Industrial Toilet Partitions

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Industrial Toilet Partitions

There are a number ofIndustrial Toilet Partitions choices available for the industrial buyer. The final decision should consider all of the criteria which in most cases would include desired product life, attractiveness, ability to withstand rust and corrosion, durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetic relationship to other restroom fixtures and price. In addition, other decisions will have to be made regarding the style of installation and layout. Buyers for Industrial Toilet Partitions often focus on price before consideration of other features. If price is the primary consideration then the most economical partition is Baked Enameled Steel. Plastic Laminate would be the next least expensive, about 25% higher in price than Baked Enamel. Next on the price scale would be Solid Phenolic partitions with a price about 2 1/2 times as expensive as Baked Enamel. Stainless Steel partitions would be next with a price of about 2 3/4 times as expensive as Baked Enamel. Solid Plastic partitions are priced about three times the price of Baked Enamel. And the most elegant and expensive partitions, Fusion Granite, are slightly more expensive than solid plastic. However, Industrial Toilet Partitions have a number of other features that are desired by industrial buyers. Sometimes the restroom location is in an area where there is no controlled climate. Or the restroom location could be located in a humid and wet environment. In these cases the buyer may want to consider the partitions that are very resistant to water, humidity, mold, and rust. Solid phenolic, solid plastic, stainless steel, and fusion granite partitions would all be good choices because they are very resistant to water, humidity, and rust. The plastic laminate and baked enamel partitions probably would not be considered for these types of environments. Most Industrial Toilet Partitions are relatively low maintenance fixtures and easy to clean. However, some partitions have unique features that may be desirable for a particular buyer. For example, the solid plastic partitions will not allow graffiti to adhere well to its surface. Any written graffiti is easily removed with a standard cleaner and cloth. In addition, the solid plastic is very difficult to dent or scratch. These partitions are ideal for schools, theme parks, stadiums, and other high traffic, high vandalism areas. For environments that have fewer demands or challenges, the Baked Enamel partitions are a very cost-effective solution. They combine the most economical price with a fifteen year warranty against rust-out from the manufacturer. The hardware used with these partitions is either heavy duty chrome plated metal or stainless steel. And improvements

in the design and manufacture of these partitions have resulted in a stronger and more moisture resistant partition. Installation is another important decision area for buyers of Industrial Toilet Partitions. For example, high traffic, high vandalism areas are candidates for the most rigid installation style, Floor-to-Ceiling. This installation style is mounted in the ceiling and in the floor for maximum rigidity. Other installation styles are attractive and cost less, but the floor-to-ceiling style offers maximum rigidity. For restroom areas with low ceilings, the Ceiling-Hung installation style is recommended. It does require structural supports in the ceiling for mounting purposes but it will leave the floor area free of obstructions.

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