Information Management

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Chapter 1 Information Management
Chapter Objectives:

Information and decision making

To understand the types of information and their use for decision making and control processes

Information systems

To know the categories of information systems and the challenges facing information systems in business activities

Chapter 1 Information Management
Chapter Objectives:

Management activities

To understand the activities in managing information systems

Business and information systems

To understand the relationship between business and information systems, how to perform enterprise analysis and identifying critical success factors

Information and Decision Making

Characteristics of Information
• • • • • •

Time frame Expectation Source Scope Frequency Organisation

And the link to the types of controls

Operational control Managerial control Strategic planning

Types of decisions and controls

Strategic decision Management control Knowledge-level decision Operational control Unstructured decisions Structured decisions Semistructured decisions

Information Systems

What is an information system? Information systems

Manual information systems Computer-based information systems

Information systems from a business perspective

Categories of IS

Types described in SA205

Transaction processing systems Management information systems Executive information systems Decision support system Expert systems

Alternative classifications (by the management levels)

Operational level systems – Information systems that monitor the elementary activities and transactions of the organisation

Knowledge level systems – Information systems that support knowledge and data workers in an organisation

Management level systems – Information systems that support monitoring, controlling, decision making and administrative activities of middle managers

Strategic level systems – Information systems that support the long-range activities of senior management

Challenges Faced By IS

The Strategic Business Challenge

How can business use information technology to design organisations that are competitive and effective? How can the firm understand the business and system requirements of a global economic environment? How can organisations develop an information structure that supports their business goals?

The Globalisation Challenge

The Information Architecture Challenge

The IS Investment Challenge

How can the organisation determine the business value of information systems?

The Responsibility and Control Challenge

How can organisations design systems that people can control and understand, and yet ensure that it is used in an ethical and socially responsible manner?

Management Activities

Supervision and project management Planning Security management Personnel management Financial management

Business and Information Systems

Linking to the business plan

Deciding what to build Developing an information system plan

Establishing Organisational Information Requirements

Enterprise analysis
• • • •

What it is How it’s done Strengths Weaknesses

Critical success factors (CSF)
• • • •

What it is How it’s done Strengths Weaknesses

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