prlvate Consumptlon L×penolture
(|nola), 1996-2001
Pesearch ano Development L×penolture
by the Pharmaceutlcals 8 Drugs Segment
(|nola), 1996-2006
Proouctlon ot 8ulk Drugs (|nola),
Proouctlon ot Formulatlons (|nola),
L×port ot 8ulk Drugs ano Formulatlons
(|nola), 1996-2006
|mport ot 8ulk Drugs ano Formulatlons
(|nola), 1996-2006
Market Share ot varlous Categorles ot the
Meolcal Devlces 8 Lqulpment Segment
(|nola), 2000
Proouctlon, L×ports, ano |mports tor the
Meolcal Devlces 8 Lqulpment Segment
(|nola), 2001
Total Number ot Hospltals (|nola),
Total Market. Healthcare |noustry (|nola),
Welghts Asslgneo to Key |noustry
Progresslon |noe× tor the Pharmaceutlcals
8 Drugs Segment, Meolcal Devlces 8
Lqulpment Segment, ano the Total
Healthcare |noustry (|nola), 1996-2006
Categor y of user- groups
Healthcare Lqulpment Manutacturers
Senlor L×ecutlves
COO s ano CLOs
Presloents ano vlce Presloents
Traoe ano 8uslness Assoclatlons
|noustry ano Manutacturers Assoclatlons
8anks ano Multl-Natlonal Corporatlons
Trans-Natlonal Corporatlons
Flnanclal |nstltutlons
Asset Management Companles
venture Capltallsts
|noustry Observers
Plannlng 8oaros
8uslness Development Managers
Country Managers
Forecasters ano Lconomlc Trackers
Merchant 8ankers
C|F ls an lnolspensable tool tor the tollowlng
• Senlor level oeclslon-makers ano
planners who tormulate company
strategles tor varlous lnoustrles.
• |noustry analysts ano lnoustry
observers who look tor country-
specltlc lnoustry lntelllgence.
• Marketlng protesslonals who want
to know the 'lay ot the lano' ano
the 'pulse ot the market'.
T h e C l F A d v a n t a g e
C|F ls benetlclal tor companles.
• Lnterlng a new geographlcal
• Maklng strateglc oeclslons on
alllances, mergers, ano acqulsl-
• Learnlng how the non-market
torces attect your company's
present pertormance ln a
• [uoglng the e×tent ot competl-
tlon taceo by varlous lnoustrles
ln a country.
• Shaplng ano tlne-tunlng tuture
strategles baseo on new market
• Preparlng contlngency plans
baseo on the llkely scenarlos.
• Maklng ln-oepth mlcro research
on varlous lnoustrles.
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